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Tracking back

Posted on: 28 June 2010

World, welcome back!

Yes, it’s me both writing and uploading this.

At home, yesterday. Rode Swifty, won at tennis... PERFECT!

I’m in the breaking moment of my first day back at work after USA trip, and being this a day among farms to evaluate tests along the producers, I can enjoy some summer sun in the middle of a heated up countriside and upload this through Noah.

Trip has been SO beautiful.

The part in LA got wonderfully accompanied by some days spent in New York.

Leaving New York, Never Easy...

What to say… Karim and I love Big Apple.

I have the usual reaction all Europeans have for that town… no matter how I love California as entity, (and I do endlessly), New York holds a special place in my heart because it’s just so… in the middle of everything.

And you actually have all the Four Seasons there.

I love that for instance I can enjoy also rainy or grey days there (and last one was cloudy most part), and that I can step off and be just a normal citizen wearing something more regular than not a tank, short pants and flip flops (the usual look in LA).

New York: Center of the world.

Don’t get me wrong… my heart is Californian BUT I love that Karim like me loves to be in New York a lot.

I didn't buy anything there this time... 😉 I did in LA!

He has a house there… but he doesn’t love to hang in there.

Something bad happened there in his childhood days, so about findin a place of our own also in NY, he said just:

“Sure, why not… I need another place to call my own here and right now, only a place shared with you can be my own, my love.”



During our further days in New York, I finally reached an agreement with the American Partners.

Say BYE BYE TO OTTO starting form January the 1st, 2011!!!!!

You can bet I am delighted.


Karim instead sold two of his past sculptures (included the phoenix I so loved!!!) and got three more orders. It’s funny that he does this “as hobby”, being now really up to become a professor and a scholar on his own… What is interesting for me is that he will have to sculpt a lot more.

And you know how I get sexualized when he does that 😉

Adam and Chovy making new friends at LAX

Marghe right now is tracking our steps back in New York. She has arrived just a couple of hours ago, but she’s way luckier than I was there…

Yep, because as I anyway predicted,  Sweet Babies are there prior to the performance at the Today Show (they actually arrived JUST exactly when I was leaving out… great timing, right? ).

But okay, I better try and being really tracking back facts since last post, or none of you will get a thing.

JimmyV relaxing on the plane

Let’s start from Wednesday, 23th of June, when the happy crew of the Babies AND of course Russian Fairy went on a private plane to reach Chicago House of Blues – that’s Adam’s thigh aside Anne, if you wonder…-,  where a private event was scheduled to take place  (we just know what certainly Adam DIDN’T read on that plane…).

Members of SIN went there, invited by the band out of a contest (Yup!! Psycho too ;)).

But not only those: Charisse, like us, is not a SIN member, but she could actually witness the show pre… in… and after. She loved it a lot (it was filmed AND although it was kinda short set, with only two new songs, she said they looked&sounded greatly on form!), but her eyes were more taken by a certain couple GLOWING standing together actually: awwww!!!

Jesse, Cami and Anne at House of Blues


You can see from these pictures, all taken by the tweets of Anne and Jesse, that Miss V. has definitely entered the inner circle of traveling sweet halves along her man, just like the rest of the babies’ significant others have (logically!).

What is cute is that Adam actually sticks to Chovy as much as she does when they are together.

Awww (and I still DON’T like those kind of small dogs… but I love the way he gets tendered up by that specific one, just because it’s hers…).

Cheesy? Maybe. Adorable? ABSOLUTELY. Awww 🙂

Okay, you know how these two are lovely to me together: I won’t justify this fact.

I like them together: FULL STOP.

I also totally backed the very childlike input of writing that sign over the House of Blues walls.

I may recall you all that ME, the LESS romantic person on planet Earth known until recently, not longer than a month ago on a beach near to Barcelona wrote all over the sandy beach hearts with the initials “Z” + “K”.

Anne is in that same phase, and although in his own personal way, definitely Adam‘s there too.

This reminds me of the classic Queen shot for Bohemian Rhapsody

I find it genuinely adorable (and I’m one year older than her, so if I do, she can do it too… who wouldn’t in her place? Exactly ;))

Warming up for the start of the Summer Tour, Open up a space to Tune in On Fuse on July 27th, ya’ll ;), and then if you need a lil lecture take this lil excerpt out from this EW issue, too.

Around these hours Adam is actually bound to be interviewed on a radio. Allegedly, he will be asked about some fascination with iPhone4 (did they receive one each at the iTunes Acoustic session recordings? Anyway, I have bought one while in New York and I LOVE IT TOO!!!!!)

Talking about activities to be scheduled, know that on Thursday there will be another gig privately held and hosted by VEVO with Maroon5, and you can get selected to attend (Marghe, Charisse… I HATE you both, you biatches ;)… kidding!!! Have lotta fun!).

On saturday on Bang Bang video set

If you wonder what Adam did during weekend, well… HOLD ON….


When they wrote it I barely held myself in contaiment.

Yes, yes, YES!!!

I am waiting for this video to be shot since I firstly bought Troubadour 🙂 !

(therefore, hear me scream and see me jump and smile, even now that I am at work… *Finally*!!!! Not that my own video wasn’t cute, but I drool to have A REAL VIDEO TO BUY now!!! And I still wait for Misery one like an epyphany, too!!!)

Talkin about Misery, this comes from Babies’ YouTube directly, so I can link it here too:

Pictures from Bang Bang set instead  are courtesy of  Ben Berkman (Octone MainMan);)

I am pretty longing to put hands on anything related to Babies right now… and  if only James’ hints about the photoshots for the album were right… LOL 😉

What more?

Oh, sure… I have to leave with the last Adam’s tweets before I slept last night.

It was Gay Parade day in Manhattan if you don’t know, and after some asked him about he taking a walk among it all , he answered THIS way (oh, Adam… wouldn’t you just say “sorry, I’m caged in the room with Anne doing everything BUT gay stuff” ?  That’d have been even more amusing… LOL…).

But at least he was conscious his words would have been subject of misquoting (maybe already in the radio interview?)…

Poor angel.

Let’s just honour instead the serious side of Adam by quoting THIS he said, which I simply couldn’t agree more (NOTE: Adam has Chris Cornell as reference for great singing… while Dikkie, the genetic jump, has… Miley Frigging CYRUS. What’s wrong in this genetic pairing? Boy… the ashaming consequences of bad life mixtures…):

“People who want to be singers should listen to a soundgarden tune called ‘the day I tried to live’ …one of my favorite vocals…”

And so to honour Adam’s as per usual impeccable taste, I leave you EXACTLY with that, and the awesome voice of my adored Chris:

Have a great start of the week 😉

NOTE FOR READERS: for those waiting, the Psycho dedicated website will be up from July 10th, and not as previously reported, on July 1st.

The look the site dedicated to Psycho will have 😉

My impossibility to check my password devices while in USA caused a delay in the fltering of all webpages in the new site created aptly for the purpose.

Sorry for that, but I leave you with a lil snippet of the graphic…

Get ready to have fun along.

The provider has accepted all the downloading schemes there and finally my money spent on the customization will have a nice output.

I like to do things in style.

And I never forget an offence.


So, stay tuned: I will link the site from my Twitter main page, and as I said, it’s not a WordPress site at all.

Bye Bye! 😉


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