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Leaving for some days to check this Thanxgivin thing…

Posted on: 22 November 2010

Hola there, world!

So I will have to learn it all for real 😉

This is the post which will keep you company for more or less ten days, because I’m just about to leave to New York for my first ever “Family Bound Thanxgiving“… I won’t use pc there, I won’t even Lakers Blogging and to be honest also Twitter will be very sporadic.

When even Twitter gets downsized, you know it’s pretty much IT, don’t you?

You know why I will back off from connectivity for those few days already.

When we hang with K’s fam we gotta be very private, in communicative restraint (sounds dramatic but it’s not) and anyway we have to just enjoy one another’s presence and company more, considering we meet very rarely (not lately, but it will always be so beside HUGE commitments).

It’s K’s time and I gotta get into this whole Thanxgiving thing for real 😉

I have even ask tips about real Thankgiving to my peeps, and still all I know is that is gonna be a very cozy and pleasant time.

We give out for practically granted that K’s fam will visit us during Christmas time instead.

My mum is already guessing what and how to organize to make them feel fine enough – somebody please explain to her THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION – especially cos if it’d ever be so, we could NEVER win it.

Adam at Children In Need November 2010, London

So pack it up and enjoy the meeting mum.

They like you 😉

I come after a week of fever – and after a very demanding Monday at work, where I had to plan not only the way to communicate with colleagues while in USA, but also put down a scratch for the working meetings I will have with my USA partners in Manhattan later this week – and after a weekend in the mountains where my crew pampered me at once and also was keen to make me remember for them I’m always the silly funny and weird Zaira.

I love my peeps cos they keep me very grounded; I would be so selfish without them… and way, way more of a loner, because in my world, there’s no point in being forcedly social if people around you are stupid or unworthy.

I love my crew because they’re very smart, inventive, and pretty badass innovative, curious guys…

Being social is fun then.

I feel challenged by feeling accepted in my uniqueness by them at the same time: it’s a very democratic crew, my own one.

Adam = Perfection in grey tee.

So yes… I’m a cheerful happy madhead… yep… that one in love with life you know of.

And in love with Karim, too.

I wish I could share the tips about making hot sex when being hot fevered but this way the blog would probably censored so use your imagination, because you can bet I did not pass a day without sexual play, not even when fever was chopping me down sleeping a total of 17 hours out of 24.

My sexuality can’t be tamed 😉

Funny enough, Karim confessed if I were okay past week he would have allowed me outer-ly spaced role play – which means I could have seduced somebody under his eyes, and then he would have had to act consequently to stop the game on the more important *progressive moment*.

I am sure we can resurrect that.

Maybe even in New York?

That’d be AMAZING.


Kinky is my mission 😉

On the sporty side, while Milan keeps ruling Serie A, still thanx to Ibrahimovic (sorry Meli Angel if we trashed your Fiorentina: you actually did not deserve to lose but we gotta win this year so… take my apologies but know I’m not really that shattered we took more than we should had 😉 opsie…).

After they broke my heart (see previous post) Lakers went on a successful and sparkling three win trip, starting in Milwaukee against the Bucks… > :

Then roading it up more against the once fierce opponents of Detroit, the Pistons (insert bleeding middle 2004 memories…) > :

and to wrap it up against the Timberkittens… ops, Timberwolves (they’re so cute tho… in Eminem’s voice ;))

After that Lakers went back home and on the Sunday game they did THIS:

Trust me you don’t understand if you haven’t seen it…. it was just unfair the way we are superior, that I felt in chat for the poor Warriors.

Now let’s bring the Bulls, and see if we face some difficulty (hardly).

Didn’t expect to find Adam courtside because Europe still had long wrapped its arms onto him enough to make him flying in no fitting time for the game, especially in a day when downtown LA was involved not only with the Lakers but also with the American Music Award (I won’t comment: you just have to know FUCKIN’ Justin Bieber won it all; a further testify about the embarrassing way music state is at nowadays, after years of “vote for your fav” and low approach to music such as reality show contests have poisoned the general perception of the always lazy public audience).. But then you can never know until things happen, right?), so even though he landed (later than expected) around 3 pm there, I was kinda sure we wouldn’t have seen him, nor Anne, who’s with him of course in Los Angeles too.

Vintage 2005 Adam. Believe, he's not an ass, even though this picture doesn't help 😉 (I love this picture a lot btw ;))

And he surely had a wonderful time going around Italy, France, Nederlands AND especially UK, where he had the best possible company along (yes, of course lovely Anne) in the past ten days, didn’t he?

There are so many things that I have to put in this countdown…

Hewl, I thought in a week it couldn’t have happened this much but IT DID!!!

Gotta find a rhythm that won’t dry me off.

This blog at some point simply won’t post EVERYTHING, and I will select stuff because this pace is killing me ;).

Sorry ;).

But let’s go in line again.

We had left lovely babies in Italy, with that RDS + Amici spread.

From RDS, take this small preview of their stuff (the whole RDS things will be prepared from HERE, but I don’t know if I really wanna bother put it all up, after so much time will be passed by the time I’ll get back blogging..):

There is also some out of the Amici thing again, but this time for your better enjoyment is actually English written:

From Amici to OK Magazine

After the Amici thing guys left Italy to travel towards the always amazing Paris.

While there, they had a show, some radio interviews that I’m not really gonna track for you, but I am gonna be kind and I am gonna still post some video 😉

Before I do it though, remember to vote because Maroon5 are up for the NRJ Awards in the Foreign Artist category BUT they will actually compete only if you send them there out of the preselection which is HERE (NOTE. you can vote ONLY once a day, from each account):

Page for voting for the NJR Awards : click and go

While guys were jumping into AThousandLights Town (Paris, that’s it ;)), Anne was still a lil more in LA and getting strange benefits (lol)…

Adam and James for French Busking 😉

Naturally there were also some of the guys more culturally receptive.

For Above’s Grace 😉 (thank you Jesse… *sigh*).

But I am leaving you without the promised videos… so take this from RTL2 (if you click on the link you see some pictures worthy of your time, too):

Ah… so much beauty… (Okay I will behave).

And I love to underline Adam’s extremely well-mannered antics in those interviews (the sweetest thing ;)) not to mention the fact he is always very well mannered with his fans (this unless you, as fan, behave inappropriately and then sets him off. Because the fact you are a fan doesn’t mean you can have the right to bother anyone, right?)

PJ playin Lenny Kravitz's beautiful piano

As the guys were also partying it up , and the location where they did is the one above (did I get this right? Lenny Kravitz actually was in Paris those days and he’s recording in his Paris home... did I get it right that that former digit’s exchange created one of the best assets that day? I am sure I did ;)), Anne had moved from LA to LONDON (yeah… the beauty of fitting schedules ;)).

While partying up at Lenny, Adam could gather some bro beside those he was physically with; I guess in many ways the nerd-only-when-about-to-play-videogames can now also enjoy technology for a lots of others resourceful pluses.

Before I get into Fashionably Mood, sorry, take also this other video from France times (sorry, I was skipping it…) from the Light Show on Pure TV:

This video doesn’t exist

And then enjoy this from Paris Virgin Radio, with pictures AND the Interview:

Maroon 5 visits Virgin Radio France - click for audio

This then is the Interview in MP3:

Okay… satisfied now? 😉

Adam vintage 2007

Anne found beautiful Martha Streck in London for the task she had to perfom in and I wish I were a fly in those studios to catch so much beauty in one room as well that day (awww, can’t wait to see the ad surfacing in S/S 2011 then!!!).

While we’re on Anne, let me gift you with a preview video that you will definitely love 😉

Video is from Victoria’s Secrets best excerpts of Anne and proud Adam… take it, it’s so lovely and sweet…

He’s so clearly smitten I melt about that every single time…

Awww 🙂

And then here you get to hear Lovely Russian Fairy talk with her adorable and flawless accent (very New Yorker I have to say).

Enjoy beauty :

This video doesn’t exist

After Paris the guys moved to Amsterdam, and they went in for the usual showcase + interview streak.

But the fanciest part of their Amsterdam journey was this one:

Adam shares another tattoo tip

If you wonder, Hanky Panky is where he got the 222 tattoo, among others, and he did in this way:

my pics of the 222 tat (from Midnight Miles)

The liberal town got the most out of Adam while traveling, because beside sharing Hanky Panky hunger (and Hanky Panky is in the Red District, of course) Adam also shared why he loves to follow Snoop Dogg (lol…).

Adam Levine 2003/2004 (HTB) era 😉

Of course the hint about the famous tattoo parlor got all of us question if Adam was about to newly ink himself some (not that he has much space left… and you will see even better in a while), especially after Anne also tweeted her take at her man’s tweet and her guess about new tats 😉 (oh, she definitely is the one who can have all previews… LOL…).

That morning, though, just before starting her first day shooting for the London based advertising, sweet Annie burnt herself… with tea.


It happens 😉

She had worst concerns after all, and that explains why she distracted herself enough to harm her lovely skin (wow… imagine her and Adam watchin together that? Two complete fanatics hand in hand ;))

Anyway, Adam went in fact to Hanky Panky, and we have pic testify of it in this shot of him (dressed with the shirt he’d be wearing also at their showcase that night) and famous tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher:

Adam and Hank at Hanky Panky, Amsterdam, 17th November 2010

During their Amsterdam stop the guys had radio interviews with radios and especially QL one, the emission responsible of their showcase.

I haven’t yet found a video worthy of uploading of that so you have to content yourself with the excerpts from the radio (dutch language), some of the enthusiastic tweets I collected of it, and a collage out of the radio’s official posting of pictures (all credited and downsized, so for the big ones just go to the site, right?):

Maroon 5 Collage for QL showcase in Amsterdam, 17th November 2010

His and their lovely cuteness… Oh, and I also love a lot those plectrums with the signature behind 😉


Talkin still about cuteness, this is a small preview of the set Anne, Martha and Freja (get a twitter girl!) were involved in ;).

Drooling? I am 😉

The very morning after the gig, Adam and Maroon5 moved to London (without PJ, who headed back home for a coupla days before they start again the holiday stops starting from Conan on November 23th), and Adam got to reflect about the way people sometimes perceive him

He also said he relies to sleepless nights to write new songs and then he was gracious enough to thank Destiny for the way that insomnia is actually the measure of a privileged life

I put it safely that this happens when he is ALONE sleepless at nights (even though the moments when he is not alone provide surely… subjects ;)).

His main “subject” and reason for happy sleepless-ness was that morning alone in London keeping shooting for the advertising (Martha had already ended her part allegedly) and she also experienced a shooting situation her half already also got to impersonate (Wake Up Call uncensored version, anyone?).


They’re so in synch even about freaky jobs ;)!

While in England though, Adam should have known better to not irritate the most famous in the world British Export: Harry Potter of course.

Sweetheart Adam is more on the Spielberg’s side of the fence of all-time gaining franchises, we know… 😉

We also know that minibar aren’t a solely Anne’s weakness; actually they might mutually enforce one another there!

While waiting for Anne to end her job and get back in his arms, what do you think Adam did?

If you guessed “whatever kind of video game” you just won a fruit basket (case).

Because he really, really can get “lyrical” about his fancy videogame predilection 😉

The morning after he had to wake up soon because it was HIS turn to work and after he shared overflowing enthusiasm for small things, he probably stood corrected by I dunno… something someone he might have favoring MORE and changed his tweet? 😉

We can still blame coffee lacking anyway… lmao!

What was Adam doing?

He was getting readied for the reharsals of the Children In Need BBC programming and got also interviewed by Emma Bunton, of the Spice Girls fame, yep.

This is the video of the rehearsals… Adam said joking he was freaked out by the giant yellow bear who’s the mascot  of the charity…;):

This video doesn’t exist

While the rehearsals were a great thing, the day developed WAY way better than just us getting the chronicles of them.

Yes… believe; well we did know Adam loves boxer briefs… but… oh, my… I would have honestly NEVER hoped that one day he would have put himself (under our own eyes) in the position where he would actually hint about it in a manner that would make that small vestment result… obsolete to wear!!!

Rejoice, world.

Because YES… it’s gonna happen (it DID already happen, but we won’t get to see the results for a while long more of course)…

ADAM. In his birthday suit. ON A CAMERA. YES:

Oh... yes... thank Above!

Of course many believed he was just joking, because mere mortals should never hope for seeing too much; instead…

oh... you CHARITABLE chap... 😉

One person who had something to say there was Rosie Hardy (the gal you already know who’s on the cover of Hands All Over and who’s a very talented photographer: looks like she had hopes that very special shot might have been secured for herself, but she has a plan B… which isn’t so bad either ;)):

but will he get married? 😉

Adam’s answer was… oh, man… PROMISING 😉 (Okay, I stop with tongue-in-cheeks but really… I am like still feverish when I think of the whole situation ;)) :

I bet there would be an ARMY of people willing to be traumatized *that* way 😉

After the shot (I assume not DURING it), Adam did more interviews but no words about the charity occasion he was stripping for.

We were guessing… then the guesses STOPPED.

I actually watched the pics the morning after, because I was with cozy K. and I had closed all devices but Oh. My. Geeeeewd.

No really… I can’t cope still ;):

Lord Have Mercy... I can't fight thoughts that gather when I watch THIS... 😉 Nor that I wish I would... 😉

Now I should say something smart to balance all the purely physical, graphic thoughts that I am having but I won’t because hewl… what can I say over this?

HAPPY ANNE, that’s it (because the one behind him is clearly her… and of course, who else could be allowed to stay in that position in that shot, before AND AFTER the briefs fell down?)!

Oh… my…


Gotta do something to balance the whole stripping heat so take the performance out from the BBC Children In Need broadcast (not that it helps seeing him THAT hot either, but at least there he is heavily dressed up ;)):

This video doesn’t exist

The day after the guys had free time in the morning, that they spent in different ways.

Therefore and predictably then, Jesse was very educated, James was very very sporty at the ATP World Tour in London (look below, and crack especially at Andy Roddick’s “Man, are you Kidding Me?”), while Adam… well, Adam was VERY Adam ;).

But let’s have Jimmy V and his “monster forehand” get into spotlight… enjoy 😉

Soooo friggin cute!!!! Go Jimmy V!!!!

While his bandmates were having their fav fun types, Adam and Anne did their thing as well, making the usually grey London be nonetheless pleasurable and charming (awww… love… ;)).

Then at the evening Maroon5 were at the UK National Lottery Draw Show (still I haven’t decent quality videos for it yet, when I’ll have I might post them because Adam was lovely in it… and the host, Gethin Jones, could just acknowledge it) which is always having famous “pushers” in their saturday specials.

Adam Levine : cutest button presser. EVER

After that  there was some more cozyness.and I wonder if the sleek, trim but curvy XBox (see the control pads above) had anything to share with that??  😉

I adore all those very romantic hints they let slip around.

What can I do… they suit my own very cozy mood these months.

I can decode love because I am in love so greatly myself; I get empowered by reckoning the greatest of powers grabbing others too.

adorable image

It’s a shining miracle indeed 😉

Well, yesterday was flying day to get back to Los Angeles, and we don’t understand if Adam just woke up prior to leave his room or if he did yoga (I am sure the latter is the correct answer…); while we are sure, but unaware (and madly curious) he left some writing of his own to replace the writing he did find when checkin into the room (hopefully the picture was taken the first moment he checked into the room? mysteries… funny mysteries ;)) he had in London.

To me even the fact he did notice tells how much he’s into romance these days.

And it’s ALL wonderful.

Alright, guess we’re practically done with all this.

My reminder that Kanye's Album was up for grab in Italy : it's EXCELLENT

Let me just tell you this night while I was in chat for the Lakers with the fam (I’m so gonna miss them for a week!!!) iTunes made my pre-order for Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy available so this morning I am on a total trip.


Kanye’s a sonic genius. Indeed 🙂

Hat off Mr. West!!!

In a perfect world such an album would stay on top of any chart for ages, but even though I’m SURE it will debut at number 1, and maybe it will stay on a bit, these days quality is just not promoted so I can see haters or stupid sheeps prevail in the long shot.

Oh well… I hope he brings his music in Italy, otherwise I’ll check him live in other Countries 😉 No probs.

Wish you a great time in between posts.

Cross fingers I will be able to deal with the whole turkey thing 😉

Catch you after USA, and after turkeys, and after family ties times…

Bye bye ;)!



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Have lotta fun in NYC with ur family cos you all well deserve it. Hugs 🙂 See ya

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hey zaira where can we see the rest of adam’s pix? 😉

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