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Misery Video (Band Version) and Pic Mood

Posted on: 5 July 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, courtesy of DA Mighty Queen Jennifer Coles, enjoy the version of Misery Video with the excerpts of the band playing (the fans were there after band asked for real fans to attend the video shooting, if you remember) , which gives us less Adam‘s hotness (no good) but on the other side let us see Matty, James, Mickey and Jesse a tad more lively instead than just briefly appearing just to die shorthly after (excellent):

Compare the versions by getting back HERE where I posted the Director’s Cut one (I still love it more).

Adam in Malibu on Independence Day - 2

Adam in Malibu on Independence Day - 3

I wasn’t meant to actually update the blog today: I have been taken with my horse all day and you know Swifty is particularly possessive (lol), in this strange day off I took just because my ladydoctor changed my booked check up during weekend, squandering my plans (but on the other side, again, allowing me to enjoy a way better trip coming back home from Lake Garda THIS morning instead of yesterday evening, and giving me the afternoon to enjoy along Karim and horses!!!).

Karim draw also for me a new portrait of Divine A., for cheering me after the Doctor time :

Karim's gift for me: a new portrait of Adam 😉

Considering at this point the post is made, let’s enjoy some Pic Mood as well, so I will feel I opened pc for a reason consistent (I actually also helped Serena and Federico this morning via laptop, to be fair ;)…).

Adam in Malibu on Independence Day - 4

Adam and the guys are back West, and they are since yesterday (4th

Adam in Malibu on Independence Day - 5

July holy to enjoy Home of course

), and as usual the traveling on plane makes Adam a kid hyperactive with tweets (which is amusing).

Too bad sometimes company on plane is the trashiest shit it’s possible to get… *sigh*.
Anne as well left New York to head to Paris for the Fashion Haute Couture Events to be held there (after that she should head to Germany, if my inputs are correct…).
Without his belle, Adam took no hesitation in takin out his other mistress (don’t think bad… I mean one of his bikes, you mean people! ;)), and went in Malibu (hopefully NOT to follow his just deemed new fashion icon… please… NO!) along his gang.
Enjoy the Pic Mood describing this journey, then:

Adam in Malibu on Independence Day - 1

Adam in Malibu on Independence Day - 6

Adam in Malibu on Independence Day - 7

Adam in Malibu on Independence Day - 8

I have 15 more, but I am kinda tired.

I’ll put up a collage of those next post, okay?

Have all a great evening.

Time for me… to enjoy life 😉

Bye bye 😉


6 Responses to "Misery Video (Band Version) and Pic Mood"

This was the first version I saw. But I like more the other version. Not because of “Adam’s hotness”, but because the plot is clearer and funnier. LMAO, I gotta watch right now the other version.

😉 But that is also MY reason for liking it more… 😉 *seriously* ;)… Hugs lil bro!

Saw this link doing a google search; I hope you don’t mind me writing a comment on here.

I can’t wait to see the guys in Biloxi and definitely can’t wait to see them singing some of their new material. It has been a long time coming, don’t you think?

You have some really neat people to supply you with all your photography. I know it must take tons of work getting all of it on here to keep fans up to date.

Are you a fan club member and what concerts will you be going to?

Thank you for your cute words.
Well, this is actualy a blog that details my likes, so it is not properly a fan blog (and not only a M5 fan blog either, in case…) but I like to spread words about them cos I find them so very talented, and I obviously like them a lot.
To find photo material is easier than you think… while for radio and videos, yep, I gotta thank a lot Jennifer Coles who sends me all stuff available.
just put them up and write my way about that.
I am not signed up to fanclub.
I’m not a fanclub person in general, I don’t see the purpose of sharing my datas… All that I can buy of the groups I love is anyway available for “non fanclub” people… I just buy stuff I love, ALL of it, rarities and pieces coming from all the world, and I am sure this way I pay their bills very well enough 😉 and then of course I try to catch as many gigs as I get to (generally in wach tour I see bands I love multiple times, on both Europe and USA).
This is it.
I suppose.
😉 Thanx for writing me here 😉
Have a greatweek,
Z. 😉

Oh… so you’re not from the states? But you’ve been to the states to see a lot of various bands? That’s pretty cool to be able to do that. I have to admit, I missed out on my chance to see M5 when they were doing the show a few years back in Louisiana.

While I am in the fan club, I don’t find the need to post on the message boards that are created for the band or any other band. Suppose I find it a bit un-nerving to read some of the things that I read from people that say they are fans of the music, but display troubling behavior in an effort to find a way closer to them; if that makes any sense. So, I like coming on blog sites of sorts that actual fans create and read honesty; and your blog is filled with honesty.

It sounds like you know a few folks that are on that ‘personal’ gain list; it’s a shame isn’t it? Having to read things of people that aren’t sincere or a lover of the music?

Thanks again for letting me write on here; I can’t wait to see what other things you’ll post. Your blog is designed quite well.

Best of the best to you


All the fan drama or anything that belongs to compulsive behaviours reall don’t bother me… It’s more than I treasure my own privacy.
Although I’m very outspoken, I never really give any deep detail about my places, people, connections, entourages.
This way I save privacy in the only realm that counts, namely REAL life 😉

I’ve lived in USA for 13 months when completing my first majoring in Biology. Back in 2004/2005 (I’m kinda fast student, I was not even 20 then).

Themn I travel a lot, and my man is American, so yes, I get lots of chances to catch my favourite bands or artists as they travel.

I plan to catch M5 starting from september. August will see me in my holy holidays… no one steps in there, not even them nor Coldplay 😉

But I will still update the blog of course.
Enjoy your tune here.
It has been nice to “meet” 😉

Now I’m following Nederlands Uruguay game on tv… gotta leave you 😉

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