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So, – beside the start – Happy Xmas (and incoming New Year!)

Posted on: 23 December 2010

I made it!!!

I was honestly givin up at the idea of properly upload the blog this whole month of December… then I wanted to make it and come… then suddenly I almost gave up again.

Mostly because just when I was about to start writing, my friend Marghe sent me this APPALLING news, that unlike my usual behavior I put up (as a rejecting/coping sort of therapy: after that I will be able to write all that I was meant to, including PRAISE to Maroon5… but this atrocity doesn’t belong to the rest of my post):

REALLY??? REALLY??? That Uk version is a CRIME!!! It's cheap and terribly done... WTH???

Oh dear Lord… who the hell is advising them on these stuff?

Can’t they see how disastrous this is gonna be???

I am a complete fan of comics, cartoon art, being a Japan addicted and all: to me cartoon art has a meaning and a really high dignity but that in the Misery thing is GARBAGE, plain and simple.

Can’t they reckon how the “revamped” SHIT version of UK Misery video was terrible?

And I KNOW, because being the fan I am, even if I totally barfed at it… I BOUGHT IT to stay as a completist towards their stuff!!!, and it almost made me feel GUILTY to watch the fuckery that is:

Worst. Idea. Ever.

I don’t get it… have they collectively developed a disease which mistakes awful for awesome? Are they kidding? (I wish…).

Then… Hands All Over as third single?


I am unable to cope with so much WRONG.

That is a good song, and I really love it, but after a weak performance from Give A Little More, you try HAO, which won’t ever be embraced by any of those who will never think you can do rock, and will be not fully taken by those who love you more on the rnb-popside than the funk-rock one???


And to make it even MORE difficult to embrace it, instead of going with a refined classic video (the story of the song would have given tons of chances for it) you betray its spirit and seriousness (and adultness) with a CARTOONED version, that looks like a kid trial at Photoshop???

Who do you think can enjoy that, really???

Can A video be that bad to make me dislike a song I actually LOVE? This video could... AWFUL.

You are not on the road of Pearl Jam great cartoon videos with that, nor that of Queens Of The Stone Age, nor in case 1 nor in case 2, because the style of the video still gross and poorly done, just like it was in Misery’s case.

You’re far away from Linkin Park even, because their cartoonish video have a depth and style that this horrifying trial couldn’t reach in 1000 light years (and I am not even a fan of Linkin Park…).

It’s ages away also from the one you were maybe aiming at, Kanye West’s Heartless… because Kanye has a true dig at graphic stuff and he uses colors and dynamics WAY better than your “director” could dream of in that video (whic I adore).

You’re on the road of the Smurf with that and I can’t really take it lightly, because it embarasses my educated fan conscience like a bad, bad, bad – and unsexy – slap on the face.

What is it… an Harakiri process? A test to see how strong can you try and be stretching things? A forcedly violent farewell???

Oh, boy… Luckily Karim sculpts and I can distract myself.

But it’s hard: this horrible news shocks me and it’s a bad surprise after what they tweeted, which I was hoping was a great video idea for Stutter.

I am disappointed… and it hurts, coming from them: I feel a bit empty at the moment if I think of this all.

You know how much I love every track of HAO… what I think of each one… you know I love the title track (read it here if any): but really this video can be capable or culpable of makin me DISLIKE the song even.

Grrrrr. This “director” is on my DARKER list: terrible, terrible and terrible: it looks beyond patched up and cheap. EWWWW.

I still love your flair... but that HAO thing HURT, Levine...

Then I thought this shouldn’t prevent me from update finally the blog.

Awww... such a beauty!

Because I have TONS of amazing material to share (you’ll see later, and as per usual random pics are of Adam and Anne from my pretty much infinite collection ;)… this because BEAUTY RULES MY LIFE and they’re a pretty darn fine form of it, which leads to me have pleasure watchin them > which is what this blog is all about: THINGS THAT PLEASE ME ;)) and I love to write bites of my life here, for  the pure sake of it (mostly for my foreign friends who can know that way… and this makes my mail exchange virtually VERY MUCH easier ;)), and if I won’t write about it down now I won’t anymore so I just really had to face the reality.

No matter that hurtingly bad surprise… I gotta write what I planned to today.

When I left you on the verge of watching the amazing Lady Gaga gig (really awesome, she’s a great performer/entertainer!) dressed aptly for the event I must say (too bad I lost my tricot hat there and never found it back…), and I would never have thought I would have written down some words again ONLY by now.

Lady Gaga gig (from my plixis from twitter)

I was looking forward to update you about the awesome (help me say it… JUST FANTASTIC and also with proper deeper contents provided by Director…) Première at La Scala, but things just got way too much in to even attempt it now.

DECEMBER IS LIKE AUGUST FOR ME… (just way, way more … “crowded“).

Not even gonna try to put in words how gorgeous he is. WOW.

I don’t have time at all to write… even willing it, I just have tons of dinners/meetings/events to attend and/or prepare and/or organize and then, you know me, it’s not like I belong to Internet.

If I can come through it, fine… if I can’t… FINER.

I love Christmas dearly, you know… all the traditional stuff are mine in the core… and also the kitch-est parts 🙂

These days I have been so completely taken I had also to give up to write in the Lakers Blog (and there you could realize how much it’s REALLY impossible for me to write anywhere, when I can’t make it writing in there!).

I managed to read also because of the iPad/iPhone help on that, but really, there’s not a chance in the world I can have half an hour spare to write anywhere before… you know, before 7th of January I guess ;).

And you know me: I write there very seriously, so I would never step in just to say “heya”.


This is the only post you will get before the 2011 comes (I am sure you saw that coming after this intro, right?)… so it encompasses my wishes for Xmas and my best wishes for a very Happy and Rockin End+Start of the Year.

I had an amazing 2010.

Found this one from one of my Italian Fashion Magazines: Anne in all her glory 😉

An year fulfilled with all the possible magic a soul can ask or dream for.

And in 2011…

Well, in 2011 I marry so I expect even more 😉

Tomorrow morning Karim parents arrive (yep, they couldn’t make it sooner than that… but no worries.. they stay until Karim and I leave for our amazing time ALONE for New Year’s Eve in Montecarlo and Nice, so we have time for Family after all), and today I finally completed the Xmas gift bringin to all friends.

Sure, these weeks I have been wandering through parties but to my special crew members, that wasn’t the proper way to exchange OUR gifts (Marghe thought the same which is why yesterday she hosted a ROCKIN Xmas party, which was absolutely wonderful at any rate ;)).

We visited those who couldn’t make it to the mountains last weekend (amazing weather and time… truly special… TRULY. If you read my Twitter – and you SHOULD… ehi!!! I’m nearly at 1500 followers and counting, ya’ll ;)! lol!- you know what I am talkin about ;)) and just landed them a very special thing to let them know how much we treasure them.

Oh… yeah… I wrote “we”.

Right now it comes so natural from my heart & mind to think of me as a double entity, or as a half of an unit… this is the way Karim has completed his miracle on me.

oh, that tongue...

What a wonderful feeling is the one of belonging.


This even if I still love threesomes and I am dirty and kinky… I belong.

To him.

Who loves me also because I am exactly like that 😉 and I never feel ashamed of it 😉 (why should I… I rock, me ;)!).

On these festivities I look forward to my adorable grandmother to teach Karim’s one (yep, she comes along) on how to prepare tortellini.

If you follow me on Twitter, you will see properly what I mean 😉

While we are on Xmas hints, know that my song for Xmas (beside as usual the awesome cover the guys did of  John Lennon, of course, song which I created the video for in 2008, but stupid YouTube took it down… no problem, I reposted it in Yahoo videos… ;)) is Coldplay’s Christmas Lights 🙂

Lovely, Sexy Anne with her natural do

The Lovely Four (to not be mistaken with the Lovely Five, of course) have started shakin off the rust before incoming year roading with this awesome song and its adorable video and I am in love as per usual, of course.

I also like Train’s song and Pink‘s Raise Your Glass, and The Killers Xmas Single… but in the end you know those two above songs are the only ones in my book these days of happiness.

Ah! 😉

I really wish to you all a wonderful Xmas time with your family and friends and everyone you love, being near to you and make your hours shine.

Then I wish you all to do a tenth of the sex I will…

Trust me it’d be enough for a magic orgasmic overdose (so make your calculations… lol!)

Oh… yeah… sadly our Country still under Berlusconi: I try to forget it everyday to start with a smile… but then… nightmare comes back.


Now let’s have a little end of the year SPORTY RECAP (sort of… but mostly because I let ages of games pass by with my no -update span… LOL ;))

Okay… As I said, the sporty season so far sees Milan still lead Serie A no matter the latest demise (but ehi… cousins feel way worse don’t they?)

I’m really lukewarm and kinda appalled about us acquiring Cassano (WTF was actually my proper reaction to the news… ewwww) but what can I do.

At the end of the day, I support Milan no matter what (and the main no matter what is actually FORGETTING who the team belongs to… If you wait for me to comment on Berlusconi’s shame which keeps going on… I am trying to part myself from that because otherwise I’d die of inner pain and struggle. While you know… the only one who should die… yeah, YOU GET IT. YOU DO. *sigh*…)

lakers time is always right

About the Lakers.

Wow… there is much to say… I still feel twisted about us… there’s something missing in the puzzle but I have restraint in naming it.

Now Bynum‘s back and that’s a very good thing; but Pau still look strangely averted from games… Lamar has really flourished, and Shannon and the bench Killer B’s are a plus… Kobe still Kobe of course, but somehow he seems working like a very very slow Diesel Engine yet (still amazing, even so).

I write just hours prior of the Xmas Game which should see us prevail after last year shame… but I don’t know what to expect.

Meat are on the rise (hyped rise, still on it) and we SURELY are a better team but we have to prove it and we know in this moment we aren’t in a great shape (it’s not now that counts, but we need it now to win against a team on the rise, don’t we?)

I will update about the results of the Xmas game after the New Year steps in, all I wanna say is now and forever:


We Are The Best Team/Franchise On Planet Earth (and Milky Way Galaxy… 😉 ) and I am a PROUD Purple&Gold Freak.

His Hotness in His Shine


Now roll in for recaps of all the games played in the span of time where I did not update the blog.

Let’s get backwards till December 3, for the home game against Sac Town, that we won (well… winning against the Kings is not exactly shocking but that moment we were rolling in a deep struggle so… better we brought it home!)

A few days after, it was again a home game against this time the Washington Wizards: another win for a less than perfect Lakers team, but a win is a win is a win, of course.

The day after, December 8th, we were starting our road trip, except that we were still at Staples Center, being guests of the Clippers. We won, but really just thanx to a magic Fish play, and I have to say finally Clippers have a great player to watch.

That win… rang some bell just like a loss, too.

Her Hotness in Her Shine 😉

We hadn’t to wait much for a proper loss though… as soon as the proper road trip started in Chicago on December 10th, Bulls bullied us enough to make us have another scar on our skin in this less than pleasant phase of the regular season.

I could feel Kobe’s anger and rage by miles then…

And the rest of the five team we faced on the road had to, because after that game we won against the New Jersey Nets, then again against the Washington Wizards, which signed last moments of Sasha Vujacic as a Laker, as he’s now a Farmar’s joiner with the Nets exactly (note: I predicted MONTHS ago Maria Sharapova would have allowed him to move ONLY to Nets or New York…See? I just KNOW ;)) subsequently we rode Indiana Pacers and also poor Philadelphia Sixers, before wrapping it up in Toronto against the Raptors (minus an absent and injured Bargnani).

The road trips are never easy for the Lakers…

And this year in particular… we had to be tested way beyond the mere responsive tests on the floor.

There’s something more going on with us… and hopefully the final output of all this will be cheering us. The right way, I mean.

An appalled Adam watches Lakers demise against the Bucks, 21 december 2010 (Anne is lovely though, at leat ;)...)

First game home after the run has then been, just hours ago, pre-Christmas one against the Bucks, that could have led at least to lovely courtside watchin, right?

Yes, because of course ASquared went there attending (they had spent day searching for sunglasses… you’ll see later on. Shopping before Caribbean gigs? I bet ;)).

And just like it has already happened… it’s not exactly like Lakers helped their evening at ALL.

At least I hope they again fought the bitter taste the game left with lots, and I mean LOTS of Good Old Sexual Healing because the game was a TRAGEDY.


A constant craving for all that is wrong…

Kobe even got EJECTED for a tech foul (he basically fucked off the referee…)

Really… it’s a pain to depict how bad it was so I better let images speak themselves.


This game at least, being the latest one, has the pleasurable worthy (not really, it’s more like a nightmare before Xmas without the grace of Tim Burton…) plus of an encompassed video directly here (while the previouses have the LINK to the video, as you saw):

Although for instance Adam has a different view on it... I just can’t really feel like we lost this neither due to referees (they were bad, but they always are) nor because we were focusing on the Heat already.

It was not referees fault if we did play painfully, dear lovely Seraphine.

Adam at Staples Center, hours ago.

There’s something wrong with us in this moment and it is that wrong from a while.

Pau isn’t really himself… and the way Kobe reacted tells me he feels deeper that this untangible (or maybe very tangible) malaise that we’re having is way more mattering than we’d like it to be.

I am really (albeit JUST a BIT) worried…

No… not about the Heat or anyone else.

As I always say, it’s all and always and ONLY about us.

If we deliver, there is no space to win for NOBODY, because we’re by far the best team.

But the point is that: it’s OUR fault this situation because we’re NOT delivering at all, not even by percentage.

I feel this year everyone thinks that just because we’re used to do it, we can rely again on the “switch on/off” factor, even worse, that we can do it even better and with less effort, just because our roster has actually improved (and it has).

Well… WAKE UP CALL my Purple&Gold Knights: the switchin works only through bleed /sweating, not by divine imposition.

Kobe Bryant reacts to referee in Lakers vs Bucks game: he'll get ejected.

Our complacency is like a bad cancer this year so far and in no way leaves me quiet nor serene.

Of course yeah, I STILL BELIEVE.

I will always believe.

But it’s in OUR camp.

If we fail… WE DO.

Technically others would beat us but the awful truth it’d be that WE DID NOT DO OUR BEST.

And this would make my Lakers Heart severely wounded.

So raise up.

Do it.

I'd like to be all of his stage gear: micstand, guitar, microphone... *whatevs* 😉

Lotta love, Z&K (who just had the best sexual healing today, staying naked home alone all day… because this is what you do your only free day of Xmas time before relatives stick into the picture, right?)

And here we are.

As per usual, Lakers introduce us to some music time, quite aptly, since the courtside connection just depicted.

I have updated the bites of Coldplay up above, (awwwwwwww… can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait to hear Chris live soon again… I’ll love their 2011 I know already… *sweet child of mine* ;)) in my life chronicles because as per usual the Maroon5 stuff is gonna have so many videos and as I anticipated a lil Xmas candy Plus that to interfere with it with whatever else, no matter how great, would be unfair 😉

As I said, it’s Xmas post and Happy New Year post so I have decided to put up a couple of gifts you find with difficulty elsewhere ( I treated them so at least is not a stealing of too great material).

Let’s say that we left lovely Maroon 5 and ASquared at the start of the month, right?

I was saying November seemed to have treated them right, but you will see how December did as well.

They’re just so darn cute and adorable together… (yes, I write it about 100000 times a update… what can I do… it’s how I feel ;))

My good Goodies Time start with this small piece of Interview, which is peculiar only for the fact Adam did record it JUST AFTER THAT FAMOUS NAKED Photoshot (that we can’t wait to see in spread right?):

Oh… the beauty… 😉

Guys also updated us with the third installment of the Palm Trees&Power Lines series (I forgot to create the mpeg video because I receive it through the iPhone / iPad app of Maroon5, so you take it from their Youtube… 😉 Sorry ;)) :

What I start with is the December issue of Los Angeles Magazine, because Adam’s one of the 50 Los Angelenos D.O.C. interviewed about the town:

The scanning of Adam Levine's interview in the Los Angeles Magazine, Dec 2010 Issue

Yeah… I know… it’s a really awful scanning but I did it for actual copyright purpose.

Adam on December 3rd, 2010 - Miracle On State Street, Chi-town 😉

Do as me: BUY it 😉 After all all my hints here are up for makin you people BUY THE DARN THING (a fan should?) after I give out suggestions.

My physical copy reached me thanx to Mash (you rock man); but before it I also bought a digital copy (well, I ad to subscribe for a year, but after all the magazine is lovely AND I have a house in LA, so it’s gonna be useful after all ;)).

I am also awaiting for the number of Guitar Magazine with James on it (found in Mondadori Milan, but it was a damaged copy so they’re changin it), because I am a completist about them FULLY of course ;).

So, get ready now…

Recap days trip in notes and visual is about to start properly and believe you’re gonna LOVE IT a lot.

A whole lotta…

… *love* 😉

If you wonder, December has been very freezy not only in Italy, but in USA too.

Evidence in Adam’s reactions to his traveling outdoors facings 😉

On December 3 guys were back in Chicago for The Miracle on State Street annual event play, while Anne was instead enjoying elsewhere a very intense massage (lol… her descriptions are so graphic and adorable…) 😉 beside being logically very excited for another minor thing ;):

Gal's shining right?

She’s so incredibly cute (and actually very humble, which doubles the cuteness) ;).

No need to point out that the most proud boyfriend EVER did not waste time to bless his wonderful half, and so there you go, get ready to melt again (I do every time they show affection towards one another… gosh I’m such a sucker for them… I know it’s absurd and ridiculous from my side but I have developed this straight and straight about them I thought “let them stay together forever because perfect beauty and skill should match always ONLY another perfect beauty and skill”… and surely they fit the profile of my preferences, don’t they?):

Isn't he absolutely adorable once again? Oh, the power of love 😉

Awwww: I just can’t cope with so much love (I lie… I sure can… and I do adore it ;)).

Anyway, guys were at Miracle On State Street and this is some of what did happen:

This video doesn’t exist

and also this at your ease:

This video doesn’t exist

I could witness their live gigs about for an eternity.

Hewl… yeah. 😉

While guys were around to play, Anne was in New York and really really excited to decorate her Xmas tree.

She truly loves it and showed it several times… updating us through her twitter multiple times (including the sweet proper pictures. I mostly love the way she’s always so down to earth and sunny in her mood. So enchanting, really).

Another one of her plus, I never get bored in tellin it, is her skill for comedy (much like her boyfriend… also there they look so much like a perfect match ;)): her talkin iPhone friends are growing and allegedly they’re getting kind of spelling lessons that are shocking EVEN to Adam (and that says pretty much all, being Adam cussing Prince… lmao!)

While Maroon5 were actually performing in Chicago, CMT (Country Channel) broadcasted the Artist Of The Year Event that you know about from the previous post (because it was performed days before).

Adam Levine gets cheered by Taylor Swift at CMTAOTYA- 1

Yeah… I know…

They covered FRIGGIN Taylor Swift.

Oh, man.

Now don’t get me wrong: I find the girl REALLY cute (she’s sleek and stylish and looks like a model which is a plus for me); she writes her stuff and although she really can’t sing live she has some flair.

It’s just that I really really REALLY can’t stand hype and I completely HATE fakeness and she seems a master in BOTH.

Sure it’s a sign of brain… but I can’t value what I despise… therefore although Mine rendition from the boys was AWESOME and brought the kinda flat song to whole new heights, I couldn’t stand the “OMFGAWWWD” constant expression Taylor was obnoxiously acting the whole time they performed it.

I am sure she loved it all GENUINELY.

But I still can’t reckon any ounce of genuineness in her, which is a set off.

Then you know… Country and I don’t match.



This video doesn’t exist

And now, let me serve you with a Xmas Candy.

Being now in sorta “Country” territory, I bring up for your enjoyment a WONDERFUL Country (and CMT) related old piece from start of 2008, when Adam and Maroon5 did a Crossroads Episode with Country Lady Sara Evans.

IWBSBL times. Those of the Crossroads thingie, too 😉

I have ALWAYS loved everything about that episode.

First, Adam’s look in that period was turning me on like Fire on Dried Bushes (insert all tongue in cheeks you like), at an even higher rate than he normally does – and which is already like the maximum human can take – : it’s like in Goodnight Goodnight video (which is my fav ever of their videos), but with his face actually shaved.

I ADORE him that way… the head shaved that lenght makes me wanna hold his head and caress it… caress it… till putting nails in it almost and Holy Sky… his perfect facial cheekboned outlines are just shining with that look, in a stunning way.

The best you get from his flawless, noble face gets so emphasized that way it’s unreal .


Flawless Anne V.

I’ll stop (you know man turns me on… ;))… but it’s hard ;).

Anyway I love the whole of the sung parts of the show (also the extra on Wake Up Call).

There’s so much of Mr. Levine there, in such a short amount of time, it’s properly mindblowing 😉

I love to pieces the interviews parts, where he said that famous “I won’t do this forever” thing (and he said it right: if you wanna have a serious family, you can’t be all over the world. He just shows once again how smart and great he is. He won’t leave music cos music is HIM… but sure willing to have a real family, he will soon or later stop being what he is now, to be some other kind of musically engaged and devoted man, still. I love his mind and heart there even more, because he just gets so real there, and he’s so totally himself…).

Then there are two pluses: the face he makes when Sara Evans says to him she is the mother of three (and you see so clearly the “damn… I want to bang you… and now how? Oh… let’s see anyway” – kinda look… ;)), and then the completely AMAZING impersonation he does of Fabio (the regrettable Model For Sexless Middle-Aged Ladies Peeps).


Adam is pure genius, always (the lovely ode to James’ hair desrves mentions too ;)).



Enjoy (for real: editing is mine and thank you Meli for the pre-edit work ;)):

*in love* 😉

Okay, let’s get back on track now, after this lovely break in that exiles from the calendar we follow 😉

After the Chicago thing, and not before serving Mr Tellez (Adam’s assistant) a certain intense post gig threat (lol) guys moved to Buffalo for the KissMas Bash, on December 4th, and of course I can provide you some from there as well.

Enjoy a link to a Charice snippet involving them (click over), and then an interview:

and then a snippet of their gig, too (awww) :

This video doesn’t exist

In the freezy town is anyone surprised Adam actually searched for an EATERY?

How he remains so miraculously skinny is a wonder to me… and after all he candidly confessed the only way he really loves to use his fame is the chance to reserve in restaurantsbecause I love to eat.

WUC still frame. Drool freely. 😉

I fear in time of hunger he could easily eat me (no okay… that risks to start a whole lotta of NOT ALLOWED thoughts… I better come with another metaphor…) up ;).

At least he isn’t the only one enjoying his passion wherever he goes: James for instance had more tennis time also in Buffalo, too: *ACE*!! 😉

As models live with a suitcase ready, Anne in the maintime was already bound to leave her greatly put up real tree, heading to (again frosty place) Paris.

Adam and the boys instead could move back for 48 of rest in Los Angeles, which was more than cherished by them all of course; oh, and someway Adam managed to remind us all that he still have troubles in dealing with airplanes so constantly… ;).

His first eating stop back in LA?

Italian Place, Dan Tana’s.

Of Course. Then a check of the Green Hornes at The Trobadour.

Once again… all about  friendly happy times and we all know how much he treasures those ;).

As the lovers were flying away in opposite directions (awww… both their jobs are a bless, aren’t they?), something actually flew the RIGHT direction to me: I’m speakin about the awesome BOOK and Movie of Andrew Zuckerman, MUSIC.

Man that is just ASTONISHINGLY AMAZING material.

I won’t share copyrighted stuff (just like it happens with all related with Vevey Forever) but I post a collage of things because if you are a music lover, beside being a Maroon5 fan, man you GOTTA own this.

It’s really awesome:

Music: by Andrew Zuckerman. JUST BUY IT. REALLY. A+++++


Probably I was too excited about the book then because when Anne in Paris asked for a tip for something to do, I adviced her about something she had DONE already when she actually was in Paris for the Fashion Week back in Fall (and I remembered it clearly as soon as she actually told me. Still, she always manage to be simply adorable and graceful in anything she says, so after all it was okay. I am dumb, but she’s lovely, and always ready to shout out good positive vibes, in a very inspiring way ;))

On a “good vibe note”, you will probably be happy to know that Ryan Murphy (Glee mastermind and creator) has confirmed to Rolling Stones that Misery will be in the spring renditions.

I didn’t know Murphy and Adam were mates; but this of course doesn’t surprise me after all:

So, Misery will be on Glee. I like that. 😉


After the two (well, one and half) spare days in Los Angeles, before jetting off again, Maroon 5 recorded On  what people will actually see TONIGHT, December 22 on CBS (you will see it on these pages with the next update… of course), namely A Home For The Holidays 12th Special for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

A Home For The Holidays - rehearsal

It’s gonna be a lovely lovely performance and so far you can enjoy at least a couple of pictures (awwww, red is not only Anne’s color, but also Adam’s ;)!) and also some twitpics they sent from rehearsal, too.

A Home for the Holidays 2010 - 1

It’s always amazing when their art matches their hearts, ain’t it?

A Home For The Holidays 2010 - 2

After that Adam *graciously* (no 😉 but he still so cute when he “dork-izes” up ;)) let us see what his boundaries are when it comes to the concept of… dirty.

Dirty SHOES, that’s it 😉 (you wish… lol!).

Nothing groundbreakin there, if it weren’t that he was actually bound to… erm… LAND AT THE WHITE HOUSE.

For serenading Obama and the Family during the lightning of their Xmas Tree (the day after…).

Quite aptly, 9th of December is the date of Lennon’s death so the song they chose was PERFECT to perform, with amazing pluses on that made Adam go awing.

Divine Seraphine... and a regrettable look at the White House 😉

And those were JUST the things happening on the 8th!!!

*sigh*… THESE are the boys that I love… not that awful thing at the start of this post (I can’t cope still… I will heal… in some more hours/days… but now it’s a bullet in my head); all skillful and sparkling talent

There was a bunch of hours for Anne to reach back for the event… but while in Paris she managed to be again very very sweet and cute (California Gurl in pectore… of course!), but then she RUSHED to where she belongs, namely aside the sweetest of man with the sweetest of voices (okay, the White House occurrency was fine on its own, let’s admit it ;)…).

The morning of her man started still awing at the people singing along to him (awww… cute!), which included also lovely Sara Bareilles, one of the FAMILY ;).

Hard not to agree with Bones Mastermind Hart Hanson on the fact 9th of December 2010 of Adam was better than everyone’s average… 😉

Hard also not to agree with Anne’s enthusiastic approach to reaching the White House… 😉

She was also enjoying Santa at The White House (sounds like a Will Farrell movie title… ;)) and she was amazingly joyous in updating us about that and everything else she did experience that day: I love her way with words… :).

Just like the boys, of course 🙂

Adam seemed particularly impressed with the kid winner of XFactor (the one that beat Susan Boyle in the UK), and of course he loved to meet those other three he mentions you know… Obama, BB, Michelle… 😉

So, this is a collage (yep, that’s BB King… ;))

Maroon 5 at the White House. 9 December 2010 😉

The performances were amazing…

So now… enjoy the whole show and get festive (this is the apt post, isn’t it?):

This video doesn’t exist

Okay… as the gig finished, the guys moved straight up to New York, as the day after they had to perform on Jimmy Fallon.

This you see here is not a homeless riding on a fast train… is actually Adam with all of his bandmates and his fiancé gear to keep him warm (it’s a messy pic, but at the same time so cute… :)):

I wonder what did Anne wear, as her furry vest-coat is on Adam? 😉

As her man was finding solace in some nap, she had time to verbalize her emotions regarding her rushing to DC (and believe, 8 hours flight from Paris just to spend a bunch of hours there and then get straight back to NY ain’t a joke…I travel and I know what I ma talkin about! That’s love ;)), expressing joy and pride and mostly grace (as she usually does).

Maroon 5 on Fallon Live

The day of Jimmy Fallon Show was a great experience for everyone: for Adam, for Questlove, for Jimmy Fallon, for any famous attendant, for the crew… basically it was a great amazing time and you sure see a lot in the video I will post but NOT ALL OF HOW GREAT IT ACTUALLY was, because some of the best was behind scenes.

There is also the moment of Dee Snider’s controversy which wasn’t that controversial: Dee got rebuked by his wife and his son for havin behaved dully, then apologized himself to Adam, praised him (but not his band), and got the usual AWESOME ANSWER by Adam himself on the whole thing.

Man is so full of virtues.

He can handle stuff with class effortlessly.

He also probably really like Dee Snider actually.

Anyway, this is the show, enjoy:

This video doesn’t exist

After the taping, Anne and Adam enjoyed New York City nightlife.

First evening they went to Adam’s fav Standard top (the former Boom Boom Room); while during the day after, Adam bought a new jacket because they went also to the premiere of The Fighter (awesome movie?), looking just HOT.


Because well, there’s not really any other way they could look 😉

One more from the premiere



The day after the time together it was again time to say farewell for the two lovebirds, because Adam and Maroon 5 had to move to Florida, to rockin out Tampa first (the day after it’d be Orlando).

Adam didn’t miss chances to quote one of his fav movies while moving towards his destination…

white fits Florida 😉

Both towns were unnaturally cold (unnaturally being that Florida you know), and Adam you know is sensitive to chill

Anyway check both some Tampa Goodies (from links this times… you’ll forgive me? Pics!!! Forgive? Right ;))

And also some Orlando ones.

About Orlando I had to discover an irking thing: Adam befriends Mike Posner, namely the worst JT copycat ever (and I don’t even like JT… MEH. MEH. MEH. I won’t like this… I know.)

What was Anne doing while she was in New York still?


Post Florida, it was well due time for some Xmas Holiday time so Maroon 5 got back to Los Angeles (PJ has become father again and he missed the Florida times… he will be back in the Caribbean ones and Anne – who had a long writing cards moment earlier that day – was so cute to ask while complimenting and congratulating him on his beautiful newborn… awww… feeling maternal sweet Fairy? That’d be SO awesome!!!).

Anne V: Sports Illustrated BodyPaint (STUNNING)

Adam used first night home to visit Trousdale along good friends (though there was a bit of a hissy fissy moment inside, leading to a pouring out caught by cameras), and enjoyed straight some familiar time (although well… you know Hollywood nights can be rockin in many ways… sometimes TOO MANY ways ;)).

He didn’t have to endure solitude much longer, because his half flew rapidly by his side, as expected and as it’s fair to be (collective AWWWWWW thank you ;)) because who could be parted from him too long?

Even Frankie gets depressed when he’s away

Anne had a première moment by herself in New York the night before flying into Adam’s arms (look, she’s STUNNING, as a gooddess…!!!) at the Little Fockers Premiere (less marv movie than the Fighter though).

BEFORE WE GET INTO LOVERS MODE, please take note of this awesome Photography Contest Maroon5 have up to talented people to enjoy: PRESS AND read and you won’t regret it.

So… Can we guess from Adam’s tweet that new driver Anne could get a Prius for Xmas?

Who knows 😉 Certainly the lovebirds found a way to deal with some really BAD Los Angeles weather (LA is under the biggest floodings in elephant memory… is it raining from a week… but that ain’t affected them, because beside a small note of the obvious, they wandered hand in hand… and tongue on tongue everywhere around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.)

Adam Levine and Anne Vyalitsyna in Beverly Hills, 18 december 2010

Anne even made it to a further photoshot sesh (oh… can’t wait to see this either!!!), before dedicating herself only to the one she gotta take perfect care of (lucky, lucky, lucky gal… ;))

Singing In The Rain? Burt Bacharach? Awww 🙂

This video doesn’t exist

Karim made a great portrait of the two angels kissing…

They are so incredibly beautiful and perfect together... ❤

They went shopping and Adam noted he likes to play Jewish Santa (lol), and that after all there’s no point in having if you won’t sharing.

I so agree.

Before I forget, taken in all this lovey bliss… Maroon5 have been chosen for The Critics Choice Awards, and it means on January 12 they will tape it for VH1:


Adam also shot a Funny Or Die video that we hope to see soon… and there, his alter ego is this fella… BRODY (lmao…), allegedly at Bardot? That’s the place he goes at on that day but until we see it we can’t know for sure 😉

Prepare to enjoy the last collages that come from hours ago: what they did prior to the Lakers Shame that you know from above.

Remember, in a bunch of hours there is the broadcast of a Home For The Holidays on CBS.

And now… enjoy Beauty and Love.

Adam Levine and Anne V: love is in the air, Dec 21, 2010 - 1

I’ll try to forgive you for that AWFUL Hands All Over Video, Adam…

I know in the end you and your voice win anyway: darn ;).

Adam Levine and Anne V: love is in the air, Dec 21, 2010 - 2

how could somebody hate on you, so shining…?

Hope you and the guys have a blast these days, and look forward to meet you several times in Feb/March.

Adam Levine and Anne V: love is in the air, Dec 21, 2010 - 3

Then the game of shame… but they are so beautiful, even the awfulness at Staples gets cleared by their shine:

Adam Levine and Anne V: love is in the air, Dec 21, 2010 - 4

And maybe in Fall, too ;).

Have all a great Xmas time and a super amazing End of The Year and Start of The Year.

Catch you in 2011: the year of me becoming a wife in Japan.



Kisses, Z. :O)

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3 Responses to "So, – beside the start – Happy Xmas (and incoming New Year!)"

[…] know from my previous post that I TOTALLY CAN’T STAND was quite let down regarding the idea Maroon 5 have had to make […]

You spoil us Zaira…. thank you for posting the ‘when I was 17’ clip..love Patsy’s comments… and Adam is such a kid at heart 😉

I’m very happy to have found a way to show you and others that show. I also think it’s particularly sweet and cutely vulnerable there – which I always dig to acknowledge – ;).
Whenever I can find nice things to provide, be sure I will. It may take time, but soon or later I always find a wayto show what I think it’s worthy: I only avoid to put on copyrighted stuff, which is why, although I have those as well, I’ll never load Vevey Forever, or the Music book video or interview.
That is my way to protect their rights.
The best I can 😉
Enjoy ur weekend, thank youfor dropping by.
Z. 😉

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