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Apple, Candies and Miami Meat

Posted on: 10 July 2010

Good morning Universe!

Okay, it’s almost midday and really, I’m updating this only for I wanna provide a service… because after yesterday pool’s party I’m totally dizzy and I think I won’t leave this room until 4 pm (we still at our friends’ place, and believe me it will need lots of cleaning when we will finally exit… What a Awesome Pool Party!!!).

Essentially I update this in the morning (and if you wonder through what, I brought Noah along at the party… ;)) for this video:

which you all have as per usual to thank Jennifer Coles for.

Just because I’m here, let’s share some further candy.

For instance we knew through Bob Carmichael that Maroon 5 Story Video got awarded:

and that’s a cool thing, innit?

Right 😉

Babies by the way shared a couple of useful bits on touring matters and also gave a shout out about cool things to catch this weekend.

Now if you wonder what Russian Fairy is up to in her native Russia, she is trying to get a tan along her lovely relatives.

Awww. 🙂 Aren’t they adorabs? That little cutie aside her might as well become a model if genetics is fair 🙂

And about Divine A., hold yourself tight on some seat because… Adam has entered the geek territory.

The Geek Mecca: Cupertino Apple Campus

The Supreme Geek Territory.

I said “Geek” not “Nerd” so you all should be surprised because… well… you all know Adam isn’t exactly the most accustomed tech educated fella.

He loves tech stuff, but isn’t exactly a Geek… 😉 (like me for instance).

But… allegedly he had a blast of time this past day being hours and hours in the Mecca… In Cupertino….

My sweet babies 😉

Apple!!! Apple!!! Steve J…!!!


You know, I’m a Apple devotee.

And I am incredibly happy in imagining Adam getting fascinated THERE about all Apple stuff.

I think it’s a wonderful thing.

Ah! 😉

LeBronZe looking retarded... LMAO 😉

Now about the uncool things, I’m still cracking and laughing about LeLoser’s switch to the Miami Heat, which from now on in my book are gonna be the Miami MEAT ;).

LeBron James‘s ego is really delusional.

They speak of him, Wade and Bosh like the best trio ever?

LMAO… yeah… *sure*…

Kobe is ready to trash all of you three again and straight: I’m glad you guys just gave him a good impulse to develop again his killer instinct.

You’re gonna be eaten by a Black Mamba, “Meat” 😉

Okay… I think for this post is all.

But stay tuned in some hours, as long as I get access to the link, I will shout out also from this page about a special site you all should check.

It’s gonna be healthy and full of information 😉

Later peeps… enjoy your weekend! 😉


3 Responses to "Apple, Candies and Miami Meat"

[…] momentarily get back to the previous post though (where I already detailed the fact Bob Carmichael’s footage for Story video had won […]

[…] momentarily get back to the previous post though (where I already detailed the fact Bob Carmichael’s footage for Story video had won […]

Nice post … In fact, it’s the coolest post I read this month and deserve a Facebook share!

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