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Derek Fisher and Muse: UPRISING!!!

Posted on: 9 June 2010

Oh, boy… what a day!!!

Derek Fisher is My Captain

Well, what a night at least 😉

I had just lived a space of 10 hours that will remain in my memory for a long time.

And it’s all about true delight.

All about true talent.

All about being WINNERS.

I mean… it’s all about things I love 😉

As usual, I start from the end, cheering my Lakers and the fact they fullfilled my prediction about having to win Game 3 against homey tradition (two posts ago, folks ;)).

Kobe cheers Derek after win

It has been a difficult,  yet marvelous for a true fan, game.

Celtics just are not up to us.

My trip to Figueroa is secured.

And the security is called DEREK FISHER.

Oh, the satisfaction…

Hottie alert: Tom Brady Cheers Kobe after win

For the whole year in the Lakers Blog I had to read crap about him.

Like last year, just MORE.

I know many are not really able to decode basketball, but questioning Fish the way it was done for most part of the year was simply idiotic.

Talkin for a minute – ALERT: hilarious piece of the day incoming – about people not getting basketball, at least in the Lakers Blog there are competent people mostly, even when missing some stuff out due to personal bias… but hilarious Psycho is topping herself again today in her *expertize* about the Great Game, (how come she doesn’t know Celtics always have low scoring games, for them and the opponent? Might it be cos she TOTALLY fakes bball acknowledge, like she fakes EVERYTHING else? I guess so.. three months ago she couldn’t name our players beside Kobe&Pau… LOL… Loser… count days… July 1st come SO soon for your shame to be disveiled publicly…), not to mention the fact she thinks a rich supermodel needs discounts at shops…

Pau cheers Kobe after win

I kept laughing 15 minutes. She truly is a joke.

Ehi, but after all everyone needs a good joke to cheer morning up. That’s her role in life. Makin everybody sufficiently smart laughing back at her.

And in the winners day, some hint at one of the greatest losers in the universe is always a great plus.

By contrast, that hopeless nutcase enlightens the good side of the life even more.

So, back at Derek, and at his  Heart of a Champion.

Read my peana at him, while dissecting the game recap. (yup, filled with typos… I was writing it on the taxy over iPad.. and after all I never check typos anyway. I’m lazy. Especially when not writing in my language on the web).

I am so proud to have defended him all year long passionately.

Strange enough, I was as per usual COMPLETELY right 😉

This is what he did, along the team:


PaulA Pierce is surely sullen and stuttering like a mantra his prediction that the series wouldn’t go back in LA.

What is it won’t for real now, PaulA?

You are a rejected from Cali.

Karim honestly despises you 😉 I can see why…

But ehy… let’s not be arrogant.

Celtics won’t die easily so… 2 more to go: just play like you can Lakers.

Your class outshines Celtics even in a so-so night overall 😉

Let’s just hope DocRivers crying at referees won’t cause another stolen game next one.

Cross fingers…

Now that the space for sport is closed (and ehi!!! Two days at FIFA World Cup!!!) I can dwell into the awesomeness that was Muse gig in San Siro yesterday.

Muse in San Siro, Milan (Karim's pic) - 1 -

Yup: the other part of my supertop day.

Muse live, quite simply, are MASSIVE.

Their sound which is so rich, and rockingly symphonic gets emphasized on live performances, and then their scenic ability, their so totally british taste for monumental staging makes the whole esperience JUST PURELY UNMISSEABLE.

And it’s not just an empty shallow show of images and stage devices… because these guys play and sing totally PERFECTLY.

They’re Incredible Musicians first.

With a wonderful vision.

Go anywhere catching them in this stadium tour.

It’s something truly truly truly fantastic.

I mean… I have seen them (excluding in Festivals) 8 times and yesterday topped even Wembley Stadium (which remains one of the most beautiful gigs I have ever attended).

The atmosphere was sublime, and everyone was constantly reminding that TODAY is Matt Bellamy’s BDay 🙂 🙂 🙂

They loved it… he loved it.

Muse in San Siro, Milan (Karim's pic) - 2 -

Music at the level Muse play it is really something valuable.

Talent, talent, talent and MORE talent.

Live, to me only Radiohead are better. They pass U2 by far.

I wish I had seen Pink Floyd live to make a total list, but whomever has got a glimpse of Muse Live knows what I am talkin about.

Brilliance in waves.

They’re Kobe-sized perfectionists and it shows, but that never lack true passion (just like in Kobe, actually: see for evidence his defensive game today…).

This if I remember correctly was the setlist:

  1. Uprising
  2. Supermassive Black Hole
  3. New Born
  4. Map of the Problematique
  5. Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
  6. Guiding Light
  7. Interlude
  8. Hysteria
  9. Nishe
  10. United States Of Eurasia
  11. MK Jam
  12. Undisclosed Desires
  13. Resistance
  14. Starlight
  15. Back In Black – cover of AC/DC
  16. Time Is Running Out- House of the Rising Sun
  17. Unnatural Selection
  18. Unintended
  19. Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1: Overture
  20. Stockholm Syndrome
  21. Encore 2:
  22. Take A Bow
  23. Plug
  24. In Baby
  25. Knights of Cydonia

Hope that it’s correct… one of the greatest things about Muse’s gigs is that they are restless.

They play so much (like GreendDay for instance) and overwhelms you with a pouring roaring amazing sound… and you can get lost because your memory lives by too many impulses and flashes.

It’s fantastic actually.

Best moment for me (beside the Ufo thing… WOW!!!!) was when they stepped into Undisclosed Desires… that is the song Karim always sings to me because he says it seems describing me totally… so I had Matt singing it, & Karim attached to me whispering it as well in my ears and I was feeling so FULL: completely happy.

Thank you Muse.

You really gifted me with something unforgettable.

What else?

Well, today I will ride Swifty, so I have no breaks at work and I will gone through 3.30 pm, and then reach the Countryside.

I’m so happy…

And talkin about happy things, let me just update one moment with the funniest series of Maroon5 related tweets, – that I saw only after SanSiro gig ended, on the way back home – which after all have to share both with Romance & Live Music, so they fit the scheme today:

Anne’s tweeting about her current Latvia photoshot, hinting at a well incoming reunion with *somebody* soon

Minutes after she allegedly closes eyes, *somebody* realizes he’s early awake, with no more purposes for a while (btw, he’d need some spell check too, not only myself…);

“Voice of Reason” Jimmy V. makes it clear that *somebody* could actually find LOTS he has yet to do


They are awesome.

Take this picture of them by Lauren Dukoff (talented photographer, I like her) of  RollingStone fame : I have just applied some filtering to mantain my usual palette coloring with them out from Call&Response 😉

Maroon5 in June 2010 photographed by Lauren Dukoff


To end this day about art and greatness and Number Ones, let me introduce you Photography Genius Steven Klein, (my favourite) working a number of references as wide from Giger, to Fritz Lang, to Cocteau in the new Lady Gaga‘s Video ALEJANDRO:

The song in itself doesn’t really make me go crazy at all, but the video aesthetic is awesome, with the usual Klein’s color palette, so cold and neat… flashed up by bites of red.

Video Fashion Credits HERE. (I want a lot of those things ;))

What more?

I’d just say…

Keep On Rockin u all who are Number ONES!!!


Sure I am.

Don’t need anybody statin it.

I know it. 😉


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