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Fall sets rhythms back to slow and cozy, Lakers rush blood to the head

Posted on: 27 October 2010

Gooooooood Wednesday everybody!

Get ready, today pics are many...

Yes, I know, I’m late and what you’re about to read is another HUGE post.

It comes at my late evening, after a sunny wonderful day, after a wonderful, perfect waking up at 4 am for what you’re imagining (yep, MY LAKERS!!!!)

What can I offer as explanation?

Well… I like to live 😉 and Fall sets all paces back to a careful and cozy slowness, especially when evening falls and give rooms to darkness shades, and all I ask is to share a hug (and then… lots of other stuff) with Karim.

The Lakers Book everyone should get

That’s why I always push updates forward and forward.

Because at work these days I have too much to do… and at nights… well 😉

*You must know me by now* 😉

I have so much to say and share, but of course, as that’s the first thing that has happened today (it was already MY wednesday, as you have gotten above ;), yes) let’s start with NBA roll and my beloved Lakers in their Ring Celebratory Night!

I was longing for the start of the new Quest For The Ring, and as you know from my daily posts in the Lakers Blog (which I regularly link from my Twitter), the first games won’t really see me worried.

Lakers opening Night, 26 October 2010

This doesn’t mean I don’t wanna us to win them all… 😉

I have been delighted by the entire Ring ceremony in fact.

The beautiful words our Knights spoke, their faces, their chemistry… the total feeling they REALLY are a team of committed people who genuinely enjoy being in the same team.

Kobe was so smiling, so happy the entire time (and he’s starting his year as 15th in the row with the Lakers, greatest franchise man ever), even when the game wasn’t seeming that smooth (but as the chat proved, I never worried a moment… ;))

And then the game showed so much how much we have again improved.

You read it all in my Today’s Blog Post that I will link from my Twitter after this update is posted, but I just wanna pinpoint it:

Kobe The God of Basketball kisses his 5th Ring

1st Ring has been the Vengeance;

2nd Ring has been the Rising up Above Adversities (injuries);

THIS INCOMING 3rd Ring (yes… it’s happening) will be a TEAM play, not because Kobe will let it be (he still THE BESTEST BEST) but because WE FINALLY HAVE A BENCH.

Today we’ve been rusty, imprecise… but even then, it’s clear we have so much more than anybody else.

Moment of pun intended: ahahahahha… collective moment of laugh at the obvious demise of The 3 PUPPETS Chokers of the Hyped Land, namely Miami Meat of total loser LeBronze: wiped off by the Celtics, who will always be better than them.

But sorry… we’re always gonna be better than Celtics, as well ;))

I was really really amused by the way lots of delusional hyped chokers tried to justify the obvious, namely the much expected loss of the Meat in front of a true basketball team (albeit hated sportly speaking by us).

What did you expect?

Anybody understanding basket would have taken the Celtics over the Meat.


Be serious.

But enough… now take some images, starting with the TRULY amazing Ring Ceremony (that I risked to lose cos Sky Sport Extra stopped broadcasting after Meat demise… idiots…):

And then the Game recap. So very us… so very Lakers Thrill:

It was amazing.


let me hear your Lakers screams 😉 Adam Levine vintage 2007

We’re just gonna be so great… and you know, I feel a lot of what Adam said both during the game and at the END of it , sealing his obvious enthusiasm;).

Divine Adam Levine in his basketball shine 2010

And of course, I totally share what he said about Kobe, too… 😉

But as you see here in this awesome pic of Travis Schneider (Vevey Forever director) shared, Adam’s beloved Lakers is RON RON (and how cannot I understand? Ron rocks :)!)

We. Are. The. BEST. Just surrender. 😉

And even if you don’t surrender, we’re gonna win anyway (no matter Evil Stern tricky ways to favorize Princess Of Losers BronzeY… all heil, Lakers! ALWAYS stronger than them all put together. ALWAYS)

Anne V on Vogue Spain Nov 2010 cover

PS: I love the way we are interacting in the Lakers Blog: we are also being very musical… I’m about to learn a lot more on classic soul, rap, hip hop and rock thanx to the amazing people there.

Oh… and I have also been honored with the RCOTD award.

What made me proud about it is that it was about Kobe, my hero.

So you know… I get emotional when I am reckoned for my sporty commentaries, but I get touched innerly if and when that happens for a piece that I was writing about my one and only hero.

It felt sweet.

Dunno how much I deserved it, but surely all I was thinkin about and of and with then was PASSION.

So for me that was pretty much it.

They got it…:

My Reader Comment Of The Day in The LA Times Lakers Blog 😉

Awesome 😉

Love my Family 😉

Since we are in Basketball territories, and soon you know you will know about Maroon5, (and anyway you’re gonna see all way through this post tons of very recent AND quite old Adam pics…) let me share a video titled as Accomplished Renegades that I have been played and replayed since I have been sent of.

It’s Divine Creature Adam talkin about passion, drive, talent and basketball.

I can’t start even to let you picture how all those things, united THROUGH and IN him, makes me feel even more why and how he’s my favorite singer and favorite “person-Idont know-but I wish I would”):

Oh, we’ll be on that soon enough, but surely as soon as the second leg of Maroon 5 tour ends tomorrow, Adam will be quickly returning to LA to have his infamous Halloween Party.

Anne and Adam in the main-time have all changed their twitter pictures, maybe cos they are training to change their both overall appearances for the big festive celebration?

Adam Levine's new twitter icon (Summer 2009)

Anne Vyalitsyna's new Twitter icon

Dunno, but both pics are adorable (see evidences right and left ;)…

Adam‘s one was taken on his was from Switzerland to Saint Tropez last year summer, and that really looks like an Italian ESSO gasoline pump.

I also well remember that day he wrote on twitter – see what he’s actually doing – that in Italy food is so great even a stop at a gas pump would let you eat better than in the majority of other Countries finest restaurants…

I so so so so hope pics surface from Levine’s Crib Hollywood Halloween BUT that will be talked about later because what I TRULY look for is OUR Halloween time over here.

Today I have ditched fitness for going to the hairdresser and I’m currently sporting extensions which are red on half of my head (and bangs) and blue-sky on the other half.

This because for the next 4 days it’s Halloween Bonanza, we will have 4 parties (biggest one Saturday at us ;)) and THESE are our costumes:

Karim disguise : Tao Zaira disguise: Conscience

I love this so much!!!

We were all thrilled when a friend who works in the Fashion department (for a very famous maison) offered to us to create our disguises this year.

Adam Levine History - Cosmopolitan Party 2008

And then you know… Karim‘s gonna wear the tightest stuff arising my excitement and desire… my dad said we like S&M too openly in costumes this year, and he’s right.

Adam shortcut February 2008


Oh… and yep… this kind of hairdo I have described and I have put on me today  will be carried until November starts even in everyday life.

I can pull it off.

I’m anyway too hot for makin people trying to argue too much.

And then there are chignons and hats to let hair stay composed and anyway elegant, even if flirtatiously and flamboyantly colored, so just let me be (no,  won’t anyway set you free cos I never cage anybody in the first place … 😉

What can I say… fact is this: I LOVE Halloween 😉

Adam Levine and Anne Vyalitsyna - Misery set, May 2010

I also love to cook, and in fact the latest weeks have seen both me and Karim train ourselves in the fire(s) department (in the fire department we are already great, thanx ;)).

Last weekend, while we were in my Florence House (aww… we adore spend time there!) I even tried to spread Italian cookin mastery and I properly posted a series of more than 25 Plixies from my Tweet Page so that everybody could have learnt how to actually prepare TRUE lasagne ;).

You can start from here and go on till you see the whole recipe… Try it !

What else?

Well, in a great day after two great weeks, where Florence rocked our love and NBA started at its peak, of course something had to go wrong, just because philosophically it’s impossible to be always in a perfect state.

Well, music shame in America GOES on.

Another Country Ass act prevents real music from deserved spot recognition.

Adam in tight pants, Oct. 2010 - tnx Florence 71!

Yep: Sugarland have prevented Kings Of Leon from Billboard’s top; another shame Country fake band to take laurels so unacceptably, after Zac Ass Brown Band took the 1st place off  my Babies.

Adam belting out soulfully April 2009 (Green Ball)

And expect Princess of Nothingness, brain-seizured Taylor Swift to rule again throne of lameness next week.

Gosh: this girl writes as a 13 years old, fakes goodness, then sleeps with famewhore and notorious manslut John Mayer, and writes an hilarious take at him after?

Oh, boy.

Go John… dick-matize her more: I don’t find you attractive at all, but if you can trash he fake image of this fake undeserving “singer”, then please DO IT.

I’m sick of fake Country.

Adam Levine MTV VMAs 2007

Give me back Faith Hill and Neil Diamond… I’m not telling bshit… Give me  HUGE stuff like Dave Matthews and Neil Young… and those fake new “stars” at least would be fairly disappearing in front of solid songwriters and performers such as these mentioned .

Taylor Swift? Please.


Adam At Greek on October 9, 2010

Girl is a PR intervention.

Much like LeBronze, except that LeBronze is actually very naturally skilled (I don’t deny that) while Taylor Swift sings like a dying cat.

Nothing substantial, beside a great way of selling fakery.

What can I say?

Right now in USA the only things that work are Autotune (yikes) fake teeny pop (barf) and Country Asses (ewww).

Oh well.

Let’s focus on the good.

I completely LOVE Adam with shaved head. His face is just perfect for it.

Next week I will see Prince live in  Milan at least ;).

After that, we are planning to spend the week of thanxgiving in New York, joined by Karim’s family there.

We should arrive on the 24, celebrate on 25, and then stay there a coupla days till we get back on Sunday 28th.

We do that because I have to arrange another meeting with the new partners (Brian!!! Whooo!) and then we are on the roll to find a tiny apartment in the West Village OR Gramercy.

Man I can’t wait.

I LOVE Gramercy.

I love New York.

A two room house would be entirely perfect for Karim and I… we truly want it.

Another amazing thing out of November is of course that we end and leave Otto The Prick out of boards FOREVER.

Adam in 2008 for Autistic Kids - again -

Gosh… finally freedom from that lurid idiot.


You won’t ruin me another New Year’s Eve 😉

While in New York, if possible I’d love to cross Dani G.

Maybe there is a game worthy at MSG?

Dunno: should check 😉

More from Adam and Rihanna performnce joint, 2008

My calendar revolves around Lakers anyway 😉

What I know for sure is that we will be back for the week after cos there is Lady Gaga’s gig in Milan and I can’t wait!

Originally I should have caught her in November in Turin but then Milan new tickets were made available and it was better to stay in my town, and in a weekend, rather than going in Turin in the middle of a week 😉

Rah-Raah… Oh, la, laaaa! 😉

Gaga suits also Halloween week very well 😉 innit?


I might have ended my personal sweet nonsense, and I am anyway not recalling other things I might have liked to say…

Am I aging?


I can start the Babies’ updates then, and you know that includes all the surroundings (read: ANNE) ;).

I take off with two radio interviews, one of which is related to also a video where Adam professes love for Africa (from Fox).

This is the radio excerpt:

And then there is an interview for Capital Radio:

I have 14 more videos of the babies beside the one I linked above of Adam playing basketball so… sit down and take a breath… also cos some of them will make your need of oxygen arise 😉

Some of them are historical pieces from the previous album’s boxset.

And here I list them, before I get back into October Life chronicles, starting with how they formed the band:

Then the writing of Harder To Breathe:

Then the one of She Will Be Loved (I SO Loved James’ hairdo that exact way and that exact lenght! – and talkin about James, know that he’s featured in GUITAR Magazine of November!! I also always adored, as you read above, any time Adam would completely shave his head off. It brings out his facial features so perfectly…):

Then This Love:

And how they started writing It Won’T Be Soon Before Long:

Okay. Now let’s start the run of the past two weeks.

Adam and VV Brown - InStyle Nov 2010

Guys moved to Sacramento, where time ago somebody decided to enjoy the typical away night: and it’s that “vague” remembrance that tells you how much that could have been *fun* ;).

Beside that fun, take a look at In Style of November 2010 ( Charisse has send it to me!!! Whooo thanx babs ;)!!) where Adam and british singer VV Brown shine their beauty on (awww).

What can I say??

Oh, boy.

I can’t help he sets my pants on fire.

Karim is resigned to my physical reactions to anything he is, and by now I guess he’s still confirmed that doesn’t mean I don’t adore him.

Adam sets my sex on fire.

End of it.

Btw, the spread is really gorgeous.

Can’t wait to have the magazine in my hands actually.

Back to Sacramento, and to the actual gig, I always have fun acknowledging how their live sets can turn dubious people into believers.

Good thing there are some people who GET them.

Talkin about some of those people, well, actually very special ones, while guys were leaving Cali to cross State borders, Sweet Russian Fairy was finally coming back to New York after a long run all around the globe, to hug back Chovy (I was wondering exactly about him in my last post… telepathy?).

In that same day, the Final Drafts for the 2011 Grammy were revealed.

Check the Grammy Submissions HERE (honestly, I don’t see spaces for wins but  a couple of nominations should/could reach out in fact) and in the end Mutt and the guys should truly get recognition for their amazing work.

I still completely in love with Hands All Over (and here take a Russian review of it ;))

The more I listen to it, the better it gets.


But ehi… see above… quality these days is simply not understood.


Anne isn’t bad in fashion photography you know, so she let us know that she’s on the cover of November 2010 Issue of Spain Vogue (I posted the thumbnail way above!).

I will buy that in Milan as soon as it arrives 😉

Awww… leotards… 😉

In the schedule of reciprocal lovers’ time, gotta start to give room to the December special sounding Holiday events, such as these:

Kiss Mass Bash, Jingle Ball and some first trip to Trinidad…

Holiday shows 1

Holiday shows 2

Then we knew already NEW YEARS SHOW it’s Gonna Be In ATLANTIC CITY 😉

Oh… if you go to a Maroon5 gig (which I wish you to, cos they are amazing live) please think twice before throwing panties onstage, unless they’re “lived”…

I didn’t say it: THEY did:

Ur Magazine - october 2010 - Maroon 5

I LOVE ’em boys.

Moving from their beloved Cali to the East, guys stopped and got through New Mexico, and since Adam OF COURSE brought on tour one of his bikes (maybe two?), he took the chance of the moving day to venture into wild nature, and meeting people (which he always like).

Adam 2008 Halloween disguise

I wouldn’t call him organized, but surely (and that’s why I like him) he was completely PASSIONATE about it all 😉

Adam for General Motors January 2008 (shooting of Goodnight Goodnight video time)

Then as logically expected, Adam and the guys did their thing onstage: just like they do it always, bringing it home greatly.

While they moved to Tulsa, Adam shared that he hung out with THE HANSON (yeah… Mmm-bop ones) time ago there and loved it.

Unexpected connections, but kinda cute 😉

That moment in Tulsa, Jesse took a pic of James , while James took a pic of Adam whom finally took a pic of Jesse, SIMULTANEOUSLY.

I know.

More from 2009 April Green Ball 2009 (where he befriended Cammie...)

Adam there spotted a goatee.

I hate goatees.

And thank above it seems it did not last on his face.

Adam, honey, you’re the hottest on Earth but not even you can pull that off well.

Go with the beard OR the shave but please NO goatee.

Adam in 2007. That Guitar now is at Hard Rock Café in Times Square.

Anne… please force him never to keep one EVER, thank you.

No one looks pretty with a goatee unless he’s not a 1890 French nobleman, sorry ;).

On the mug department instead, no complaint or restraints: Adam is always lovely showing what (I think fans?) gift him with.

Adam is also a very deep and bright person: that kind of person who just can’t think everything is gonna be fine and always so, unless you’re not an unaware idiot.

I wouldn’t say he is cynical: he’s SMART.

VERY smart.

I feel way more than some proximity regarding that approach to life: and I loved this shoutout to Kanye West, who had his album cover art banned (not anymore?).

But now, let’s get into a BEAUTIFUL piece of Los Angeles Times on the guys (really??? I’m almost shocked!!): CLICK here cos it’s awesome, and then watch this from the same Los Angeles Times article, and see FRANKIE!!!:

While we are at the cute videos step, take this awesome pieces from MTV Japan Diary (long 27 minutes and absolutely DELIGHTFUL):

WOW… Yes, I know 😉

Oh, and since we are on the MTV page, let’s share this video of Adam and Kelly Rowland while EMA approach

More about guys: Adam shared that among inspirations for Hands All Over there are two of my fav musicians EVER, Tupac and Marvin Gaye.

Look, he isn’t saying the MUSIC sounds like those; he said the approach to honesty in music they tried to pour into HAO links the record to them.

Which I agree with completely:

HAO inspirations are Gaye, Tupac

And while we’re on the subject, take these videos about Hands All Over release party in New York :

Then an Introduction about the record:

And a further piece about it:

Okay… to let you recover, I turn a moment to fashion stuff and Anne (so maybe MALES will choke a bit ;)) because in New York Sweet Princess had a wonderful runaway for Express OUTSIDE, and guess where?

Adam Levine - Modeling a hoodie

Yes, At Gramercy (sigh!!!!), surrounded by my beloved Flatiron Building 😉

Sept 20, 2010. His Divine-ness.

The day before the catwalk, lovely Russian Fairy took a walk down her memory lane and shared pictures from her Prom Time year, and a couple from past modeling years more close to nowadays.

Overly cute and auto-ironic and always so reliable in talks, isn’t she?

While Anne was getting preppy for her show, Adam and the guys were reaching in Texas, and Adam took the chance to visit a music store and buy a guitar (that he later confessed to carry along since purchase, like obsessed with it).

Adam also did an interview for Virgin Radio Ca,which I hope will get released for us all to catch, and also provided a vocal rendition of Alicia’s If I Ain’t Got You that keeps impressing whomever isn’t deaf.

Before I go on, while we are on the interview train, take this small piece with Adam and Jesse:

Gotta say that while in Texas, the Final of World League of baseball were on.

And we learnt that: ADAM hates the Yankees, – too bad because I LIKE them ;)… – and that Matt is a passionate and almost crazy Giants fan.

NERD and Adam. Who is a nerd in another way 😉 Perfect. (taken in Naples, 18 sept 2010)

Matt is also just like Adam: sport goes good… cookies for everyone!!!

Well… everything got well, because Texas Rangers deafeat the Yankees while Maroon 5 were playing in Texas, advancing to the Big Final, and later also Giants came to the same point.

The fun facts were that both these events were linked to and talked about DURING gigs.

It’s a band of sport fanatics. Granted.

Back on Anne’s runaway and catwalks, we not only could appreciate pics of the event itself, not only got to listen to her overjoyed, and we could sneak in thanx to her at the afterparty, we also got to read that THESE days she is in Turks and Caicos, having more tasks to do.

Fairly enough, she has admitted hers is the kind of job that allows you such wonderful place stays you can’t really complain ;).

This is anyway the Express Show rendition:

Anne V for Express, New York, October 2010

From Texas to Tennesse, babies were fastly approaching the final streams of the second leg of the tour, and too bad some very cool ideas couldn’t take place, mostly due to bad weather on their day off.

But when they finally got to play the real thing, as per usual it was awesome.

By Rachel Parker. Adam in Dallas.

And oh well… those visions… *sigh*… FIRE on FIRE.


Anne in the same hours was preparing to her trip off by shedding some on her passion:vintage jewelry (lovely piece, gotta say…).

Dunno about her cooking mastery… but I’m pretty sure if she’d like to, she’d be a very good cooker (see my recipes if you like, girl ;)).

She seems certainly to have that same sweet touch Adam has with little kids; and in fact she’s rooting for Penelope, Gisella and Shawn’s daughter (whose godfather IS Adam actually) in her attempt to start modeling (awwww).

Btw, Anne as specified is now is in Turks and Caicos and someway watching that I feel like I’d like to jump with Karim on a plane and enjoy sun and water 😉

We’re almost done now… just take one more video from Fuse:

Since we’re always bragging about them and Fuse (naw, we aren’t…but we’d like them to always be fine), take a chance to VOTE FOR MISERY ON FUSE COUNTDOWN >>> HERE and then …

While you’re at it, try also this link for the People’s Choice Awards, by clicking here and then do what you’re requested to.

And then know that in middle November, seemingly now, Maroon 5 will be back in Europe.

First they’ve been confirmed for BBC Children In Need:

BBC Children In Need Charity 2010

And also, seemingly in November, (15) they should get back to Paris for a RTL2 sponsored gig.

I love when they hang out in Paris, so to celebrate their “allure” take these two videos from French territories:

This video doesn’t exist

and this one from backstage of Paris show in September:

Someway I link the town with them so well 😉

Okay… I might admit I’m quite dead through writing so… just saying bye and see you soon sounds too rude?

Please forgive me… but I need relax 😉 And Lakers Blog 😉

To come here and write I haven’t fully celebrated today glory 😉

Have all a great time.

Catch you soon 😉 (more or less…)


*evil laugh* 😉

Hugs, Z. 🙂

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