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Gotten well done Misery (and loads of Kisses)

Posted on: 19 May 2010

Okay, this is 100% worst title ever for a post, but you get what I think, right?

Awww... he looks so happy 😉 and think that some idiot heckled him outside, even... (that explaines Anne's face ;))

And yes… the first single IS Misery.

Gotta accept it, cos this is what Maroon5 themselves tweeted about it just a lil bunch of hours ago:

And don’t forget to read about Maroon’s NEW music video for “Misery” on MTV right now!”  and they meant  >>> HERE on MTV (violent? oh, please… ;))

I get now why the video had also to be humoristic.

It’s to uplift the not uplifting subject (that is a good idea ;))

Today is the last post for a while, cos in times of traveling I rarely upload blogs.

I might come with some up in the weekend BUT that depends on the fun in Barcelona (so not likely… in case I skip, the post after my return will be HUGE ;)).

After LONG delays, and very aptly considering I leave for a while (tomorrow there is the Aircraft Cruiser thing too…), here we go, this is Gotten Video Homage that I made you await so long for:

I’m quite proud of the work I’ve done there.

God bless tight jeans... *sigh* 😉

Sometimes I really really love what I do with my video homages to Adam and the guys‘ talents 🙂 🙂 🙂

To not disappoint, and before getting in LA Lakers Blog where I have been lacking comments for days (life has always to take over on web, of course), there are MILLIONS news about my Favourite 5 to share, and loads of pics to put up (included an awesome pair of Kissing Cam “duties” by Adam and Anne yesterday at the game… ;))

First of all, as we know they are always very charitable (and we all should follow them there), take this message from them and just like they said, SHOW YOUR SUPPORT to this valuable cause:

Anytime a pic catches him smile I just feel fly. 😉

“May I Be Frank”  Eco-Friendly Support.

While the lovely five and the whole gang are in Vegas, we have some entertaining tweet to give count from (I am sure all of you follow some of their gang members so this is just a lil reading-candy… I decided to post it because I adore Mickey and this is the only way to have him “tweet”… taking his actions/words reported from others, apparently ;)).

From Vincent Perini, let’s have a little sneak-in in Mickey M’s world 😉 (there have been more after, just read them if you haven’t already… Twitter is fun just for things like these ;)).

I hope Anne is getting used to the gang’s rythms… because allegedly yesterday night she had yet to get on pace with all of them… 😉 (and there it goes the “beauty sleep” any model is taught about since the very first steps in the Fashion World… But ehi.. who wouldn’t stay as up as possible, in her place? Right ;)).

Caught by the Kiss Cam!!!! Yes 😉 (*melts*...)

I wonder if the loving couple will take steps back at the scene of their first meeting up… Cos Las Vegas was Venice or Paris for Adam and Anne 😉

(awwwwww… ain’t that cute? Sin City becomes Romance City… well, I still sure it stays A LOT “sinful” enough for them though… 😉 I would be surprised of anything else… LOL… Camon, don’t be that puritans, cos I don’t belive ANY of you there ;)).

I won't express what my dirty mind gets inspired with by these pics... *hot* 😉

Before getting back to more footage from Misery Video, just because we are on a gifting day, read some from Rolling Stones and catch the video about Hands All Over, directly from the Babies’ hands on there:

Rolling Stones about the Making Of of Maroon5 “Hands All Over”

Yes, I droooooooooled a lot on that (and thanx to the Mighty Queen Jennifer Coles for providing us the video of it. Queen J RULZ ;)!)

Guess today is kissing day 😉 And this is not a video scene I think... 😉

Boom Boom Paw 😉

What more?

Nothing that I can think of, so let’s go with some more from Misery set (sweat freely…) 😉 :

(PS: I have more pics to show, but today I can’t upload them all… I guess if any, my blog posts during Barcelona times could include just them… But I an’t promising a thing. You know me… I feel no duties towards web 😉 and anyway all this material is all around web, right? Be patient ;)).

So, here come the pic sets:

I wouldn't make Anne angry right now 😉

Is it that wrong that I drool onto every pic I see of him? *sigh* 😉

I can’t wait to see this video on television and to buy it from iTunes. Word me. 😉

Okay. Adam might be a fast 100mt runner. What about that famous marathon now? 😉

Look how lovely Matt is here in green (awwww… I love Matt’s face ;)):

Adorability doubled. Matty to me is stylish whatever thing he wears 😉

And now… let’s see how well Adam crashes windows…

He? Stunts? 😉

Ops 😉

That should be the stunter.. or not? 😉

But after that, it comes back honey time ;):

Today is all kissing time. I know 😉 We're all green but we shouldn't be. Camon 😉 They're lovely 😉

Judging by the dust on Adam’s head, that stunt was made by him.

I don’t know, I see him ready to do those stuff 😉

Okay, for today is ended (the grabbing ass pic – he grabs her down, of course… 😉 –  is in next post series, right?)

Have a lovely coupa days and tonight CHEERS THE LAKERS, okay?

I will.

I won’t even sleep at all.

I might definitely sleep on the Aircraft Cruiser 😉

CU peeps 😉


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