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Mamba Power Erases Misery ;)

Posted on: 18 May 2010

Wait, wait… do not take it bad 😉 I had to come up with a title 😉


Ladies and Gentlemen, BOW to the one and only, the omnipotent Basket God, Kobe Bean Bryant, the AllMighty Mamba!!!!

(Ehi! Italians love to put in adjectives… what do you wanna quarrel for? ;)).

Lakers just made the Suns look like sparring partners, as you get evidence from HERE:

Game was a one man show till Kobe decided to rest and let others do their jobs.

It was awesome.

First half Karim and I couldn’t leave from bed ( 🙂 …) and so we watched the game on SkySport3 in the upper part of his loft, unable to reach iPhone and pc (which were down on the couch…) and therefore unable to join for a while LA Lakers Blog Game chat, even though then I stepped down, took the iPhone and got back up in the bed (yep, I chatted from there… problems? ;)).

It was dominance.

I hope we don’t get complacent, but if we focus, this series, that I predicted in 5 (and still convinced of that number) could end in another sweep.

*delight* 😉

Talkin about Delights, it seems that reports are given still MISERY as first single. My own reports still conflicting there, but what I care for are pictures, aren’t they? 😉

And I have some from yesterday still from the set (this post is gonna be all pictorial, practically ;)).

Don’t get used to that LONG Elvis haircut Adam wears there though, cos look what he was looking like two hours ago at the Lakers game , that he attended of course along Anne and also his gang (Mash, as usual you were totally spot on, also about that… hat off you, mate):

Adam and Anne at Lakers Game 1 western Final : yes he CUT hair!!!

Awww… the Wake Up Call Haircut is back!!!! Love it so much (without gel though 😉

More from the game:

Ron Ron shirt? Seriously? 😉

Bets: were they late? (Surely ;))

Awww. They're SO cute paired. Can't help. Love the sight 😉

4 people at his expense? amazing. It makes a whopping...

... around 20000$ and+ giveaway for two hours and half? 😉 Awww 😉

and last before getting back to “The First Single” video (see, I don’t wanna accept it’s Misery 😉 LOL…), this one:

I SO LOVE this haircut on Adam. He should always keep hair that short 😉


Now back with some shots from yesterday OnLocation series, with Given Credits to Photo by Eric Ford/ On Location News. 818-613-3955. info@onlocationnews.com, get some more visual candies from the video set, which makes me drool *quite much*, after all that I have spent drooling already 24 hours ago:

Awww. That position... 😉

Raise Up hand those who would like to be in her place ;))))) (*ME*!) 😉

Awww... (and *drooooooool*)

That is so cute... They're toying it up 😉 Sweet 😉

Bets open again: odds that he's into sex choking? (*high*) 😉

This is just the most adorable pic. That kind of eye contact is awesome.

*swoooooooons* 😉 Absolutely adorable. That kind of sight he gives her could melt Antarctica, word me freely.

Okay, eye candies for today end here.

I’m preparing today Gotten Video Homage (I have decided to include the excerpts out from Slash Special Japanese edition of the album, which is awesome… TOTALLY!!!) so tomorrow I will post that and the rest of pics, and then for a good while probably nothing because when in Spain I doubt I will have blog uploads (but I bring Noah with me so I can’t say for real now…).

Music for today is just one song, that I am totally in love with, and it comes from Cesare Cremonini and Jovanotti (sadly the audio quality isn’t best, but you take it cos it’s awesome!!!):

If you wonder, Babies are traveling to Las Vegas, just like I informed you previously , for THIS event that I already told you about back then.

Adam seems pretty confident his Lakers won’t waste much in Game 2 😉 while he’s away LOL…

Have a great day, and always remember LAKERS RULE!!!!!!!


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