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I’m Radioactive Green and Fuming Today

Posted on: 14 June 2010

I am trying to be Zen.

Kobe Bryant portraited by Karim, 13 June 2010

It will work out eventually but for the remaining of this morning, I think I’ll indulge into rage and anger a bit more.

Don’t take it too seriously.

No, I have no doubts still that Lakers will Parade again, and that I will be in LA then

But the way the team I was asking for, prior to this Game5, NEVER showed up REALLY is making me Radioactive Green at the moment.

So, gotta live with it.

For a while today, a while more.

I’ve poured in the Lakers Blog, and now for how it hurts… I can show you what happened.

Yes, I can show you how we disappeared as a team in front of a team stick together to roll onto us.

From the biting shame, will our champions surface back?

They MUST:

Karim yesterday drawn that beautiful portrait of Kobe, which has become my new icon in chat.

I bleed along my hero.

Heavenly Skies, please… allow him to get this ring: nobody wants it more, and nobody deserves it more.

After tonight my dad fully said me if I want, sure I can go to LA at the Parade. I tried to ask him also a Game 7 ticket but he said no way.

Karim said to me the most beautiful, beautiful things after we lost, to cheer me up.

I felt so secured in him.

Felt amazingly during this weekend on our boat (see evidence of Paradise), and once more I just know and realize this man is all I could have asked for my life to really being just hybris subjected in full…

I have so much to be happy for, and in fact, I know, sport is just sport…

But ehi, I’m passionate, and I balance my scientist brain and my overcontrolling attitude exactly with allowing myself in being as free and openly exuberant about things that make my heart beat so…

Adam's portrait Karim drawn for me this morning

Today I wanna mourn my Lakers a while.

Leave me alone on that.

Knowing me perfectly, Karim decided to draw for me a further Adam‘s portrait, that now stays just in front of me at lab along all the rest that you already know about.

Hopefully Russian Fairy, who’s back in LA and right there with him , along Chovy and her loveliness, will do the same Karim did for me and help his Lakerholic heart to not feel all the pain too pushing him down (btw, I see that lots of people right now pretend they’re bball lovers JUST because Adam is… seriously, some of Adam’s fans are ridicolous in selling themselves as basketball lovers, when they don’t understand a THING of it, and really they don’t even care… A true Laker Lover like me simply loathes that. And to be honest, I also think it brings us bad luck. Fake people, fake feelings, fake charm. GO AWAY you losers! & before some of those nutcases think wrong , I’m not thinking nor talking about Anne, here: she SURELY has reasons to be a Lakers appreciator in her man’s passionate guide, and  by the way she never stated she was a die-hard fan, quite honestly and quite appreciably -. I am thinking and talking of the Circus of Psycho and Company… boy, all those are ridicolous… what passion would they fake just to attire his attention? Get a real life and a real personality already… Fakers are so low-cut life! And you are jinxing the Lakers, with your fakerism. Pray that nothing wrong happens next two games…)

Love can heal all wound, btw… And I’m happy in a night like that, at least Adam was not alone  (now if we could just take Creepy outta picture thoughthat would make me feel more relieved).

Perfect timing ;), as  nothing like Sexual Healing helps forgetting a Laker Loss (we are experts over here… ;)).

Talkin about good things in Adam’s life, what the heck was People Magazine reporting about on Adam and Jakey G. night out last wednesday?

Get it together People! Adam and Jake went to schools together… they’re friends from a life, *idiots*!

Anne btw received her first retweet ever from her man thanx to a John Wooden’s quote, parted in two, that Adam retweeted, a coupla days ago. Awww. Cute 🙂

It was also cute from Anne to answer me – unexpected!-, less smart by me to NOT knowing Russia was not part of the Fifa World Cup (ehi, I learn tournaments as they are played… I don’t even know who Italy‘s play, beside Paraguay tonight yet ;)).

It should have been all so fine, if only Lakers…

Okay, okay… Gotta stop it I know…

But it’s hard.

Let’s focuse again on good things.

Sure, Karim and I on boat in a simply awesome *Zaira* experience (owning a boat is truly the truest luxury… though honestly I still feel the boat is Karim’s… because he’s the only one knowing what to be like over there… LOL! Our crew was awesome… and having our master room insonorized helped, as well ;)).

Then there is the FIFA World Cup that he’s learning to appreciate and love (really!) and as an Italian, well… that is the most beautiful sport event ever for me.

All the world coming together in colours and pride and skill. It’s fantastic.


I love to follow that a lot.

Other good stuff involve the fact that in 14 days I will finally hear Misery along the rest of the world.

Talking about Misery, check what Director of the video told us about it.

A Good Ass Job. Go Kanye

I can’t wait!!!

I wanna have my hands all over Hands All Over (btw, I am crossing ALL fingers about Kanye’s new album – that I can’t wait to have ALSO – won’t really drop in September. That would kill me but also in a n good way. Kanye… not on 21 right? But anyway, it’s due time that Kanye comes back. The whole Taylor Swift thing was a media idiocity. Leave the man alone!, he’s all talent, right?)

🙂 To warm up your Maroon5 cells, take this set of photos by Mandalay Bay private Las Vegas event on May 18th. 😉

I need good good vibes, and this all helps ;).

Even though the video for today is Nirvana, cos it fits my fisty mood:


I will soon get back in a cheerful mood though.

Karim just called to say he loves me… and that tonight he cooks his special plan for me as I get home.



Catch u later & always and forever.. GO LAKERS!!! (from an original and no faker fan ;))


2 Responses to "I’m Radioactive Green and Fuming Today"

Hi, nice post! I really like your post about Adam and Maroon 5.
Keep up the good work!

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