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Glass still half full. No drama.

Posted on: 11 June 2010

Trying to find time enough for this update, before my work ends at midday and we get straight to Genova to SAIL MY BOAT (my own fellow Zaira… sounds crazy and still awesome to think about it!!!) it’s duty to report that, just like I was paventing hours earlier in the Lakers Blog, Lakers lost Game 4, mostly due to an overwhelming performance of Celtics bench (see again my post in the blog…).

Oh, well.

We’ll still rule them in 6 AND this way it’s gonna be better for me to reach LA for the Parade.

A touch down soil and Fly straight away experience, but dad agreed there, and Karim is as thrilled as me about repeating 2009 experience.

And we WILL.

So, Green Enemies, be happy of this win… it won’t be enough:

What makes me laugh is that meeting Dani G. at Armani Jeans game on wednesday, he said just “beware Davis”.

And I was like “Yeah, sure…” (I was more concerned with Nate Robinson, if any…)

Darn 😉

Gallo…. why why why????

Anyway you still a cutie and an adorable guy. But you know as well Lakers are gonna take this, don’t you?


Other pleasant things happening?

Well, stateside on that exact day of wednesday were the dinner out at Nobu (Mash, how could you name that Mastro’s???) AND the subsequent usual wednesday stay at Las Palmas of Mr. Levine and old buddy Jake Gyllenhaal.

I can’t help thinkin I would have loved to be the chauffeur there… ahahaha!!! I can’t help.

Longtime pals Adam & Jake out of Nobu, 9 June 2010 - 2 -

I can’t… I can’t… I can’t… 😉

Longtime pals Adam & Jake out of Nobu, 9 June 2010 - 1 -


Hotness squared.

I love when they are together.

It’s great to know longtime pals remain pals no matter how far both career may go.

And let’s talk about more hotness…

Yesterday Maroon5 uploaded the 3rd Webisode of the College tour, and I advice you all to check it in its entirety first because it’s great, and secondhandly because…


Shirtless Adam is always a tease 😉

So just look, okay:

While the guys keep waiting for the machine of promotion to start (it takes maximum one more week) and while *someone* awaits also a bunch of days more to remeet his lovely half in LA/PalmSprings (awwww), let’s be fair and share this announcement of Maroon5 about more charity auctions.

Writing Adam still from the webisode. Awww 😉

Do your move. 😉

About me, today I will live the lovely experience to sail my boat.

Karim is all smiling.

He’s so into this and I am so into him 😉 (he’s into me too… okay, that was NOT very subtle, LOL…).

We will watch the opening of FIFA World Cup and he’s finally calling football “football” and not soccer anymore.

I made him read Pasolini‘s writing about the poetry of football.

It did work.

I’m sure we will love the tournament TOGETHER.

And although I have no hopes for us, of course I’m gonna cheer Italy.

I still think it’s Argentina’s year, or England’s.

We’ll see.

I left you with my favourite Coldplay Song, because I am a scientist, too:

then Tinie Tempah, Pass Out:

and finishing it with Gramophonedzie, “Why Don’t You“:

Right peeps… catch you maye from my sailing 😉

Or then after Game5 on Monday Morning.


NOTE: Adam’s and Jake’s pictures have been offered to your greedy eyes (and mines) thanx to the always awesome Jennifer Coles. Bow down to the Mighty Queen 😉


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Incredibly interesting read. Honestly..

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