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I need holidays. BADLY.

Posted on: 19 July 2010

Good morning universe!

Restored after a very beautiful weekend that we have spent in a sunny, hot (but not too humid, surprisingly) Florence, with pleasantly likable pointers in the nearby countryside, I can fully dedicate myself to another KILLING week at work.

I will try to be really calm about the madness incoming.

July is like this, and all I have to think is that I have only 11 more days till freedom comes and Karim and I sail from Genova to enjoy 4 (read… F-O-U-R) amazing weeks in the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s not really like I’m that entitled to whine, is it?

a little gift for my dad: an Eberhard cronograph.

While in Florence, we bought to my dad a little present for his achievements in the professional field (our friends and acolytes and family know all that is due about that, and about the rest of the world… NOT YOUR BUSINESS, right? ;))

We also enjoyed the fine pleasure of tasting a town emptied by the heat (Florentinians escape to the sea as soon as every summer Friday evening comes, I learnt) and resembling a cute Babylon of accents while we were journey around.

I completely love the whole of Tuscany.

It’s so beautiful and charming to the eye, the amazing composition of green, yellow, red and blue from all the nature you get to put your eyes onto while there.

I am grateful I have a house there.


Before I try to compose a post that will be hopefully informative for fans around, let me congratulate the amazingly incredibly unique Valentino Rossi: the Doctor got back on his Yamaha and not 6 MONTHs as it was planned, but merely 6 WEEKs after his breakin injury he almost went to the podium in Germany.

What can we say… *just stand up and roar*? 🙂 Look :

That was purely amazing.


Okay, now let’s collect back all the info and news and excerpts of stuff I got in my mailboxes these past days.

Get used to a sort of “patchwork” posting every 3/4 days while I’m on holiday (or also now, that I am taken with the last battles at work before them), because until september this is the way this blog will work (and I mean… I could have even packed it all… as you know, my free and spare time is holy… and I don’t wanna this blog to become a duty EVER. It’s just not the way I function. It won’t ever be. So stop asking in mails things you already know about, right? *fine* ;)).

I left you with pictures of Adam and Jesse from the Grammy Camp?

Well, now thanx to Jennifer Coles (of course, just like the pictures I patchworked are also a gift from her) you have also a VIDEO from it, and some shout out from Maroon5 themselves that also comes from CNN:

This happens when you cannot really use the night *well* 😉

Back at those midweek stuff last week, you read also on the previous post I was kinda hoping the hiatus between Adam and Anne wouldn’t have lasted any further, because he seemed to have way too much time to bore himself with without her (time he cannot use in any “leisurable” way other than a fraction of what “leisure” really is meant to be…), even though some hilarious questions at him also generated a couple of amazing answers from his twitter that all of us I suppose enjoyed a lot.

But yep, it was about time Anne jumped on a plane and reunited with her half in need on the hot sunny soil of LaLaLand.

And hopefully, talkin about need, her half didn’t find that “exhausting” to perform the whole of the suggestions a song he hinted at was requesting, once the two got back together for a way *more pleasurable* mutual use of the night…

I hope it for Anne, at least ;), cos these are the full excerpts of that song (I mean, the interesting ones… LOL)… :

kIHA song "My Back, My Neck (dirty version)

That was probably a Voyeur song.

I mean, a song he heard in that club.

I personally love Voyeur.

Even though I’m a female, I like the decadency so luxurious of that place.

And I recall you all I pushed for getting there when last month we were in LA too.

But luckely as I said Anne got back to save the day (and the night) and so on Friday the guys were actually happily taken in less mundane stuff.

They reharsaled also with the amazing Questo of the Roots (who is actually one of the very first people I followed on Twitter!) and we got also a photo evidence of that from PJ Morton (awwww), that you surely will enjoy and that will make you guess what the sound of the tour is gonna be like (hint: I’m sure it’ll be amazing).

Maroon 5 and Questlove in reharsals

The theme of “music + reharsals + funny bites” goes on as I assume to be in the same room for hours and hours randomly gets in the head of at least one of the band members.

This especially when that band member is experiencing a hiatus from his significant other.

No, stop it… Anne just arrived in LA so we’re NOT talkin about Adam this time (the usual suspect… LOL).

Adam is all happy and shining and his lovely half woke up facing Hollywood sign from a well known terrace…

Guess from where Anne took this? 😉

So beside Adam kinkiness, we also got to enjoy James’s verbosity in a proper Q&A moment yesterday that was funny to read (no, I didn’t ask a thing… I just enjoyed reading answers… well, not all of them, but a good portion ;)), and that went into today with cover ideas asked around (shouldn’t they know already? anyway it’s cute when James is more interactive… ;)).

One thing is assured and that’s Adam’s mood gets incredibly sweeter and more approcheable when Anne is around.

Even his way to joke around is someway more tenderly directed.

Can’t explain… “how”, I just like it when it appears so, and it happens “so” when she’s with him.

And NO… I’m not planning to check what that “Baby Hippo” app is, though I loved Anne’s hint at it 😉

I have already enough iPhone apps, they are 127… 😉 and I have not enough spaces for hippos (but Hipstamatic app rocks, that is true. I bought all packs ;)).

I guess we can leave it here for today.

I have hours more at lab before I am free. And when I will be free, it’s gonna be sweet Swifty ride.

Gotta capitalize hours with my horse before I leave him for a month. Seriously… I’m TALKING to him to explain it to him.

And call me mad… he GETS me 😉

Later peeps ;)!


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