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Lakers just killed my perfect mood

Posted on: 15 November 2010


Anne V backstage @ VSFS 2010 - via Modelinia


I wasn’t meant to come here today.

I wasn’t.

This update would have come halfway through this week if Lakers didn’t provide such a disappointment this past night that I had the need to come online and pour on over about it do distress.



We lost.


Anne in Miami with Adam, November 2010 - 1

But while the loss against Denver in Denver on Friday really did not affect me (as you can know from my usual daily posts from Los Angeles Times Lakers Blog), this time against Phoenix Suns REALLY I was disappointed because I did not expect such a downlow.

We played JUST as Phoenix wished to.

We always leave up open 3s, but this time really I felt like we were just letting it go.

We kept being (just like we were against Denver) majorly unbalanced and unconnected.

And yet Kobe isn’t Kobe fully (but this I know it was bound to happen, I gained my Reader Comment Of The Day upon that idea so it’s not there that I felt my disappointment coming).

Oh well… these are the two games that we have lost in the past 3 day (we still THREEPEAT… no question about it… don’t take my disappointment as a lack of faith cos my faith is backed by way more certainties than not the little moment of blur we lived this past night):

And then what brought me here today…:

Oh… I can’t cope.

You read in my Today’s post in the blog what this game left me with as for regrets and frustrations.

Anne in Miami with Adam, November 2010 - 2

Anne in Miami with Adam, November 2010 - 3

To keep track on bad sporty things, Formula 1 was also a blowout, but then Alonso and I aren’t buddies so I did not really feel that trashed at all.

To save the DAY and WAY more than the day and sporty weekend though…

There you go and rejoice, world!!!!!

Milan stays up leading Serie A because yesterday WE TRIUMPHED IN THE DERBY, no matter if we did play for a lot 10 against 11, and thanx to the best scorer we could have been picked to bury Inter, IBRAHIMOVIC!!!!!

What a satisfaction, man!!!!

Inter… this ain’t your year finally!!!

Hewl yeah, this makes up amazingly for the pain Lakers left me with 😉

Actually also the awesome sex Karim and I had this morning after the game did… but then you know I do my best to take Sexual Healing seriously and so does Karim 😉

Take some images of our triumph… YEAHHHHH!!!!!:

To keep now track about awesomeness, and link it to football but widening it up, take this (you can read it also in English and Spanish) and honor Roberto Baggio because my forever favorite football player and awesome man received the World Peace Award in Hiroshima the other day, for his ongoing humanitarian efforts:

Roberto Baggio. Awesome Athlete, Artist, Man, Peacemaker.

Click on the picture.

And as me… LOVE this creature.

Adam and Jesse prior to VSFS

Roberto is one in a million.

I don’t even care if he loves Inter… or if he likes Berlusconi.

Nobody is perfect… but ultimately he is.

Talkin about Berlusconi, finally today we hope to see the end of his dirty reign.

Though with the way Italy works you can always expect nasty turnovers for MORE worst.

One of the things that I loved about Baggio’s speech in Hiroshima was his love professed for just freed Aung Sun Suu Kiy.

This lady free means something great. Hope takes over hopefully.

Free. Finally

We must free Burma and all people who cannot make their righteous voices be heard in safety.


Oh, and while I write I’m of course watching again Vieni Via Con Me. GO FAZIO & SAVIANO!

Anne in Miami with Adam, November 2010 - 4

Anne in Miami with Adam, November 2010 - 5

Now let’s talk about my wonderful weekend and the way we spent time with our wedding planner, the flamboyant yet stylish Vic.

She rocks.

I fell in love with her and her ideas; Karim was so happy because he insisted for us to hire her and now I can see why he’s always right in my book ;).

She met and stayed with us; she took us all out for shopping (both clothes and piece of furniture, just to check out our tastes and the way we match them) and out to dinner… she met my family and enjoyed Lodi’s Chocolando Feast (too bad weather was awful).

It goes alone that I am already thinkin about my marriage dress ;).

We had a wonderful and really useful time and we practically agreed in getting to Japan first for checking venues around my Birthday time.


Anne in Miami with Adam, November 2010 - 7

Anne in Miami with Adam, November 2010 - 6

HANAMI, baby!!!!

To call myself delighted is an understatement.

In this blissful series of event, really, I didn’t even mind to have to lose Maroon5 in Rome.

Well, that goes easier because Marghe got to live it all instead from my parental house in Borgo Pio, so I have a lot of… erm… souvenirs 😉

What will be shared here tough still as usual things you can find by yourself through researches, starting with the link at RDS Radio that is gonna upload soon the WHOLE of their showcase and interviews on Friday 12th of November (Next upload I will convert the videos hopefully).

What I love is to keep hearing from Anna Pettinelli how awesome live they have been (I know because I got Marghe’s words there, but Anna is another thing obviously ;))

Click here for  jumping to the page, but think the pieces will be up later this week:

Click to jump in RDS Radio Showcase page

The day after they went as planned to Amici, but due to the fact they had the plane to Paris at 5 pm, they had to perform straight in the presentation segment.

That was GREAT because they could avoid DePippis’ awful face, but on he download they had to face that idiot subpar journalist which is Luca Dondoni messing it all up during the interview (luckily Adam couldn’t really get a word that idiot said in Italian, because he would have punched him… erm… let’s inform Dondoni that Maroon5 are active from 2001, NOT 2005. In 2005 your lame ass knew about them because you only reckon what comes in Italy by the time it does come here… but not everyone gets famous first here, you dumb one!).

Anyway, this is the performance that I could retape out from Mediaset Plus:

This video doesn’t exist

Talkin about their days in Rome, take this Interview from ANSA (in the page you can click to a lil video with the interview):

Registering in Tuscany at Sting? Where do we have to sign?

And clickin here you go to the video:

Click to jump to video interview


I actually should have started later with Maroon5, but this was in some way also part of my weekend so… I did it now.

Anne in Miami with Adam, November 2010 - 8

This weather so far isn’t brilliant BUT if things go well this weekend we should finally go to the mountains also because week after we fly in USA for Thanxgiving so we better take this chance 😉

After that, past Lady Gaga gig, we will attend again Scala Première and WAGNER’s Valkirya!!!!

Can’t truly hold my excitement on any longer about it.

I adore Wagner 🙂 🙂 🙂

I am a melomaniac and he’s among my total fav musicians ever… I adore Eddan miths too so… BINGO!!!!

I will buy my long dress at Barney’s 😉 Yup. 🙂

But okay, let’s get back into Maroon5 chronicle because actually in a way this “sooner than expected” update is functional to the impressive amounts of Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show pictures that I have  to show off.

We know Adam and actually the band as well attended the show, and it was an outburst of loveliness and open affectionate display of pride.

Before that though, I gotta post a lil stream out of Halloween bash where we got to see Adam and Anne together (register if you like to the site for the bigger pics if you like, by clicking on the shots):

Adam and Anne at Halloween Party 2010

I gotta post also a further note about the Miami retreat of the beautiful couple, because we got to know more from People Magazine:

People Magazine on Anne and Adam in Miami, November 2010

If you wonder, yep, we got the pics of the beach (those of the club you can see them in the previous post).

Anne in Miami with Adam, November 2010 - 9

But we got those of Anne only because as per usual “Batman” Adam avoided like cancer the ‘razzi around (which I love him for).

Take a look at Anne’s shining beauty.

Girl is to die for, PERFECT body and lovely face.

What one could ask for more?

Note that all the beach pictures have been taken out from Celebslam and that they are all over the page starting from up above ;).

Too bad we couldn’t really fix eyes into Adam’s underchest tats…

And speaking of tats, allegedly Anne seems interested in finding her way to some shining ones?

Don’t wound your body baby.

Even though I should shut up because after all I have got one too, albeit minuscule, mattering and… strategically positioned (nobody would see it if I’d wear a bikini like this one she wore ;)).

Adam, James, Gabe Saporta ay VSFS November 2010

Okay, back at the chronicles of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show now.

While Anne was getting preppy starting from the wee hours of the morning, (show was taped twice… first at 3 and then at 8 in the evening with the whole crowd of public attendance, and it will be broadcasted November 30th), in her apartment Adam was having his “perfectly self-served” breakfast, at a time that I won’t comment (afternoon?).

adam cheering up anne in standing ovation 😉

Having time before heading to the Armory, he just decided watchin Sons of Anarchy was more than due (like he needs a push there ;)).

But when he went down to please and praise his lady…


He truly outdid himself.

He was with James and Jesse and he met also Cobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta (they’re gonna touring with them and Sara Bareilles in Australia in May actually, and they’re longtime buddies), but really he outdid himself,starting as soon as he went into the Armory:

Adam proudly supporting Anne

As I was writing the previous post, guy truly is so open about his love right now he melts me.


And he doesn’t melt only me of course ;).

Even people not regularly keen at him had to reckon he’s just so tender when in love

Adam cheers Anne - E Entertainment

Even the way he dressed was an open praise to Anne.

Adam on VSFS

His shirt in fact was a gigantography of her face, in beautiful B&W outlines.


And very, very, very sweet.

The after party post defilé was held at Lavo (there is one in New York too, yep) and it was soft and cozy and again very affectionate allegedly :).

I just ADORED Anne’s dress, with passion.

First you gotta have the body to wear that and second it was sexy as hell but still really fashionable and classy.

Rawwwwr 🙂

These Collages are all via The Fashion Spot, and if you click on threads you will be taken to the posts (please give credits where due always):

Anne V runaway images from VSFS November 2010 - via The Fashion Spot

She’s gloriously beautiful… and I SO want her wing-less outfit. Karim already knows I want it all, jewels included 😉

Anne V's first Wings - Via The Fashion Spot

awwww…. 🙂

More HQ via Fashion Spot of Adam and Anne at VSFS Nov 2010

What can I say? I’m in love with them together 😉

Adam and Anne at VSFS Pink Carpet (Collage via The Fashion Spot)

Quite aptly, there were fashionistas who were smart enough to give Adam a note up for his style at the event (and indeed he managed to just be fashionably himslef this time) :


Adam es un hombre chic? Yep. He is.

After the well due party, Adam and Anne had both a day to cope with posthumous of partying it up.

Actually Adam had to fight symptoms better cos he had a flight to catch from JFK to Rome at around 5 pm ;), while she actually was able to sleep and rest and cuddle the whole day.

Adam Radio Z 100

He managed to kill waiting time by buying something that I have bought as well this summer for my iPhone (somewhere in the posts of my summer you see my iPhy cased into my protection waterproof… if I remember correctly there was a magazine of Anne aside actually ;)).

As soon as he went into Italy’s soil, of course first thing he thought of was pizza (oh, man…), while Jesse, way more lyrical, at sunset shot this beautiful picture from Monte Mario (where RDS Auditorium is).

In our territory they had time to tell us about new sections available for SIN members (I’m not, so I know this thanx to Marghe ;))

M5 and Julian Perretta

Also Anne had to leave soon from NY: her gig these days is actually in Los Angeles (the irony…) but she’s there in hotel and enjoying the facilities there as she shots her campaign in Golden Coast.

Her modeling gig left her in a look that seems directly taken off from her boyfriend’s style as of late, don’t you think?

After Rome, guys went to Paris (where they still be) and have recorded a showcase, got the news that they are candidate at NRJ Awards, and are warming up to move first to Amsterdam for another shocase (exactly tomorrow) and then to UK for the Children In Need BBC benefit (during weekend).

In Paris they also had time to meet up with their friend Julian P., who’s always so cute (and quite tall, the guy is!).

Adam chats with Jesse waiting for Anne's show

In their frenzy times of course they still manage to be funny and loveable.

And as it always happens when boredom catches him (or when he has to wait for his lady to catch up from the other side of the world and viceversa), Adam produces some of his best tweets when he notices things foreign in his unique way.

9 hours of time gap also get on Anne, but she has found ways to cope with that thanx to a gal pal (the same gal pal that was in the very very first photo of Adam cheering on her from LA while she was catwalking in Paris back at the start of March – I never forget a face, check freely… gal is the same.).

Another gal pal instead was with her shopping at The Grove (sigh… wanna get there too…) and catchin up movies ;).

About Lakers… I prefer to not comment any furtherly (sigh…).

Adam on benefits of digital music

Okay… more or less I have filled the page and considering I wasn’t even due to be here, it’s more than okay and enough right?

I’m following the best type of tv, Saviano and Fazio getting serious in Vieni Via Con Me.

So it’s a great night.

Karim aside… love ruling, hopes flying high.

I’m very fortunate and blessed.

Have all a great few days ahead, folks.

Catch you soon – enough – 😉

Bye, Z.


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