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LA, Lakers, NY and MISERY ROCK!!!

Posted on: 23 June 2010

This update is brought to you courtesy of my dear Fede‘s help.

PopArt shot of Malibu, three days ago 😉

I update blogs only through a special FTP that helps me traces records of anything revolving around the blog itself AND being still abroad (I’m on it in a short while), the only way to update “safely” would have been asking his help.

It seems that during this trip half of my Internet supports have been ruined: I can’t access my Yahoo Mail (so if any of you wrote me, and I know some did because I get mute alerts, though I don’t see who wrote what, nor I can open any mail, or send it from there… sorry I can’t answer), and I have trouble with the iPad AND with my small laptop too.

I actually could send Fede’s the scratch of this post only using a pc from the office I am in New York today at (I have a business meeting ;)).

Misery is Out! More snapshots from the incoming Video - 1 -

So I WROTE the post, but he did upload this.

Say thank to him, because for me the update could have come next sunday 😉


But there was something I had to keep trace for, especially considering in Italy we will be getting sound of this in 2 weeks, if not later… And I had to fullfill this at least without too much of a gap.


Misery is out (well, for the Americans… Lucky me, I’m in New York and I can listen to it on the repeat ;)).

And it’s… *Summerly Perfect*!!!!

Man, I can’t stop DANCING to it. It’s probably the grooviest they’ve ever reached. And it fits the mood of Summer. Perfect 1st single Choice.

Misery is Out! More snapshots from the incoming Video - 2 -

You know I was skeptical about pickin up Misery as first single, but I was TOTALLY wrong. Never underestimate Babies’ brain. Awww 🙂 I’m glad to have been wrong there (you don’t hear me say this any often, do you?).

But later on this… let’s be coherent… at least a bit.

Because I’ve been in Los Angeles for the most awesome Parade (last year it was more comfortable, sit down at the Coliseum and all, but THIS year the satisfaction of the victory is just WIDER, so also the feeling at the Parade was bigger… at least to me ;)), and enjoying sea, my house, some great restaurant, and a LOVELY visit to Louis Vuitton (eh, those bags… I had to buy me *some*… and make Karim gift me *some* too…); I have had a blast along the always entertaining (did I say HOT?) Mash and my Marghe (poor baby.. she was constantly object of funny antics by the three of us, trying to break her irreprensible chaste feeling… don’t worry, she never did anything wrong despite us, hubby 😉 LOL…), and I just loved every second of that sunny (kinda heavily humid those days though) air along my Karim.

Over Twitter I already said a lot, and I’m not gonna write much more because I have another reason for being actually here updating the blog… but let me just share with you a Lakers Blog Post where you see and enjoy the Lakers @ Jimmy Kimmel Live (aren’t they adorable??? Isn’t Kobe just so… awwww… adorably HUMAN there??? Check it. It’s awesome. All the videos are!!!), and from The Lakers Twitter the link to the whole thing also.

I just wanna say that I want all the guys to STAY with us.

I know that is not really likely to happen… but I so love them all.


Of course I want to celebrate my Hero Kobe Bean Bryant above them all, and I was thinkin about doing, but Jerry West said all that needed to be said (and you know… he’s quite more mattering than me?)… So Look&Read:

Jerry West on Kobe

Pretty awesome, right?

Jake and Adam out of Dan's Tana after Lakers victory 17 June 2010


So, while I was in Los Angeles, it would have been pretty impossible to cross Divine Adam (not that I EVER thought about it: this whole Los Angeles trip was meant to be executed ONLY for the Lakers… Marghe maybe hoped differently, but I was pretty clear about that. Peaking Order. Lakers were the only stuff mattering those days. PERIOD 😉 But maybe who knows… a little short blitz during start of October, like 7th October, isn’t out of plan. Mash worked well there. Opening options? ;)).

Adam exits Dan's Tana - 17 June 2010

In fact, after havin enjoyed Lakers victory with the dinner out with Jakey G. at Dan’s Tana on thursday 17th, (you remember my rant last year about a well named restaurant that gained my total disapproval as Italian? THAT… yep. Ehi, no problem… Jerry West loves it, Adam loves it… I hate it. Tastes. No problem…), which you see in these pictures, Adam moved straight to Palm Springs as soon as Russian  Fairy had ended her task with Louis Vuitton campaign.

And to make what, you may guess?

Well, get ready for sugared link…

Because they went catching Donna Summer gig at the Fantasy Resort.

Scenes from Misery Video Shooting - 1 -

I simply adored Anne’s tweet from there. >>> Yes, I’m a hopeless sucker. Kill me. I still love them together. A LOT. It’s all based on looks? Who cares. Looks DO count. And as long as Adam’s happy, I’m all for anything that keeps him happy.

Scenes from Misery Video Shooting - 2 -

I like seeing him smile.


After that coupla days in Palm Springs area, they went back in Los Angeles.

Gotta open a break here because I gotta land another Dumbass Award as I detail more the reason they went back to Los Angeles for.

While I was tempted to deliver it to the fat lady who kept pushing me at the Parade only because I was tall (idiot, is not my fault if you’ve grown in SIZE instead of height… ), I had to re-evaluate the assignament after I got notion – hours later than it did happen – that Dikkie (formerly known here as “Dumbie“… but after this you’re about to acknowledge, just define him “dumb” isn’t enough…) made another evidence to his hopeless case of a life wasted on for the worst.

Dikkie, in his usual pathetic famewhoring twittering mentioning Big Bro out of nowhere (and one wonders: you TWEET that question? Won’t you directly call him? or text him? Knowing how private he is??? Oh, yeah, sorry… if you would do that like a brained/sensitive human being, who would EVER take notice you exist? – not that many does anyway… and anyway nobody mattering does… ;)), reached the top of his idiocity when he twittered TWICE from Family House BBQ his GPS location.


Scenes from Misery Video Shooting - 3 -

I don’t post the tweets he did for obvious reason, but of course he managed to post personal pic of Adam and Anne and bragged about that.

So right now every psychotic knows Big Family & Kids location (Psycho rejoiced for sure… now she surely hopes Blind Enabler can invite her over West Coast… Boy… She could stalk the kids? Camping outside? She sure can do that… Loserness multiplied?).

Drumroll to Dikkie: for exploiting your family shamelessly, regardeless of basic privacy common sense, and for keeping mentioning “I’m brother of” every two seconds, like this automatically gives you ANY kind of skill or relevancy, and proving once more beyond tests that you’re really one of the stupidest persons ever, you DEFINITELY deserve this Dumbass Award again: make room for the collection. These are the only kind of awards you’ll ever grab…

Scenes from Misery Video Shooting - 4 -

I don’t believe for a moment it wasn’t deliberate to mantain the GPS: that low cut genetic jump senseless sibling would do ANYTHING to chase fame. In case it was unintentional, even worse: means that he is even MORE stupid than I depict him now.

But I stay convinced: he did it on purpose, always trying to pump himself out of connections to desperately try to reach some fame.

Too bad Fame is to no avail to such a talentless idiot.

Atually, it’s only fair, of course.

(I have this tickling feeling if there is a responsible for Misery early leaking… and he had ANY glimpse of the material prior to others… that he could be one of the major suspects. Yep. My opinion of that waste of breath is THAT low. Lower than that actually… & I have PLENTY of evidences about how dreadful he is).

Anyway, after the failure of Dikkie attempt to get some relevancy out from exploiting his family, the day after, just around Parade preparations, a series of Tweets caught my attention.

It seemed that Misery would have been available BEFORE than planned.

As I immediately thought, the early availability had to be readied due to risk of leaking, which they patched up actually meeting BETTER my exigencies. Yep, because with the original A and B plans, I would have being FLYING by the time Misery would have been ready to be purchased.

This way, instead, I could listen to it STRAIGHT.


Check the song audio from this article from PopWrap (that I totally agree with). CLICK on the pic so you can get to the page and get to listen to the song:

PopWrap on Misery

It’s a really perfect popguitar song, lively and full of exuberance, with all the Maroon5 trademarks of sounds, which is good as first single, cos too much of a departure (which I know exists in the record) would have been tweaking for fans.

I LOVE to hear a beautiful groovy song where the beauty of the melody and the richness of the sounds are provided NOT by dreadful Autotune, but out from a careful execution of backwards layering choruses that are amazing to decode as Adam goes on singing.

I love the basslines, and James’ usual titillating style on guitar.

It’s really, really, really a beautiful comeback.

It’s basically true pop music without the tricks that nowadays EVERY darn pop song has in.



And it’s quintessentially Maroon5.

I love that.

Can’t wait to hear what Mutt Lange has created along them: I’m literally drooling, even more than I thought I would have been.

I missed their music so much.

The video should be available by the end of this week actually… hopefully before I jump back on plane to Italy, Saturday…

Check what Adam declared about it (Via Aceshowbiz) :

Adam on Misery Music Video

Of course you see here some pics from the video…

After hearing the song, my will to see the video has increased (like there wass any need) of 300% rate.


Of course as soon as it will be buyable, it’s in my collection. 😉

Babies&Divine A.  seem very happy about the way the song ended to be presentedand received.

Hopefully Adam’s satisfaction about this all will make him close one eye on the way Anne was using time spare trying to get accustomed to LA traffic… (poor Anne… I totally understand her. Driving in LA is INSANE. A person not used to honestly faces a drama…).  And moreover, I assume she was driving not one of his cars… Given that the AstonMartin would be a missile in her hands, we gotta also pray it was not the SL400 either? He would die if anything would break ANY part of it… ;)).

Scenes from Misery Video Shooting - 5 -

I assume also, though, he would probably forgive Anne for anything.

And that would be sweet. 😉

Another wonderful and really “just in” news is that yesterday Babies recorded an iTunes Acoustic session.

YESSSSSSS to the “stripped down” versions of the songs!!!!

I want this acoustic session, allegedly totally fun, available BEFORE Hands All Over comes out!!! It would fill he gap time way better than making a second single go out too soon ;).

Surely they had fun past night.

Adam was in a total cheerful and funny mood, enhancedly visible when he answered a question and promptely linking himself to a “young Danny Glover” (NOTE: Danny Glover is BLACK… you gotta love Adam’s sense of humour…) ;).

What more>???

For now I’d say nothing.

I just advice you all to ENJOY Misery (sounds strange if one doesn’t know it’s a song ;)) and to welcome back Babies on the radios/videos/etc.

I hope in Italy we won’t have to wait the usual 3/4 weeks gap between the moment things get introduced in Usa and the one they come available for us too. And this happens with MAJOR artists.

Yep, imagine when you follow indie (btw, Maroon5 here are mainstream so it’s all okay… ;)).

LibertyIsland. Yesterday 😉

Enjoy your summertime along and what more?

Well, when I get back from USA we will see what has happened furtherly.

Misery Rocks!!!

Lakers Are World Champions!!!!

I’m in New York!!!!

Gosh… I am a frigging LUCKY BITCH 😉

CU 😉


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