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Give A Little More!!! (video & not only)

Posted on: 17 May 2010

Good new week, world!

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 1 -

After a very quiet (and for Karim and I, awesome weekend in my new Florence apartment, that will likely become our elective love nest, *guaranteed*) few days, when I just forgot about pc and tasks (and so, yes, I haven’t prepared Gotten Video homage yet… hopefully I will be able to complete it today and post it tomorrow morning), get ready because today we have lots of stuff, thanx to the blessed fact this long weekend Maroon5 shot the video for their incoming first single from Hands All Over



First single is going to be Give A Little More.

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 2 -

I’m SO happy about the song change.

My opinion there was adamantine: NO depressing subjects for Summer.

No way they’d work, especially in a moment when kids love trash like Autotune and carefree songs (have you ever looked in the past 18 months at charting songs? The only things that work are soulless idiocities, and given that NOTHING Maroon5 do could ever be “soulless” or “idiotic”, at least they had to think it’d be better to try and avoid the whining in music till… well, till Fall comes. I’m sure Misery will work amazingly as second single , ready for times after Summer Lovers breakups – a seasonal classic for young people everywhere, right? – ).

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 3 -

Well, after these tidbits, of course all pictures here are taken from the video shot.

I’m delighted about the Fan Inclusion thing Maroon5 did on Sunday for their video. Very nice and clever.

Just as I predicted even from February, and then given it for assured as the relationship grew stronger,  Anne is the female lead of the video,  (look all the pics 😉 Awww… Their babies would be so beautiful… and with gorgeous cat’s eyes, and a luminous smile, as both of them have those…), and this couldn’t really surprise anybody, considering Adam’s tendency there .

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 4 -

With Kelly he lasted around a year and half, so will the video making together lead to a longlasting relationship OR will the video making together taunt the relationship, making it end it shortly after?

You know my option there is for Divine A. to be as happy and serene as possible so I hope for solution #1.

I’m charmed by their beauty together, and being she a model, I bet Adam’s love for disguising sex match-ups run rampants in their bedroom… or anywhere else, I hope 😉 LOL.

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 5 -

I still love that he seems absolutely unfazed by scaramantic ideas, and just goes and roll with it.

Which is totally correct. Live and Love.

There aren’t really better options than that one, and what tomorrow will bring, you’ll take it.

I can’t wait to see their hotness in the vid: *lots of tantalizing ideas will come out from there* 🙂

(Karim smirks everytime I hint at that… *wonder why* ;))

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 6 -

Mash said no Anne in sight on Sunday, which is logic, because you stay there for your fans only when you include them in your video, and if you’re clever enough you avoid to flaunt your supermodel girlfriend in front of them, don’t you?

Btw, she just realized right minutes ago that shooting videos is a bit more demanding than taking photo shots 😉 she better rest cos in a few hours she’s into Staples Center cheering Lakers for their 1st Western Conference Final battle… and Adam is so keen at it, he even chanted Lakers choirs for the fans involved in the video shooting.

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 7 -

I bet he’s all ready and up pumping for trashing Phoenix Suns ;)!

Twitter chances to someway get a feedback from the video shooting were amusing (I actually checked them this morning on the way to work, smiling on Metro and thinking that the 50’s look will do Adam good. It’s since they’ve recorded Sinatra’s cover that I wait for that look on him & them… though from the images so far t seems like the video reminds A LOT of Grease. Adam said he dies several times there… let’s see how they mix Grease with a killers story… I’m curious and excited.

Director Joseph Kahn is a nice choice, and allegedly it seems a very interesting plot. We’ll see 😉 btw, Adam’s MercedesS400 seems to gain always stylish fans, doesn’t it? LOL.

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 8 -

It’s nice to exploit Twitter availability regarding Maroon5 cos you get for instance these little gifts from James, too (awww).

And it all becomes a plus, doesn’t it?

So, the steps towards the new music are all listed.

I so love the moment when everythig gets planned and the machine starts to work stuff.

For instance, from now on you will hear lots more of Maroon5 music around. The marketing steps request that as preparatory “ground” for the new stuff. Even though my Radio Stations and channels never really went shy on them, which is great.

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 9 -

I just hope they will let stuff going on here in Italy with Radio Deejay because it’d be way easier for me to get all passes AND the bites I long the most for (afterparties). But even if it’d be RDS, I can work a couple of contacts well still.

We got time, anyway.

Also in some other Europe landscapes.

*delighted face* 😉

(yeah, I’m not really up for meet&greet myself. I’m more lateral, I know… ;)).

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 10 -

Okay… after the amazing feeling of detailing my babies latest infos, I have FORCEDLY to take a minute and mourn and give the requested honours at Inter for their 18th Serie A victory (and they passed us… *sigh*).

I know.. I’m so loyal in sport and no… I’m not crying… *sniff*.

Yesterday as we came back from Florence we got straight struck at Karim’s pad and called Fede and Serena and played with the Wii for avoiding stepping off and being surrounded by all Inter chants and supporters..

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 11 -

I know.. it’s a sad and a coward move… but I couldn’t bare their sight.

And on Saturday we are in Spain… luckely not in Madrid, but in Barcelona… but anyway we risk more Inter celebrations there too… *boy*!!!… 😦

Today, just because it’s fair to Give A Little More also in no music territories, finally Lakers play again as I have already told you.

It was too long of a break, but hopefully useful for our guys to get back forces and a bit more of an health (but Suns get those back too…).

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 12 -

I am all up for the battle.

Ready to share stuff in the Lakers Blog and just flow with it.

I still predict us in 5. If it gets really nasty, us in 6. But I still see 5.


Yesterday Karim and I missed an invite to be at Monaco/Montecarlo Grand Prix.

My dear friend Colette has a house in Monaco and she always invites me every year.

Adam and Anne on Give A Little More Video set, 14 May 2010 - 13 -

We would have accepted but we had the finalization of the apartment deal, so we skipped it.

It has been a good race, and Ferrari did decently (gotta admit Alonso did really well).

So, these days will be hopefully smooth at work because from Friday the Barcelona trip (done for Karim’s work AND for some fun too) will involve also some move on potential partners from Catalunia, and this has already been prepared.

On Thursday, before leaving, there is the NATO/Rotary thing.

Let’s cross fingers weather will be decent…

Today the music tidbits are the always amazing and overstylish Baustelle:

and The National (live from Letterman. I LOVED that performance a lot:

I end with more pics from Give A Little More Video set.

And get ready for being steamed out 😉

Adam and Anne Makin Out on Video Set

*HOOOOOOOOT* 😉 >>> Full Pictures series HERE

Adam and Anne having *heavy duties* to work on 😉

Is that a scene of the video (surely I guess it)?

Adam and Anne "acting" on the Video set... 😉 (I bet they LOVED every second ;))

A way to kill boredome in between ciaks (if any, they’d loved to remake ciaks… LOL)?

Adam reached by the hairstylist... Worry Adam, worry out 😉

One moment to comment from shot number 11 to number 16… his face while they puff up the back of his hair…

The torture of Hair&Care... Look how's Anne relaxing and learn from her expertise Adam 😉

I couldn’t stop laughing. Sorry Adam, that was just too funny… 😉

Oh, boy... that is hilarious 😉 (he still adorable even there though ;))

All I know is that she is *darn lucky* 😉

Torture is ended Adam... good things coming next... 😉

No way I can blame her for anything she did there… who wouldn’t do exactly the same in her shoes (or way, way nastier than her in her shoes…)… 😉

Rawwwwwwrrrr 😉 Can't wait to see the video 😉

Enjoy your Monday peeps – tomorrow more pics: I have been addressed to 84 more 😉 –  🙂 🙂 :)!

UPDATE: I can’t resist… the 84 pictures from Photoshelter are ADORABLE, gotta post at least a couple of them already.

From OnLocation

Beside, this is what OnLocation says (which makes the song picked up for first single yet STILL a debate? we’ll figure out… Read what they say in the site about the filming, because it seems in the end Misery still the first single? I still don’t like the idea, if any, but in the end I’ll love anything they come up with… I know ;)):

From OnLocation:

May 14th & 15th 2010. Los Angeles, CA. ***EXCLUSIVE*** Adam Levine and his sexy russian supermodel girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna filming a Maroon 5 Music Video for their song “Misery”. The sexy couple filmed various scenes of loving affection with passionate kissing followed by scenes of humorous violence and destruction. In this action packed Music Video shot on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, Adam Levine and his band mates are fleeing from Anne Vyalitsyna who is humorously trying to kill them in various ways. Scenes include a missile gun attack and warrior style knife throwing from Anne, Adam being hit by a car while running away, Adam being close lined by Anne off a motorcycle that he is fleeing on, Adam being kicked through a cafe window as well as being ejected from the window of a high rise building. The couple were constantly kissing, hugging and holding hands while on set. They both shared a big luxury trailer while not filming.”

From OnLocation (gosh, look his gorgeous smile... I can imagine the phrase there "Honey, don't move too much THERE or we won't film for a while more... " ;))

Photo by Eric Ford/ On Location News. 818-613-3955. info@onlocationnews.com

Enjoy and see you tomorrow for more 😉

Miss Z. 😉


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those pictures are from the misery video set. give a little more is being shot today in NYC.

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