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Nothing Quiet This Morning-UPDATE: Give A Little More Video

Posted on: 9 September 2010


More or less my face this morning after the Barnes news. For real, this is Adam trying a funny mask in Tokio the other day


Why couldn’t I keep the great mood I was having as I woke up to the memory of a beautiful night out with my Karim, in which we went out to see the delicious new Sofia Coppola‘s flick “Somewhere“?

James jammin free

Why couldn’t I keep the shine out of a fantabulous morning sex jam prior to go to lab?

Why, oh… why?

Sometimes things just cannot go quietly.

It’s the way the enthropy gets to work to make us more tested, and therefore better.

I guess.

Still… argh!!!!!! I don’t like the way the morning had to turn out; but let’s be more clear, I get you are not… getting any of this.

I was about to start another intense working day, and I was already planning to write today a blog post, cos the weekend that approaches is Florence time and I won’t bring pc on (it should have been next week that we would have been in Florence, but later on you’re gonna actually learn THAT weekend we will be in Naples instead… ;)), and I was about to go on YouTube while starting tests when a Mark Medina’s tweet just shocked me FULLY.


Matt Barnes, WTF?!!???

Oh... boy... What the Fug???

Really… Since I learnt about that I’m all dizzy and infuriated and I can’t concentrate on work (dad already called me off on that… sorry dad… I am doing all fine right now… promise!).

Of course I already wrote a lil post in the Blog, but I will come with more later today when hopefully my mind (and the facts) will be more clear.

Barnes… this could just DESTROY our starting building chemistry process… argh!!!!!

Poor my Lakers.

😦 I need some good things to erase the distasteful feeling (oh, and to build the sense of not niceness up, this evening we are ata Rotary Dinner…*sigh*…), so I will just start with an awesome new song that makes me drool for their new album even more.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the awesome Radioactive by the awesome Kings of Leon:

This is so touching and beautiful.

Caleb‘s rusty passionate voice gets so well complemented by the depth of the gospel choirs and this is so surprisingly… THEM again.

New Karim's portrait for my lab wall: Adam Levine, ladies & gentlemen. *hot*

I really adore the way KoL are developing.

They are becoming really something CLASSIC.

And they’re so young… I sense decades of pure rock brilliance: yep, go conquer the world once more, Kings!

There was also a truly great news that yesterday lightened up my day.

This is a truly serious matter that for a moment put my leisure favourite topics (music and sports) aside.

SAKINEH death condemn is suspended for now … (If you click over here you get straight to the Amnesty International Page for her: GO please and sign the petition…)

And there’s great hope that horrible condemn is getting revised.


Iran please show your mercy: don’t kill her.

Free Sakineh.



There are facts that make me hopeful that the world can get better; this was one of those.


Because of course we can be all shallow and just care about “unimportant but awesome” things, but then there is human dignity and developing and that can’t ever be passed under silence.

Let’s keep being essentially… human, you know.


People sometimes think of me that I am all cynical (and I can be) just because I strongly believe in competition and getting constantly better through confrontational steps in life (might that be professionally, personally… in any field).


Sure, it’s true that I can be strong and even tough but that doesn’t mean I cannot soften.

I do … often actually.


My life journey is precious cos it lets me discover the humanity in me and in others: that’s challengin by definition, but then there are stepstones that never get overlooked by me and human dignity, justice, truth, fairness and awareness are always at the top of my research.


I like competitivity because that makes humans evolve.

I don’t like the “trashing others no matter what” part of the competitivity: I like the “getting always better yourself” part of it.


That’s why in this blog you can find my stupidest thoughts and the deepest and all are equally me: life is so many colours, and all together it composes a Tao which is the perfect harmony of the opposites that mirror themselves.


I try for real to shape my life following that Zen principle.

And I was doing that even before getting in contact with Zen itself… 😉


Okay, let’s get back on track.

I was telling you first that this weekend we’ll be in Florence cos next one we are gonna be in Naples, and that surely wasn’t in any plan you might have known I was meant to trace these September days.

And so you maybe wondered…


Because Fede told me THIS:

Maroon5 at Coca Cola The Summer Song Special: Naples, 18 September 2010


Maroon5 in Italy so soon… 🙂 🙂 🙂

We will fly to Naples on Saturday morning OR Friday night.

I love Piazza del Plebiscito, I’m glad they’re back in such a beautiful manner and location.

No, I won’t do chases.

Karim and I have settled up a sort of “agreement”: meetings are set up only when they are on proper touring duties.


And as you know, that for me means mostly parties and private events (nah, I hate Meet&Greet stuff… too much chaos. I prefer to interact in a “more natural way”. So far it has always been more pleasant that way. Of course, if the right occasion backstage comes again (this rounds, of course, no kinky suggestions: Karim will be with me all along anyway) like it has happened on a flock of times over the years, I’ll take it but now I feel I’m like… getting more adult on them too.

Like I have always been with Coldplay I guess.

Adam Mtv-ed (his tweet ;))

Well… I will try there at least 😉

Or maybe it’s just that I’m a bride to be and I gotta try to gain composure, even if for the whole rest of my life just seeing Adam breathe will send shivers down my spine… and everywhere else all over my body (that can’t simply change. It won’t. EVER. It’s a chemistry and those things can’t be affected ever. But now I’m a good girl, so that is just an acknowledgement without risk, ok?).

Karim has accepted that strange way I react when he sings a long ago… but ehi! the ideas that flows in and out my brain and body when those thoughts out of his stage presence gather… well, HE IS the one benefiting after they fade into a real thing, right? So in a way… Karim should thank the way my brain fantasize while Adam sings 😉 I mean…for real ;)… he actually DOES, lol…

Anyway, yup we will be in Naples plaza, catchin them without chases, just enjoying their music which I so love.

I would jump if Adam and K’naan (who’s there too, and who should actually WIN the Summer Song with Waving Flag, if things had to be fair…) would duet on Bang Bang… but I can see how uneasy that is.

Song is out only in USA yet.

Who knows, maybe we will take plane back together towards Milan though cos allegedly they might be on XFactor4 stage on the subsequent Monday?

Maroon 5 in talks to be XFactor4 musical guests? Awesome. And I don't even like X Factor 😉

That’d be also the actual day when their record actually comes on in Italy, before USA… which is why I have TWO iTunes pre-orders as well: the italian one and the usa one, and the italian one has a song MORE… hiii-hiii!

Then remember: I ordered the 199.0 $ special package from their store too so I expect more and PHYSICAL copies of the whole things as well.Yep.

I’m this in love with them.

I have spent like 250 € in their new release and yet they have to put it out… ;))

Oh… and I also bought a further physical copy of the record through Amazon, to play it in my car only.

Yep: let’s say I help them pay bills A LOT 😉

Talking about warming up, and things to buy, the pictures “not from Twitter” that you see here are a gift from Jennifer Coles (of course) and they are taken from a new Walmart Soundcheck performance they recently did in Chicago, which I hope to buy as soon as it’s available.

By now, look this snippet (always thanx to Jennifer Da Queen) :

At the moment sweet babies are in “Foggy London Town“, and when Adam and the guys did leave Tokio for London, Anne was leaving New York for  allegedly Paradise… a Paradise somewhere far away 20 hours flight.

Anne back in Capri, sept 2010

So… still the two lovers are on the opposite sides of the world

With all the damages of wrong timetables and inner clocking rhythms.

Awww… poor them.

London from Adam window, yesterday

Distance tests love though: I so hope they get back together soon… maybe (why not?) just over here?

That’d be cute (but Paris, where they have soon to be too,  in case would be more romantic, I can admit it… ;)).

Adam for sure keeps being his lovely, complicated self on Twitter.

His honesty sometimes is even scary…

But overall, you really get a glimpse of truthfullness throught his tweets.

He’s really like this… a complicated lovely Tao.

And then he’s also a witty, genius-like mind always on a run, and sometimes this is uneasy to follow, even for those who, like me, expect his humour to constantly flow.

Sometimes in the flow he leaves casualties (read=my ego) on the run…

But the real fact is that I really like him because he can be also smarter than me.

And here’s a proof:

Adam tweet yesterday... one case of "better if you don't know much music"... 😉

Since I love anytime he mentions indie bands that I love, and out of the fact he’s a Typo-King as much as I’m a Typo-Queen, I answered the way many knowing the band I mentioned have:

My answer... sometimes I wish I didn't have 898 albums in my collection 😉 (Nah, not true)

But there I understimated Adam’s awesome brain.

I should never ever play him low… he’s really bright (and funny: he’s quintessentially funny. Which is adorable, right? Handsome, bright, talented and also FUNNY. You can’t beat that…):

So, this is my third time Adam answers me... I can tell myself that 😉 (ops... he's just smarter than me, that's it)

Because… after a while I GOT it and got amazed once more at his brilliant mind.

I advice you to just TRY and effectively “Google” Bordello, in any combination of the words… you will catch as well how splendidly humoristic Adam’s tweet was.

Hat off, Commander ;):

It took me ten minutes... but then... (Adam Levine = Smart Badass)

Just a wonderful man.

That’s what he is.

But all of them are… All the five. I so love this band and can’t wait to finally start to catch them live again.

Roll starts.

It’s gonna be “polite” but FIERCE 😉

Enjoy this also and…:

Maroon 5 for Grammy Foundation

… and have a great day.

I am still raging about that Matt Barnes thing but gotta get through it, right?

Happy day everyone… 😉


UPDATE: In a day as concerning as this one is due an update of the update.

Yes, I can’t stop thinkin about this whole Barnes thing… now I’ve ended work and all I think of doing is:

1) yoga… I need that badly to re-balance;

2) a Sex Marathon with Karim. Nothing as Sexual Healing for fighting sport pain…

But to help me still, the always amazing Jennifer Coles sent me the OFFICIAL VIDEO of GIVE A LITTLE MORE in file.

This is wonderful, cos so far the VEVO version on Maroon5 site is (oh, how strange… grrrr) visible only in USA.

Sorry, but today I can’t take other negativity to summonize it with the Barnes fiasco so…

Here you are.

Enjoy the official HOTNESS of this video.

And if you rage like me… Do like me: SEXUAL HEALING.

This video suggests an idea or two as well:

And now… a BETTER day for everyone is surely set up 😉

Catch you later on, Z.


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