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Kutiman remixes Maroon 5 and it deserves update

Posted on: 8 July 2010


While fearing for the fate of Paul The Octopus, after the inhabitant of salty sea (or an aquarium in this case) rightly predicted to the Germans that they’d be losing against Spain for the Fifa World Cup Final (typical: one states the truth, and people can’t take that as men…), and while I await the start of today working meeting (our new potential partners in northern Europe are coming from Geneva, Switzerland, and their train is late ;)), I get enough time for a brief update.

I’m pumped cos yesterday I won at tennis against Karim!!! and then we had a wonderful post Spain- Germany game at the Wii League at his loft along the cream of our gang.

It has been an awesome day, and I feel so happy that I could multitask for 18 hours straight today 😉

(not really… ;))

So, the reason for this update comes from the fact I have time, first, and then I want to share the Kutiman Remix of Maroon 5, that you can find at Babies’ Youtube page (so you can comment there!), and that I upload this as well in no YouTube form because sometimes it happens that not all regions of the world can catch it through youtube (but still, click on the link above and try watchin it from the YouTube page as well ;)):

This video doesn’t exist

Isn’t ace?!??

I love it a lot, and thanx to Jennifer Coles (the one thanx to who you all see this, of course) I can also listen to the MP3 😉


What are babies up to these hours, btw?

Well, Jesse has shared a video that you all should take notice of and give a listen to:

And then Babies want to inform us that there is a way to become Roadie for a Day along them thanx to Sirius FM (Which is awesome!!!), so just Read about it and try for it ;).

They are currently in reharsals for the tour of course and Adam just briefly ago updated us sharing the fact things are “getting fun”.

Well, at least his day was fun… because   his lady had actually not such a good one, and I am really sorry for her.

Anne's memo for Gaultier Couture Catwalk - Paris, 7 July 2010

You remember yesterday I was writing about Anne being lovely pumped up about her first Couture catwalk for Gaultier?


She was so up for it… and shared  happily all stages about that great excitement through twitpics and words…

But then it happened something that is actually quite common on catwalks, and believe me I do know, because some of my friends belong exactly in the Haute Couture world and shit like that happens frequently…

Fact is this:
“I lost both shoes in the beginning of the runway… so it might be my first and last couture show :(“


Poor Anne.

It must have been really really really horrible for her because she was so keen at that performance…

I felt like I could perceive her disappointment, and I was thinking: “Shit… that’s so not a lucky break… sorry for you gal, for real…

But you know what I loved after that?

Her spirit about it.

"Me still with shoes"... Oh, sweetheart... 😦

You could clearly decode her total sadness about the whole thing, but she was able to give us updates with a sort of humour or perspective about the whole thing, mantaining the disappointment and the sadness, but in a way… managining to remain cute about it.

I really loved that.

My most famous model friend cried for hours when she firstly fucked up her Couture catwalk back in 2005 (it was Dior, for the record).

I hope she really found relief in her shopping spree after the drama, and that she cleared up sales at Chanel

I perfectly get that way of “healing guilt” or “healing pain” and I totally subscribe along.

I also hope she got comforting words and uplifting mood from Adam.

She managed to still look SO fierce. Admirable.

Man, that had to suck so badly…

And still look how she was looking fierce even walking shoeless on that catwalk.

Thumbs up Anne.

It takes BALLS.

I also wish her to find peaceful and comforting thoughts and care back home now that she is in her native Russia for a well deserved (and at this point really useful) stop (no German stop allegedly? Mash?).

Nothing like your places and your family can raise back mood and make you see the goodness and forget the badness (well… and getting back to familar funny habits too?) ;).

Shit happens, right?

It would have been better NOT to happen, but really… try and forget about it.

Treasure the beautiful things you have and focuse on those just.

This is a wholeheartedly given advice.

Btw, the Gaultier Catwalk was great in itself

Look how the awesome pinted sized doll Dita Von Tease closed it up with a surprise appearance:

Dita and Jean Paul, 7 July 2010, Paris

Have all a great day folks!

My guests are here 😉



3 Responses to "Kutiman remixes Maroon 5 and it deserves update"

Kutiman remixes Maroon 5 and it deserves update…

I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

Kutiman remixes Maroon 5 and it deserves update…

I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

Maroon 5 has surprises…

Los Angeles, California (CNN) — Adam Levine is dangling from a crane, 6 feet above traffic in downtown Los Angeles. Gingerly, the Maroon 5 front man is lowered onto the asphalt, where he falls onto his back and plays possum. “Cut!” yells the assista…

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