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Posted on: 27 July 2010

Good late afternoon (incoming evening? Well sun shines and day was refreshed after a dawn of raining drops… Weatherly, day couldn’t be better!!!).

Karim's portrait of "Soho Lovers", Adam and Anne

My last working week before a well deserved month-ly holiday keeps rolling.


I’m pretty fused, in such a way yesterday I blew at the squash game we decided to have at the Aperitif Time.

I hate to lose even at the smallest games, imagine how do I feel when I properly suck at something I’m supposed to be very good at.

Luckely, Karim consoles me for everything (even if my sucky performance made him lose along, cos we were doing double challenge…).

We had a fabulous time during Garda Lake weekend… and I can honestly say the month that we’re gonna spend like glued on my boat (well, boat is huge so we will have space to be unglued, but you get me) could easily give room to… MAJOR development in my/our life.

But okay, let’s start to put in this post all that I have been collecting these days.

And believe me, this post is gonna be HUGE.

We have even a full Huffington Post  Interview that I found ADORABLE (Thanx, Mike Ragogna!):

Adam Levine Huffington Post Interview - July 23, 2010 - by Mike Ragogna

In just a bunch of hours, (and I mean literally… it’s in less than 6 hours, at 9 pm ET time) will take the stage at the Fuse broadcasted event you know from a life, and sweet Adam is completely adamant the thing doesn’t leave him cold (awwww!!).

Adam Levine and girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna in Soho 26 July 2010 -01

Btw, Hart Hanson (Bones‘s creator, and former first boss of Adam… ;)) advice for fighting stage fright isn’t bad, hope Adam follows it 😉 in some hours!

Adam Levine and girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna in Soho 26 July 2010 -02

Click on this shot of the real Fuse Page and jump to the broadcasted images (it’s my 3 am… don’t really think I can. Only Lakers wake me up in the middle of the night, and anyway my working tasks this week request me not Fused on Fuse… *sigh*):

Fuse Present Maroon 5 live from Beacon Theathre - New York, July 27, 2010

To cheer the boys up, (boys that are   RIGHT now doing soundcheck, as PJ Morton graciously let us see), and to cheer especially sweet Adam up, seems that a represent of the kids he and Jesse schooled at Grammy’s Camp last week (check the chronichle here) are gonna be part of the audience.

Awww: of course Adam sounded delighted about it!!!

Of course by now all the guys (included the awesome PJ Morton!!!)  are in New York (of course, they are doing a soundcheck!); and all had to say bye bye to their homes on the West Coast and to sunny Los Angeles (and *somebody* REALLY feels it…), and in Jesse’s case, after having bonded over Harley Davidson’s love (Go Jess!!) because the tour starts and they won’t be back for MONTHS.

Adam Levine and girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna in Soho 26 July 2010 -03

But Adam actually went a day and a half PRIOR to the rest of the band.

And the clear reason stays in the pics of yesterday afternoon, when he and Anne strolled lovely through Soho.

Awww (even though… steak for lunch and then coconut giant frozen yoghurt/drink? Adam doesn’t have a stomach. He has a burning oven… he probably can mix metal cans and sprouts…) .

She took the train from the most famous lighthouse of America (Montauk one) while he was flying to reach over New York.

And they remeet.

Call me lightweight (I am, I am) but I was melting when she wrote that the Full Moon over New York was Sensational (by then, Adam must have been aside).

Oh, how cute they are… 🙂

Such a perfect couple.

I can’t stop thinkin how gorgeous their babies could be… Imagine: all freckled (because he is a bit freckled too…), slim, with those cat’s eyes and the smile they both have which is so shimmering and luminous.


If they’d ever procreate, they would create such a wonderful new genetic 😉

While you and me and all together drool over their cuteness, we can take this link  (into the image) so that we can obtain Maroon5 Radio Widget (unfortunately this won’t be shown on this WordPress banner, because it’s Shockwave Flash…):

Click and go to Maroon5 IHeart Radio

Another thing which has strangely caused fuss (I say strangely, because it was known since a while, see how also in this blog we got mention of that from Billboard even…) was the fact as you know Maroon 5 have joined the Arizona Sound Strike boycotting.

Maroon 5 go Good about anti - immigrants Arizona Law

This is what Adam declared on Popeater (click on the page and you get to the site as well) which was reprised from various other sites, too:

Popeater: Maroon 5 joins Arizona protestors

The most absurd thing is actually to believe Maroon 5 are NOT a political band.

Adam Levine and girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna stroll in Soho, 26 July 2010

Are you kidding me?

Sure, their music isn’t Rage Against The Machine one, because they do pop rock and political themes are not part of their lyrics at all… but as people, they have always been VERY outspoken politically (till parossism sometimes… but I still LOVE that purity about them).

Adam Levine and Anne Vyalitsyna - Soho 26July2010 - 04

They are good hearted kids and some of the comments regarding this decision they have made make those writing them complete fools.

Adam Levine and Anne Vyalitsyna - Soho 26July2010 - 6

They do know nothing about any of Jesse, James, Adam, Mickey and Matt’s belief and they have no idea who they are if they think they are NOT political.

Just try and mention to Adam Fox News or Glenn Beck… 😉

I totally back up and support their choice.

It’s not about allowing ILLEGAL immigration: it’s about the segregatory and racist concept that to be delatory against someone CONSIDERED to be MORE potentially bound to criminal life JUST because he’s an immigrant is not right.

It’s the concept at the basis which promotes racism as a “solution” to malfunctionality of society.

I am particularly keen at the subject because it’s the same Nehanderthalian approach Lega Nord has in Italy.

It’s not defending anybody’s prerogatives: it’s bending to hatred and violence and not using brain.

Regression into cave’s era is never okay to me.

That’s it.

I speak my mind as well and I don’t care if some don’t like it. I can back it all up with LOGIC. 😉

Adam Levine and Anne Vyalitsyna - Soho 26July2010 - 7

Okay… I would say now I can leave you with a couple of shining candies:  one is out of a  Radio Interview (always thanx, huge thanx to Jennifer Coles for those) :

And then the stream of the video of Apple Campus in Cupertino (yeah!!!!) always graciously landed by Jennifer:


Adam Levine and girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna in Soho, 26 July 2010

I think by now it’s all (whoahoooo… and it’s a LOT, isn’t it?)

In the next few days we will hopefully have the stream of the Fuse event AND the chronichle of the Billboard Live Q&A that happens tomorrow (again at an impossible time for me… GRRR).

What else?

Oh, you will wonder why at this time I am WRITING here (it’s 21.40 in Italy) and not cuddling or sexing it up with Karim.

Karim is taken with sculpting and has forbidden me to come nearby of more than ten steps away till 23.00.


Now you get while I am writing this post now, right?


Enjoy your time, folks.

I’ll enjoy mine in… aprox… 1 hour and 18 minutes 😉



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