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Does it take LOADS to eat to feel more USA style? Check it… Plus LOADS of Adam and Anne, too ;)…

Posted on: 2 December 2010

One of Thanxsgiving centerpieces at Karim's parental house in Manhattan, November 2010

Some days, a lot of fun, a lot of food and – also – some good working days later (it feels incredibly cool to go to working meetings in Manhattan… really… I was so happy to hang down there with Brian and the guys I didn’t even mind that was takin away half of my GREAT Black Friday shopping, or the whole almost of the subsequent Saturday!), we’re back to the usual and nice routine, working in a freezy, sometimes snowy Milan and waiting for the GREAT Lady Gaga gig this incoming Sunday AND also the amazing Scala Première with Wagner.

Actually to prepare for that, I was spending reading hours in New York – still do it now that I’m back home – checking again the Eddan (in Swedish of course, with English text aside) and that, like it always happen, easily lead me to read for about the 13th time the whole of Lord Of the Rings (that in English and in Italian too… I love his style in all languages).

I actually read all Tolkien every December (and for every Tolkien I mean everything ever published under his name), because it feels very… fireplace&frosty related to me.

And then he’s one of my favorite writers ever.

Back to the USA days, it was great to spend this holiday finally getting… into it.

Talkin about good things in bed... Adam Levine, IWBSBL booklet offshots

Karim’s family is obviously very keen to these traditions, but it was honestly a shining family time that I totally felt complete part of.

Oh… and their house in Manhattan is insane.


We were planning to check more apartments while there but then the Black Friday shopping took us quite over (always after work though) so in the end we went checking stuff only a bit the first two days (and trust me… on Wednesday chaos in the roads was so huge we didn’t really put our best efforts there at all).

We are in contact with the people we need anyway so some more chances for a check will arise soon.

I will have to fly newly to New York soon anyway.

We have a couple of ideas, but since the prices there are nuts, we will wait for something that WE REALLY LOVE.

Okay that we have money, but this doesn’t mean we like to throw them away uselessly.

Modesty is the key to a healthy life balance.

When back in Italy my first stop were Swifty and mum&dad…

At evening, that we spent with them, we watched the last episode of the awesome Vieni Via Con Me and this was my fav part of it all (the whole show was as usual fantastic):

Really, the list of great Italians‘ things made me drop my jaw off by amazement (Roby Baggio!!! Pasolini!!! Benigni!!! So deserved :)!) and then the list of Tobagi‘s daughter just made me cry.

Today our Country is in dismay but hopefully Berlusconi will end his shameful and disgustive run and presence soon enough.

Farewell, Mario Monicelli The Great

Sadly, just during the show we learnt that Mario Monicelli took off his own life to not being submitted to another’s will about when he was his due time.

We’ve lost the true Father of the best Italian Comedy.

On Tuesday evening Karim and I watched a marathon of some of his greatest movies and we plan to keep on all week long.

Rest In Peace, you genius.

Italy misses yet another true artist and a vitriolic, yet deep and senseful insight on its cracks and beauties, something that each youngster around should get educated into and at and throughout.

Karim shed a tear learning of him passing away.

I did too.

We come writing after a back to back sleepless nights because both on Tuesday and Wednesday games were around 2 am.

Adam and Anne at Lakers vs Bulls. NOW LOOK HIS TROUSERS. They're... erm... not fully zipped up? 😉 Did they had a quickie after the NBA Fan Of The Week interview? 😉

Considering on Wednesday we went out with the lab crew and we arrived home at 1 am… let’s just say in the past two days we haven’t slept much.

Also because Lakers did not really facilitate that (*rolls eyes*)…

I hope these days of zero sleep won’t compromise my incoming weeks of fun…

It’s just that you know me… I never say NO to fun and friends; I never say NO to live music; I never say NO to my sport passions; I never say NO to anything that I feel passionate about.

And you also know that when any of these things don’t exactly go my way, I need raw Sexual Healing to let the frustration go.

That of course happens especially with Sport stuff (because really, I never experienced any frustration in the other departments in my whole life, thank God!)

Therefore if you  try to decode my message above, through witness of the Lakers… You get that there have been a certain number of occasions recently when I had to rely on my favorite anti-stress therapy.

Not that I lament a thing there, but still..

I hope in a stopping of the reasons I have to turn to that kind of safety for my soul for ;).

Never forget. Aids Still Kill.

I also take this good occasion to remind you all that yesterday it was World Aids Day, and beside the fact Coldplay finally released for Red One new music to celebrate the occasion (nice song, but not earth-shattering, still you all should buy it because it’s for a very worthy cause), I also felt the need to point out all charities that were available.

Aids still kill.

Please, don’t ever forget it and never stop to help those in need about it.


Do it.

Okay… I tried to postpone but you know it’s coming don’t you?

You must be trained about my way to compose posts here by now 😉

Let’s get into sport asap (even though this time at least the first sporty bite intertwines FORCEDLY with Divine Adam and lovely Anne’s chronicles… and you will see why very soon ;)) and let’s start from where I stopped last time, therefore with the awesome win against finally a worthy opponent…

Take a look at Lakers takin over Chicago Bulls:

In the picture you’ve seen enlightened by a heart (I know, it’s cheesy… AND I love it ;)) Adam and Anne witnessing the amazing Mamba scoring…

Kobe shots, Adam and Anne Watch

Adam and Anne arrive at Staples for Lakers vs Bulls 23Nov2010

Later on in the chronicles of them you will see how Adam was featured in the NBA Fan Of The Night segment that day, and how… they arrived and stayed and left in their amazing November 23th together.

Man I love those kids together 😉

But now let’s go on… Because happy times in LakerNation kinda stopped there practically, for a long (way too long) while.

There’s so much more you need to learn about and they are a bit of gloomy stories sadly.

Not all shines in Laker Land nowadays…

Contrariwise we are hitting quite a rough patch and we must gather back forces and strengths and focus somehow.


Here are the demises chronicles until today (can’t imagine it can go on any further… but then, you never know).

On the Black Friday (Black for real) Lakers went to Utah to battle the Jazz, and this is what happened:

I therefore expressed my frustration by sexing it up with Karim downtown Manhattan.

Adam and Anne watchin Lakers Chicago Bulls on 23th November 2010

We had a blast.

Yes, he allowed me to play (that way you read about in the previous post) so that after we had the best Sexual Healing therapy… EVER.

I hope Adam and Anne performed something similar because he surely had to feel raging after just moments before our UNFORGIVABLE loss  he (like me) had the feeling as usual Kobe (in much Kobe Mode, but still our only Saviour when needed) would have amended for the whole rest of the team (and of the bench) which was unwatchable for large parts of the game.

But no… it ended in loss, which will be really useful afterwards anyway (this is the only way I can look at it…).

It must work so, right?

Gotta put things in a certain perspective.

Then just when we were coming back home, Lakers took their way back home to fight the drizzly Indiana Pacers, and this is what we witnessed (we did some hours later, but there you go) along the whole of Laker Nation:

I was shocked when, landing (LATE) in Malpensa on Monday morning, I got straight that we did lose that TOO!!!

I was really… WTF???

Kobe scores for the 105th time +40 points and we manage to LOSE HOME??

Adam Levine and Anne V attend Lakers vs Pacers game on 28th of November 2010

Again on Sunday???

That rang lots of bells…

Poor Adam and Anne (there again too, but not in the usual places… if it weren’t for Mash sending me straight a Divine A + Sweet Fairy A candid shot from Staples, I would have thought they weren’t there…) allegedly had to perform more Sexual Healing too?

I know Karim and I after watchin the game on taxi on our way back from Malpensa to Milan… DID.


We met at lunch time at my lab and just had it in my keyed out little resting room.


Still… “Lakers… WTF????” was the thought constantly struck on my mind.

If I only knew how I were not even half into pain mode…

I upload blog today and I didn’t neither on Monday nor Tuesday (nor actually Wednesday) evening cos my only blogging time after the demise was of course meant to be a stop (well, TWO actually) in the Lakers Blog.

On Wednesday though, the dinner out prevented me from writing there and in so many ways it was better because You’ll see the unthinkable happened.

Adam and Anne at Lakers Vs Bulls - Nov 23 2010


I had to mourn with the Family, which I dearly missed in those far away New York days, and I did during latest chat also.

But ehi, for feeling part of an American family I had to follow traditions and it would have felt awkward to say at a certain point: “excuse me ya’ll, got to take my time and spotty-blog a bit” ;)…

I am sure they would have allowed me (they are from Cali after all and they all support Lakers, so…) but honestly in that atmosphere I never really felt like I wanted even to ask.

I was feeling so into family time I let it go (and you can understand how much that means in my world ;)).

So after the double demise, Lakers traveled to Memphis to match up again lil Brother Marc Gasol’s Grizzlies and yes, THIS is what happened (hold yourself… PLEASE):


Adam and Anne witnessing Lakers vs Bull, 23 Nov 2010

Wow, how awkward, and not usual for me about my adored Purple & Gold Knights.

And the worst thing was that during the last few seconds I was again feeling we wouldn’t have made it.

I felt clearly we weren’t there to feel any lucky or mighty.

Last year instead I was always feeling we were there to subvert the impossible.


But don’t fail yourself: we’ll win this Ring too.

And these hard moments will lead us exactly there.

Mark My Words.

After a resounding Three Losses Streak, this past night we faced Houston Rockets at their home:


Oldie of Adam witnessing 2008 Lakers Playoffs

I actually can, and that is what makes the whole situation really strange for me.

But as I said, I’m sure we’ll bounce back.


Okay… now it’s time for a lot (and I mean LOT) of cuteness, because after such a gloomy unhappy break we all need it, but especially I DO.

Especially because looks like there’s a lot of people coming round after two days ago CBS broadcasted the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010, showing Adam and the boys cheering on Anne multiple times and therefore raising the question that yesterday made “Adam’s Levine Girlfriend” the most popular Google topic (WOW!!).

Adam and Anne. Gosh... when they smile together sun shines brighter. SOOOO Beautiful they are.

Of course straight after that there started swirling up uncontrolled and idiot news about them being ready to marry or even already expecting a child (PLEASE!!! She’s a model… She won’t feather a baby any quick… though I truly hope they will procreate sooner than later because they’re so beautiful their kids would be SPARKLING) and hilariously some of the pictures of Anne were actually of Angela or of Becky (?? how such shorties could model in catwalks??) and even Maria Sharapova (oh, boy… Internet pics databases… the hell of the unawares… ;)!).

Is it that strange to do some decent web researches before writing idiocities?

Luckily over here we got them together from the very first start… and actually from that first stroll, somebody shared even this link (yep, February 19th, 2010 in Los Angeles… but that was just the first time that month they allowed people to catch them up, as the whole thing started as you know after February 10th…)

Fact is they are blissfully happy together though and surely I wish them all those steps as soon as they’ll like to take them.

his gloriously beautiful smile

But leave them alone… let them be.

They’re a wonderful sight together… no other couple ever pleased me so much that I wasn’t personally a friend of. 😉

I have the whole of the VSFS (and you gotta check from start to end because they keep appearing…) but it comes at the end, because as you know I post things in chronological order here 😉

Lots of videos (and the whole of Taratata) coming today… Literally HOURS of videos. 😉

Before following the timing trail of greatness, let’s step back with a lil LOVELY interview with MICKEY!!! It was released while they were in Amsterdam on November 17th (check previous post) and since I LOVE when Mr. Madden speaks, I put it up straight.

Mickey speaks on papers or radios so rarely, sure it did deserve some kind of highlight here 🙂

Read it and enjoy ;):

Mickey Madden speaks!!! Whooo 😉

After this, and always while we are in “recap” and “trackback” mode, take finally the whole available of Maroon5 RDS Showcase (November 2010) which is not the whole setlist, because the whole setlist was THIS ONE:

the whole RDS setlist

But okay, what you will hear still adorable.

This are the songs in My treatment of layout (it’s one after another, okay?):

And then the interview they did, which I left as it is on the RDS site. Enjoy:

While we’re at tracking back the performances that were just described in past post, it’s now the time to put up the UK Lottery Draw excerpts (order? my friend Marghe signaled me the bites but I’m not sure I put all in order correctly) with Gethin Jones.

Adam is seriously fantabulous there.

Sex on legs. Always.

That was a lot right? And we haven’t even started! 😉

Let’s get back to the start from just where we left, the day of Anne and Adam reaching back Los Angeles (of course together.. and they’ve spent a lot of time together this November… awwww the supercuteness indeed!).

7 days of hotness in Mr. Levine's shape

Adam could barely hold himself thinkin of what he would have done on Wednesday, because sure his first Lakers game live this season was a treat, but so was the Conan O’Brien show.

He adores comedy, you know.

But before that, Maroon5 let us know that the same Wednesday France tv would have aired the episode of Taratata the guys did actually record back in September (check this post about it… it was when Adam and Anne finally re-met in Paris after a month apart… ;)).

I think the whole show and the interview was AMAZING…

Especially the lovely part in the interview where Adam, after the interviewer was asking him about his dozens of female conquers, and if that about him had changed at all, he just pointed out his girlfriend was there (awww… “petite amie”… sounds so lovely in French).

Check this LONG video of the whole Taratata, and sorry if you don’t know French

You must learn it (so should Adam, but we all know he’s way too lazy to try it ;)… Jesse maybe just forgot it 😉 right?) in order to decode the special video montage during the show.

Beside the live of Maroon5 songs, there is also the duet of Bang Bang with K’naan of course.

Enjoy, folks… it’s long and totally awesome;):

This video doesn’t exist

Another totally awesome thing from the Taratata special is the final video request by Adam and Jesse, showing us and reminding us how much Mr. Levine adored/adores one of my iconic bands, Oasis (still mourn that they split, and I am overexcited that Noel is RECORDING!!!! Whooo-hooo!).

When he gets thoughtful in pictures... I love the vibe entirely.

This is nothing that should surprise us and in fact, transcended by empathy about the request, I just created a video with 170 pictures of Adam and the guys (and Adam and Anne somewhere to0), some drawings of Karim, and put in Maroon 5 covers of Oasis’ Don’t Look Back In Anger – sorry for the radio audio quality – and Hello, from Live On Friday The 13th. Then I closed it with a real Oasis jam ;).

Thought it was better than an anonymous YouTube video… Enjoy ;):

This video doesn’t exist

Awww 😉

While they were moving from London to LA, it appeared the list of their World tour, encompassing among the rest Australia, Indonesia, Santo Domingo, Porto Rico (check their website, okay?).

I also found this interview that I quite liked:

The morning after their arrival back in Los Angeles, Adam and Anne became very chatty, letting us step into their world together.

I still appalled anytime Adam quotes classic albums, a too wide majority of his “fans” don’t get a clue about it.

What a bunch of illiterate idiots folks…

The times he must shake head had to be countless with some people (Sticky Fingers is one of the most iconic Rolling Stones Album, you darn mo**ns… Fans like you are better being lost than taken…Geez).

Anne V for SS 2011 Louis Vuitton Campaign (the one she shot in mid September in Capri) 😉

Talkin about music, then, that day Adam actually went to a studio (Henson one again?) to record a collaboration that he wasn’t sharing details of, but that gave him “Very Positive Feelings”.

Can’t wait to know/hear about it!!!!

The morning after, we further step into lovely Adam and Anne shine of mutual love.

They woke up and she tweeted this:

Anne wakin up in Adam's house in LA, 23 november 2010

And then this… (awww, I just can’t cope with so much… I’d squeeze them like two teddy bears…):

awww... he made himself breakfast for her... so adorable 😉

After which he replied so (weeks earlier he was debating with his friends how much his eggs were best eggs ever… ;)) to her:

best couple ever. god bless them.

I feel all kind of butterflies about them.

I have rooted for them straight… the very first sight I caught of Adam smiling for her THAT open way, she conquered me.

And you know which fix I have with Mr. Levine… but she’s like… a person you cannot hate onto.

Too gracious… and so beautiful.

Adam mini collage plus

They’re completely perfect for one another…

So much, that when Adam left to go to rehearsal for the Conan show of that day (the show is recorded during daytime to be broadcasted at late evening, ad it’s taped in Burbank, so he had to move quickly after that breakfast), and she took some parking/driving lessons in the maintime, the fact that she hummed one of HIS cars in the process was certainly forgiven by him.

How eras change!! 🙂

We all know how much Adam loves his cars, and everything that is “motor” related so the fact she can even crash them is a perfect measure of how much he loves her, in fact.

When the reharsal became backstage, and after Anne of course joined her beau, Maroon 5 taped their performance (awesome) and so, as you expect, you can actually watch it here.

I actually loved Hart Hanson‘ (Bones creator) tweet at Adam about the outfit he would have worn during the show (yep, it is a reference to what you’ve seen in the previous post), but then he was dressed.

TIGHTLY (oh, man…).

Enjoy ;):

As you know, after the taping of Conan Adam and Anne went to the Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls basketball game.

Adam was very happy to finally check his first Lakers game of the year LIVE, (you’ve seen the pictures up), but another thing that made him happy, and his lady VERY proud and sharing as well, was that he actually also went interviewed for the NBA Fan Of the Week show.

AWESOME… Check it (isn’t he so totally amazing? Oh dear… too bad after that game he had to suffer what we all Lakerholics did… from the stars to stables… but we’ll get back up to starred sky soon, no question!)

After that we learnt once more about Adam (and Anne’s there agreeing too) passion for sushi; I love that he loves mostly Italian and Japanese food (well, when he doesn’t go junk food, which it happens pretty often… if he hadn’t that metabolic fastness he possesses, he would be obese ;)), because… well, I’m Italian with a Japanese crush ;).


Anne V for Sports Illustrated. Wouldn't you allow her as well everything? 😉

The Thursday it was Thanxgiving.

Such an important family time you know.

Adam acknowledged well, and openly, how much he has to be thankful for.

Doesn’t go difficult to catch what (and WHO) was making him particularly grateful in those hours.

I really enjoyed to think that the two lovers were together that day especially.

As you can see, Anne’s just so simple, adorable, truly down to Earth type of girl and she totally sounds and appears as the perfect companion for Adam.

She is that kind of woman who can keep a man, especially when a bit messy, in line with tenderness and plus she can make him laugh (because she can be as cutely dorky as actually also Adam gets very often).

Then of course, being looking as a Fairy Goddess, she has all other qualities any man could ask for, hasn’t she?

The day after Thanxgiving, while they were about to enjoy last hours together (for that week span ;)), Adam tweeted something that some of his fans found strange or unexpected:

Wasn't crystal clear he has it?

He's just chemically&physically unique. Naturally.

Adam’s ADD is certainly a bland form of it, but in many many ways, anyone observing him, or getting how much hyperactive and rebellious he naturally is can understand how some of his fascinating, unique antics come also from the way that disorderly attention plays within him.

I am sure no one thinks he is strange or anything… his symptoms are actually very much in line with TONS of other artists’ ones, and he is such a greater cutie due to those sides of his behavior, it’s hard to picture him with a dysfunction, rather than with a flamboyant persona that has nothing border-ly about it (and to me, there’s nothing border-ly about him) .

His gorgeousness doing yoga. A very slow activity, that re-balances system.

Many of the best musicians, actors, play-writers, and a fair majority of past centuries most prolific and genius poets were clearly ADD subjected.

I am a chemist and a biologist and to me that side of Adam is just a sign Nature wanted him special and peculiar.

And then we get to enjoy his totally off the way sitting down style 😉

I’m sure you understand why he NEEDS to be a musician and also why he enjoys the focusing of yoga that much; you probably also get why he’s so impulsive and sexually charged (that is an often related need of ADD people, too), and maybe also why he finds the slowing down power of pot that intriguing (I won’t ever follow him there, but he doesn’t kill anyone with that).

His fast mind slowing down helps him to relax: therefore anything that holds that power is a healing gift for him.

Again… in all of his lyrics you can guess about these dynamics… well, if you’re smart enough and educated enough at least.

I thank above for creating such a lovely man, so full of talent, so that he could turn his uniquely chaotic self into an uniquely inspiring master to many people out there.

Anyway, enough of this (I still appalled on how much ignorant about life topics some of his “fans” are… how could they not get he could have easily been a subject of that? It ain’t such a deal, get over it…) and back to the last hours the two lovers could spend together in Los Angeles before having to move to the East Coast for different working tasks.

Too bad Lakers really did not help them in feeling too quiet… but then maybe they just enjoyed to sex the disappointment up after (Karim and I surely did 😉).

Surely as per usual Adam gets the most romantic and lyrical when he’s with Anne.

And as per usual, his native town truly sets him up for being the best he can be.

Check also LA Magazine December about it if you can:

LA Magazine Dec. 2010

Past that night, he let us know he was heading to Nashville openly; Anne was instead bound to reach Savannah, for what we did learn the days after was a photo session for Ralph Lauren.

How Awesome!!!

Ralph Lauren = Totally Cool.


her grace is undeniable

Airport time always makes Adam chatty, and he did also because Anne’s flight was prior two abundant hours compared to his.

He then teased us up.

A lot.

I love his way to be sexually charged 24/7.

I so do.

Adam in December is also featured in Rolling Stone, because he shared his Fav 10 List (about the Police ;)):

Adam shares his unbound Police Love with Rolling Stone Mag

James instead is gracing Premier Guitar Magazine:

James Valentina for Premier Guitar Mag december 2010 - Click Over And Read

Props up 😉

Also interesting is this auction that goes up in December for the Grammy Foundation… if you don’t know what to get for Xmas ;):

click to get the link!

As they landed in Nashville, Maroon 5 met straight some legend.

Anne's second outfit (my fav!!)

I was thinkin they were there at the CMT Artist Of The Year Awards to honor Lady Antebellum by that point… you will see in a while I was wrong.

Also, it seems that Adam keeps being very inspired about writing lately (who wouldn’t be in his shoes…), this regardless of places or weather actually.

While being apart, on that 30th of November, Adam and Anne had to think about how to list their tv watching.

Because that same day, Cbs was broadcasting finally the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, while on another channel the third season finale of Sons Of Anarchy was on.

You know they’re both SOA freaks… but of course they both wanted to watch VSFS first.

You know that I have the whole show…

And now is actually the time to let you see it.

So, enjoy beauty.

Think that Adam is shown four and plus times, from the start till the very end, and Anne has three highlights too.

They are absolutely wonderful… truly best part of the show was to see how in love these two are…:

This video doesn’t exist

Anne though, in between cute tweets exchanged with John Legend’s ladylove Christine Teigen (a fellow SI modeland a very cute kind person, though I keep not understanding how people shorter than me can model, since I am 5’9” and Teigen – like that bland Lily Aldrige –  is 5’8”…), had sadly to discover she would have missed the broadcast, due to the fact her plane back from South Carolina to New York home would have been delayed and she would have been traveling just exactly by he time of CBS telecast.

Very few people can wear THAT dress THAT flawlessly

Poor thing!

She sounded disheartened at some point… I would have been not happy as well.

But then, some kind heart managed anyway to let her see it all 😉

Before her flight took over she was watchin tv in the lobby and once again it’s clear that she shares lots of things with her man, who’s a total Stevie Wonder devotee, too.

But what was Adam doing on 30th night?

What were Maroon5 up to for the CMT Awards?

Well, you know I don’t really click with Country… but when I even learnt that they were up to cover TAYLOR SWIFT I chuckled.


I am having such a hard time dealing with this (in the whole Kanye‘s thing, you know what i think, and I wonder how Adam can feel being of my same school of life about it?), even though I was sure by the time Swift’s “romance” (??) with Jake Gyllenhaal was made public, someway their roads would have crossed.

But really???

Covering “Mine”???

Oh, boy... everything I did NOT want to see...

Okay that you guys OF COURSE have done an amazing job on it an definitely transformed a lukewarm “hit” in a classy turnover of sound but… REALLY???

I have trouble there.

Maroon 5 at the CMT Awards, 30 November 2010

Tomorrow I will see the broadcast and decide but… KANYE. TEAM KANYE.

Sorry guys.

I am not always agreeing with anything you do (though I repeat: I’m sure YOUR version of Mine is awesome).


Better get back in BEAUTIFUL TERRITORY and let’s enjoy some of the cuteness about Anne’s catwalkin in a couple of actually true (albeit kinda simple) article on her surfaced after from the broadcast it was clear Adam was there for her.

they won the genetical lottery... 😉

First this one… and well, SURE they were the most beautiful couple there: tall and gorgeous they seem like real life Barbie and Manly Ken…):

most beautiful couple for sure

Then this beautiful one which quotes Adam gushin on her in September stop at Howard Stern’s show (check my past post… that day where the guys did that amazing radio cover of Let’s Stay Together… and you know I always think he sings it to her ;)):

He gets so sweet talkin about Anne 🙂

THESE are the next times you will catch Maroon5 on tv (and I will try and translate all videos here again):

next video chances

Yesterday then the day was quiet… Guys had a chat time in Nashville (if I can find a transcript of it I’ll put it up next time, along to what hasn’t surfaced yet that I have spoke about today), prior to learn that they had again gained a Grammy Nomination for Misery in the Best Pop Performance category (yesterday there was the Grammy Nomination Day).

Having candidate themselves only in 6 categories (due to the release time for HAO, check my previous post where I did post the prenominees link list) it’s already a good achievement that Maroon5 got again acknowledged as they deserve to.

I am APPALLED just at the composition of the Pop Album Category (only deserving one there is Gaga, but then I sadly knew it would have been an hard time for HAO), and about any of Katy Perry and Justin Bieber nomination, but beside that I am really pleased with the rest of the nominations, especially about Arcade Fire and Cee-Lo’s ones, because if you read this blog you know I tipped those (and Eminem and Gaga) all year long to take the major honors this year.

But yeah… That Pop Album Category and Perry+Bieber let me fear that like last year with friggin Swift there will be some to be ashamed for this year too at the Grammy Awards.

Oh well.

At least we know who’s gonna shine on red carpet, don’t we?:

I told you she’s just adorable 😉

And I don’t even like Pomeranians… but truly she was so cute 😉

Adam tweeted some time after these from Anne… I guess they watched the broadcast of Sons Of Anarchy while talkin that night? 😉

Whatever they do, they are adorable to me.

End of the debate.

They even made me sligtly forget about Lakers in those moments 😉

That’s how much I like the idea of them together 😉

Then this morning, while I was having a meeting … some KINDRED soul posted THIS (hold yourself… it’s DANGEROUS to health!):

O. M. G... Really. What one can say. He's so good you'd love to EAT him alive 😉 (nice nailpolish Anne, on that sole hand 😉 )

It’s the second part of the shot you know from last post... and oh… BOY.

I can’t process the thought.

My fetish for ilium bone and male hips goes to stratosphere with Adam.

I can’t wait to buy whatever magazine is that they shot these nature candids for charity along.

(I repeat: Anne… you lucky lucky lucky woman ;)…*sigh*…)

HAO. Still love it a lot.

Karim is NOW mocking me about this of course.

But he knows I can’t help the way this man sexes me up.

It’s… a natural chemical inner and unstoppable reaction (look the smirk he has… it’s everything a promising one should be).

I guess for today we’re okay this way…

I am cooking and very soon I will sleep after for two days I slept a total of 4 hours and half.

I’ll cuddle and enjoy the bless which is my life and the fact my beloved soulmate can even handle my passions about music and… musicians 😉

I’m just so very fortunate and blessed.

😉 Catch you in 7-10 days 😉

Enjoy this start of December, the Xmas await, and if you are Jewish, Happy Hanukkah!! 🙂

Z. 😉


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Hey Zaira, nice blog! Do you have a larger photo of the preview from the charity shoot? And which charity is it for?? Keep up the good work!

– Al

Nope I haven’t got a better pic yet. And so far I have no idea which charity that’s gonna serve the purpose of. Whenever I have updates, I will write about them. In compatibility with my rhythm of updates. Take care. 😉 gotta focuse on Lady Gaga gig at the moment (>>> traveling to reach Milan back from the Alps…) 😉

Check out Live@Home, the one and only musical show dedicated to the Web.

The most popular artists are invited to play in a private house especially set for them. Emotion is the key word.

This week, we are pleased to welcome Maroon5@Home on http://www.dailymotion.com/LiveAtHome

MAROON5@HOME album ”Hands All Over”, watch the official show on #LiveAtHome !

[…] Zaira’s Italian Cooking Tips Does it take LOADS to eat to feel more USA style? Check it… Plus LOADS of Adam and Anne, too&n… […]

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5'9'', Size 2 madhead in love with life, crushing over Japan, Music, and Kobe Bean Bryant.

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