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It friggin HURTS.

Posted on: 7 June 2010

I had mumbled and pondered over this since it happened almost 11 hours ago.

I was scared of this Game 2 against the Celtics, way more than I was actually fearing (I didn’t at all) Game1,  cos I was so not buying the fact Celtics were dead, and not really surprisingly, all my concern and foresight was right.

I woke up at 2, and never slept after.

Today I am still at work past 4 pm cos tomorrow I go watching Muse + Kasabian in San Siro (whooooooo!!!! It’s gonna be even better than Muse gig in Turin in November !!!) and I have to do the extra task so that tomorrow I can leave work at 2.30 pm.

But really… the more time past… the more the pain for having let that game slip away from our hands hurts me.

Don’t get me wrong… I KNOW series is OURS and still morer than believe we will have this 16 ring in 6, but here you can read from my current Lakers Blog post what it pains me right now.

But it’s okay.

You gotta bleed to achieve status and glory.

It’s all okay.

Even if THIS did hurt:

It did and it still do.

Deny it is a no pointer.

Oh well, at least we still have Divine Adam‘s pics from the game (same position, just that he shifted on the last seat to allow Sam to stay closer to the finish line… look how cute he is with his little stepbrother… he’d be such a doting dad… aww!!):

Adam and Sam at Game 2 of the Finals - 1 -

All these four pictures you see are as per usual courtesy of the ultra reactive Jennifer Coles, btw:

Adam and Sam at Game 2 of the Finals - 2 -

Adam and Sam at Game 2 of the Finals - 3 -

and last one:

Adam and Sam at Game 2 of the Finals - 4 -

Adam was really pissed about the game, so much, that probably his clarity went off and he had the *really bad* initiative of answering PSYCHO in one of her usual lame, completely fake and uninformed attempts in talkin basketball (really.. seriously? I though Wikipedia and Google could do better in “informing” you about the game, lol…).

Now imagine Psycho’s joy, and imagine how her stalkering impulse will grow… poor Adam… he has no idea he risks not only to have her tweet him and ALL of his people – or whomever he answers to, or get mentioned by him or his chain, too –  now not anymore 1200 times a day, but 3000 at least… he probably risks to have her trying to live in his backyard, thinking they’re “friends” just because he answered her once out of 13000 times she fullfills his mailbox (and not only his…).

Luckely she has no money to afford any complex flying to LA… but she will try soon or later… (be careful at stabbing, Adam. If her 3rd or 4th personality sneaks in, you’re into major trouble… LOL).

Oh, boy… It was hilarious anyway, to imagine (and read) her reactions there.

Delusional & crazy.

But having no life, you can surely spend 23 hours online trying to feel like you’re “friends” with celebs… *RIGHHHHHT*

*rolls eyes and laughes* 😉

But hey, he still cute in trying to be kind, especially after he had lost way too much time answering idiot haters previously this week.

He’s really naive when he thinks those deserves his time and replies… or that they could actually make a difference for them.

Sometimes he’s just so insecure he gets even cuter.

(Strange sentence said by me, cos I don’t like insecure people generally… but we already know he’s my all exceptions… I didn’t even liked tattoes before him… well, and Karim.. ;)).

Anyway to me he looked pretty down during the game.

Sure, it could be just due to the game in itself, and definitely it seemed so from his tweets, but maybe he feels a bit lonely, considering he’s separated from Anne from a while, and allegedly for a while more, standing her new found New York’ fondness??

Talking about Anne and things that couls have upset Adam (but maybe not… he has a certain sense of humour after all…), these are a couple of tweets she had answering THIS question the other day

Somebody's question to Anne...

that had me thinking a bit (though ehi, there I have to agree on The God Bryant… GAME wise though)>>> answer 1

and that maybe did not bring the best luck at Lakers tonight, either 😉 >>> answer 2…

But after all   last Adam tweet today was cheerful, so his mood was probably just affected by the game, and talkin about Anne, maybe cos today my Elle Magazine arrived, (I’ve got subscriptions to all major fashion magazines… being a fashion victim, and having modeling friends, you gotta expect it…) you cannot question she has a certain number of stuff he naturally falls for, no matter basketball related stuff…

Just look evidence 1;

and evidence 2 (I want that Just Cavalli swimsuit for this weekend boat sailing!!!).

The whole photo spread is GORGEOUS and she’s got a beautiful body & face.

Girl is hot.

Camon… if you got eyes, you MUST see it.

Be fair about the look at least.


Anyway, my mood is doomed by the game.

I need to sleep A LOT, because tomorrow we have the gig and then as soon as we get back at Karim’s home there’s GAME 3 and that’s a Game that generally belongs to the one hosting it.

No need to say Lakers must break the tradition.

We need 2 games out of Boston.

As simple as that.

To turn my mood for the better, here it goes the music.

Which is of course Muse:

And Kasabian:

Plus latest Vasco Rossi’s video, with a message to Valentino Rossi for his complete and quick recovering:

And to celebrate Francesca Schiavone and Rafa Nadal victories at Roland Garros, some Dead Weather:

Have all a great day 😉



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