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Uploaded on the Fourth Of July

Posted on: 4 July 2010

Happy 4th July to peeps celebrating!!!

so many pics... I sent them to Jennifer to land them out... - 1 -

I didn’t uploaded as predicted the previous post.

He's perfect.

You know, my weekends are holy and Karim and I are having QUITE a lotta fun here at my Lake Garda‘s house.

But now he’s sleeping quietly and before he wakes up for OUR way to celebrate TOP style this recurrency, I can update you all with the pieces from The Today Show sweet adored Maroon5 graced world with on Friday the 2nd.

Plus a couple more of radio interviews.

Matty!!!! Yum 😉

Plus His Adorability revealing he cried on Toy Story… (awwww!!!).

Plus SOME of the pictures from the set.

Pictures are courtesy of ME…

Interviews on radio and video bites, courtesy of the one and only, The Mighty Queen Jennifer Coles 🙂

It’s gonna be kind *quick* post…

So jump on board and enjoy 😉

Radio Interview number 1:

and then Radio Interview number 2:

Then the marvels from the Today Show starting with Misery and interview:

Then actually the start of it, This Love:

This video doesn’t exist

Then, being today Sunday, let’s mellow along Sunday Moring:

This video doesn’t exist

And to grace us fully, enjoy some backstage action, too:

As I said, Adam also dished about the ToyStory3 movie he went out to catch with Anne, a few days ago (see previous post here, too) :

Talkin about Adam, beside being clearly delighted with the Today Show thing, he also showed us and me all again how his musical taste is always just SO spot on. Yep. Eminem rulz 🙂 🙂 🙂

the always adorable Jimmy V

I leave you with a Billboard piece on the video (which shows also more of the Today Show), and then with a double head up by Maroon 5 themselves about Misery explanation and some fashion tips 😉

Oh, man...


All done.



Graciously (hopefully) 😉

Enjoy your Sunday, and your fireworks on July 4th.

Catch you all soon again 😉



4 Responses to "Uploaded on the Fourth Of July"

Don’t you just love when photographers can get instant and continuous shots of a performance. The band were great and you definitely could see the enjoyment on their faces as they performed.

What are you thoughts on the new song? Is it similar to their last album or do you think they are branching into a new direction with the help from Lang? I must admit, I don’t focus or really fixate myself into comparing what a band has done before to that of what they are doing now; I simply enjoy what they’ve worked on.

Thought I’d give another look at some of your blog sections before I headed off for the evening. Thanks for your niceness and looking forward to seeing more of your site.


You really think you can fake me this way?
Try harder.

did you notice on the today show clip for Sunday Morning at 1:10-1:14… the audience shot is anne (in purple) and her friend. They (devine a and lady a) are sooo cute together. I totally agree with you on their chemistry… They make me smile…. Happy Wednesday, Z…

Yup, I saw that straight 😉 welcome on my page Jody!
It’s a pleasure to “host you” here.
I love Adam and Anne together, personally.
They really make a great couple to me, so I hope this can blossom into his most stable relationship to date. 😉

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