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Magic of Summer approaches

Posted on: 13 July 2010

great classic from Adam's past 😉 Ehi! He started to recall "memory lane"... 😉

Is it me, or this massive July heat that spreads over Lombardia and makes even Milan people long for a CityBeach among concrete buildings makes you dream about sea&suntan&holidays like… 24/7?

Today at work is being insane… my lunch break was all about eating an icecream, and starting uploading this (I write pieces of posts in different moments and then I put them together when there are not specific news to report, so imagining tomorrow as well will be like today, namely HECTIC and FILLED, I better put online this before everything gets old ;))

I’m really into incoming holidays.


It takes just three weeks… less than those…

And then all I want to know about will be how to rock my boat in our Summer Cruise (as I promised, I will take on my holidays Noah so I will keep *some* quick blog updates. Just because I can be *SO* kind… ;))

But yeah… I’m getting lazy and I cannot wait for being free from work for 4 weeks.

Is THAT phase of the year when all my working tasks start to take a toll.

Actually I would have liked to attend one more last week, because that would have felt not much as work, but more like a wonderful experience.

Dad was in Turin for ESOF and he got to attend of course Nobel Ada Yonath‘s lecture.

Now that’s a woman who is inspirational to me, as a chemist, as a person, as a scientist… as a female… as EVERYTHING.

I imagine many of you cannot be chemists and they have no idea who Ada is, but take a rapid look at THIS, at least. The future of our next better lives are in her studies:

To balance this “Quark” moment I step back of a bunch of hours, congratulating of course Spain for their awesome acheivement in the World Cup Final.

Paulpo Paul was right:

Beside that, know that Paulpo Paul is retiring (excerpt from the hilarious DLISTED site, which I adore…)

I actually saw excerpts of the final only, because when it was played we were at LaScala watching the awesome Béjart version of The Kabuki.

It has been so emotional and beautiful…

During the whole ballet, Karim and I would caress one another feeling the Japanese magic all over again.

We kept writing on one another’s hand skin “I love you” and “Let’s go back to Japan soon” 🙂

I adore that we adore traveling to the same places JUST the same 😉

Derek Fisher is DA MAN. Hat off to his greatness and loyalty 🙂

Talkin about traveling.

One person who should NOT travel is Derek Fisher.

Derek… do not even think about leaving Los Angeles… and Lakers, please stop tease and sign him straight back.

Derek is Laker for life.

Don’t kid.


UPDATE: Of course Derek Fisher STAYS with The Lakers. just because there could be no other place like LakersDome for him. And of course the reason and the man he couldn’t leave for is the one and only, the amazing God of Basketball, Kobe Bean Bryant :)

Talkin about my adored Kobe, yesterday I was going to bed, happy to know Derek was staying with us… and just before turning tv off, Sky showed this, that a lovely soul put over YouTube straight for my delight.

Okay, the non italians won’t get it, but I get amazed at Kobe’s GREAT italian accent and always captivated by his beautiful voice.

My one and only hero, upset because Italy SUCKED in the cup 😉 (Kobe, angel of my life… it was all logically expectable… none of those puppets are like YOU…):

Of course, Kobe is a MilanAC supporter. I mean. OF COURSE. I am… he is ;). Just logic: great minds think alike 😉 (I also thought Germany could have won, Kobe, but in the end, Spain deserved. Pau is gonna be happy and pumped ;))

Read happily about the due ending of Derek’s saga in the Lakers Blog (ah, if it weren’t this lazy these summer days I would love to write about this in there… but nope… my writing forces are zero when heat breaks the 35 C limit ;))

Right that we are on travels&people, Russian Fairy moved from native Russia allegedly back to Western territories.

Guess she was quite sad to leave her homeland (I think it’s natural… to never hear anybody speak your own language, to never get to read your alphabet for months, to stay apart from your own people for so long since so many years is definitely NOT easy. Especially when all this is being done since you were a teenager... but at least she has a great life out of that sacrifice, and that balances the minuses, right? I hope so, at least. Otherwise it would be really bad…).

Then it seems Milan isn’t the only place in Europe where heat is really hard to beat 😉 (Mash, who was in catwalks in Paris and Berlin too, told us it’s kinda cooking out. But being dark skinned, for him is better ;))

Hopefully Adam will get a better mood out from the fact she gets nearer to him again, because in the past hours he was quite… fluctuating from enthusiasm for surroundings… to Holy Wars resembling DonQuixote (Adam, honey… you can’t teach taste by snapping fingers babystop taking care of unimportant words around you? better ;)), to some drive down to memory lane which sounded both kinky and someway… odd?

Anyway, Adam and kinkyness go hand in hand always… I finally found what Marghe reported to me out from the VEVO show, the part about Jeremy Sisto…:

From New York Post... 😉

I know… I know… we love him exactly because it’s THIS unfiltered (at least, I do for that especially) 😉

The VEVO gig anyway will be broadcasted for everyone later on, so just stay tuned, okay?

Then we do love him because after some venting out, he can just take up the “virtual pen” of Twitter and say this (first reading of my morning… and it was really really sweet ;)):

Just taking another moment to thank our fans yet again for giving us this life. 🙂”  >>> All together… *AWWW* 😉

Today then Adam will wake up pretty soon cos he has to attend Mark & Mercedes show in the wee hours of the morning ( a tragedy for him ;)). Wow… maybe this time they will make him talk with Malia Obama? ;).


The interview, literally one hour after broadcasted, is already HERE thanx to the incredible work of DA Queen Jennifer Coles. enjoy 😉 :

Let’s momentarily get back to the previous post though (where I already detailed the fact Bob Carmichael’s footage for Story video had won awards, ndr) to show you a couple of fan videos from the attendance of Maroon5 at Steve Job’s Tech Dream Land in Cupertino:

and this one:

Cute, innit?

Even cuter is this about the special 27th of July event that will be Fuse Broadcasted, that you know already of because I shared the news a few days ago (people also won tickets, so… ;)):

Maroon 5 at Beacon Theatre on July 27

I think  for today it can be enough… and anyway gotta get back working.

More incoming nex days on 😉

Have happy Tuesday folks 😉




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