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Halloween Week, Sting, Prince, Inzaghi, Lakers, Adam, Anne, VSFS… and lotta LOVE.

Posted on: 10 November 2010


Oldie of Adam and Anne in February 2009 at Lakers game: they just got back from a getaway weekend together actually,prior to his San Francisco gig and prior of her Victoria Secret's Fashion Show.

Lotta to list and to say, so we better start it off.

I’m kinda dead after a really fulfilled time; I had a wonderful and intense 4 days in row Halloween Party time, and I gotta thank that in Italy 1st of November is National holiday, because if I hadn’t rested that day after parties and Lakers Watch, the subsequent further two days, where I have caught both Sting and Prince playing in Milan, and subsequently on each occasion wake up at 3.30 am to catch the Lakers, I would have probably died.

After the intensive streak, even though I was thinkin of updating blogs, we just went on a calmer lock-down along Karim, and enjoyed quieter weekend, a couple MORE Lakers watch on Garda Lake (we brought Swifty along too! My lovely horse enjoyed the surroundings of the lake a LOT!!!) and one back home, and so today which is Wednesday the 10th th November I update, like a week after the originally planned time.

I always try to plan these updates being less delayed, expecially now that Lakers play every two days.

But it never works so, and now I am realizing it won’t get any better in incoming months, so…


Get used.

kobe the god bryant. 3 nov. 2010

My days are filled… so much that I am actually thinkin I will have to follow dad’s advice and hire a personal assistant of some sort.

Trouble is… I don’t want to.

I’m the ultimate organizer (and control freak) and to delegate… still a thing of horror to me.

kobe in his glory against Kings, 3 nov 2010

But I have to admit especially with the new USA partnership AND all the things that our incoming marriage brings on the table, a secretary or an assistant might be of an extreme help (just today I had a whole day long meeting which dried me completely off, but which was a complete success, too).

Let’s see ( I will talk more about this later).

Now back on the sporty side, just so I get back by osmosis some kick ass energy  😉

Because there’s a lot (well, there’s a lot everywhere actually that has to be said… life and love… whoooo!)

Yep, I am 6 Lakers games behind commitments, and I will limit myself to post the videos of the games, and just small footnotes because you know that my daily commentaries about Lakers gotta be checked @lakers blog @latmedina…through my daily “Post of The Day” that I link in my own Twitter.

Yep, Lakers have been a test in sure.

But mostly for my skills at being awake, because we don’t have a concern in the world with this INCREDIBLY amazing team.

First game I gotta recap over was on Halloween Day, and we won over Golden State Warriors:

Then there was the Game of Brotherly Rivarly, the one against Memphies Grizzlies of Pau’s bro, Mark:

Pau owned his bro, Lakers just dominated, and we truly are in a great spot with this bench.


kobe and pau. love and respect - 1 -

Killer B’s and not only.

Kobe and Pau Love and Respect 2

We just rule.

On the subsequent game, the first back to back of the season against the Sacramento King, I had to give up to chatting and game at half of it.

Yep, I was dried up after 6 hours sleep in two and half days, and after a great Prince gig; I tried to stay awake but I wouldn’t have been able to work if I had followed all the game live.

So I waved goodbye to the Fam and went to bed, ASSURED we would have won.

Kobe already in the first half looked fantabulous… so I had no doubts or worrisome thought whatsoever.


Of course I was right.

Cos THIS was the game:

What say over that?

WE are so much better than anything else and Kobe… wow…

Old from 2008... yummy old I mean. Any almost naked Adam Levine is so.

Karim went at my lab this lunch break to allow me to watch the half of the game he saw live and I did miss to sleep and I couldn’t even eat properly, raptured by Kobe’s shining greatness.

I suppose my system had to sleep and pile that greatness today and not yesterday, because I would have got an overload if after THE AMAZING PRINCE, and after Pippo Inzaghi triumphant game against Real Madrid, I would have also got to memorize so much from him.

Kobe Bryant is unbelievable.


The Best.


End of it.

Accept it, surrender, and bow to him- NOW.

You will have to eventually anyway.

Oh, and while we’re on that subject of Milan, sure I missed to not being in San Siro to pay tribute to the great Pippo… I loved this interview he gave after game: really, really enchanting and true and real. Now take what he did (this is the only comment I could find, and I like the internationality of it 😉 Guy is really into Pippo, too!):

Pippo is unique too. His ethic and love for his sport actually is similar to Kobe’s although class-like he’s not a god-sent.

After that game it was time to face homies… to be more precise Toronto Raptors (finally a game where we got tested and we went a bit messy, but survived thanx especially to Pau and Kobe and Derek. Defensive efforts gotta be checked, but I prefer to be tested rather than not you know it):

Actually the game was watched by us not live… because we were at my Garda Lake house but weather was stormy and the whole of internet connections (Vodafone AND Wind AND 3…) seemed off.

Adam Levine and Anne V at Liv club in Miami, 5 November 2010

We tried to make NBA pass work then we gave up and went to bed (of course tv screens were broadcasting Miami Meat… hilarious cos the Meat LOST… ahahhaah!!! Double pleasure because as you will see later in the Babies’ section Adam and Anne were in Miami that weekend and after the game they went to famous nightclub LIV, celebrating their love and getaway, and certainly Lakers victory AND Miami Meat débacle…).

No chats either but when we watched the game the afternoon of Saturday we LOVED it even though (or maybe exactly because) it was battled out.

Out of a 6-0 run we faced then Portland Trail Blazers, our archi-enemies and at home it happened that Pau Gasol just was unstoppable.

Wow, the game was like a trashing in motion.

Actually the only one not being amazing and incredibly dominant was (hold breath) exactly Kobe.

I wouldn’t start (like BSPN will do…) to break the hair in four pieces about that: it was just an off shooting game, it can happen, and the point is last years we would have suffered out of that, this year instead we just ridiculed our always loathed Portland rivals.

I wouldn’t really be worried at all: in fact poor next in lines, YOU Timberwolves: Kobe can just have plans to eat you alive just to prove there’s no trouble in Lakers Land (and there’s NOT for real):

I am honestly in awe of my Lakers.

And on the other sporty side, Ferrari might win the racers title still (let’s hope, even though Alonso ain’t my buddy); while Milan can have something still to say in Serie A and Champions League.

It’s a good moment of the year 😉

We terminate the sport section with the latest of the 6 games that I had watched…

Exactly Timberkittens Timberwolves this past night:

Kobe points helped us win a way too battled out game.

beware NBA ranking-writers... Adam can hurt you this way 😉

It’s still early seasonal time and I’m actually glad we won, though I had to re-watch the game during today’s lunch break at work cos again Internet and NBA pass were messy this past night and after a stream of lost attempts at regular viewing I stopped chatting and watching and went back sleeping at 5.30 am.

In time to see at least the end of the OT – THAT game was the one broadcasted on tv… shame still on Sky Italia – after which  the 3Chokers finished getting beated up by Utah Jazz (ahhahhahhha…. LOSERS… lmao…).

Wonder if Divine Adam will see his wish coming true and rankings of NBA pay more due respect to our Lakers (I doubt it).

We just need to tic and toc next one… that’s gonna be demanding cos it’s Thuggets at their home and you know I have always a certain scare of Denver (well… not scare.. you get me what I mean, right?).

Anyway, Lakers are gonna THREEPEAT.

No doubts.

Let’s enjoy the ride up and down, and let’s not freakout when (soon or later it’s gonna happen and it will be healthy) we will also lose some games.

Adam in the dark. With transparent tee. Yes, please.

Well, a bit of life blogging now, although I have already said something up above.

Our own Halloween has been easily spectacular, and you know a bit of it if you follow me on my twitter.

4 Days party time, from Thursday to Sunday, and each party was amazing, even though us hosting more than 70 people at Karim’s flat was obviously the best part of it.

We love to throw huge parties, but we are also very open in forcing our best peeps to stay and then help us clear and clean it all the morning after (yes we did ;)).

Everyone had a blast at each party, we met also new interesting people along (a rarity these days) and unsurprisingly our outfits (see previous post) were totally loved and praised and probably made a few a bit green… all good&better, yep ;).

more hob 2007

Of course we keep getting questioned about our marriage, everywhere we go and at any event we are at, and that happened also on the Halloween feasts… people wanna know every detail but baby… it’s ME: of course you will never know until it happens like we want it to happen.

You just have to know your lives are BOOKED and in August 2011 part of your holiday time will be a 5 days trip to Japan.

My friends are freakin out about that, in the best possible sense of the words.

Adam gorgeous smile on the Today Show


Sometimes the fact I am rich and I marry a RIDICULOUSLY richer person is REALLY good.

We can make every person that we love fly and stay with us in one of the most fascinating places ever in OUR great day and this is just sublime.

I shouldn’t brag because that doesn’t depend on any talent or merit and it’s just fate… graciously kind fate that we are upon to; but one thing we can control over and it’s this: since we can afford it, we’ll try our best to spread the joy and make everyone feel in a dream, because it’s how we feel and friends involve friends in their best assets ever, genuinely and generously.

adam riding on Geneva Lake July 2009 (Travis Schneider)

While we were getting questioned about Japan, marriage and trip, we actually also made our minds up about how we will spend New Years Eve, and where: no more Prague or Budapest, because Karim will be there next year for working duties and so we will be there anyway…

We chose Cote D’Azur and Montecarlo 😉

Not bad.

Classy, and nerby and FRENCH.

We’ll love to claim wishes in French those days…

His Hotness. Any angle of Adam Levine is perfect.

I can picture us there already 😉

Beside that, and among lots of incumbencies (for instance, this incoming weekend I can’t be in Rome as Maroon 5 come – see later – because from New York it arrives our wedding planner and we can’t leave Milan… so my family house there will host Marghe alone that better give me QUALITY stuff from their RDS showcase ;)…) we are starting training up for the incoming snowboard season.


Soon we will get back to mountains.

Too bad among the many things we’re among (you know mine more, but trust me Karim is as taken if not MORE sometimes… but he never whines. I’m the whining one ;)…) we are ditching what was one of last year’s most  entertaining habit: the Wii League Thursdays.

We will resume those maybe exactly in the friendly weekends at mountains?

I hope cos we really like playing Wii all together.

But these times to arrange a total Thursday all together is really hard.

Shooting from May 2010. Adam Levine

Weekends are easier for these things 😉 and we just had learnt to cope with a limited optionality of time.

Talkin about my Marghe, she keeps deny that but to me she’s willing to become a mum and albeit I believe she’s not pregnant yet, I wouldn’t find strange if she would come and confess at ANY time she actually is expecting.

That golden guitar is blessed and anyone attending a Maroon5 gig this year knows why 😉

Can two BFF be more different?

I totally see her fitting as mum already.

While no thanx… I would DIE&Freakout&Refuse any of that now.

Now and for the next 10 years.

I’ve got too much more to see and experience before I can be a good mum.

Until I won’t feel fit, no way.

Karim agrees luckily.

He also has lots of plans to follow, build up and accomplish and even though he loves kids, he doesn’t feel like be a dad for a long while more.

Pheeeew (I would have refused to marry if I weren’t sure of that correspondence in timing between me and him).

We are looking forward watching the Milan expo of Japanese erotic art.

Adam Levine passion for photography is a well known fact.

I bet none of you is surprised… are you?

We drag our inspiration by all kind of artistic inputs… from Victoria’s Secrets to Murakami to Stravinskji to Flaubert 😉

Oh, and there’s a whole Theathre season we will catch up to (ah… if day time would be 36 hours… how many more things we could afford to do!!!)

Art is so mattering for us.

Shame that for my Country and Karim’s Second home… my Italy is at such an ashaming point we have left one of our best and most incommensurable treasures DISAPPEAR forever.

I’m obviously talking about the Pompei Shame three days ago.

It’s beyond disgusting… and totally in hands with the shame that our politic is.

I’m sick of all this.


Why my beautiful Country has to suffer all this?

Why my generation won’t raise up?

This saddens me so much… because I see so much uncaring and superficiality… but I better change subject or I’ll either cry or kill someone.

Well, what else then?

Adam Levine, James Valentine, May 2010 HAO shooting

We will be in New York for the Thanxgiving time, celebrating with Karim’s family in the Big Apple cos we are finally looking also for a two room Manhattan pad.


My deck of house’s shaping dreamily.

But we really just want a small getaway, REALLY small, a bedroom and a kitchen, so that we can avoid hotel rooms.

We still want it in the Flatiron/Gramercy zone and hopefully, especially with Karim’s parents in town, we should seal the deal (even if we get the keys in 12 months it will be okay).

The New York spot will be useful also because with the new working partnership I’m meant to travel frequently there for touch&go’s and to have a pad and not have to rely on hotels for maybe 18 hours just stops would be light years better, you know ;).

Talkin about Thanxgiving...wow.

Lovely Maroon5 laughing. Awww.

Last year memories of when Karim and I still parted for long days… it was the first time I realized I couldn’t really enjoy time parted from him, if it weren’t just a day or two.

I’m so in love, bitches 😉

And yep… I’m already casting marriage gowns.

ITALIAN designer, of course (Vera Wang? LMAO… second rate stylist, sorry. There is just two types of fashion: French and Italian. The rest is not really serious).

Oh… we will have to forcedly rush back to Italy straight after Thanxgiving because I gotta check Lady Gaga in Milan, ;).

Okay… while we are on music subject, let me just say that latest EMA were hilarious.

They should just stop doing awards… they’ve lost any serious relevance and while I was ready to take off Grammies from the lameness, last year Taylor Swift’s win proved also Grammy are a sham, so I’m just on a roll and include them in the whole same list too.

Before I get into Maroon5 territory, let me post a series of videos out of the GREATEST PIECE OF TELEVISION OF 2010.

It’s “Vieni Via Con Me”, on Rai Tre, with Fabio Fazio and Roberto Saviano, the author of Gomorra, which was broadcasted two days ago (November 8th).

Roberto Benigni - Vieni Via Con Me Rai 3

It was the time when I grew back hope in the good genes of my Countrymen.

The highlight, as everytime he does anything, was the purest HUMANIST of the past 6 centuries: ROBERTO BENIGNI.

This man is a miracle of grace.

I post the videos… and I am sorry for any of you who don’t understand him… you should learn Italian just for it.

He’s a genius: the genius blood of his Tuscany ancestors, which gave life to the greatest artistic geniuses of all time, runs blessingly in him too:

The monologue:

The part in honor and with Saviano (totally bewildered and in awe of him).

And then the most awesome and deep and moving rendition of the immense song “Vieni Via Con Me” by Paolo Conte:

My Country is THIS one.

The one who cannot take anymore to be ruled and to dwell into disgustingly thick criminally bound links; the one who’s leader in culture, arts, genius… not the one who seems half-brained through bad opium tv made for idiots.

Italy still has hope.

And pride.

Thank GOD.

Gorgeous. M5. Nuff said.

Time for goodness in music now… and there is LOT to say and track, so… get ready.

Not many videos today, because until kids get back in Europe for promotional duties (starting exactly with Italy) not much is around (some will come from Monday past night in San Francisco as well though, soon or later, I hope), but we have TONS of pics so don’t complain 😉

New and old, of course.

Let’s start from where we left two weeks ago then 😉

Lovely babies where on the last steps of their national tour second leg, and where in Windy Chi Town.

From second leg of the tour - 1-

I was composing tables to guess which space of time Adam and Anne had to complete their respective tasks (question: was the swimsuit shooting of her in Turks and Caicos the one for ANOTHER – it’d be the 7th consecutive… kinda unprecedented! – annual spread for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition? I hope we’ll know about that sooner than later… ;)) so that they could reunite for Adam’s annual Halloween Party and  I was thinkin “Wow… a life on airplanes… but sure it values the efforts!”, when following latest streams of music bites along, that in some moments also made Divine Adam filled with expectations.

When Adam was wrapping up gig in Chicago, Anne was returning in her New York house btw.

I was thinkin they might have gone with matching outfits (Adam and Eve?) but I undervalued the need of Adam of being a kid and loving a lot being covered in bruises and bums in all of his Halloween latest offering as for disguises (not that we complain… >>> *hotness* never makes me complain ;)).

from second leg of the tour - 2 -

In the Chicago date Adam actually went walking in the middle of the crowd (imagine the squealing…) 😉 and I honestly REALLY hope he will replicate that as many times as possible (prepare bottles and jars to store his sweat… one day technology will be able to clone that 😉 *kidding*… THEY COULD ALREDY!!! Okay… still kidding ;)) because of course that can make anyone go crazy.

It’s also their way to be totally lovely when they meet up fans that keeps making me enjoy these guys.

They’re good guys.

Adam made Dallas' director of luxury Zaza's Hotel gift him with a strange piece of vestiary...

Guys were very thankful for the way the month of October had made them feel, and as it always happen, I melt when they are so openly cute (aww).

I also really enjoy to follow the ongoing tacky taste of Adam for his kiddy requested underwear (oh, Adam… Calvin K. is disowning you…), as the gifting of what he asked for in July keeps going on… *sigh*

Luckily after that, and after Anne already did (see previous spaces in this blog and previous post) he managed to be his perfectly loveable self when he also shout out to little Penelope for her runaway introductory contest (little girl has the loveliest godfather ever 😉 and of course she DOES love him… secretely? lol… I’m sure she does love him openly ;)).

I still don’t know (I got mixed reports on that, and I guess they/he might have need rest, but you never know with hyperactive boy…) if after the gig they truly went to beautiful Chicago Club Cuvée, but if they did, they sure enjoyed a wonderful location ;).

Anne V in the spread of her covered Elle Sweden November number. So beautiful she is.

That very day, on the Anne’s camp, I received from my friend Anne-Karin the Elle Sweden November 2010 number with her on the cover (gorgeous… girl has a wonderous face) and this you see aside is the picture I love the most in the inner spread.

Karim kindly read for me all the Swedish Interview and for sure we would love to check some of her New York Tips when we get back there in two weeks ;)).

One more thing you should get note of: BID ON THIS GUITAR FOR CHARITY, thanx. ;).


Now after Chi Town the guys had their last date of the second leg of the tour in Minneapolis and that was also the final one along One Republic.

Adam enjoyed their company (it’s not the first time they chose them as openers actually), and was openly praising them – so when we will get a Ryan Tedder + Adam Levine tune?

I would DEFINITELY love it.

Oh yeah.

More shots from HAO session 3 -

I bet the way guys said bye to their bus driver got well enlightened by said bus driver’s mum.

Awww. Kiddy Boy…

Just when the tour was wrapped, we got the assurance they would have come to Italy (I already wrote it in previous post): I’m sorry to not being able to get there, as you know (see above) but well… I can always listen to the radio, also because I generally listen a LOT to RDS Radio anyway 😉 !).

Their stops are Italy on 12, then Paris on 15 (did they save some weekend spread in Rome?? That’d be so sweet), Then there is that Kid BBC benefit you know about since my latest post (CHECK IT) and then on the 17th they are in Amsterdam.

One small voice tells me inside… why didn’t you move your lovely butts here over Europe a bit before?

But anyway better later than ever… ;).

Maroon5 (minus Matty) Halloween 2010 styled 1

But let’s go back to regularly timed updates.

On October 30th, Adam touched back to LA, all involved in basketball talk (lovely…) and actually allegedly Anne arrived home (his home) even before him?

I have probably got that wrong… and they touched down there just together ;)… even though I love to know they hold keys of one another’s places.

That’s very cute.

As cute was Anne’s plixi of herself on Adam’s house balcony with her hair *almost* done for the big party.

Adam as John McClane. AWESOME (barefeet included)

Gorgeous sunset over LA in the background… (hear me sighing out in awe thinkin of my/our house there… that kind of sight takes everyone’s breath away… especially when you’re in love and share it with your lover. TRUST).

Adam announced through Twitter which costume he was going for and when he said that he was going to be John McClane I  thought 1st that he’s really fixed with Bruce Willis and 2nd that he might have been trimmed out his hair (but then the fact got under radar and I was pretty confident Anne would have discouraged it? who knows… ;)).

You actually see from the pictures he didn’t shave head and he was absolutely smoldering actually (is there a way he might be not? Exactly… there isn’t any), as the pics you see here makes you see.

Anne V. Hooters costume for Halloween 2010

Anne was going for the Hooters card instead… and girl was of course hot, and truly NOT in need of boosting up her boobs which are perfect as they are on her totally goddess shaped like body.

I would have guessed for her a different outfit for the party time but whatever girl choses fits her.

And she was lovely tweeting that picture you see (yep… THAT house. IS. THAT. Yeah.)

The party was under every notion applicable a total blast.

Everyone was just windblown by it and naturally: Adam this time magnified himself during his favorite holiday by renting the Hollywood Cemetery.



He did.

Adam Levine as John McClane 2 - by Nathan Scott

Everybody flocked there, and if I only could have I would have sold soul to enter too (I would have know whom I had to address at for it 😉 no problem).

Halloween is really a top way to have a great night out, especially in Hollywood… where everything is twice as crazy and enormous and creative.

And decadent, too (which isn’t bad…).

Photographer Scott Nathan allowed us some privileged shots from the interior too (crazy & coooool!!!), and a lot of LA creative cream was in there to have a set up for good madness (when else is fair to get mad?).

Too bad Alex Greenwald did not show us his disguise ;)…

While Steph and Sam Farrar, how adorable, instead did (Vesper of course wasn’t along ;)…).

Dunno about Jeff Conrad’s costume, but yep it was just like the Phantom Planet + Maroon5 golden joint era all over again allegedly 😉

I loved a lot Seth MacFarlane’s costume as Hannibal Smith too 😉

But yeah… Adam as John McClane and JESSE as Nikola Tesla (awesome!!!) obviously were my fav pieces of disguises.

Maroon 5 Halloween 2010 more

I still found cuter than the originals Austin and Sophia dressed as Russel and Katy, as well.

It seems that not a single one getting there could hold back excitement and the whole scenery and mood and vibe was just off the hook.

I could have collected literally hundreds of reports out of it… after a while I just stopped receiving them because I would have turned green by envy 😉

In a nice way but… still 😉

In Adam's words... action duo 😉

Catch some pieces of news from Los Angeles Times

From VH1

Then from Just Jared

From Akon’s World HitLab 😉

The party was well worthy every kind of praise and ravishing commentary, but I found a bit cruel that Anne had to fly immediately back to New York like… in the wee hours of THAT same morning.

Poor girl, I thought, never catches a break (and she’s made of steel, allegedly… too! Noah Passovoy wasn’t the only one shocked about her resistance there I’m sure!)…

I was wondering which kind of really important task she had to pursue to leave that way from there, after a bubbly chaos and so much fun (Adam slept over the entire after day… happy and destroyed… just saying ;))…

Cuties & lovelies. And badasses. always 😉

But on that you will know in a small while 😉

If you already as I presume don’t. 😉

Adam could stay because the band NEXT duty after the tour was the AT&nT Windows Phone Launch in San Francisco on November 8th.

And of course ALSO because he was due to VOTE in the middle term elections.

He did… of course, even though nothing turned out as he hoped for (well, technically Democrats won in California but it’s hard to take it as a win…).

Also, Jesse wrote a lovely blog about that… I advice you all to read it still (actually he wrote TWO, but the sense is that…).

Jesse and blogging are strictly related and guys’ got a wonderfully empathic brain… catch this one too (btw, I adore Orinoco Flow song too…)

But Anne had to be on the other coast… while Adam had HUGE problems to face in her absence (lol… ;))


Anne V for Louis Vuitton 2010-2011

She posted one of her new Louis Vuitton campaign pictures while there (the one she shot in Capri back in September… GORGEOUS!!!), but we couldn’t really figure out yet.


Because she had to answer to Victoria’s Secrets Phone Call ;).

Yes… that kind of FITTING FINALS phonecall.

Something that makes me awe she actually FLEW to  LA anyway for Adam’s party (that was really a love choice indeed).

Yes, after her first actually walkin for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Runaway in 2008, Anne was actually casted newly for this 2010 edition and…

Anne V Victoria's Secrets Wings to close Country Girls segment at 2010 Show - 1 -

and to make it even more awesome THIS TIME SHE GOT WINGS 😉

Yes she did 😉

I always smile recalling last year when VSFS was broadcasted the guys were back in Switzerland recording and at a certain point in the Alps boredom Adam tweeted that he was finding solace (“Paradise” actually) watching the last year’s show (which wasn’t even that good).

For a modelizer of his genre, sure nothing can look as inviting as a Victoria’s Secret catwalk… but then and now are two very different “Adam”… and it’s one of the models about to walk that catwalk (show gets recorded TODAY and broadcasted on November 30th) who has changed him so much.

I find it awesome.

Anne V Victoria's Secrets Wings to close Country Girls segment at 2010 Show 2

I wonder if he had imagined by then a year later he would have been with one of the winged ones 😉 (sure that plan sounded makeable enough at any time… ;)), not to mention the record holder for most consecutive apparition in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition ;).

Mostly I wonder if he had imagined this link would have turned him into an openly exposed overtender guy, who shouts out freely at his ladylove full of pride and joy for her achievement.

He’s always been that to me… but now he lets this shine along for everyone to see.

That’s very much a great change.

Immediately after Anne’s casting, and in race for winning “most miles flied over in shortest amount of time”, the two lovers left the respective coasts to toast themselves together in a private weekend time (awwww), in between at that point Adam’s duty in San Francisco with Windows and Anne’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show Runaway set for being recorded TODAY.

Anne Vyalitsyna and her first Victoria's Secrets Wings 😉

Anne got cheered by Adam’s assitant’s wife (Penelope’s mother) about the getaway and the working achievements and her answer to her was so sweet and full of familiar vibe I pictured immediately the 5 of them going on holiday all together… maybe soon a 6 trip? Okay okay… I know… I’m reading too much into stuff (it’s my soon-to-be-bride-mode ;)).

While Adam and Anne were flying (we discovered later they were flying to Miami, for a very bouncy type of weekend), we got served the news Maroon5 along Buddy Guy(WOW!!!) and Sara Bareilles will lighten up the Capitol Xmas Tree for the Presidential Stay.


I wish I’d be in Washington December 9 for sure 😉

Hands All Over everything's that's THEM.

Then on November 23 they’ll be on the New Conan O’Brien tv show and on December 10 they’ll be East Coast again with Jimmy Fallon (more Questlove greatness to mix with? Yes please).

More awesomeness (and a straight Amazon + iPad purchase by me) was this awesome piece by great artist, writer and filmaker Andrew Zuckerman and his new piece of art called “Music”.

Just get a glimpse and then GO BUY everything like I did.

Amazingness, indeed.

Back at our Lovers (I started to call them ASquared like DSquared fashion brand… I will change it in a while I hope… but these pictures of them glued won’t help discourage the twining comparison ;)), Anne had time to share a cute article from Modelinia, while they were expecting to…




Everyone knows I flip about Tiesto cos I love his music to pieces… awww.

Adam serenades you know who... 😉

And well, Adam also had ways to serenade Anne through Karaoke at Liv private boxes, and not only, too 😉

*cuteness* 🙂

Then if real elections didn’t go well for President Obama and Democrats, at least Maroon5 were crowned Senate of Pop by MTV/VH1 (of course, in a land where Bieber is President, you cannot really feel okay… *sigh* ;))

But ehi… it’s never gonna be the same.


My boy hangs on with Tiesto… right? (a proper collab… asap!!!):

A place where I would have loved to be in that EXACT time 😉 Tiesto, Adam Levine, Anne V. Liv Club. Nuff said.

Ended the blissful time, Adam put himself on a airplane to fly back to San Francisco.

Well… he put himself exactly into the COCKPIT of a plane… evidence here 😉

Maroon 5 at Fillmore 8 November 2010 1

Anne too flew back to new York for all of her fittings and trials, because she’s got TWO outfits and you can see some of the pics here that I have been landed from friends and peeps hangin in the fashion territory.

Oh… the beauty… 😉

I also got in mail this week InStyle Magazine…

I had already got it anyway though cos lovely daddy passage at Mondadori this week brought me the Vogue Spain number with Anne on the cover along four other beauties and exactly that InStyle number with Divine Adam + VV fashion spread that you know already about (see previous posts).

Awww…. The two should just pose together in a proper fashion mag

For real.

Adam Levine in InStyle and Anne V in Vogue Spain November 2010 Issues.

Imagine the total shine!!!

Same shine, though of a different kind, spread from backstage into everyone’s eyes and ears when legendary Fillmore was graced by our lovelies for the Windows launch gig.

You’d tought traveling was ended?


Anne V second outfit for VSFS 2010 1

Adam slept nearby airport a bunch of hours straight after gig ended to jump immediately on a plane and reach Anne in New York.

Of course he wouldn’t miss her shine either, gracing VSFS runaway, would he?

Or any of the pre-promotional duties (call him mad… look… 😉)

I melted… the once never ready to use planes man caught 6 in not even a week for her 😉


And he seems to really feel fine in New York by now, as she does seems way more acquainted with LA by now.

But heck… she DOES deserve all this. Look at her!!! 😉

Talkin about things deserving, although the category is a bit strange… well our lovelies are nominated for a People Choice Award so just click over and vote, thanx:

Click over to vote for the People Choice Award

So, at the moment Anne ‘s enetertaining the world on the first of the TWO taping of today’s show, Adam is ready to reach her at Armory Plaza (he slept way more than her… officially so that Chovy could melt more his heart… lol…) and sun shines (or whatever: they’re so happy that probably could substitute Sun through their shimmering smiles at one another).

Anne V second outfit for VSFS 2010 2

I wonder if there’s a small small chance that on the over planing of planes these days she will actually fly with them tomorrow morning to Rome too… I think it’s hard given the work but I’d LOVE that.

What other song will he dedicate to his runaway angel after today? 😉

They MUST visit Rome together 😉

Soon or later?

Sooner than later?? 🙂

They are just so beautiful together.

Anyway, music for today (beside good Akon and DREADFUL Katy Perry) will surely be Lady Gaga on that VSFS catwalk and I  am already amazed at almost all outfits.

I surely want EVERYTHING out of this Anja Rubik’s mise (from Zanotti’s spiked boots to the awesome kimono!!!!):

Anja Rubik and Japanese Kickin Ass for VSFS 1 -

Anja Rubik and Japanese Kickin Ass for VSFS 2

But in the end I just wanna Anne to enjoy herself, the crowd and her man and shine along on this beautiful stage.

Awww... they all look awesome... VSFS preview 2010

What more?

I guess it’s all by now…

I wrote a novel long type of  post!!!

And it’s time to go writing some Lakers.

Oh… there in my Today’s post you can follow my daily music tips.

You get that after such a long recap post putting up more videos would be nonsense 😉

Have all a great great time in our breaks 😉

If/when you feel the need to have bits of me, you know, twitter is the only way.

Or either you MUST hang on in the Lakers Blog 😉

Those are my web places only practically.

Daily ones I mean 😉

Luv, and lotta shinery, Z. 🙂

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