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Sports don’t built character: they REVEAL it

Posted on: 16 June 2010

Good morning world of Internautic Flavour.

Lakers Rulers in Game 6 against Celtics

So here we are.

Planning and actually booking (already done) tickets from Fiumicino to Los Angeles on Saturday (no Florence again, sorry…), because here we are, here we are…

My one and only hero gets ready for the game

Parade time approaches and THIS is my way to BELIEVE it.

Spending money to something that YET can’t be said assured.

Shannon Brown EXCEPTIONAL dunk in Game 6

Except that for me, IT’S COMPLETELY assured .

I’ve chosen that John Wooden quote as a title out from a wonderful post LAKER Truth shared in Lakers Blog yesterday prior game.

All quotes were perfect, but the one about Kobe, of course, it was more.

The Immense Kobe Bean Bryant hugged by Ron Artest

I already said in the blog I won’t YET celebrate what is to me GOAT (yes I said it… these playoffs by him have been LEGENDARY even already… but I do know I haven’t seen the best yet), but once more I just wanna enlighten my admire for this incredible, and totally inspiring athlete, whom we have been graced by above to get gifted from.

What I was asking to see today was finally performed under my greedy eyes. And it was spectacular.

But we have reached NOTHING yet.

So Lakers… remember TODAY:

And then just MOVE on and do even better on Thursday.

I spent already 2700€ out of belief I will catch a Parade on Sunday in Sunny Los Angeles.

Adam Arriving At Lakers Game6 001

This is the measure of my trust.

I know you won’t let me down.

Today I will miss to hear Spain FIFA world Cup game in the background of the lab, cos of COURSE I’ll revive Lakers Greatness.

The World Cup so far has been nice: I really love to watch it, it’s my favourite international sport event actually (well, mine and the rest of the world’s one ;))

Impressed by Germany and Ivory Coast, and yesterday by North Corea stopping Brazil; I loved Japan’s win, and well.. about Italy… It’s my team.

I support them.

But I SO hate Lippi and Camoranesi (he’s NOT italian!!!).

We’ll see.

Adam Arriving At Lakers Game6 002

I know you’re awaiting for music bites, and I have a ton…

Firstly because Maroon5 revealed the artwork of MISERY!!! (yes!!!) which I share happily here:

MIsery Single cover Art. LOVE IT!!!

and then because, beside the pics you see here in this post of Adam attending Game 6 hours ago (scruffy and lovely.. still adorable even that way ;)), we got random pics of James by Jesse, and a LOVELY insight from Octone MainMan about a ballad called “How“, that right now goes right aside Stutter as the song I long the most to hear from the album :).

Adam Arrving At Lakers Game6 - 3-


I can’t wait.

Apparently there are people hoping in leaking but Adam’s confidence on the matter is mine: after all, it’s just 12 days away… And then I HATE leaks 😉

If you wonder why Anne wasn’t with Adam at the game, girl being in Palm Springs from a coupla days, reason is that she had to work till middle of it actually.

And you don’t run away from a Louis Vuitton Campaign you know 😉

(awwwww!!! I want all that set too!!! I already  have one but that in new colors is cuter ;)).

No evidence yet if after rushing to Staples Adam moved to his pad, her pad or whatever else, but we know what he was listening to at least: Lauryn Hill, allegedly (excellent, really!).

Adam in his usual positions courtside. (Pic courtesy of Jennifer Coles)

The picture would be perfect if it weren’t for another Creepy reference that was retweeted… does people really know who those two of that show are? If they don’t, better take a look HERE and HERE and hope like me nothing involving Creepy and/or the people he hangs out with will ever get TOO close to Adam.

Because if those are people Creepy sticks and licks for… man, shady times might be looming ahead.

And those are little notions compared to what insighters of the fashion world told me about those individuals.

Sure, maybe not all is true… but almost as sure, it takes enough if SOME of it is to put the ALERT all over.

But okay… no shady thoughts in such a wonderful day, even thought over Milan is rainy and cold.

Tomorrow I will visit Swifty so tonight we get back at me: you know, that LA Parade thing might see me away for a few days and my horse, you know, misses me a lot when he doesn’t see me often 😉

Songs for today are:

We Are The Champions, of best singer’s ever voice:

Then to be silly enough, the video of California Gurls (I know, it’s garbage, but it’s summerish enough 😉 and makes me think of sun and here it rains…) The VIDEO is actually HERE as from YouTube you see only a teaser:

click on pic to see the video

And then the masterpiece of Gorillaz, On Melancholy Hill (exceptional song!) Video is already considered a classic, though yet only stills are available on YouTube:

Have all a great day.

LLL (Lotta Lakers Love ;))


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Sports don't built character: they REVEAL it « Japan Lover…

I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

[…] Sports Don’t Built Character: They Reveal it Japan Lover Shannon Brown EXCEPTIONAL dunk in Game 6. Except that for me, IT’S COMPLETELY assured . I’ve chosen that John Wooden quote as a title out from a wonderful post LAKER Truth shared in Lakers Blog yesterday prior game. …Page 2 […]

Sports don't built character: they REVEAL it « Japan Lover…

I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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