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Crazy Week, with break-ins of light

Posted on: 15 July 2010


Adam at Grammy Camp - 3

I know, this comes:

1) late;

Adam at Grammy Camp - 5

2) and it will be… “short and on the point”.

I have a crazy week at work, it always happens when July comes and we have to fit in everything before holiday time.

Still, lots of break-ins of light are available to cheer my life still.

This weekend we get back to my new Florence House (we’re gonna get roasted by weather… but doesn’t matter ;)) and just yesterday we bought a baby to fill in.

Adam at Grammy Camp - 6

NO, stop… not a TRUE baby (don’t call social services… lol..): we bought an iMac for that house too.

Ehi! Gotta be connected and workin in style from there too 😉

Adam, Jesse and Colbie at Grammy Camp

This evening is super-boredom instead: Rotary Dinner. Yikes.

To help me through the double tasks of work, useless dinner among frozen penguins, and the incredible heat over Milan, they come the GOODIES!!!

Mighty DA Queen Jennifer Coles has filled me with stuff these past two days and although I won’t be very descriptive (don’t have time, plain and simple) you’re gonna please your eyes, ears and imagination/projection/expectation frame of mind with Maroon5 related Radio, Video and Pic candies.

Adam and Jesse at Grammy Camp 1

Is it okay?

Adam and Jesse at Grammy Camp - 4

Hope so 😉


Know that yesterday two very enthusiastic and captivated Adam and Jesse (and Colbie Caillat actually) have been talking to the students at the Grammy Camp 2010 Guest Professional Day at USC Thornton School of Music on July 14, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

Adam Grammy Camp 14 July 2010 - 2

Kids and music?

Sounds so perfect 😉

The pictures you see today comes from that event, and for those tagless, you have of course to thank again Jennifer Coles (the others I downloaded myself from Getty Images, n.d.r.).

PS: notice the way Adam sits on that chair. What an adorable brat… 😉

Maroon5 Reharsals 14 July 2010

After the camp Jesse and Adam got back at reharsal, and we know it because their new recruitment for the tour, the talented P.J Morton, posted tweetphoto of the session and also of Adam drumming during them (you know I love to catch Divine A. on drumsticks ;)).

Adam on drums 14 July 2010

After that?

Well, after that Adam just confirmed he has way too much time on his hands (literally?… okay, that was nasty… and I love being nasty… 😉 theee-hee… anyway, Adam sould just switch to European porn – Beck is okay too though – …We are better there too… 😉 ninja and porn? Please…) without his half, who sticks at the other side of the world (and allegedly not even that happy about it either…).

He really really REALLY needs to use his night time in the normal way he always likes to.

Or he needs to get more into Jesse’s advices to cope with channeling energies unable to flow the way he’d like them to.

Adam Grammy Camp 14 July 2010 - 2

No escape 😉 (and he could reach universal harmony… ;))

Okay, now let’s post all the goodies, cos time flies and this break also is near ending.

Radio bites, starting from Radio Sophie (never wake him up TOO soon… ;)):

Then a little hint at what Divine Adam thinks of that idiot dbag of Mel Gibson:

Then the incredible and fun moments at the Awkward Show:

Jesse and Adam Grammy Camp 14 July 2010 - 4

And then AJ Radio part one

…and part 2:

Jesse Adam Grammy Camp 14 July 2010 - 5

And finally, The Buzz Interview Part 1…:

and part 2 again:

Jesse Adam Grammy Camp 14 July 2010 - 6

And finally, to cheer your eyes… the CNN behind the scenes of Misery Video:

This video doesn’t exist

And some really really great video about… well.. Adam “getting bad” (awwww ;)):

Okay… hopefully this will cheer up your day like it did cheer mine 😉

Adam At Grammy Camp 14 July 2010

Back to work, and rushing reactions.

Adam and Jesse at Grammy Camp 14 July 2010

Later ;)!!!

Z. 😉


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