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I’ll probably update this again…

Posted on: 2 July 2010

Good morning!!!

Babies a couple of months ago

Expect a HUGE post.

Expect Sounds (Radio Interviews!!!!)

Expect VIDEOS (ah-ah!!! Misery Director’s Cut, then some Rolling Stone Interviews… And of course more excerpts from Vevo and MTV…).

Expect Pictures.

Expect to catch Hands All Over Album Cover Preview:

The cover of upcoming Hands All Over album. I LOVE it.

Expect also some headache because considering I upload this around 2PM of July 2nd in Italy, and in just these few hours Maroon5 are all over plotting New York, from Today’s Show, that forced our favourite cutie pie to woke up way sooner than regular,  to Radio (Again), you might be almost sure this post’s FIRST version won’t be the only one of the day.

More from Adam and James at Z100 radio a couple of days ago


Thank essentially Jennifer Coles DA Queen for everything… It’s incredible the amount of work this superwoman does.

Bow down to Greatness, Ya'll 😉


Before stepping into Maroon5 territory , let me just speak a mooment about the essential news of yesterday:


Awesome!!!! I have forcedly to find time to post something about it in the Lakers Blog.

At night at least 😉

Okay, let’s get back into Babies’ territory.

*perfect face* 😉

Before starting the series of news properly related to their activity, let me just drawn myself into sweet honey thinkin what Adam and Anne did two nights ago.

They went to Movie Hall  and they


They checked out Toy Story 3.

Aren’t they so adorable?

I could stare at him endlessly...

I mean, when people misunderstand Adam’s antics, they really DON’T get how tender he actually is.

Okay… the morning after that movie catch, Adam went out with Jesse for another radio interview at Sirius HQ (yep, the one where he asked us to name to Mr. Carmichael’s the Minority Report’s role Tom Cruise impersonated >>> check previous post, okay?…), and you can actually see from this picture Adam typing on his iPhone4 the question :

Adam types to make us name John Anderton benefiting Jesse's curiosity

It seems like Jimmy V. hasn’t gotten over his idiosynchratic attitude towards speaking up with media, because he was keeping explaining yesterday how he feels uncomfortable with all that.

But he is so cute… even when feeling so apart from his true self, getting scanned over and throughout 😉

Check out this further Radio Interview piece anyway:

Adam and Jesse at Sirius Radio

But yep, I know… yesterday was the BIG day of Video première of Misery (which Anne aptly shouted about).

Were we drooling enough through anticipation?

Through expectations?

You bet it.

I was properly DYING to watch it!

We had to deal with this kind of previewing content:

This video doesn’t exist

And also, thanx to Rolling Stones (check link up above at the start of today’s post to also READ the news, okay?) we had THIS to drool over:

Plus all the endless excerpts of video footage we are familiar with since they shot it along wonderful Joseph Kahn last May.

The way they use hands is so totally latin-style 😉

And in all that… wonder what, of course?

Video looked to be available only in the USA.


Well, more pissing actually than Bummer.

I was really upset about it, though I was actually expecting it. I was already oriented in waiting till iTunes USA would have SOLD the video (that I will buy anyway of course), but then… people up to save the day!!!

But Joseph firstly posted HIS DIRECTOR Cut’s Version on his website, allowing us to SEE IT:

And then the mighty Jennifer made it and found a way to all the world to see the Official Version (I think I like more the Director’s cut, but truth is that I drool continuatively all along the video, whatever version it is…) :

What can I say?

Maroon5 July 1st 2010 VEVO gig - 1 -

*Hot* seems reductive.

Yeah, I know, people will complain about the “violence” but it’s metaphorical, it’s stylized, it’s art-y deceitful and boy… Dunno about you but those two together look like… WOW.


Really dynamite.

I love everything about the video and I adore the song.

Maroon5 July 1st 2010 VEVO gig - 2 -

End of it 😉

After premiering the video, the guys, just like reported days ago, were up for the VEVO special private gig (yup… somebody was really lucky…), and when I say “UP” I also literally mean it.

Location was in fact the rooftop of the Empire Hotel (just SO near to Karim‘s parental home in New York… *shit*… ;)), and guys had a blast!

They gave it out too 🙂 🙂 🙂

Gig has been recorded and will be broadcasted soon.

Awwww 🙂

Maroon5 July 1st 2010 VEVO gig - 3 -

What can I say… I shake 😉

There are tons of pictures from that – blessed – roof and also some that Anne tweeted yesterday, and Adam did tweet this morning (minutes ago actually).

A pretty voice told me Jeremy Sisto and some CUUUUTE other people were there as well (So they are staying in contact after WUC video shooting ;)? *cute* :))

Just RIGHT NOW, Maroon5 are on the Today Show taping.

Maroon5 July 1st 2010 VEVO gig - 4 -

There are SIN membersand you better realize this won’t be the last time they get some preview… – , again, and of course our boys are not the only one wakin up early to perform there… someone else’s sticks well nearby to her treasure, too (awww… lucky her!).

Boys will be up for more interviews AND a hosting today and tomorrow so stay tuned.

Maroon5 July 1st 2010 VEVO gig - 5 -

This post is gonna be probably updated in a short, short while with things from the Today Show exactly 😉

But right now,  am sure you are all well happy and pumped.

Enjoy the video(s) and man… if you don’t burn there, I guess you have no sexuality key in you AT ALL.

Maroon5 July 1st 2010 VEVO gig - 6 -

Which would be pretty bad.


Enjoy your day!!!

Everything shinesssssss!!!


Miss Z. needs a teacup.

Definitely 😉


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I?ll probably update this again?…

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