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Posted on: 6 September 2010

Good evening Universe!

Watching a great movie (Metropolis) while Karim sculpts at my home, I am enjoying the vibe of a fantastic day and the memory of a fabolous ride and jumping indoor with Swifty this afternoon.

I have already written my daily Lakers Blog Post and although I was about to just close pc, I’ve decided to update, considering I have to wait to tease Karim sexually till he hasn’t completed part of his work of crafter.

Let me start with the saddest thing bewildering what otherwise has been an excellent, cozy, all loved up weekend for me (if you exclude the fact I suck at golfing, but at least I do enjoy the surroundings there…), namely the tragic death of Shoya Tomizawa, young Moto2GP racer:

I need to immediately come up with something to ease the pain such a tragic destiny suggests to me, and so for how contrasting it might seem, let me just say that on Friday I have reunited (well, WE have reunited) with the awesome crew for one of the best usual programmes we do on the 5th day of the week, namely CLUBBING, baby!!!

It was due to have dance routines.

Because this summer there have been a certain numbers of video and songs that involved dances which have been practiced by us all gals.

And so it was all Ne-Yo (Beautiful Monster); Lady Gaga (Alejandro, my fav dancing jam!!) Shakira (Waka Waka) and Kelly Rowland (Commander).

Not necessarily all the best songs, but a freaking happy fun on a dancefloor.

I had SO much fun I even standed to wake up after not even 5 hours sleep (I still ruined by the Summer hyperactivity, I guess… ;)).

But I have to first list my CURRENT favourite songs post summer vibe, starting with my absolute favourite, namely The Hoosiers‘ “Choices“:

Then my ADORED Fabri Fibra with his genius “Vip In Trip” (boy, how I LOVE this man…):

Let’s put some french class in there with a very good discovery of Italian Summer waves, Zaz and her “Je Veux“:

And then Marina And The Diamonds, with “Hollywood“:

And these were sorta “new” songs out of the tail of backsummer.

But today the amazingness shaped FINALLY over the fact Bang Bang video was available for purchase over iTunes USA.

Which landed to a purchase (of course) straight off the acknowledge, and a repetita play which totalled a whopping 41 plays at lab diffusion system today.

It doesn’t take much to say what I plan for the time incoming after Karim will end his sculpting duties:

We left the guys on the last date of the first leg of the USA tour, and there I was guessing about future plans and the fact they were about to hit for sure England.

Well, less than moments after my post… they shared THIS:

Adam announces September 2010 Schedule

And beside the fact we all DO hope they fload the interweb with their faces (ugly? are you kidding right?), one thing we can surely drool over is Adam’s new icon over twitter.

All together now: Awwwwwwww!:

Awww. Those cat's eyes...

Okay, I’ll try to get back some decent composure (uneasy…) and I will go on with the obvious observation that I can’t wait for them to be in Italy.

Anne V modeling in Capri September 2010

I expected them to hit us because after all we’re the third European Market (after UK and Germany, and above France for international music) and in rapid growth and they are constantly followed here since they’ve started out of USA (this is what makes you go in promotion, the width of the market and how the market is responsive to your stuff.

Anne V modeling in New York atelier, 5 Sept 2010

I so loudly laugh when people from obscure Countries ask them to go there: it’s business that they do, baby, not a funny leisure trip all over the world, you know…

They go firstly and foremost where they have the best assets available, since after all they have to be profitable (laughable that some of the naive requests come from marketing and economical students? For real? I suggest to study better, people… You don’t seem very well onto Economy I fear…).

By now they’re an established band in their niche, to switch that might just not be optionable.

All that said, I keep thinking STILL they have been SLOW to touch down on England this time.

UK is the first Euro market, the Third in the world after USA and Japan.

And you wait till 9th September to go there?

Anne V Billboard on Fifth Avenue

No wise, baby, and it shows in chart.

No wise… but they can come back in their planned time, I suppose.

Luckily Adam’s musical taste is unaffected by not so shareable ideas instead: it’s always so spot on 😉

And luckily there is his always amazing sense of brilliant humour that he entertaines us with, like on the delayed flight heading to Japan, otherwise also known as “The Picky Flight Attendant Saga” or “Troublemaker Badass” 😉

Gosh, he’s so adorable

Anyway, talkin about his adorability and the way some really lucky “one” is allowed to share his light (well, she promanes lots of light too, let’s be fair…) my idea about the two Chovy “parents” to reunite soon was trashed as soon as Adam and Sweet Babies flew to Japan and Anne ended her work in Capri and head back to New York (to work again).

August gone, hello September and Japan!!

We’re still wondering when they will remeet, but it’s cute when they shout out to one another on twitter (via friends and directly).

Luckely there still technology to keep them together.

Japan is cool

Not the same (and this leads to funny porn tweets… and we know Adam is kinda master there…) but ehi, their lives are awesome so better if none of them lament a thing 😉 (and they won’t no worries…).

tokio from adam's room

Oh, and if you wonder… of course I’m green envy that they are in Japan.

Japan…. Japan!!!


I mean… look at the pics!!!

Can’t wait to be again myself in Nihon to organize the marriage of next year.

I can’t wait to get there and to get there in April for August is too late.

Too late.

I wanna get there already this year 😉 (yup… I’m a kid and I say I WANT all the time ;))

Anyway, Adam can enjoy like we can images on Youtube of his significant other shooting, like here, ads (Hugo Boss here, thanx to Florence71 for the shoutout!):

And after all, seems that Sweet Russian Fairy is a romantic heart especially when she feels the distance… 😉 (I’m a bride to be, so of course I share her sentiment there… and I would actually love to see them engaged to marry. But it’s due to my own mindset now maybe? ;))

Take now two videos that the always awesome Jennifer Coles graciously sent to me, and which are furtherly taken from the VEVO show back in July.

This is one:

This video doesn’t exist

While this is the other one:

This video doesn’t exist

More now… Because… You know anything about them makes me happy, don’t you? (I fear the problem of street credit is that when you happen to have a truly handsome singer, 95% of your audience sadly – or awesomely – starts to be femalish, and that naturally sends the “alt” and “indie” male crowd the wrong signal that you are something near of a boy band. Sadly, it’s so, even if like in Maroon5 case guys are overtalented and really stylish in their sound, which is composite and layered and variated and rich. They truly can play and truly can deliver live, plus Adam’s got a very silky, peculiar voice which makes everything so special. To change that wrong mindset is not easy, though: by now it’s like too rooted in too many minds. But good luck there, guys… U’d deserve that turning table from indie kids – Grammy people though always had the light in ;)):

Maroon5 Billboard Cover Story September 2010

They must soon be returning in Europe and first in line is meant to be UK I think:

Maroon5 in England

And now the list of February Uk shows (Germany is in MarchItaly in April? My birthday month? It’d be AWESOME 😉 Just name them… Name them please!!!):

Maroon5 Uk February Shows 2011

Ops… I was almost forgetting, but the talk about live shows brought this back to my mind…

For the “Hilarious Idiocities from Crazy People” I wanna let you know that the always hilarious PSYCHO (yup) after the show that I told you she was about to attend in last post actually DARED to send me a mail asking if I did want to see and post HERE pics of that show that she would have land to me…


Like…. Seriously, nutcase?

Adam portraited by Jesse, 6 September 2010

I mean… really???

That was so entertaining we had a massive laugh at lab.

She’s so crazily obsessive (and gets uglier by the day, too…), she can really believe I could ever want to consider her normal again, therefore I’d ever accept to talk/interact with her damaged self ever in any form again.

Oh, boy…

In Japan you find ANYTHING: pancake cans...

Wake up: you’re a CRAZY STALKER: for nothing in the world I’d ever want to cross you ever again, not even in a virtual safe dimension cos people like you are NEVER a safe bet.

Keep fooling simple or not very bright people… keep being entangled with similar nutheads as you are: my world has NOTHING to share with any of that, for God’s grace.

You are a scary, obsessive, abusive and disturbed person: don’t cross me ever again.

Poor Babies… they have no idea what that disturbed individual could do the day they’d retire, leaving her only “projected life” and ceasing to constitute her ONLY interest in hourly obsessive paths: I shiver thinkin of her and her unaware/similarly scary crew… *brrrrr*: H.E.L.P?

But let’s stop this way too long bracket and bucket of insanity and go finish with beautiful things again to forget such frightening people; so let me talk about  my OTHER babies, Coldplay (awwww all over again!!!).

Well, another awesome thing happening these past few days has been that for the launch of the new Apple Stuff at latest Apple Keynote, both Lady Gaga and adored Chris Martin landed their presence (Chris in Flesh&Bones&ANewSong… which is of course something a future bride to be like me can’t avoid to love):

From NME: Chris Martin executes Wedding Bells at Apple Keynote

What else?

I’d say it’s all said and done.

And Karim has finished sculpting…

CU tomorrow, world (PS: the Italian Translation of this comes tomorrow… now I have WAY more important things to do… you know… Pink Bandanas, Kinky Plays and all ;)… Bride to be, but still a Nimpho ;))

G’nite, Miss Z. 😉


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