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Posted on: 30 June 2010

This is a title which is working actually only if:

Adam at Z100 Radio (Thanx Jennifer Coles)

1) you’re Italian;

2) you’re familiar with music of the past 45 years;

3) you’re a Gianna Nannini fan.

Out of that, it will make no sense to you.



His Adorability at Z100 again

I write this in the middle of my working task at SNAM Progetti in San Donato, and after I got back to my lab for briefing about it  (the reached agreement with the American partners opens up a plethora of new links that we can’t wait to milk onto… I love my job. I love to being good at it. I love to make money. MY own money. It’s not about being vain… it’s about kickin ass in life, u know ;)), where I had already a certain HUGE fun in teasing that poor young, handsome engeneer that I met lastly just there, and who keeps watchin me with the starry eyes.

He knows I’m taken.

But I have played him with looks in a way he won’t care about that detail (I’ve seen all this so many times, I can probably decode pheromones of a human male by MILES,  lol…).


Yep. That's James 😉 (all the Z100 pics are a HUGE morning gift of Jennifer, right?)

I can be this cruel.

It’s unharming… at least, it’s unharming ME.

But as per usual I have been 110% brutally honest with him, so I don’t really put any blame on myself. I won’t really play down my look just out of safety for male human race, right?

I got ahead of me a certain number of years still to make everyone turn heads at me anywhere I go (never expect slutty outfits from me though… I leave sluttyness to those who are not beautiful enough & have to rely on tricks… ;)).

Awww. Jimmy V... ❤


No way I will ever play it low there…

For the weekend, we still undecided if going or not to Heineken Jammin Festival.

The panel of artists DEFINITELY would deserve a check… but I would be more interested in relaxing a bit on the Lake… honestly.

There are spaces open for changing my mind but Karim too is more oriented at getting feedback from there by some of our friends who are heading over the happening.

We’ll see.

My Babies Maroon5

Back to the Radio Baccano thing, and after the multiple radio excerpts upload of yesterday, today we have MORE of Adam’s loveliness on Radio (always thanx to Jennifer Coles, who fills my morning mail checks with adorable gifts!!), that I let you check:

and also a second one (beside the radio things, you gotta bow at Jennifer DA Queen also and especially  for the pics out of  Z100 radio interview… Eldorado!!! Eldorado!!! At work I couldn’t avoid to think of them both ;)… *sigh*…).

Check this out too:

Beside being awesome in sending me (and therefore YOU) all these radio interviews (expect more…), Jennifer also provided me my new iPhone Ringtone 😉

Isn't he perfect? 😉

Guess which one… (THAAANX!!!) > Mine is #3, the part of the song that I predilige (Min. 2.01 to Min. 2.31)

Talkin about Radios, this morning waiting for all people to join us at the meeting Room in Snam, I made one of the guys there turn Radio that was listenable to RDS.

Adam and Mickey on Misery Video Set, May 2010


Because after catchin yesterday Misery on other radios, I TOTALLY expected beloved Anna Pettinelli to deliver it STRAIGHT there.

And I didn’t fail.

Check this from Maroon5. I mean… Maroon5! We’re not speaking about one of those trashy bands here. They are all about class. And this is the new single paving road for September Album. Enjoy Misery!”

Can't help: when Adam smiles, I feel butterflies inside.

AWWWWWW. 😉 (Probably once she will see Adam Easy Rider version and catch ALL of his new tats she will re-evaluate… NO. She won’t. 😉 He’s one of the rare cases of class even when tattoed from head to toe 😉 SEE for reference >>>> David Beckham ;))

We’re on the verge to have daily loads of materials btw, because machine’s out and running.

Don’t expect me to update this DAILY (no way…) but be assured NOTHING will be lacking of valuable.

Am I the only one wishing I could brush James' hair? 😉

You will just have to wait a coupla of days between various updates.

Class A people. Just sayin 😉

I have a life, and my weekends are like… HOLY, you know.

But let’s keep rolling along for today.

There are some news the babies’ themselves shared:

For instance, the fact in the new Guitar Hero Pack is Included THIS LOVE, and this of course makes me quite happy 😉

Or that they linked the same link I did yesterday (Boy, I’m quicker than them? LOL… actually that was Jodi’s help, if you remember ;)…) about >>>


Again, how beautiful are Adam and Anne together, there and anywhere else? They clear the grey sky when paired.

Just one minute… that look Adam had on the radio interview… doesn’t remind you all of something?

Don't they look similar?

That pic of Anne, that she tweeted while on the plane to Chicago last week, is perfect to give you a glimpse of Adam’s humour again (yesterday he tweeted A LOT).

You know that Russian Spy Gate that is currently up in the news?

Save that microphone... *feticism* 😉 (Kidding)

Well, of course Adam couldn’t avoid to link it (he’s kinda *involved* with Russian stuff at the moment… LOL…) and he sounded really entertained by the implications.

Dunno about you guys, but I can TOTALLY guess the sexual game of that night between them two:

Honey, let’s remake something in the line of Bond. Something like James and The Russian Spy who loved him, just way nastier…

Well, I would have definitely tried it.

sleeeeeek 🙂 Awww 🙂

I’m SO sure they planned something along that line too… 😉 (they better to… things like these are way inspirational…)

But let’s get back to news, or the thoughts I’m having about certain scenes won’t let me be that informative (*sigh*)…

Billboard yesterday had two news related to Maroon5:

One is about the chance to take place to the gig I already mentioned you on July27, which is a charity event, and which you could attend filling the form Billboard has up to >>>>> CHECK IT ;

sometimes words are not enough

and the other is a WONDERFUL intervention plan many artists have decided to take against discriminatory Arizona recently implemented anti-immigrants law, called The Sound Strike.

Maroon5 have agreed to take part in that, and I gotta thank Billboard for makin me happy with this news (I love their serious side).

What more?

Well in his number of tweets, yesterday Adam delivered one of his trademarked overexcited answers to Jesse, preaching the zen beauthy (and balance) of Buddhism.

A serious man, a normal man, and a comedian... 😉

Why Am I not surprised Adam can’t really quiet himself up that easily? 😉 LOL…

Also this piece of Interview he did along Mickey for MTV press on the set of Misery Video tells well (he tells that about himself… ) that guy is just a no tamed kid.

Lovely and utterly charming, but… eh… what can I say… not easy to deal with, for sure (bless you guys who can keep him in check…).

Btw, just one hour ago, Adam was sharing this >>> CHECK IT and therefore, my prediction about having LOTS of material to post from now on just gets vivified in full ;).

Awww. Bless Z100 and the man / woman behind the camera 😉

Maybe though wakin up that soon doesn’t help the Zen side of Adam (is there any? LOL..) because he sounded none like a buddhist asking something to please (or to taise) Jesse up: it seems that none of them is familiar with Wikipedia (too bad… Psycho lives out of THAT and Google Translator… what if the babies would learn about those *marvels* as well? What she would talk about then? LMAO…).

Anyway, time flies and I can’t wait to check off from lab and get into Karim’s arms. Today no World Cup so we will go out in Milan.

I leave you with one of my favourite videos/songs at the moment.

Starting with lovely Robyn, and her Dancing On My Own:

Then Chiddy Bang, “Opposite of Adults” (cos I dance on that a lot):

and the awesome “The High Road” by Broken Bells:

Have a great day!!!

Whoooo! 😉


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This is a nice blog message, I will keep this idea in my mind. If you add more video and pictures because it helps understanding 🙂

Regresa Baccano!…

I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

[…] thing which has strangely caused fuss (I say strangely, because it was known since a while, see how also in this blog we got mention of tha……) was the fact as you know Maroon 5 have joined the Arizona Sound Strike boycotting. Maroon 5 […]

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