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Lakers Watch is better home ;)

Posted on: 28 May 2010

Gooooood Mooorrning peeps.

Ron Ron Rocks 😉

I know.

I know.

My vacation has been long (and fabulous, actually).

Today I have a mild day at lab (good job in keeping it all up, Serena!) and this afternoon we’ll get back to my house so I can remeet my Swifty, and ride him.

He has ben so missing me my parents actually had to console him while I was away.

My horse is the best 😉

I didn’t bring Noah along in Barcelona, I just took iPad and iPhone so no way I would have updated blogs.

You had been warned…

Today is a pretty long post, which of course starts with LAKERS WIN!!!

What a win!!!

Adam, Anthony and David. Looking... (Images thanx to Jennifer Coles ;))

Epically twisting.

Pure hollywood style.

And luckely, as predicted, while Lakers watch in Barcelona went all wrong (but still we had fun meeting crazy Lakers fans that are probably Lakers fans only due to Pau… but still nuts!!! 😉 In a good way…), as soon as we were back in Italy (reached Linate yesterday night LATER than expected, at 10.30 pm…), the stars stop to collide (at least a bit), the options were all open and given, and Destiny started back to be fair.

Which means we won.

Man of the Game?

Look the pictures.

It’s Ron Ron.

And it felt amazing.

look if it goes...



You can read my impressions during game from the Lakers Blog Chat, or a more detailed post from the thread after it.

I will post more later cos one thing I surely miss in Barcelona was posting there.

I read… but reading without writing is just half fun 😉

Of course as you also see from pictures here (Game pictures in this page courtesy of teh always sublime Jennifer Coles, MainMaid of the M5Board) Divine Creature was at the game, as usual, and once more gracing my eyes with proxemity with another hottie that I love for sporty purposes (and not only), the always handsome David Beckham (another one that actually gets hotter as he’s aging. Never really liked him when he was looking like a kid. I really like him now that his face is getting more manly ;)).


Anthony Kiedis isn’t my eye candy, but musically it’s another great addiction (Flea played the National Anthem this year too at the WCF, so even more “yay!” for Red Hot today ;).

Adorable embrace between THE GOD Kobe, and Ron Ron 🙂

As you see from his face, Adam REALLY felt the joy.

Gosh how I love the way his face is so crystal clear like those of kids when he genuinely explodes and extrudes feelings through it.


He was so delighted he even wrote about it in a tweet, which is pretty rare so into the game:

“Lakers !!!! One of the most exciting moments I’ve ever seen live…Big Ron baby!!!!!!”

I'm always amazed the way Adam jumps high standing totally vertical. 😉

But who can blame him there?

The whole game was dope.

As I wrote in my post up in the Lakers Blog thread, we could dominate, but we went self-indulgent and Suns can never be played out, cos they rely on a genius (Nash) and they always can be a recurrent threat.

That’s why this win is important and beautiful for a fan.

And really… to have Ron Ron closing that in just feels like a movie script.

It was magnificent.

It was like David against Goliath, in the sense Ron Ron still has troubles in getting the fine flow of Lakers style of play, but he really wants so bad to help us win, that his way to fight gets even romantically pursued.

You cannot NOT love Ron Ron. He’s a cartoon :). I adored the way Kobe hugged him tight. Must be super to be hold that tight from The God Of BasketBall.

The Allmighty Mamba.

My pride also got arose in million fireworks cos of Derek‘s performance. Derek is a champion. Full Stop. Haters can go suck a lollipop and get back to Bball kindergarten because they don’t get it if they don’t get why Fish rules.

Now, THIS is the game recap 🙂 :

Btw, if you wonder why Adam was there with buddy and not with Anne, answer is that Anne is back in New York from a couple of days (but Chovy-less, so allegedly ready to get back West soon?) after completing her driving license quest in California.

More from the video: awww 🙂

And after having enjoyed last week (as People reports) some cuddling and again very serenading time in Las Vegas.

Maybe around THIS thing too?:

Someone could question her love for New York, and her way to make lists about what makes her “the happiest”, but really I just believe she would never talk openly about her private life, mostly like Adam himself never does on Twitter.

I have a dirty kinky mind so I LOVE this picture. 😉 He's always *that* way... 😉

I also think sometimes she’s maybe too young to get the incredibly privileged position she’s near at with his heart at the moment.

Or anywhere else.

Because this man has had a change in attitude.

The most non-committal of people (and I KNOW what I talk about) seems so very ready to give up *bad* habits (not that I think they were bad actually… They were fun habits. The same I used to have. Nothing wrong with sexually charged lives. You miss a lot never experiencing anything like that, trust me…).

First time a bell rang there to me was when he mentioned last year he would have loved to have a baby speaking French, while recording in Vevey.

Vesper was just born, for him to be her godfather.

I can see how that could influence hs perception of human space around him, and inside him.

I still melt when they smile together. Gorgeous.

Or so I wanna hope, because he’s definitely in the age one has to mature up. Anne? Hope she can be more mature than he was at her age ;)…

For everyone’s sake there 😉

Somebody else pulled a bit the curtain over Adam’s situation, anyway.

Read Jesse‘s note in this article from Nylon Magazine, referring to him and the end of his “lothario days”.

And like me (whom I have been convinced that he’s ready to settle since he turned 30), get a free belly jelly made of loving butterflies.

Or else.

That’s he’s mellowing and clearly searching something he was not used to from a while, you get it also from his retweets.

Adam just retweeted THIS, from MichealRunion:

“we are the sum total of our choices. it is only we, with our capacity to love, that give meaning to the indifferent universe.”

"Can we go a while on the trailer?" "Can we?" 😉 😉 😉

Well, this is at east holding some significant impact.

Doesn’t it? 😉

All I know is that I feel I am happy if I get to know he’s happy.

And right now he’s happy when THEY are happy together.

Deal with it. Be joyous for him/them.

And cross fingers. In Hollywood NOTHING is built to last.

But we can hope differently. Can’t we? (I do… right now I have become this helpless romantic).

While I post some last pictures from the video (as promised last week), I can thanx to Jesse solve the mistery about the first single, and not only the one about Adam‘s womanizing former ways (?) ;).

It seems that they shot TWO videos, from what Jesse’s said:

Which sounds finally logic.

These days they are reharsaling (well, actually not yesterday, cos Mickey is in Texas right now with some of the crew ;)), but anyway they are bonding, cos beside the USA Summer appearances it seems that they are bound to cross Oceans too, and at least put feet in UK (July still a tricky time… but who knows ;)… it’s easier than USA at least).

You can also follow their tour through Green Music Group info bites.

Green Conscience should be everyone’s priority: you know how I think there ;).

I closein with the Maroon5 related stuff with this beautiful (and drooling-inducing) tweet from a Radio exec in Miami:

“In my office listening to new Maroon 5 cd. OMG….so good. I’m excited.”

Imagine us 😉 LOL… 😉

Okay… now I guess my lovey dovey mood will naturally pour in for making a quick note (maybe quick, maybe not…) about Barcelona loving time.

And I mean… we loved Barcelona and… we had all kind of love in Barcelona, too ;).

It was so special and comforting and all involving I even beared to not overreact to Inter’s Champions League win.

(I’m not sad… I’m not sad… I’m not sad…)

We were with Barcelona supporters there when they won and now that Mourinho manages Real Madrid, they maybe regret they were cheering for Inter that evening 😉 I’m just glad that jerk is outta Italy.

I was definitely happy we weren’t in Milan while Inter fans celebrated. Pheew.

We used time to have FAB… totally FAB sexual plays. You know I get reative when I’m angry 😉 And Barcelona inspires lots of role play.

The whole town is an hymn to uniqueness and creativity.

Sun & Sea Love in Catalunya

Sure we can travel in a very pleasant way, and get to stay at the best hotels with the best facilities (like renting an helicopter to enjoy sea life on weekend…), but the real fact is that we enjoy equally all the same things.

Barcelona is a very artistic town; full of history, and full of a defined identity.

It’s cosmopolite, and so are we.

Every step we were takin in that town we did feel so united… so into the same flow.

Karim loves architecture and art of surrealists there.

He worships Gaudì, unsurprisingly.

Barcelona from our helicopter flight

Have him explaining meart is always a gift. And I do know quite much about art myself. But still… with him I constantly realize I never really do enough.

And I love the way he schooles me with full grace.

Right now we’re just one in two, two in one.

We’re absolutely on the same wonderful track.

I never get enough of him.

His company really is the only thing I crave for. Not in a sticky way: like it did happen for my work meetings, sure I perfectly feel fine also away from him.

I like having people around that are not him.

But then when he comes near… he erases the rest of the crowd.

He just needs to look at me.

And everything else around disappears.

I still being so attracted to him. Two years almost that he sexualizes me so wildly. And I cannot see it ending.


You bet it.

And I love it 😉

Have a wonderful weekend.

We ditch Garda Lake to have rest and a pleasant coule of days riding horses and Harley Davidson.

Hopefully with a kindly permitting weather.

Bye Bye 😉


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