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Testing… testing… things just got more interesting

Posted on: 7 July 2010

Good morning universe!

Adam on Independence Day 2010 - Collage

This morning at lab is my own testing time.

Which means two-three hours to pass in semi-boredom, unless things interesting happen that switch that.

Well… they DID happen.

I am using twitter, and I got DA Queen‘s updates so you’re gonna see a coupla more videos.

I will also post the collages I lacked from previous series of pictures…

Then I will share my latest video obsessions (Mark Ronson, Chromeo, Gorillaz).

Well, those are my OTHER video obsessions, beside Misery, of course: know that my Apple devices have played it a total of  87 times since I bought it on July 2nd… ;)…

I love endlessly min 0.19 when Adam unleashes that cute sexy smile at Anne – both with mouth AND eyes, which I adore… – min. 2.19 when he smiles receiving her slapping and on his profile you see that awesome dimple, and min 2.44 to min 2.48 when you see while approaching her and singing, as Jesse gets killed by the car, he can’t restrain from extruding tongue out ready to kiss her, a couple of times before she actually lets him lock it over herself…

Those are the detailes that make me go like… “whooooo!!! = HOT”.

More Today Show Maroon 5 Collage

I so adore the video.

Their chemistry is off the roof.

And the whole of video’s dark sexy humour is perfect for my taste 😉 : jeez… they are totally amazing together… 🙂

I will also share another kind of obsession in today’s update… because it seems Psycho can’t hold herself these days, and has a striking tendency at trying to get back round my way, with fake Twitters and now with a Fake reader of this blog.

Too bad my protective devices are making a concert out of any communication that arrives from “KNOWN IPs that belongs to Stalker Nuthead“, no matter which one of my accounts that communication get sent to.

There’s a reason I love to be rich for: I get all kind of protective filters.

No matter how much they do cost.

You would do the same if you’d been object like I did of a TRUE physical assault coming from an Internet nuthead in the past.

And so you get also why I can’t stand crazy people using Internet and faking life, passions, and all that goes around.

Psycho… You are amusing in your losers’ attempts.

More Adam in Malibu on July 4th 2010 - 1 -

I love that you’re digging your grave any day deeper.

Makes me have lot of fun… 😉

But this comes later in this post… let’s go in order.

The cutest thing happening to me yesterday was that once I went to my booked time at Max Mara store in Milan for the special sales – I had such a cute personal shopper there waiting for me… he helped a lot! – I got cutely backsided by a very elegant man, who was actually the caddy of an even cuter guy.

More Adam in Malibu on July 4th 2010 - 2 -

He approached me and in a very spot on Italian he said his Mister would have loved to gift me with everything I was about to purchase (for the record… over 1.400 Euros of stuff…).

Then he quickly added that wasn’t meant to be an offence, but an homage to my beauty and style.

Awww ;).

Trust me if I weren’t now the person I am, I would have taken that guy (the one not speaking Italian, but actually very fluent in English AND French, Mr. Rand, from Estonia) and I would have undressed him carefully and tasted him a LOT deeper.

Not for the gift offer (I never let men pay my stuff… Karim had to wait to be my bf for that being allowed… I’m stubborn and proud of being wealthy on my own, and I’m not digging prostitutes, even though I’m an outspoken libertine), but because he looked really, really hot.

Instead, being now such a good and committed girl, I just thanked him, explaining him some good things about Milan and Italian women, and after taking my own stuff away, I kissed him goodbye.

More Adam in Malibu on July 4th 2010 - 3 -

A true kiss.

No, kidding. I did not kiss him. But I made him believe I would have under different circumstances. How? A game of eye. Quick signals of hope. Things you master about body language after all the experiences I’ve got about men in my life.

I’m an artist there.

Too bad – for him – the number I left him with wasn’t mine, but Fede’s old one (for the record, it has received from 20 hours ago a total of 12 missed calls and 31 sms… 😉 Yes, I know… I’m bragging here. I do. I love it. Females owning males in their hands are just perfection… And I love to be that kind of female… I won’t lie ;))

All kkinds of hot? Yep 😉

Of course Karim got aware of that, because I carefully tweeted about it.

That’s one of our games.

I like the way he reacts when stuff like these happen: he never gets crazy (well, he probably does, see R. in the past, or my wild nightclub’s antics when we weren’t officially together), but he works HIS way to make me realize further and further why it’s worthy that I’ve decided to stop my bedding games and I’ve chosen to be only his.

And yesterday evening/night… Oh, boy… He made it again.

I could have never hoped for anything better than him in my life.

He’s a Godsent.

Hot. Hot. Hot. And so bright, creative… so inspirational.

I’m totally in love.

*sigh* 🙂 I am.

In the break of Karim’s “living lovey lessons” we caught Holland win over Uruguay and reaching World Cup Final.

Great game. Great teams. Great Cup so far.

Jean Paul Gaultier's style

Both Karim and I cheer for Oranges now… but anything can happen 😉 We said if Holland wins, we will go to Amsterdam soon 😉

If you wonder what Russian Fairy is up to at Paris  Haute Couture Fashion Week, she just tweeted about it:

“On my way to the Jean Paul Gautier couture show! Can’t hold the excitement. Its been 9yrs and it’s my first couture show…”

Awww 🙂 Cute 🙂 🙂 🙂

She’s gonna be awesome in that catwalk 😉 and I love the way she pours out her enthusiasm about it.

I find it endlessly cute and humble.

Lovely 🙂

Okay… now it’s time for the two Maroon5 videos I told you about:

and this other one, on ABC instead:

Talkin about videos, here are the three that I love the most beside Misery nowadays. My favourite spinning jam, Chromeo‘s Night By Night:

The masterpiece that is Gorillaz‘s On Melancholy Hill (can’t wait for November 19th at Mediolanum Forum!!!):

And then the awesome Japan-referenced video of Mark Ronson for Bang Bang Bang.

It’s genius. And I mean… “Alouette!!!” My French training started with it at 4 😉

How can I NOT adore this song? Check it out :

And now…

Just to make people aware what I mean when I say Psycho’s a diseased nuthead, look in brief, unexpected evidence how a crazy stalker behaves when she feels in crazy mode.

After a couple of days when another Fake identity of her tried to get back on me over Twitter (she is aware this incoming saturday is a big day, so her crazy obsessive mind tries to work on that, just in the way compulsioned people do), and after I recorded THAT, as I always do with all my stuff, another pleasant surprise hit me yesterday over here, causing my special protective devices to explode in crossing codes coming always from the same two IPs:

Some crazy head can't avoid to Lie&Stalker on... CAUGHT AGAIN 😉

Well, the point is COMPULSIVE LIARS show mental problems (and you lie as a living style, Psycho).

Faking identity shows MENTAL Problem.

Stalkering normal people shows MENTAL problem.

Trying to get acquainted with famous people you’re obsessed with in a no healthy way, especially when you’re not 13 anymore, shows MENTAL problem.

To never sleep to be constantly over Internet, and when you try to don’t show yourself through your PRIMARY identity – just because someone addresses that as mental disease – but through your Double, Triple, Quadruple Fake IDs in place of that SHOWS mental problem.

Psycho: you’re a degenerative DANGEROUS person.

Your obsessive behaviour will cause damage to those around you, and has to cease.

Your comedy is ready to be unveiled to everyone caring enough to SEE THE TRUTH; and I will be proud to provide it in 3… 2… 1… IGNITION day.

Get therapy.

You’re in great need of that.


Ip Numbers DON’T lie. You do, but they don’t. Ouch 😉


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Testing? testing? things just got more interesting…

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