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Last day on ground, and my Top 10 of 2010 songs so far

Posted on: 2 August 2010

Karim's Harley D for sunday ride

So, we are currently riding home this morning after a wonderful weekend at our friends Bianca and Roberto’s house in Veneto.

We had a wonderful time, we visited countryside on both days, and yesterday we had a very pleasant ride day over our Harleys.

Rob Coff on his Harley sunday

I cherish time with friends and I am always happy in decoding how much Karim fits with any of them he gets to meet for multiple days after maybe a dinner or a quicker introductory visit went out okay.

Today we pack.

Fitting in for one month for me is huge… but for how big my boat is, I know I better avoid to move a closet.

I can always buy something on the journey… 😉

The itinerary has been approved.

We skip Ibiza and the Spanish coast because we’ve been there a lot anyway, and we went to Barceloneta in May so we rather try the other side of Mediterranean instead.

We will move from Genova to Saint-Tropez, then move to Corsica, and then reach Palau and the northern of Sardinia.

From there, we will direct to Elba and Maddalena, then down to Ventotene, and then we will do Ischia and Capri.

We will then go to Eolie islands, we hope to see Agrigento too in Sicily, and from there, feeling quite like Ulysses, we will pass the sea and reach the bottom of Italy, the beautiful thriade Gallipoli, Leuca and Otranto.

From there we will do a bit of Greece and we will finish with Croazia, and get back to Venice.

Boat Life - Maroon 5 (6) in New Hampshire, 31st July 2010

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Man… I am so happy.

I feel so blessed and lucky… well, it’s that I AM that in fact.

And in all this, I am with Karim (friends will reach us at the various stops, so that we will enjoy also friendly care beside the personnel we have on board to take care of us ;)).

The main thing of yesterday was my well debated, but then really approved, Top Ten Songs 0f 2010 List (so far… but I see it hard to beat at least any of the top 5 places…).

I listen and buy a shitload of music every month; my tastes are variated and I listen to music in 5, 6 languages so my range to pick up from is huge.

Basically, when I evaluate “the best” I try to see the complete package: music, vocals, lyrics, overhall feeling, impact, a sense of personality displayed, and boldness.

it’s not really about genres as much as it’s about… honesty in art.

Because for me music definitely is art.

Look at my Top 10 from my Twitter Page:

Top 10 Songs of 2010

I had to include Robyn’s song because she has this amazing talent in creating life real lyrics and apply them to club situations, and turning them into a well painted scenery of real stuff going on for real people.

Anne and crew in Saratoga, first date of Maroon 5 Summer Tour

I am a big fan of her, and she has actually created one of the songs I feel nearer to (Handle Me), but in “Dancin On My own“, the situation s completely unknown by me (I reject if any… never been rejected or even not considered holy in my life 😉 I know… seems like I bitch out but that’s how my life has worked… and like it will keep on working. Sorry. I’m hot ;)).

Still, she sings it so well I feel like I actually empathize.

That is good music (and then the melody reminds me of Limhal’s Never Ending Story, which I love!!!).

Another point that people got surprised was the fact I named “Airplanes” (#4) best duet of 2010 for me.

They expected either Gotten or Promise out of Slash album to be named that for me… and it should have, if I hadn’t feel those like no duets.

"People" on a boat in New Hampshire at the end of July... 😉

To me a duet has to imply two vocalists: featured vocalists by a legendary guitarists make me not feel that as duet.

And by the way, both Gotten and Promise would definitely belong in my TWENTYFIVE best songs of the year list so far.

But not in the top ten.

😉 Sorry. I’m picky. Even more when it’s about my favourite musicians. I espect always the over top, and being really really good sometimes isn’t enough for pleasing my taste 110%.

Saratoga and a Disco Ball...

I keep being this honest. I think it’s a total virtue, and I don’t care how YOU do feel about it. DEAL with me, or go away. 😉

I have of course bites of stuff about babies on tour, and I honestly await to see that gigantic disco ball live while they will play Give a Little More on stage (cute!!! some of the pics you see here are from their first two shows and from the Boat Ride they took in New Hampshire before the gig… boat are cool this year, I know. Mine is cooler though ;)).

There are also some lovely homage of the one and only Queen that I have to share, that she sent over days (and that I caught only a few hours ago because you know me… Holiday = Holy = No Internet for hours = Fun of Real Life = JOY… ;)).

Remember that yesterday for instance there was some Fuse Re-Run (for USA) and that there are more stuff that Fuse Tv keeps share.

Something like for instance this AUDIO thing:

And then the funny video Adam shared of James on Twitter:

And then that thing you saw also on previous post about Adam and Mickey supporting the No Nukes campaign:

Talkin about Video and Good things, yesterday Green Music Group YouTubed THIS:

To end, we know after a answer Adam provided yesterday before rockin out Connecticut that Maroon5 will be gracing my Milan town by the start of the new year (expected… but by then I will have already seen them at least twice, hopefully thrice ;)…)

I wonder if they’ll follow the plan strictly as last tour or will surprise me with unexpected dates in pleasant European corners.

I still think they are making a mistake in overlooking Europe for too long already, but ehi… they’re adult and experienced: hopefully they do realize what this might imply, and are okay with the outcome anyway.


It’s all about choices and responsibility. 😉

Michele Merkin. I wanna be as toned when I am 35 😉

Pleasant Scrubby Stuff: Adam shouted out full of happiness yesterday evening at Michele Markin joining twitter and following him, which he replied with an immediate following at her (they’re clearly friends from quite a time, because all the LA crew followed Adam’s footsteps in the MM’s following so nothing nasty there. At least not currently/anymore… ;)) .

Anne must be really a sporty person… because THIS is Michele (not strange, she’s of Russian Jewish descent. + Swedish. Practically perfection, right? Well, in European optics, DEFINITELY you can’t beat a female 5’11”, with THAT bust and THOSE eyes and lips coming from Sweden and Russia mix of blood. Elves in Tolkien were inspired by THAT genetic. I’m just saying ;)… ;)).

But you know my way of thinkin and phylosophy there: jalousy is the most useless of feelings, both to manifest or carry inside, both to feel object of or make somebody feel inspired with).

Losers, and/or very insecure people are jalous.

Beautiful, successful people who are jalous just haven’t grown up enough, and to me they’re pretty much frauds.

If you do your best and are the best you can be in a relationship, you don’t have to be jalous and you don’t have to fear a single thing (and for me, betrayal is a fragile concept anyway…); so in the end, Anne is safe, as long as everything works and when it eventually wouldn’t anymore (which I hope never happens… you know I am a sucker for them to keep being together)… it’s not another one who is the problem.

It’s still YOU the only problem AND the one and only possible solution as well.

Anne V on that boat in New Hampshire, 31st July 2010... 😉

And by the way, Anne still looks so >>>

Don’t think we could have have any problem, right? 😉

Pearls of sexual Wisdom provided by Miss Z. The gal who wouldn’t mind her man to have sex with others and who would probably just ask “who is better in bed now?” only to have the obvious answer “None can beat you, Z.”

Because there couldn’t be any other possible answer, baby. GUARANTEED 😉

(Yep… I am THIS bitchy 😉 and that full of me. And so far, around 200 people think my nickname is Totally well-deserved. I’ll re-evaluate my self perception in case something earthqwakes that reality… ahahaha!!!)

Don’t be thinkin bad of Adam anyway (and how could you anway? He’s so sweet and adorable!), that is so open it can’t be bad, and Anne followed Michele as well as soon as the rest of the gang (though I am not sure she is part of the “68 chronic masturbators” Adam hinted at… LOL!).

This was what he was declaring about Anne at ET (you saw the video in the previous post) three days ago after all:

adam levine on ET 30 July 2010

But he definitely has a fav type (plus, I find Michele, whom I obviously don’t follow – not interested in her life after all – but whom I naturally put in my Twitter list M5&Related, really really funny. I think guys are tied to gorgeously stunning females who can be as full mouthed and openly sexual like males love to be…. she must be definitely a funny conversation to start along, and has that aura of tomboy I TRULY love to practice as well, which makes me get entertained in my reading) .

And let’s clap hands at him on it.

😉 It’s really really really something no one could blame him for: it’s for the better evolution of human species … ;).

What else now?

After we pack at Karim’s house we will move back to my territory, also because today I have to spend my last chance with my Swifty before I say bye to him for one month.

I will miss my horse so dearly!!! Hopefully he has been getting used to the idea of not seeing me for a while. *hopefully*… 😉

I’d just say to close this… enjoy yourself.

I’m going to be REALLY enjoyed in a bunch of hours…;)



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