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Hegel would be delighted

Posted on: 4 June 2010

Kobe at practice.Good triumphant morning world!!!

As great things happen best when you’re confident they will, let me inform you that Lakers 2010 are so NOT like Lakers 2008.

Because like Hegel says, and that’s actually my signature opening post of the season in the Lakers Blog, history repeats but in an evolving trace, for those who are smart enough to evolve along:
“History repeats to the same patterns, but evolving from them to a more perfected reality, round after round. So we are the same: just better than last time. And we are getting better with every step more we take within the future. @ : ZAIRA AMATERASU”

Boston learnt it a bit this past night.

They learnt it THIS way:

Yup, I start immediately with this, because so it’s fair and man… I’m so pumped.


I am so proud.

And I knew so well THIS would have happened.

To make it all better, today I had a surprisingly “no working call” because we’re gonna get inspectioned by Pharma Authority (random controls, it’s the standard) and so only dad and our administration gotta be there.


In fact Karim and I will leave to Garda Lake (over his Harley) right after 1 pm.

Gasoft WHO??? Eat that, Garnett 😉

I won’t miss the NBA Final Rerun because… I got it straight with Buffa & Tranquillo THIS PAST NIGHT!!!!

Adding and piling awesome over awesome.

I think THIS of the game: read it in the Lakers Blog 🙂 🙂 🙂

But you know I’ve always been convinced about Lakers.

My faith is unbreakable and it always was.

Sure: this is JUST the start.

Adam at the Game

But if you were watching the game, you would know this is a VERY PROMISING one.

It was team play.

It was superb.

I was having in mind so much for this post (I know, I’m getting lazy with the blog but ehi.. it’s summer approaching. I have lots of stuff to do: work, love, and sport. Plus friends – you take updates when they come right? I won’t miss a bit anyway.. you will see now ;)), but all got skipped in front of the beauty of this Game 1 Final.

It’s like I have only that in mind for today. Well, and sex. I always have that in mind ;)…

Love when he's into game...

As per usual, the connection between Lakers and Music , which always belong to my blog posts, for me is Adam.

Of course at the game, of course delighted by it.

He’s tweeting a lot this morning because Anne is on her way to get a flight from Scandinavia (where she has spent days in Copenaghen and Stockholm working) to New York.

It seems Adam’s tastes for tv series is growing up with her, cos she is happy in seeing Sons Of Anarchy (one of Adam’s rare passions regarding tv stuff) on the flight back to USA.


arriving. not late. wow!

Not really ;).

Maybe it’s a bit more strange that Anne can say things like these, but I am playing the kindred spirit and I guess that was just misunderstood and lack of aptly worded expression, because she must know her man is one of the few who KEEPS producing *that kind* of real stuff, right?

in such a great mood 😉

I hope so.

It’d be strange otherwise, there it would 😉

Anyway allegedly they love to stay awake together even on the opposite sides of the world, not only when it’s about Lakers games and flights to catch, but also when this interfere a bit with Adam’s work (tsk tsk… but still cute).

Cute ;).

I would live attached at a skype device too in their places.

do you feel the expectations? Awww

I actually do when it happens (very rarely these days thank God) that I’m not aside Karim :).

Gosh he's so cute 🙂

Cute and adorably kind actually.

All the pics of Adam regarding the game are per usual courtesy of Mighty Jennifer Coles, whose work is awesome in feeding us as soon as things happen.

You rule Jen.

Thanx so much: this is especially great for Italian people that will later read my blog in the other version ;).

Anyway, back at music stuff, during Memorial Day all Maroon5 were actually on vacation (before getting back to that practice Adam was late at…):

Mickey was taken in some Texas stuff along the crew (love these insights!!!);

944 Cover Detail

Jesse and James were feeling bluesy and kinda country instead

Matty was allegedly taken with offsprings and Adam… well, you know… he was taken with Skype , teaching still somebody yoga ;).

While collecting energies through family/happy time, the guys shared something beautiful too:

944 Magazine article (courtesy of Jennifer again, I have got the chance to edit the pieces, and so there you go, I have treated the pics of them with Call&Response color panel, while the interviews I have processed so you can read it all.

Page 1 A 944 Magazine Maroon5

Enjoy 🙂

Page 2 A 944 Magazine Maroon5


Page 2 944 Magazine b and Page 1 B

The interview is really beautiful and I love the way they get so serious about their music.

Page 3 A 944Magazine Maroon5

To me is no surprise their sound can be eclectic.

Page 3 B 944Magazine Maroon5

The reason I love Maroon5 for is exactly that they are VERY eclectic and talented, with tons of influences and a distinctive, peculiar approach at music that makes everything SO theirs.

Maroon5 on 944Magazine Pag 4a

Then there’s Adam’s voice.

944Magazine Maroon5 Interview Pag 4b

I can’t wait to listen to this record.

Adam 944

I can’t.

James 944

But Maroon5 weren’t the only ones delighting me with Music news.

Jesse 944

Because YES!!!!!

Matt 944

Mickey 944

Coldplay too did. Sending me to this awesome Studio time insight :). And therefore, it’s where I send you all too:

Coldplay in Studio with Brian Eno.

Man I am SO gonna love 2010.

It’s from 2002 that Maroon5 and Coldplay didn’t release an album the same year (but then I got Songs About Jane at the start of 2003… so to me it has NEVER actually happened ;)) and I drool literally.

title pager on 944 (luv graphics!)


I’m so happy.

Everything is just so much like it should.

My life’s so perfectly fitting me at the moment it’s unreal and almost calling for hybris.

Sport pumps me, love pumps me, music pumps me…

I’m even gaining like a dozen Twitter followers a week?

I have almost ten times followers than people I do follow.

Not that really matters, but my friends love to say if I’d just like it, I could rule the world.

I don’t care.

I know that I am a winner by nature and I have charisma… that’s why I actually can’t stand losers. I am naturally against those by contrast.

But it’s not really something I care of, the way I reslt to people. My ego is way too big to care about other’s opinions on me.

I only care about a few people’s opinions and I just want being happy and make those around me whom I love happy.

I care about family, lover and friends.

I care about my Swifty 😉

I care about this world we live in.

But yep… if my idol is Kobe Bean Bryant, sure I have a penchant for perfectionist people with utmost unmatcheable talent and an attitude to be WINNERS.

And that’s why I feel like that my own way.

So far, nothing is proving me wrong 😉

I’d like to keep things on that track, LOL…

Yes, I know… I can be bad (this week I just played a poor engeneer, *very hot*, at a meeting I was having in San Donato. Poor man is lost. It took me 35 minutes to have him in the palm of my hand, and poor guy is keeping seeking for me. I LOVE when it happens. Namely… *always*? 😉 Yup… I’m that bad. And happy to be).

I can go out disguised in wig & make up to have role plays with Karim, in Milan nights out.

I can because we like it a lot.

And I’m not afraid of anything.

I don’t have time to be afraid of life.

Life gotta be lived.

And won over.

Like Kobe does.


Catch you later, okay?

Translation of this post in Italian comes after we reach Garda… this evening maybe.

Be patient.

Or not: it won’t change my plans still 😉



Go Francesca Schiavone!!!

(I won’t mention Italy’s shame in yesterday match of football… we’re gonna get SO kicked this FIFA World Cup… ;/)

Catch you later, lotta love 😉


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