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Recap 2 (Summer End)

Posted on: 1 September 2010

Good September ya’ll!!!

Maroon5 à la Leonardo Da Vinci in Billboard, Sept 2010

Did you miss me?

Adam and Jesse Collage at the Billboard Chat Event in july

Austin Nichols visits his buddies at one gig 😉

Already working after one of the most beautiful Augusts EVER, which ended in Verona at the Trovatore Opera this past saturday after 4 weeks cruising in France, Italy and Greece (as I already precised, look out for my past twitpics for chronicles about my Summer, I’ll hardly write about it here or anywhere else…), and already posting actively in the Lakers Blog, too (that had to be done prior than anything else online, of course…), I can come here and try to organize the incredible amount (231 and counting) mails related to music stuff that I have got from the moment when last Recap ended its coverage… to yesterday, basically.

It will take a long while.

But I had a great yoga session previously so everything is gonna be treated with white silky gloves.

Or something ;)…

I will get back to regular posting about all things (all sport, music and life; and for those reading this from the Italian version, I will also get back to the usual bilangual updates) after this one last Recap.

But today, it’s gonna basically be only an English-written   Maroon5 related post.




As per usual, credits for videos and fancy stuff pics that I collaged go mostly to Jennifer Coles, though the immense collage of the Y100 interviews are instad taken by me from Getty Images (thanx for the shoutout, Marghe!).

Let’s start exactly with some audio from the Y100 interview:

But before that event, we actually left the guys in the middle of the month, rockin around East-Midwest .

They have recently unleashed a first webisode of the tour too:

Just to make me drool a little bit more, right? 😉

Adam. In his jeans. Goooooood Lord 😉

God knows the only small thing I’d loved to add to my perfect Summer would be a gig of them… but no problems… October in Los Angeles comes soon, and we check them TWICE at the Greek Theathre.

Adam... rollerblading backstage. Yes. I know... *-*

Think the second time… both MY parents and Karim’s parents will attend too… it’s gonna be epic ;).

Their trip has been cute all over.

And not only because Adam fits *those darn jeans* SOOOOOOO well (sigh… moment of collective stumble… takin a breath… awww!!! He’s so drop dead gorgeous…).

The traveling showed us also the boys in some awesome tweeting mood all over the gap this post is covering, offering a display of their humour and loveability (is that a word? 😉 not that I care about grammar… Adam’s sooo friggin adorable when he speaks his mind, that no word defines that tenderness and naughty-ness well enough anyway ).

Absolutely hilarious. I so adore this man...

And Adam got one of his usual funny ideas along, among for instance shout outs at awesome people like Alicia Keys (among brackets, his own cover during this tour of If Ain’t Got You is AWESOME… and always among brackets, of course Alicia was somebody I started to follow as soon as I set up MY own Twitter account: Levine, you’ve been SLOW there after me… 😉 ).

Y100 Collage - 1 -

As soon as Anne had flown on the other side of the world, and he presumably had to keep his pants and trousers on longer than he uses to do when she’s around (ehi… don’t be prudes: that is the naturality of human lives. I wish them to do daily – even hourly – kinky and awesome naked sex all time when they’re together. That is what they should do… ;)), he decided to ask fans to come at him with a particular item as for gifts bringers.

Super-Heroes pants for him to wear after.

Y100 Collage - 2-

No… he really did, and he cared about giving all the correct infos about that to ease the choice for the fans ;).

So he got pants right off that night, and he’s keeping GETTING them all along the tour dates as we write.

Dunno about you, but I truly finds funny that female fans agree there… because as long as I’m concerned, all sexually thinkin fans (means anyone with a sexual active mind who’s older than… I dunno… I started to have sexual thoughts by 9… but let’s put a 13 in instead… ;)) actually want to take his pants OFF, right?

But ehi, maybe they hope he will try them on under their very own eyes?

That is.

The truth is that one.

Y100 Collage - 3-

Name me a single female Maroon5 fan who doesn’t dream about him sexually- might that be a sweet kind of sexual dream, or a raw one, or anything in between… or everything around that! – and I will immediately call a Museum.

That one should be a very rare specimen of human being to expose… LOL!

N.B.: that doesn’t mean we don’t respect his girlfriends, or the fact that he gets in love, or that we don’t wish those situations the best.

Personally, at least, I do respect that all and fully, and I actually wish for that entirely and well when he’s involved and in love.

My rule is this one: since he gets my love for gifting me awesome vibes and inspiration and music, whatever keeps him happy, it makes me happy too (GOLDEN RULE).

I respect especially Anne, whom I truly truly like, out of the many girlfriends he’s got so far.

But the truth is that one written above and to deny or misrepresent it would be pointless.

Every Maroon5 fan is charmed by Adam also on a sexual related level: and darn, he does know that… he friggin MOANS when he sings. It can’t be a casual fact. 😉

Every female fan dreams of him in some way and at some level.


Maroon5 in Atlanta, August 2010

Fact ;).

That goes beside (in my case, and not beyond) the fact that we love his voice and music like a seraphine is singing at our ears everyday…

It’s a Tao.

A Tao of adorability at every level: why dismiss some part of it?

Being a complete package is so rare these days…

We have to treasure him, who’s DEFINITELY a complete one ;).

I’m all for the complexity and complete-ness of situation of life, you know about that already, don’t you?

But that certainty in itself has nothing bad or negative about it.

Too bad, and I can understand if/when this scares the guys and Adam especially, that sometimes the will of getting near to him/them crosses the mind of some nutcase, too, and the effects are a bit out of control as people are not always brained enough to separate the level of dreaming from the actual, factual life which involves you know… private spaces and good decent manners?


From Perez Hilton: Ladies Crashes Maroon5 ConcertAs I always point out…

Crazy heads are everywhere.

Obsessive people are REALLY scary and dangerous.

Poor Adam 😉 He has NO idea how friendly some of those obsessive, compulsive liar people can get, to disguise their obsessive paths to him.

On the other side, fandom can also get incredibly sweet and beyond cute and appreciable:

Abby letter to Adam. Just super cute, gotta agree with him there,awww 🙂

But luckely, he actually always seem well aware how much freaky the fanship can get at some point, and always tends to play it down a bit.

Jesse is experimental with camera

I really like this side of him: makes him so grounded, and it shows how brilliant his head is.

Another side of him that I like is that Adam seems equally a dreamer and a practical mind, a mixture that ain’t easy to achieve, especially when you get THAT famous.

In order to substantiate my observation, one of the BIGGEST things happening while these two weeks and some were running is that now Adam has a clothing Fashion Line.

Oh, yes.

Our collective dream of having him modeling somehow got fullfilled.

YES!!! 😉

222 Fashion Line


222, of course. We could have set a bet he would have named it so, right?

Look also at the video for 222Brand:

Then at this sweet lovely collage 😉 (btw, the one doing the candle backheaded CAN’t be Adam? He has no more chest tat, no more under chest tat, and you can’t really see the tiger paw on his arm – and you should in that position, at least a bit… Plus no X, no guitar, no 222 and no Japanese Cherry Flowers on his internal arm sleeve. Nope, that ain’t Adam. That’s maybe Ari?) of Adam (that is his back instead) and Jimmy V:

Adam and James (and?) modeling 222

You know how I love fashion so it’s obvious this news gets so many reboots by me in every way (out of context and coming after reading his interviews on the matter: I was actually ADORING the preppy version of Adam in his highly fashionable days… this because he as such an elegant chiseled face that actually high fashion suits him BEST… but his soul is a rebel one so it’s natural that couldn’t last. Even though I’m sure he considers himself hot in high fashion too… ;)), so take this one from NBC, too:

NBC talks 222

But let’s get back on the road, right around the time of the Y100 interview too.

Guys were in Miami (or Meee ahhhhh Meee), and all you need and probably care to know is that they went on a boat (of course, what else you do in Miami?) when they were not on performing duties.

Oh… and Adam’s been so gracious, to show his hot self and all of them right on the prua of it.

Take a breath… ;):

Yeah... okay. He's shirtless. What else do we need to caption, here? 😉 Exactly.

And just to clarify my point up above about the fact the yoga man in the 222brand COULDN’T be him, look how visible is under Adam’s chest his phoenix-like tattoo. 😉

gorgeous shot

Talkin about tattoos on Adam, it seems that we won’t see any soon a leg sleeve on him

Jesse and James. Aww.

What to say… I’m glad he enjoyed some boat boarding in August just like I did, and I am always delighted when he extrudes along his joyous moods some Lakers Love (and  gets also some reciprocating shout out there), especially if this involves mocking a bit Princess of Losers Jimmy LeBronze.

But in the end, the point is you get someone’s adorability by the way he stays humble and grateful and keen to real things that do matter in life.

He’s also so entertaining when he lets the kid in himself run freely and somehow manages to be at once childlike, fierce, brave and modest.

Love plus more Love. Perfect.

All at once.

I like the fact he loves his childhood friends still… and gets their love obviously back .

Then, after all, his bandmates are ALSO part of this painting… which is the best of best things, right?)

He’s so smart… but when you tell it to him he shields himself and tends to say not.

I like ALSO that.


They are ALL wonderful human beings… so different from one another, yet all so completely true and valuable and loveable.

I’m honored to be their fan since they’ve existed to European (then indie almost) acknowledge practically.

Other bit they shared, this one:

Adam in Rolling Stone, August 2010

And then check out this version of Give a Little More (the second single which I ADORE!!!) from these kids (Maroon5 shared it themselves):

Then if you feel like singing sensations too, you might enjoy being part of THIS intriguing contest too :

MySpace Karaoke Contest

The boys did as well a VH1 “5 Question” spot feature during the Soutern Time in Florida, that you get to check (Thanx Jennifer!) here (Time Machines? Superpowers? Cool ;)):

Now, a bit more of compulsive shopping at truckstops… (oh, boy… still so hilarious even when you see it for the 20th time ;)…):

Okay that you were in Texas but... 😉

Now to get you back at some more heavenly related matters, after this.. erm… texas outshow of “fashion”, get also the image Jesse so kindly tweeted to let us know there is of course some yoga training time on tour as well:

Chad, Adam (and Jesse) ready to yoga train on tour

And again at Jesse is the praise for sharing a Mickey Madden’s rare pic (Mickey… please man get a twitter too!!! Please! okay that you’re the silent one, but comon!!!):

Mickey, courtesy of Jesse 😉

Then, let’s start to state that the European leg of the tour has started to shape.

German call out (and they also already filmed a German special while touring those days):

March sweet March... getting 32 in Italy maybe? Straight after these?

Well, I’ll have secured in my stock the Berlin show by now.

Let’s see after 😉

Now let me show you what I have ordered through international retail as soon as they have shared the news on Twitter:

Aren't they all so adorable? Awww 🙂

Sure, in Milan I could find it downtown… but I couldn’t risk to miss it right? 20 dollars so well spent 😉 *awwww* 🙂

There is then a new “Sticky Glue” feature that is for American crew to masterize so far; and then there is all about the incoming London Stop on September 9.

Yeah, because TODAY is the last show on USA soil for a while (today the first leg of Summer Tour ends there, and be careful guys… Psycho’s there, beware… LOL…) and then FINALLY they will grace a bit Europe of themselves too.

You know how I think it was and has not been that much of a wise move to wait THIS long to show their faces up in Europe too, but whatever… any time they’re gonna be nearby, it’s a cherished time by me.

Anne V is in Capri - 1 -

Now, since after days of silence and after her holiday in Turkey ended, sweet Russian Fairy (who started tweet back again the other day) is actually working… well, HERE in Italy (in Capri, to be more precise, sees pics…), there are ideas running onto my mind .

For instance… I wonder if…

I wonder if the two Chovy’s lovers (it was sweet the other day, when Anne tweeted THIS, and immediately after Adam tweeted THIS as well… awwww adorably they are in synch? And I say this even if I still consider Pomeranians a dog version of a cat… therefore I’d love to see a CAT instead ;)… but if they like that, fine to me. Love has got to have no bounderies…) will reunite here in Italy (taking plane as soon as tonight show ends, Adam? You should… I bet you can’t wait to see her again, and you must… ;)), or if she will join him in England, or elsewhere also considering after that UK stop Maroon5 have a stop in Paris planned as well (awww…the town of love!!!).

Anne V is in Capri - 2 -

All that is submitted to the fact the Fashion Weeks are starting everywhere.

So she might have working duties as well getting in the way.

I really hope they are soon together again though, because I adore them together and because you all know I am a sucker for that and I deeply like Anne (who confirmed yesterday how cute and lovely she is, and how great is her taste not only in men, but about places to vacation over too ;)… I hope she found that church I addressed her at … even though I would probably prefer to practice Skype yoga as well, givin her supposed company there ;)…).

Anyway, I think it’s amazing a supermodel eats carbs and forces drivers to allow her to taste the REAL Naples pizza, especially because that will to eat it derived from a BOOK reading.

Anne V in Capri. Today. 1st September 2010

That hits all the right spots in my list.

She’s awesome; I do really like her vibe.

So, wishing the happy lovers to reunite soon, and why not in my beautiful Country (see all pics from Anne of Capri, to get in touch with the idea of what Italy is…) let me thank you for reading (oh, boy… sounds so cheesy) and be aware that I won’twrite a post this long ever again ;).

Back to normality.

Back to work, life… friends and lovers; back to posts about MANY things, and not only one-topic-centered.

Tonight… Karaoke with friends and personalized microphones ;).

Catch You soon, your friendly web neighbour Miss Z. 😉


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