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Let’s call it “Recap 1”

Posted on: 15 August 2010

My ass. Literally. Sardegna 2010 😉

My lazy ass (still a fairly fabulous, kinda brazilian one I have to say…) has collected pieces of infos during my awesome (help me say it : A-W-E-S-O-M-E) holiday cruise on boat all over Mediterranean Sea.

I am pretty much singing with angels and have fairies brush my hair and polish my nailpainted toes so to come here, open Noah and start to type over it is like a HARD task.

Hope you appreciate the *big effort* ;)…

Actually, this here is where I have to make all those 127 emails related to Maroon5&Music stuff go, or Yahoo mail will explode.

Hence this first update (note: my fantasy gets dried over titles when I am vacationing… so this is the best I could come up with ;))

Maroon 5 on the video set for "Give A Little More" directed by Paul Hunter

Nah okay let’s be more polite… Although I am still sailing, and I will end this only in Verona on 28th of August (I am at Arena watchin Opera, you know… I am a rocking soul who loves opera too…) the amount of Maroon5 related material was a bit overflowing from emails so at least this has to be done, for how simple compared to my usual posts this could look.

Just a note: don’t ask me for blogs about my holidays.

The only reason I was carrying on with Twitter on holidays (thanx, iPhy: without you I couldn’t live ;), and it seems James shares my iPhone love, yep!) was to let you all know some of it to make you AVOID to ask me about it in other ways ;).

Let’s go then.

Pictures in this pages are either mine, gifts from Jennifer Coles or material shared by Maroon5 themselves through their web spaces.

Same goes for videos, audio excerpts and whatever else.

I start happily with a surprise I discovered actually recently when I wrapped up my magazines I brought with me on holidays.

This was in Cosmopolitan Italy August Issue:

Adam in Cosmopolitan Italy. Aww 😉

We left boys starting touring and enjoying nature and friends and girlfriends along (girlfriends who are very friendly with others stunners around… and I LOVE that in beautiful people ;)).

Adam wins. Anne... erm... not. 😉

Anne V, 15 years old time, modeling for Ralph Lauren (awww!!)

The tour goes on smoothly and beside the crossing over to Canada, where Anne wasn’t involved, she pretty much followed her baby along all time, until she flew Europe to pass her holiday time on August 13 (sadly bummed trip due to a missing luggage… YIKES!!! Those LV maybe? *tragedy* if so…. I would be dark for ages if I ever did miss mines…).

Lovely creature from Russia, – who’s right now frolickin in Turkey – though enjoyed a lot of Summer Life Tour previous to her coming back nearer to National Roots (maybe she should just get a bit better with bowling, but everyone gotta have some minus, after all 😉 And she’s so adorable in everything, to be lame in bowling is totally forgivable).

I mean… she was looking like THIS at 15 (awww… my hairdo ;)).

How can anybody not forgive her a wrong bowling game? 😉

I really like the way the guys are keeping people up during their summer traveling with an equal merge of tour bites, lessical nonsense, fun pieces and… well… also some political and ethical issues that they always put in the mix (and that’s something I love them more for).

Maroon5 Gone Good for Green

We also get to know how many grey hair Adam’s got (they look awesome on him, if any ;))

Ry Cuming joins Maroon5 on Summer Tour. Click for video (via popdirt)

That bowling thing that I was referring about above got on after Jones Beach gig on August 11, a stream of love Adam and the boys loved a lot (and you can see why ;)):

Jones Beach before...

It’s actually a very beautiful location, and it was nice to learn after his kidney troubles also Owl City could finally be part of the tour (I knew I would have LOVED to witness…).

Jones Beach Crowd 11 August 2010

Actually the gig I would have loved to see from this tour would be the Boston one (previous one), because beside Owl City I would have got the IMMENSE pleasure to hear live the amazing Janelle Monae.

I can’t wait to catch her live.

She pretty much kicks ass 😉 and she sounds also as person as a totally down to Earth, amazing spirit.

Every single time Maroon5 are involved with new people, and those people are voices or artists I already like (I got shocked by Janelle Monae on Letterman, and started to praise her BEFORE any of them openly did to our acknowledgement), I get giggles inside.

You know I am HOPING so badly they will collaborate now don’t you? 😉

Not always though my hopes about them get fully filled in.

You know I never lie nor hide my true feelings and I have to say the UK version of Misery video is about the wackiest thing ever. WHAT???!!!???

Do they REALLY like to go harakiri there or what?!?:

Maroon 5 Misery Video. Uk Version. No, NO NOOOO. Barf.

But luckely for every wrong move they come up with ten good things, just like this chat:

or like this further statement about Sound Strike:

And more importantly, they JUST ADDED ANOTHER DATE AT THE GREEK THEATHRE IN OCTOBER!!!! So I will spend a day more in LA and I will catch them two nights in row.

*Awesomeness* 🙂

Aside from rocking crowds out this summer, with ballons and coriandoli and kids’ requests (that’s Adam’s, fyi) Maroon5 have been involved in some fancy fancy stuff in this first part of August.

For instance here you can hear lovely Jesse with Lucy Walsh doing a Beatles cover, which is always amazing, innit?:

Jesse and Lucy do the Beatles thing 😉

Most noticeably though, they have shot with amazing Paul Hunter the video for Give a Little More (finally, a word on the fact in May they JUST shot Misery).

There are stills and I can’t wait to see it (also cos I really really like the song from the live I got of it).

Maroon 5 in "Give a Little More" video shooting

And just because we’re talkin about Give a Little More, take this from the Vevo show, Give a Little More:

This video doesn’t exist

exactly the song you gotta learn now and also Wake Up Call:

This video doesn’t exist

Adam also got featured and enlightened in a episode of MTV US “When I Was 17“.

Needless to say, he was hilarious.

His Zen Tao ability to result at once adorably charming and totally nerdy amazes me all the time… ;):

Adam Levine in "When I Was 17" : awww 🙂

When he said he was “repulsive” I cracked out laughing.

He couldn’t be not even trying (and sure he did, he did try at times… ;)).

Sweetheart on stage

That face would prevent him from any bash.

That’s why he could pass the math exam even being DREADFUL in maths 😉

Adam Levine in New York Post article August 2010 (Model Behaviour)

He still such a sweetheart really really happy about being gifted to do what he loves most to do for living.

He always seems fond to share his gratefullness for the amazing life he got to live.

And that is lovely.


Adam also got to find more people to follow on Twitter.

Comedians, Snoop Dogg, Ashton Kutcher, Lakers like Lamar Odom (I was surprised he took so much time before deciding for that, considering he is of entourage…), and rockers like Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee (oh, if I were a fly to listen to some of their chats… 😉 okay, I’m nasty… I know… ;)), and amazing friends like Rob Thomas (yesssss!!!! He found him!!! Love that :)).

And Rob, unsurprisingly, praised and proped Adam and the guys’s tough decision about excluding Arizona from touring.

You know how I love when our guys and their friends and fellow people speak their liberal minds.

I SOOOOOO love that.

And so, unsurprisingly my probably favourite tweet by Adam in all these days was the one when he did explain (more cohesively) his view on retarded Prop 8, overturned in his beloved California.

By the way, gotta admit out of all 36 people that I follow on twitter, Mr. West @kanyewest is MY favourite.

I said it.

He’s just awesome, and he can involve my one and only hero Kobe Bryant in Power Remix... that is just unbeatable in my book, folks, I’m a Kobe freak more than anything else cos the man inspires my whole approach at greatness in life… and allegedly Kanye’s too – great minds think alike –  😉

(sorry Adam, you stay gloriously in the runner up place though. I’m sure you agree with me about Kanye after all ;)).

While we speak about Kanye, his album got delayed till November 16.

This could be a good thing for us, if it weren’t that actually the fact AGAIN they are preceeded by Linkin Park on the sales week of September 14 won’t help at all any plan of ruling charts.

If the first single performances are again revealing of the impact the albums may have – which is generally fairly accurate -, sorry there’s no copetition between the Catalyst and Misery (so far, but of course I’d like to be wrong there…)

Still, on August 17 happy people can preorder Hands All Over on iTunes (only USA? darn…).

Let’s say I seem a bit more excited than Adam about 21 September in terms of priorities… That, or I just partially get the “brilliance” of Sons Of Anarchy… ;).

My HERO Kobe Bryant with Kanye West remixing Power

Whatever happens, I’m fine with it.

And so I hope they are, which I think they will be.

Rules of album chart performances after a decade bands are active (and they are active in a very “indie” kinda way, this regardeless the genre of their music) always have their peaks and lay downs and then peaks again.

I still not convinced by their strategy in promotional duties (skipping completely Europe, focusing on just half USA to tour, putting the first single out WAY too soon compared to the album release date, etc…), but as long as they’re okay and convinced, I mean… ALL is fine.

My appreciation as fan stays in the MUSIC and i don’t care how many I am in company with.

I will listen to them always as long as they’re around; enjoying gigs all over the world anytime it will be possible and cheering them.

That’s it.

Charting is important, but relatively at this point: they are in their niche, and allegedly happy to be (as they should;)).

On tour then it’s what you really get the dimension of cuteness about them.

Not strangely, kids (I mean… little people for real) always grab the true essence of adults, and they love them, don’t they? *swoons*

On the other side, socialites might start to find them a bit less intriguing…

He cracks me up… what can I do?

Boys on Tour

He’s hilarious, and probably has a short memory about a couple stuff… this unless back in *those days* he did not consider Paris H. a socialite, but an “entrepreneur” (yes, I’m being sarcastic… can’t help… and still he cracks me up cos I am SURE he would say that he likes to farts to whomever would present herself to him as a “socialite”. He’s made that way… ;)).

He still a kid at heart, and a funny one, to be precise.

You might find it hard to deal with, I find it quite poetical instead 🙂 (that Arrrr might surely be a Simpson‘s reference?).. and then he comes up with sweet words like these, and one just melts (I can see the goodness in New York Summer rain, both if Adam and Anne are in her apartment, or outside strolling together… how adorable are they?).

Chovy (Anchovy), namely Anne's Pomeranian dog.

Another thing that Adam shares with his belle is for sure a lot of Chovy love

I think as well Frankie could be not so pleased with that, but maybe it’s just cos I personally don’t see the point of small dogs.

You know already I just don’t like them: if I wanted a cat sized dog… I would have probably just chose a CAT (tastes, right?).

Yup I had to point that out cos Adam himself after all likes to verbalize out some pretty strong opinions as he goes on tweeting.

After a while he generally backwards a little, especially when what he said could have been sort of too mean, which can be either disappointing or showing him as a reasoning mind.

Depends on subjects… in all senses, I guess ;).

For sure though he has a personal vision of life, which is admirable even when (and it happens by my side, especially when he goes all relativism and immature-like) his opinion is not the one I follow as well.

Maroon5 rocking DC, 13th August 2010

Anyway, the tour still develop, my antennas are raising, and I hope you can still enjoy these updates even though they come so randomly during my well deserved own summer bliss ;).

Hope all of you nice souls (those who are) can enjoy a Summer even tenth as good as mine is.

It would be still Paradise, believe.

Rock On!!!

Cu later, *happy Zaira* 😉


thanx to those writing about enjoying my Twitpics from holidays 😉 I am trying my best to make you all part of a wonderful trip. If you enjoy that, the best you can do is actually coming to Italy and see yourself!!).

Chris Martin surfing in the Hamptons


Awwww I was about to forget…

Charisse was so cute in sending me a coupla notes about Chris Martin vacationing in the Hamptons.

I so so SO hope in this brilliant 2010 (musically speaking) also beloved Coldplay can put out the album.

It would be just spectacular cos also Radiohead are there to do it again.

Music is a bliss.

Get into the groove, folks ;)!!!

Z. 😉


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