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Excuse me world: BLACK MAMBA reigns!!!

Posted on: 30 May 2010

Hear me chant… hear me chant!!!

Just as I predicted.

The one and only Kobe Bean Bryant

Us in 6!!!

Third Finals in row… and I already smell Green Blood for another Mamba’s triumph.

Because… BOY.

Mamba rules.

So astonishingly.

His drive and force makes even Nash‘s determination and genius pale in comparison.

And this says A LOT.


Take that, Amare STOUPIDmare

We had a wonderful chat this past night, where you can see I enlightened the risk in Sasha‘s idiot falling in Dragic‘s mental traps as soon as it happened.

Game analysis baby.

You either have the vision, or not (btw… Psycho hilarious attempts at talk basketball… LMAO… my 3 years old cousin can say smarter things… LMAO…): Sasha has not.

You don’t boost Suns that way.

Mamba said he was ready to kill him.

And I would have helped him.

Adam cheers buddy Jonah Hill at Lakers game on May 27th 2010

Sasha… please NEVER do this against Rondo right?

But stay here. We need your badassness also in the Final.

Check in baby.

You can read my ideas in this just written Lakers blog post: it says all about past game and incoming series.


Adam reaching Staples on May 27th 2010

And as you read.. yup.

I’m ready to fly over LA for another Parade.

I wish I could witness also another game like last year, but that is uneasy to arrange unless Karim and I won’t stay there for a week, and that is pretty impossible this June.

But I wanna be at the Parade.


Before giving you the amazing highlight of the game, let me say that Adam lived up to his Bball lover reputation and he dished in two hours and a half more Tweets than he generally does in two weeks.

Which I completely adored.

Just look ;):

Adam tweets during the game. 😉


His enthusiasm is so fired up… it’s enchanting to read. And pretty, pretty hot sexy, too.

Standing and watching. Awww.

And yep baby: Kobe can become GOAT.

And yes… Magic is still up there yet sit on the throne, but only until Kobe retires to me (Michael Jordan… I know… for me Magic and Air Jordan are at the same level. So I take as well Magic into name, before him, cos well… Magic IS Lakers. This discussion has been held for ages in the Lakers blog. Everyone there knows my opinion on the matter. ;)).

But enough with Kobe’s laudas (not really…).

There’s another job to be done and Mamba first is not ready for laurels, until he bites the deadly kiss on Celtics ass 😉

And who are we to ruin that amazing plan he has? 😉

This is the game recap: enjoy and feel the laker power:

Karim and I had a wonderful sexual celebration about it.

What to say… our weekend so far has been fabulous: riding Swifty on friday (and today);  got an amazing Harley ride among friends yesterday (and sun cheered us even after a grey morning);  today we will relax and stay at me… planning to be cozy and nasty and lovely.

Raising eyebrows? Awww. ZeXy. 😉

Karim is starting sculpting a Mamba strangling a phoenix.


He’s that INTO it 😉

And I love it (plus it means he will stay shirtless all day. YUM…).

I hope Divine Creature will have same celebrations after night out, cos as I said his confidence about Lakers win today brought him back in New York by Anne‘s side, erasing that feeling of missing she was having (I always forget she calls him that way at times… because from the pics, Chovy was along her all time, and therefore, that would have been another one the pup she was missing… awww ;)).

Anne's Twitpics about her French Elle CURRENT Cover. Hot 😉

I am cheesy I know, liking these lovey names or metaphores or whatever they are…  But you should listen what Karim and I call one another’s like.

It’s equally embarassing and sweet.

And this comes from people who have NEVER been over-sugarly. Well, I definitely never had that in me before I fell in love.

While I do suspect someone writing things like She Will Be Loved is naturally prone at being sugarly.

At times at least.

Which is adorable AND makes the “dorky-sweet” name calling Anne might use for him… forgivable and all in all very tender.


Love is love.

If you don’t turn a bit ridicolous for it, you probably are NOT really into it (I keep telling this to myself for avoiding the shame of using myself dorky names for Karim… LOL).

Btw, Anne is on French Elle’s cover.

That was about it up above.

Definitely her look fits perfectly European’s taste (and after all, also Adam’s facial features are way more European than American actually… that’s why I find him “noble” looking  ;)).

I still amazed – getting back to his tweets for a moment – the way almost nobody among his “fans” is able to get musical references, and I LOVE when his dark sarcasm enlightens the posts he receives that don’t live up to his brain standards:

Adam talkative during United Airlines nightfly to Anne.

Anyway they sure must be on cloud nine now, and I love that so much.

MOst beautiful facial structure ever. So noble.

I also hope the next, and incoming parade will be on a Thursday.


Because allegedly every wednesday Adam now is at Las Palmas, and I said already I wanna check in there to see what the fuss is all about (contacts already displayed there. Never get trouble in enetering ANY upper club 😉 which rocks 😉 TOTALLY).

The pics of him you see are those from last game, and those with no tags are courtesy of Jennifer Coles as usual 😉

Enjoy eye candies.

I am sure I am not the only one making reasoning about the lenght of his feet. 😉

Be lovely and DIRRRRTY today.

And celebrate the glory of the One and Only, the Black Mamba and his awesome, OUR awesome, LAKERS.

I will definitely rewatch the game during day because I long to hear what Flavio Tranquillo and Federico Buffa will say to celebrate the unmatcheable power and the astonishing glory of Kobe Bean.

Man I love that.

They are like me ;):

Kobe lovers with no bounderies and totally happy and proud about it.

Of course they DO know what basketball is all about, so no shock there at all 😉

Aww. Even when he makes teh funny faces I would eat him alive... 😉

PS: The Italian translation of this post will happen way later in the day.

It’s Swifty ride now and then… well, I love to distract Karim from sculpting, LOL.

And the reason is I have a fire inside that keeps want celebrating… Lakers? Life? Everything?

I am so so so happy.

I want so so so so so so so BAD my dad to agree and give me three days for the Parade (we need three for the flights… but that way we stay in LA just the time of reaching Coliseum again…I shiver thinkin of last year… I have to be there again…after all, we have the house… gotta use it? ;))

He's thinkin "Camon... didn't you take enough pics already? Bac off? Thanx..." 😉

Right 😉

Awww. When he smiles. Sun shines brighter when Adam smiles 😉

Happy Sunday world 😉

And the pap still not going away 😉 *sigh* (but good for our eyes...)

Happy LAKERS Sunday, I mean 😉

Bu-bye! 😉


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