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Posted on: 29 June 2010

Good morning world!!!

This post comes essentially thanx to Jennifer Coles‘s cuteness, in allowing me to stream the interview Adam did yesterday on the Bert Show (yep, the thing I was talkin about in yesterday’s post, that one).

This is a first time trial for embedding personal audio files on this blog: I upgraded JUST for the sake of fans around, to keep them in line with news.

Sometimes I am so nice (only sometimes, right?).

So… there you go:

UPDATE (2) again (okay, today I am messy, but you won’t complain anyway, betcha…), because JUST in at my lunch break at lab came ANOTHER radio interview with Star Radio, that I upload here as well, again thanx to Jennifer Coles and to the great Rachel Rhodes that saved it.

Enjoy again, adorableness multiplied:

UPDATE (3): Adam this morning again on 99.5 Smiley WZPL this morning. Snaps to Jennifer Coles again and to Jan who headed the Queen up:

While we’re on board, let me complete the infos (yesterday they posted a LOT!!!).

Starting with the Fall dates tour announcements:

(all here at the lab are swooning… yep!)

Then let some Green Conscience take you over (so you can make Jesse proud, too) : >>> READ IT HERE and just go with the good vibes.

Talkin about good vibes, it’s finally time to have a date set up for Misery video première… YESSSSSS!!!


Of course, In Italy we will catch it if we’re lucky by August.

Namely, in my case, in September as I will be on board of my boat in the middle of Mediterrean Sea…

Luckely, web helps.

Luckely, I will buy the video as soon as iTunes USA has it up.

Luckely, I will CONSUME iPod, iPad and all devices playing it…

Awwww isn’t he as cute as a button even battered up?

Awww 🙂

Take also this lovely “Behind the Scene” extract (Thanx Jodi!!!! U rock ;)):


And let’s end it with the latest confessions of Adam: allegedly, at 15 he played it a bit to feel cooler (oh, isn’t he cute even admitting it? Though I can just guess by then the rate of weed assumptions didn’t help his clarity, hence the trouble of understanding the movie, lol…).

Btw, we just learnt that Kanye’s Good Ass Job drops the week BEFORE Hands All Over.

It’s not as bad as if it were dropping on their same week, but it’s Kanye, so I totally can see that preventing sweet babies from a top debut.

It’s not really that important.

But in a way, they could have programmed the day of coming off better.

Just sayin’. (not a problem for me… I buy music independently of charting power. I love Kanye, so you bet on 14th AGAJ will be in my hands ;))


The All Maroon5 Update is done.

Have all a GREAT day 😉

UPDATE (1)!!!!! Disco Radio & 105 *JUST* played MISERY!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOO!!! LURVE Italian Radios 😉


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