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Give A Little More (lyrics captioned) Maroon 5 video homage and MORE beyond

Posted on: 30 September 2010

So, okay… I told you I wouldn’t have uploaded the blog again until I were back from Cali on October 13th but as we leave tomorrow, and I got too much of valuable material to share with you (that will be good to cover the gap of two weeks) I thought about coming here and create a new post altogether.

Adam Levine_ Mario Lopez_ 1

Karim’s parents this way will see me less stoked by the fact while in Cali I won’t even be the usual overflowing twitter poster… I will limit myself to a couple of tweets a day (allegedly it’s not even about privacy this time, it’s properly about security… O-K-A-Y ??? I guess I can’t get the depth of it. And I’m really happy in a way that I can’t.)

Karim is also wondering if I will actually relate that it’s me and HIM getting engaged, since during the celebration he will be referred to as in his first name, that nobody ever uses (I never really did once…).

Adam Levine_ Mario Lopez_ 2

I was like “Yeah… in fact I accepted to get engaged just because I don’t feel like I’m doing it… it feels like I’m getting engaged to a ghost entity that way… ” 😉


I know.

more adam out of letterman 1

I know whom I’m going to marry and quite frankly I couldn’t be happier than this not even pondering about any further reach.

These days with Karim’s family over here have been cute and cozy: I’m glad they get along with my family, and I love the way they all speak in Italian while being here.

more adam out of letterman 2

To be honest I keep enjoying my mum’s efforts to be okay as much with her English when they’re around (she quite fails there… she’s very basic, but she knows French perfectly and has an excellent Spanish on her behalf so ehi… they can find a language to speak in anyway, since ALSO Karim’s parents of course know 7 and + idioms…).

But enough about me.

I know you love me but gotta drawn away the attention (sense: irony ;)).

Let’s make this post and fill it up, since it’s the reason I’ve actually come again online for.

There will be a certain number of videos, all SOOO sweet, but I gotta start with my take at Give A Little More (the usual captions, then the explanations… and I know in the end there is a cut but it was DELIBERATELY to make copying discouraged; and I have also edited and flipped the video reducing quality just because that has ONLY to be an advice to BUY the real thing on itunes, okay? SO DO IT, thanx!).

You will probably expect some commentary about the  “Chart Race Battle” that babies as expected and previewed LOST in favour of one of the tackiest fake Country acts around, the Zac Brown Band (I love how Adam hinted at my same point, calling them Dave Matthews Band… except that this fat combo fit only for truck drivers – conceptually refined, right? –  WISH they’d be a tenth as good, since they are totally NOT…).

More Adam out of Letterman 3

What really appalles me (but that ALSO was expected, given the total ignorance of the majority of so called “music experts” around) is that they are depicting the loss as a HUGE loss (erm… that was such an intense and CLOSE race that Billboard had to recount multiple times the scanning, so much that the chart was given a day LATER than usual… I call this a very CLOSE call, not an “outsell”… oh, boy… who writes about music nowadays? A monkey? *ewww*), while it was indeed a really risible victory by Zac Brown Ass Band.

Somebody for instance should explain to some unsufferable individual (celebrity blogger Perez Hilton) that “FAIL” is not really a word to use.

Perez pokes at the babies, but as you can read here from music biz HQ, Zac Brown Band was FROM THE START the one with the hugest expected first week selling numbers (250000, while Maroon 5 were called in for 210000).

Since THOSE were the numbers, I see that ending at 153000 for the tacky cavemen Brown, and 141000 for babies is actually a BIGGER FAILURE for the Fatty Brown Band (especially considering the buzz about them, and the fact that sadly Country is the only selleable thing these days)?


Then I wonder why Perez Hilton never hinted at the fact that the most boosted act this year so far (Katy Perry) was predicted to sell 400000 and plus copies of that awful record she has out in her first week, and managed to sell instead less than 190000 (and she’s already out of top ten, which is a huge letdown considering the promotion she’s been subjected to).

More Adam out of Letterman 4

THAT of your fake buddy tittay Katy is an actual selling failure, after for months her people pumped her – totally uninventive – work a sure shot at ALBUM and not single selling (not that I expect somebody as distasteful as Perez to understand such a point, of course)?

And again: Perez praised Linkin Park, which are experiencing the SAME percentage decrease in selling number as Maroon 5 (a third sold compared to three years ago) but then he congratulated them?

I call this blind bias, but ehi… not that I expect a smart reasoning from Perez, or any of the many “experts” who cannot read a report involving datas without probably fainting for the pressure.

Adam on the PBS with Tavis Smiley

Fact is, I can read and give sense to the whole thing and OKAY, it burns, but it was easy to see it coming – and moreover it has NOTHING to do with the record in itself, which is wonderful and precious.

Oh yes… Hands All Over is a fantastic record.


Anyway, allegedly Adam is fairer and kinder with ass Perez than me, because he agreed to a call out for something that actually is very valuable (a way to prevent gay suicide among youth).

Not that any of us is surprised there: Adam’s got a shining soul, so much he can forget how horrible Perez is, as long as he promotes something truly valuable.

Still… Perez is one of the reason music taste is decreasing so bad.

Not to mention the fact he’s one of the lamest people living this planet.

Anyway, let’s focus on better things, like the lovely reciprocal shout out with one of the REAL GREAT MUSICIANS nowadays around, the incredible Janelle Monae:

Now THESE are the people who understands art… you know.

And more BIG awesomeness was brought to us once Adam took place at the sofa on Chelsea Lately (oh, how gorgeous he can be…):

and then appreciate the awesomeness of our babies playing on Jimmy Kimmel, first Misery:

Then Give A Little More (again ;)):

This video doesn’t exist

And then, yes… after so much anticipation and the fact Adam himself was bonkers about that just ENJOY the Pop-A-Shot contest!!!

Isn’t he wonderful?

Okay, I don’t really think turqoise is his color (his skin’s way too fair) but he’s just a lovely human being, and he had a wonderous try actually, compared to others 😉

Another beautiful interview was actually up the day he did Chelsea to Tavis Smiley Talk Show (bummed we don’t get THAT in Italy, indeed):

But we have more video excerpts, like this of Adam and Jesse for MTV:

And then the dynamic duo on Daily Ten:

This further cute piece is about the guys loving what they do (of course they do… who wouldn’t?):

And then, drool along me now.

This is what I am gonna receive soon, since I bought it as soon as they put it up in their store.

I admit I am a bit bummed because they delayed it sending >>>

Mail received on September 23... waiting is golden ;

But honestly who cares??? I’m gonna receive ALL THIS!!! (best 200 dollars I’ve spent lately!!!) ;):

A couple more videos are then this, again on the making of for Hands All Over:

And a couple pieces from the German stay of the boys on September 17th:

This video doesn’t exist

To end the series, take this radio interview from Cleveland (feel the irony… from a Lakerholic, the word “Cleveland” raises freezing vibes…):

What else?

Anne V and her make up for Paris catwalk

Oh, yes— lovely Russian Fairy.

As I predicted in last post, she went straight after Florence to Paris for the local Fashion Week.

She has graced us with amazing pictures that you see here, and she’s enjoying the town a lot.

Anne backstage at Anne Valerie Hash

Still she keeps mention food.

Gosh, how I love that about her!

She’s just so lovely (even though I bet food is not really the first thing she will direct herself at once back in LaLaLand… ;)).

Anne fitting for Anne Valerie H.

I can also relate about her not having a concept about Zac Brown Ass Band, but then she doesn’t like lame watered down Country and has an education, not to mention she isn’t really into overweight ugly fellas so it’s only natural she hadn’t the faintest idea about them ;).

On a related note, I honestly can’t wait for the beautiful couple to reunite again.

I don’t know about you, but I’m keen at creating a video for YouTube with the awesome cover babies performed on Stern of “Let’s Stay Together” and I SOOOOOO picture them together when I hear Adam singing it.


And then isn’t she so totally, totally, totally beautiful?

Look here and answer (she’s gloriously beautiful!):

Anne Vyalitsyna on Paris catwalk for Anne Valerie Hash

I feel so romantic these days, don’t I? 😉

And while we’re talkin about France and Paris, read this or, if you can’t read French, go to the page to watch the video at least ;):

Maroon 5 for French 😉

Then remember a very important event (I actually decided to come up and write this post ALSO due to this incoming live meeting):

Today, September 30th, Maroon 5 will do a live stream on Facebook.

Tune in and enjoy!

Live on Facebook today September 30th

What more?

Adam on Chelsea Lately

I guess nothing more and this time for real until October 13th 😉

Think that while I’m away mails won’t be answered but if you submit comments it will be my friend Federico taking care of the publishing duties (I love you man ;)), so do it if you want to.

When we’ll be hearing one another again, yes, my finger will carry… *something special*.

Not that that matters in fact: what matters is that my heart ALREADY carries all that is special for me about this world.

I love you K. 🙂


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