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Milan, London, Florence, Paris, LA…

Posted on: 16 September 2010

This is gonna be quite long post so sit down and relax.

Think that I have written this on a roll effect of LITERS of coffee that I took in to stay awake this morning at lab after a huge night.

You should just pity me, right? 😉 LOL. Fine 😉

Hands All Over Photo Collage

I know… you were used to more constant updates but ehi, my time is limited and fullfilled.

And expect more long yet rarefied updates because the incoming three weeks are gonna be like pivotal in my own life.

Adam At La Scala in London September 2010

Engagement trips and all gigs and lots of indescribable bliss, you know, which will make the updates here be LONG but… happening when I have time to make them to ;)…

So, to recap, I was meant to write this on monday… then it got forwarded to tuesday… then it was supposed to be yesterday but no way… firstly I had too long of a meeting, then it was a surprise night with Karim on a retired SPA the subsequent day and then I had a lovely match of tennis and a really… *really* kinky night with friends for our “End of The Summer” bikini beachwear party at our loft yesterday and the only web space I could find, which was due, had to be my time at Lakers Blog in Los Angeles Times, where I have regularly written (well, I haven’t on tuesday actually: the time at the SPA was unexpected, unplanned and so precious I really forgot about anything else and just focused on me and my man. AWESOME…).

Karim is starting to feel even more… how to put it down properly… the approaching moment of our stepping off into the world as “She and Him”.

He’s always been gloriously romantic, and has always had those Earth-shattering ideas that he turns into blissful surprises for me to get blown away with, but lately, indeed, he’s just becoming like The Genius of Aladdin.

Only that instead of 3 wishes, I have like… 3000000 and I don’t even need to tell them: it’s like he reads my inmost expectations and dreams and hopes and just… make them real.

Maroon 5 at La Scala in London, September 2010

It’s insane.

More from 944 Photo Call (thanx Da Queen!)

It’s beautiful.

I guess it’s love.

But let’s talk about Sport… it freaks me out to realize how much I have MYSELF become a hopeless romantic sucker.

Talkin’ about Sport puts me back in my most used “bitchy style” (a cute one, camon…): after just noticing that Nadal won the USA Open (of course ;)…) in a beautiful, great final (that I saw post happening) against my second fav in the circuit, Djokovic (who sent Federer home… ahahaha 😉 AWESOME!), I have to say that footbal season has started to mean something after the impromptu shame of past saturday, when Milan LOST in Cesena (like… really?!!???).

Luckely we were in Florence having the best time ever in our favourite love town and I could avoid to feel too bad about it.

Fortunately Milan yesterday won in Champions, which was a serious blast instead: we were watching the game on a giant flat screen of 82″ (new item in the loft… it’s like having Cinematic at home ;)) and people got off from the Jacuzzi dripping water everywhere as they started to jubilate for Ibrahimovic scoring TWICE for us!!! (first half was a pain ;))

Adorable. They are so adorable... (still the 944 pgoto call)

I have much to share, but before I forget, since I received it during the meeting on Monday, enjoy Billboard with the Sweet Babies (the patchwork of the scanned half pages is DREADFUL, I know… but ehi! be thankful that I scanned it at least… Jeez ;)).

I LOVED the quote about the architect Adam put there… while about the street credit, see my previous two blogs posts.

It’s hard to find it when all of your audience is composed by a landslide majority of screaming females, and it’s so because you, lead singer, are NOT really looking like an architect, but like a model, all handsome and noble in your perfectly chiseled face.

I know that for instance Brandon Flowers of The Killers has the same (well, not as gorgeous, but cute enough) type of beauty to display, but yet the Killers are perceived as more “real” than Maroon5; well that stays in the type of music the two bands play (less romance-oriented for the Killers, which appeals more to male crowds) and also in the fact Brandon never started to date sensible-to-stardom-and-there-belonging series of girlfriends (also a major turn-off in the realm of “indie-ness”… see for reference the backlash Matt Bellamy of Muse is experiencing NOW that he dates Kate Hudson – shakes head collectively …).

I share Adam’s and the guys’ pain about the mis-concept of the band but as I already said, I fear it’s late to intervene there.

I know… I’m cynical.

Enjoy Billboard now:


and this:


and this… (yeah, interview starts…):


And more… :


And the last page:


Cute, innit?

After this, enjoy also (this time courtesy of Jennifer Coles instead) a radio interview the boys did at BBC when they were there a few of days ago:

And also this video (the same guys posted on their YouTube):

The pictures out from the photo op – that I collaged – are also shared by Jennifer, while the ones in the collages and as singular shots from Getty are mines and the images from their twitters are… from their twitters ;).

Enjoy (always thanx to Jen) two brief interviews from the Fuse series where they reveal, among other stuff, the meaning of Maroon 5 name for the band (oh, man… ;)):

and then this piece as well:

But okay, this way I’m not being chronological, am I?

Better start to then.

Adam At Paris Showcase, September 2010 - 1-

Because in the maintime it has happened that babies have ended their London Time, they’ve been already touched down in Paris (where they are currently, but ready to leave towards Naples I guess directly from Charles De Gaulle either tomorrow (more likely) or the morning after, on the 18th (don’t really think so…).

Adam at Paris Showcase, September 2010 - 2-

Oh, and just like I was guessing in the previous post… the two adorable lovers A. & A. have found (finally) a bunch of hours of space of time to reunite in Paris (she landed on an AA flight this very morning at 7.30 am) before he moves to Italy and she, from what I guess, to London for the Fashion Week there (London Fashion Week that starts as well on the 17th, so I think it’s obvious they will barely have 20 hours to spend together today… Oh, how TOTALLY romantic!!)


They reunited in the town of love.

My romantic setup at the moment is going off the roof… (I know for sure I couldn’t live 5 weeks away from Karim’s skin BUT they have that kind of lives… and it’s SOOOO cute they fought to arrange even the smallest of time together. Awww, I’m all in a sugar bathe ;)).

Adam at Paris showcase, September 2010 - 3 -

But I will get back on Adam and Anne later because during these days they’ve been absolutely brilliant in mutual shout outs over Twitter, so I will show you why they are a great couple also mentally (she seems to have his same kind of humor, which could be the best plus EVER, you know ;)).

Let’s get back at being timely accurate.

Where were we at?

Maroon5 at London Tv Studios

Oh, yes, we were talking about the guys being in London and performing at La Scala (with the collection of super hero underwear that goes on… oh, boy… ;)), with famous acolytes coming witnessing DivineA.’s glory, (think the previous day they hung out with the Mighty Quincy Jones, you know…)  and in the maintime we got to know that famous pals use Give a Little More as workout jam (not sure if Ryan Seacrest is ninja material, Adam… NOT REALLY?).

London allegedly inspired the boys their punkier version (naw… not really indeed ;)) and in all that, with ages of time changes in between, Anne was in that dreamy location from previous post completing her shooting task and… making wish at falling stars (I for one in her place would have expressed just one wish, like a million times… I’m just saying… ;)).

As it always happens when they are apart, if she starts to twitter, he starts too (and in reverse) and the more far apart they are, the kinkiest the tweets become (not openly… let’s say… laterally ;)).

Adam quite loves his job

But Divine Creature always merges his kinkiest side with his most spiritual one, that makes him thank above for the life he is gifted to live.

And there, yoga is a huge help, anywhere he goes (his yogini follows him, so…).

Maroon5 in Paris Showcase with Julian Perretta

London also inspired Adam a declaration that I hope he won’t regret one day.

I love the way he lets his own creative mind speak, and of course I adore the way he is bonded in double chain with the guys who are sharing his same life since they’re kids but… somehow… I don’t know how to express this…

I would avoid to be THAT cathegoric.

I would.

Creativity is a flow.

And when you are in a creative bunch, it’s not only what YOU think and hope that matters, but also what the others involved feel and want and hope for.

Because as far as statement goes, this one is pretty damn huge (beautiful and cute and all… but it’s gonna be so regrettable in case things develop differently… not that I wish they’d ever do, of course):

So allegedly we won't ever get a Levine's "Flamingo". mmmh. I don't know ;)?

These kind of statement are always taken among brackets by me.

Maroon5 in Paris Location

But as long as he collaborates outfar from band as well, ehi… all’s fine with me 😉 (I just want the maximum amount of his voice in my record collections, you know…).

More from 944 shots - 3-

While in London, Jesse had the AWESOME idea of spending a night catchin the FABULOUS Muse @Wembley.

He was blown away and he was rightly so: this year’s stadium show of the trio is unbelievable.

They’re probably, now,  best live band after Radiohead, hands down.

I’m always amazed when they share their bits of… “music fandom” as well.

Because every musician loves othertalented musicians.

When they don’t, there’s something wrong (and among their tastes, probably Jesse has the most refined of tastes, which I concur along ;))

Adam enjoyed a different kind of specialty instead, on a more quiet, yet posh display.

The gal on the cover of Hands All Over meets the guys INTO Hands All Over 😉

The day after, being all of them, but especially Adam, HUGE Beatles freaks (my mum could have competition and even dad could, there..), the fact they recorded at Abbey Road certainly assumed a huge importance for them all in the London stop (blame them ;)…)

It certainly assumed a huge value also for Rosie Hardy, the talented gal who created (and starred herself into) the cover of Hands All Over Album (see previous posts here).

She’s so … small!

You can never guess from pictures… but really they all seem delighted to have met 🙂 Sooo cute 🙂

You always get how totally down to Earth these guys are, don’t you?

Adam at AR studios. I'm trying HARD to forgive him for those FUG trousers... *sigh* 😉

And the fact they actually are so cute and kind and real, makes me SOOOOO angry when anything bad happens to them, especially when these bad things, instead of being prevented, are rode along by their so called “fans”.

What I am ranting about?

Oh, well… name it again: the whole album LEAKED ages prior to release, and the most absurd thing is that lot of the “so called” fans… rejoiced at that news??????

They probably are not too sharp, but that leak will cause an ENORMOUS damage to the band.


I don’t get why people cannot just wait for the release (like I do always… leaks to me are disgusting and repulsive, and so I avoid ALL of the floating tracks, like religiously almost).

More 944 shots - 4 -

What are you, on drugs, and you can’t get enough not even if await can actually be USEFUL for THEM?

Can’t you respect the hard work behind a record?

Are you really that blind and poorly judged that you don’t get any leak will cut chances of selling, therefore chances of touring and promote, and overall, any leak will SHORTEN the life of any artist?

More from 944 shot - 5-

I don’t get how anybody can jump and be happy of a leak of a band they’re supposed to love and support.

Just buy that darn album when is out, grow some patience and stop make your whole life revolve only on one or two things, so maybe that patient await will come easier?

See the way the leak will affect what was already a no easy date of release.

Then cry your rivers: but it will be LATE, “fans”.

Stupidity and disrespect clearly go hand in hand.

Too bad.

I get some can’t be happy about not really understandable choices of timing about releases (Misery available… THIS week in UK?!?? Oh, man… WTF??) but the ultimate point is still that one: leaking, and spreading it, damages bands and artists in a way that in the end will kill them.

If you really want so badly to know more about the record before it’s out, just listen to their approved sneak peak on their own web radio:

listen to HAO preview

I guess some people just CAN’T “Give a Little More”, and they are destined to remain poor half people who cannot control their own impulses.

Talkin about Give a Little More, you know that they have the video on VEVO:

Give A Little More (via popdirt)

But the awesome news is that the other day iTunes (USA) started to sell it and I OF COURSE bought it straight and had the awesome surprise of getting the cut scenes in.

You noticed probably that in the version online, there were strange frozen images, like chandeliers suspended for like 2 seconds… well, the beauty of the video stays in the way the band actually appears and disappear in and out of sexually charged context while they play in the houseparty, scenes that those frozen stills were hiding from the YouTube version.

The video is SO cool, subtle and really steamy.

Best extract? THIS:

Give A Little More plus scenes from the iTunes Video

Now let me share the task of Maroon5 upcoming tv appearances… and you will say along me:how can they be in Italy & OR Germany when they tape David Letterman Show (Yay for that!!!! Love it!!!) on September 21st?

I guess the schedule has changed?

No X Factor 😉 or maybe they’ll get back later after?


*Mistery* ;), but you check these out :

Guess no way they can be at X Factor then 😉

Oh, at least I will catch them in Naples.

paris from adam

Karim has warned me to avoid crazyness, and I sure won’t do anything more than enjoying them for their part onstage.

I’m not even going to try and be upfront.

After all, in three weeks we catch them in Los Angeles two nights in row, and after all, we’ve already booked their gigs in Paris, Milan and Berlin this incoming March :).

I’m fine, we will meet them while they are on Europe duties, but even then, I know I’m a different person than I used to be so I guess my appreciation is just slowly shifting, albeit enlarging actually, from one point to another.

I’m okay with it: now more than any other moment, I do realize in fact what I love them for majorly and ultimatively is… MUSIC.

Euro Stops

Yep: I just wanna enjoy their music, in full respecteful form, which is what they’re asking again to the so called… “fans” with too much of a fix idea:

Maroon 5 Taping Shows policy

I guess my new maturity (which doesn’t mean I will ever stop to consider Adam most turning on person for me on the whole planet… that cannot change ;)) pairs Maroon5 a lot more with Coldplay in my “fan book”.

Appropriate, because the four Brits Kings (sadly) just declared their new album won’t ever be ready for this incoming Christmas.

Awww. Matt extra 🙂


Well, at least Chris can still tour the world to land a hand to more UNTALENTED people than he is, just like when the other day he put his superior class aside that hideous Jay Z (sorry, I can’t help, I can’t stand him…) in the Yankees Stadium concert Hov played alongside Eminem (now EM is somebody I like instead), that also Russian Fairy actually attended.

Anne was lucky, because beside enjoying the awesomeness of Chris Martin, she also was lucky to witness other special guests, and among them Kanye :).

Anne was clear about what she preferred of the show (I erase the JayZ ruling part and clap her about Chris… ;)), and that caused Adam some major envy (I guess because he’s such a great JayZ fan he would have loved to be there? LOL…).

Adam in Paris showcase - 4 -

Another awesome hilarious exchange (and another great musical tip) between A&A came when Anne asked for some No Doubt soon in her life, and the way she did made Adam feel… the age gap 😉 (camon, they’re just apart of 7 years… but it was hilarious, especially Anne’s answer back at her man – that is also the way Brooklyin Decker calls Andy Roddick… *cute* ;)…)

I can feel from some of his tweet that he can’t wait to get back to his Los Angeles though (not to be blamed for it… who wouldn’t?), and he feels the tickling clock rushing.

I wonder if this lunch Adam and Anne got to eat at L’ami Louis Bistrot, after yesterday he said he loved french food at lunch, and his lovely half put there an hint about today (when she was aware she would have been with him).

Because that REALLY is a great place to go to (you risk to bypass it if you don’t know about it… Karim and I went there in May when we were in Paris, too ;))

But okay, time for me to start and wrapping up…

Remember Monday 20th Maroon5 take Fuse up, and that on Walmart Soundcheck there is footage and a free track download incoming.

And now (with TONS of SORRIES delivered to her… because I made her wait SO long to put this up…), welcome the art of Nipotina Mukkosa, a kind gal who sent me art about Adam that I am glad to share with you all, after her wish accordingly:

Adam Levine portraited by Vivian (NipotinaMukkosa) - click to reach album

Of course the snapshot with the writing onto is to prevent copyright infringment. Click on the image to reach her FLICKR album, okay?

Now before I get back to some of my favourite music of the moment, that I want to let you know about, let me share a fairly SERIOUS thing instead, firstly.

This is Marco Travaglio‘s call up for a law that this poor country of mine needs, needs, NEEDS like not poisoned air.

Just listen (it’s in Italian of course) and do ALL YOU CAN to support this to become for real a law in our Country, and not the usual sham we’re pathetically used to.


I know.

This should be a normal thing to have in any evolved Country but we are an involuted Country instead so… operate and defend this right?


Now I will share a few videos/songs that make me feel fine and happy lately, starting with James Blunt and his Train-esque joyous comeback, Stay The Night (I LOOOOVE it… I so wish Adam will soon write something THIS cheerful and happy… he has reasons for now, hasn’t he? ;)):

Then the awesome return of the always classy and groovy Jamiroquai and his amazing White Knuckle Ride:

And to end the two good things from the VMA, namely the utterly fantastic Florence And The Machine (small note: Jared Leto seems always more of a dickhead with those hair… wake up, you’re almost 40… stop thinkin you’re Jordan Catalano still…):

And then, of course, Kanye West and his superb new tune (Taylor Swift should have eaten her guitar… her “Innocent” song was one of the crappiest things and all PR-ed I’ve EVER witnessed. She’s cute and all, but I’m starting to ot stand her AT ALL. Too fake.):

Other than that, I’m so hooked on new Sara Bareilles (Awesome!!! #1!!!), and still blasted and outrageously in love with Arcade Fire and Janelle Monae.

More from 944 shots - 6 -

But you know, next week I’m gonna listen to just ONE record for about forever.

No leaks here.

No stealing from my beloveds’ essences.

I am patient and I will be rewarded in pleasure.

And it starts… in two days, actually.

Catch you on Monday… I think 😉

I will have things to say, considering the weekend 😉 I’m about to have, right?

PS: The translation of this post will come tomorrow on my Italian blog. I’m just too dead today to attempt more :P…


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sEI STATa veraMENte inCANtevOle!…
se vuoi>>>guarda anke queste!! ^-^
Adam in l♥ve
Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Un bacio grande!

E’ stato un piacere. Posso pubblicarne altre alla prossima update 😉 baci e buona serata a te 😉

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