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I’m officially on Holiday. And Maroon 5 is officially on Tour.

Posted on: 30 July 2010

Good evening great life and great life ON HOLIDAY!!!


Still Images from Official Bang Bang video of K'naan, ftr. Adam Levine (badass!!!)

This post comes while I am enjoying my first hours of freedom, after 3 INSANE and very bitchy ultimate days at work; after a just ended shopping spree at Dior (awww) and a while before Karim and I, as soon as he will end his last session of sculpting (same as last time… I’m not allowed nearby him cos otherwise, as per usual, I’d start to lick his sweating hot body and he would SURE stop sculpting… but he cannot ;)…), will enjoy time together and especially me in a shocking pink bikini and a coordinated bandana.

Why all that?

Let’s say I got candies abundantly from Da Queen Jennifer today and I got to get inspired by new K’naan video, the one he and Adam shot 4 weeks ago in New York (see here).

I won’t post the video cos it’s unavailable yet but I can’t wait to properly buy it (as I always do with everything I love… for instance today in 15 minutes I bought over iTunes 11 old italian albums… ), but you see some stills in the first collage.

Anne V in new Orange by Hugo Boss advertising campign

I LOVE the video style.

Very fashion/badass, and it still remain simple.

I actually went to that Dior store hoping to find shoes similar to those you will see in the video at min. 0.11 ;).

This post will be fullfilled with video and news bites… (oh!!! and Kanye West has joined Twitter!!! I IMMEDIATELY followed him. I followed him half a day before Adam woke up on it 😉 LOL…)

We leave for our cruise on boat on Tuesday, but I have already to tell you don’t expect “fancy” cute long posts while I will be holiday-ing.

I will surely post all I will get to know/receive about babies on Tour (because yes, tour life has started TODAY in Saratoga and they are so totally delighted about that!!), but think that I will be on vacation and that if naturally this blog isn’t an addiction to me in regular year times… well, on holiday to update this will be nothing more than a kind gesture merely landed on those who like to read here, and not elsewhere (if they do exist... ;)) stuff about things I like, and therefore people I like (that they might like as well).

But let’s try to go in some order, because I have tons left from past days to show you (btw, their support for some days will be the very talented VV Brown!!! Whooo!!!).

We are of course starting from where we left, namely the Fuse show.

There are versions online that are not even coming close to the real thing, so until I won’t have something valuable I will let you maybe a bit down (not really).

I love what I have heard of the new songs.

I really, really like what will allegedly be the second single that they performed there (Give a Little More), and I am sure you can appreciate along me what PopWrap shared (it’s the live of Misery from the Beacon :))

Click on to see the video from New York Post "PopWrap"

There will be other re-runs of the Fuse gig concert… but of course (darn!!!) this sadly values ONLY if you watch it from USA (*sigh*).

At least we can still see the Photo gallery, right?

Adam and Jesse on the way to Billboard HQ

Before starting to move after the Fuse gig (the day after Adam and Jesse went on a train trip to reach Billboard HQ for the Live Q&A, that you’re gonna see/hear in minutes…), there is something really, really REALLY amazing that we have to read and see together.

Adam was part of the content of Inked Magazine Issue of August.


Adam in Inked Magazine

And the beauty is that the article was written by himself, and it’s AWESOME.

No need to say as soon as I learnt this was out, I subscribed online for a year long membership ONLY to get THIS number.

$15 and some well spent. 😉

That article he wrote himself detailes his love for tats and for rides and it’s just brilliantly evocative in style of prose.

He’s so talented with words.

He paints emotional sceneries with those, effortlessly, and out of any prefabrication which would result cheesy.

Adam Levine in Inked Magazine - 1 -

This even when the subject itself may be cheesy.

The best part is that through that interview you truly catch how simple, and honest as person he is, and moreover an more important, how simple and as honest as person he cares to keep being.

He’s so awesomely grounded… but in a very quirky, sometimes funny and goofy way, you cannot avoid to love him as he is, exactly.

Adam Levine in Inked Magazine - 2 -

I hope as well though that “whomever I will end getting married to” (awwww… if he thinks of it… maybe he THINKS truly of it? awww….) will prevent him from biking once kids will be around, being “hopefully smart enough“.

So lovely, this piece of writing.

I would adore to hear in sometime that he is getting engaged, and fathering a new generation of handsome creatures 🙂

Another thing that he finally got to reveal, ending a debate Karim and I were having about it, is the name of his place of electione where he gets inked at when being on the West Coast -we actually got to hint several times that he may preferably FLY there to actually get any tattoo right now… – .


Ladies and Gentlemen, now we DO know for sure that tattoo parlour is Adorned!!!

But a thing I never ever got to actually acknowledge by certainty yet was the name of the artist he digs the most there (because he’s a guest artist yet), and whom he revealed in Inked Magazine being Brian Randolph.

Adam Levine arm sleeve tattoo by Brian Randolph at New York Adorned

I really love that Adam stated naturally that he is up for really NOT coloured tats.

I can’t stand body paint in huge amount with one trillions colors.

Adam Levine in Inked Magazine. Written by himself.

They are not really my cup of tea and I think they are very disarmonic.

Adam in Inked Magazine - 4 - But luckely, he will keep ink himself in just loosely blued and darkened colours.

Adam in Inked Magazine - 5 -

Fits his pale, lovely skin a lot better.

All in awe about this unexpected candy, we get even more thanx as per usual to the amazing Jennifer Coles, that today sent the videos from the Billboard Q&A Adam and Jesse went at on wednesday.

There is something so sweet and cute in the way they act together.

You could tell by MILES that they are really brothers with just different couple of parents.

I love everytime Jesse and Adam are together, it’s a great image and feeling to me.

But now you will of course want to know about the Q&A, so sit back and enjoy these 5 videos :

then this…:



and this last part:

Whooo!!! That was a lot and a lot lovely, innit?

but we haven’t finished yet.

Oh, no… 😉

After the New York stuff, which in Anne’s case included a stop at another kind of Brooklyn Shop (aww, we found where she buys all those great pieces of antique jewelry!!) the crew and the lovely, overly talented #6, PJ Morton (that guy is such a wonderful addition!! he’s ADORABLE and hugely talented, indeed) moved towards Saratoga Springs (the location of today’s gig).

Of course, sweet Anne was aboard along.

I cannot avoid to melt when I think what it has to be like to share THAT tourbus being in love with the people belonging in there.

Jesse captured by PJ

I also believe the happiest people on tour are, the best the tour is gonna result actually; therefore I’m ALL for this joined ride 😉

They have also quite goofed around while reaching there, which is always a good sign, right?

That dude at Karaoke yesterday evening seemed pretty impressive, in both Jesse‘s and James’ eyes.

I wonder why Adam decided to tweet about a goddddddamawful movie instead ;).

Anyway, yesterday is gone and they are just hours away from the gig.

This opens a lot of possibilities for Adam’s hyperactivism, which we really hope he’s gonna battle exactly as he hinted a few minutes ago.

But being Adam adorable and being his bandmates AS adorable, there are also other and way more important kind of activism that they practice and pursue:

NO NUKES!!!!” is one of those things they aim at that make me LOVE these guys with my whole heart. Follow through. Please.

Random final notes in this truly huge post. Another video from ET, while I recall you that this evening they are also on EXTRA (I guess we will have that video too in a subsequent post):

Then the preview of the fact next month on Fuse there will be the broadcast of something Touré described so :

Just finished a smart, funny, candid, revealing interview with Maroon 5. Can’t wait for you to see it. On Fuse next month.”

This is something to look forward (as it is to discover WHICH gig Bones’ creator Hart Hanson will actually catch out of their tour…) 😉

Enjoy your night peeps.

Karim is almost done with sculpting and well… I have a new tiny pink outfit to test… 😉

Holiday Time!!!!

Whooooooooooo-Hooooo!!! 😉


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