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Weekend, some comedy, AND THE ALBUM DETAILS!

Posted on: 10 May 2010


Had the busiest meeting at my former University, but I also have to say amazing things are shaping up for next fall in LA.

I am profoundely grateful to all the bright minds who are gonna co-operate for making the 5DH3 Project a wonderful chance to be taken.

I’m all and totally excited to step up further.

Whooo! 😉

I also looking forward to the obvious money income, because I am gonna need even more from now on: this weekend Karim and I will be again in Florence, not only for pleasure purpose, but also because I have an offer taken into consideration for a 2 and 1/2 room, double services and garage in THERE!!!!

Karim is delighted, cos Florence is his dreamy town.

He offered to share it but financially and for the residency purpose I prefer to buy it alone if any.

That’d be technically my second house because I have the LA one as well. Actually though it’d be my third, since my dépandence at my parent’s property is of course “mine” as well. (Garda Lake house,  Rome apartment and the manor are theirs completely to me… and I hope I won’t inherit them for at least 60 more years!!!).

So, I’m turning into a housholder, at the young age of 25.

And I still have the boat, you know 😉

But enough with the fast forwarding of incoming weekend.

I have to recap what happened in the past one.

Well, lot of fun and a monsterly intensive eating session.

Combining Serena’s dinner out on saturday and then yesterday Mum’s Day celebration in Milan, man, I am out of carbs for the next 7 days.

I *fear* I’m not anymore 109 pounds 😉 so either I step up at 5’10” or I better shed the pounding through physical activity and regular food (I’m fine being 5’9″, thanx ;)).

For the physical activity, it’s time to start back sex tennis, since the season now has started and after snowboard is out I need more intensive cardio to add to the yoga, pilates and horseriding weekly roundup.

About *reacreational gym*, Karim and I know what it takes 😉 It’s a daily lovely plan we work *heavily* on ;).

On saturday night (the sunday dawning) my Lakers watch got compromised by rainstorms: internet connection went away often so we saved the NBA League Pass and watched all an hour and half later.

To not spoil the fun, I couldn’t chat (bummer…) in the LA Lakers Blog Game Chat which wasn’t good at all.

Also because the game was AMAZING:

and it would have been sublime to dissect it along my fellow bloggers.

Oh well… today hopefully no storms will take me back there.

And I am mostly sure today we’re gonna close the practice and reach the Final of the Western Conference.


While we are on sporting matter (fan sport at least), I won’t comment Serie A (shame on you, Milan… SHAME!!!!) but I will shout out my huge admire and big cheer to Carlo Ancelotti amazing achievement with Chelsea 🙂 :

So deserved.

So awesome.

And I SO missed you Carlo on our bench…*sigh*.

To avoid too downwarding thoughts, I’ll resurrect mood by detailing the Comedic Piece of the Weekend, starring the always prolific Dumbie.

Get ready at the way info bites are posted, because this prepares for more fun in July, when the anti-stalker site will be launched.

Antifact: I can’t stand wannabes and apparently this is not well taken by… erm.. wannabes?

I actually don’t blame Dumbie in himself for the comedic piece of the week.

I don’t.

He got dragged into it (easily, sure, but he got dragged)…

Poor baby boy was SURELY addressed by Psycho there

You know, she is followed by him, so she can DM him!!! W.O.W!!!! What an huge achievement!!! LMAO…

I guess when you send tons of stalking messages to a wannabe raving at his “talent” the wannabe, intrigued by your “support”, at some point can follow you back in his delusional pursue of some glory?

But then, I mean… Wannabe follows 500 people and his followers are just slightly above that rate… isn’t really THAT difficult to make him interested isn’t it?

Gosh, but these are sophisms. No no.. I must be wrong: being followed by Dumbie MUST be HUGE. 😉 In a world when one has no real life, it certainly is at least something.

LMAO… I woud wear a pin and wear it proudly everywhere… I wonder how Psycho will justify what she said about him to ME a few weeks ago, once everyone will be able to READ it on the web… and no matter what you have done to fake it there Psycho, no matter if you erased messages, or changed mails… certified and DATED web pages don’t lie… Keep digging your hole, Psycho… keep on… You are the best 😉 for funny pieces. And we wait to have even more fun around here and not only here… LOL)


Back to the comedy episode.

I was eating cakes with mum when the devices that registers the web activity of the creek popped in (it’s slightly delayed, of course… and anyway, you know, it’s not like my real life is affected by the web, so it’s not like I keep eyes struck on a screen 24/7… not even being connected 24/7 through iPhone… Web is not THAT interesting of a place, once you have a life…).

I got this message and called Fede (who was at the party for my mum too), so that we could have laughed a bit:

(NOTE: That girl of the message is NOT Psycho… she’s one of those Psycho brainwashes like she used to do with me, and one of those who, in perfect bonafide, think she’s a poor girl and try to support her by involving everyone in Psycho’s mess… Don’t blame that girl, right? She’s being fooled. But she will also open eyes in July, as long as she won’t fear to read the truth)

Of course, being absolutely convinced of my opinion of Dumbie, I had no trouble in directing myself at him.

He doesn’t do a thing for my world, but if he addresses me, sure I can answer, can’t I?

I guess Baby Mike is not familiar with typical rethorical figure of hyperboles and eponymes, but for people learning ancient Latin and Greek is natural the use of highly tipped adjectives or attributes to qualify objects (as persons as well) of admire.

And I have studied both languages… Ouch.

It’s nothing serious… just a way to write stuff down, Dumbie. Learn some or die by some.

He’s probably jalous that his brother can easily be tipped “Divine”, while his funny eponimous starts as well with a “D”, but it’s not really flattering at all?

Dunno… might be? 😉

I just know he’s a wannabe, even furtherly after this funny exchange of yesterday.

And I had no trouble whatsoever in explaining to him that he should just be able to handle opinions if he’s gonna try to pursue a career (ahahahahhaha! no okay… I shouldn’t laugh.. LMAO…):

Problem of Baby Mike is that he can fool the naives around him.

But having myself quite a number of HW connections, I know well which one is the common word on him around the bright LA.

He SPOILS his bro.

He can deny it. But he knows that’s the truth. Nothing wrong with it maybe, and after all that isn’t my business, it’s their own one… Anyone conducts their lives the way they want to. But then, of course, people can have their take at that, too.

I don’t like that certain kind of people, and well, I suppose I am free of stating it? I don’t find him valuable in any artistic way… can I say it?

Of course Baby Mike reaction to my answers (probably he isn’t used to sincere people around, so he doesn’t really know how to handle us…) was the number one move of kindergarten people.

In his mind, whomever criticize him must be:

1)  sad;

2) with no life;

3) jalous;

4) pick one of the sterotypes kids use:

Sorry Baby Mike, but my life is fabulous. And hugs is not something I lack of (LOL… this sentence made all of my crew, parents included, laugh till tears… LMAO).

I’m pretty fabulous too, actually.

Unlike you, I have a great job, a great life full of great people, a loving and oversexy (and monsterly wealthy) significant other, and amazingly enough, NONE of those things define me, because I am way beyond than just being defined ONLY through these – really valuable di per se – things.

My best asset is a very well functioning brain. And a pretty damn good taste.

No baby Mike.

I am very, very happy person and just because I am, I don’t need to lick your ass, because I don’t need you to reach your bro like Psycho does.

I totally don’t care about that (nor that you own much power there, anyway, do you?).

Life is so much “other stuff” than that pathetic pursuing of obsession (and after all, I met already everyone thrice, and out of the fan circle, which makes stuff prettier, you know…):

I thank you and Psycho who fueled you up for more comedy, since a good laugh is always a great way to end a busy weekend.

I needed it on Sunday.

But the day you will be able to realize the way you behave gets judged by your peers in a no flattering way, baby Mike, maybe that will give room to you for an actual good way to improve, evolve, and maybe make you also a more decent performer, which you are so far away from right now (this is called “artistic criticism”… you can argue or not, but you can’t erase that opinion from people’s mind with snapping fingers, can you?).

Think about that.

Or don’t : I don’t really care.

Just remember that honest people tell things in your face.

They don’t write behind your back, faking a good face in front of you.

Jesse, Adam and Frankie in "Poker Star Tease" 😉 (Thanx Jennifer Coles!!!)

Right, the comedic piece has been disveiled, and I wasted way too much time on unworthy (but funny) subjects.

I’m always ready to an upgrade (actually as I wrote previously, I don’t care about Dumbie… but when Psycho and her ways involve him, gosh, I can’t avoid the entertainment. Makes the July wrapping up even more juicy and special, doesn’t it?), anyway, so stay tuned 😉


Before I leave, I let you end it all with the good side of Pantheon, with the just-in arrived pics provided by the always awesome Jennifer Coles (DA Queen!!!!), and the AWESOME NEWS ABOUT THE ALBUM & TOUR!!!!! (just in… finally!!!):

READ IT MAROON 5 FINALLY WRAPPED IT UP!!!! THE ALBUM & TOUR DETAIL!!!! (*finally* *finally* *finally*)

Divine Adam (see??? I call him Divine!!! is it strange? Anyone of my friendly circle calls him so 😉 and we LOVE IT!!!) yesterday has returned back to LA (Anne allegedly will join him later during week, as she shared with Creepy hours ago… *brr… CReepy…*), but not before being his awesomely creative self in Airport Twittering at JFK awaiting (the smartest of you will see a déjà-vu in one tweet ;)):

The airport is fascinating…what is everybody doing? Where are they going? Who is on drugs? Who is happy? Who is sad? Who just farted?

Old people should fly first class free of charge once they hit 80. Yknow? It’s like. Congrats! You get a comfy chair for your old bones!

The dude at Mickey Ds denied me breakfast. He was so smug about it. Like in his mind he was saying “11:01 bitch”….whatever…

Happy mothers day !!!!!! Mom I love you so much. You’re the best one. (Awwwww. Sorry… I had to sneak in… he’s adorbs…)

I bought an extra seat on the plane for my French fries…too over the top?

I don’t need drugs. I AM drugs! (okay… get back here… and see me smiling now just like I did writing that past July 2009 ;))

I leave you today not with a song, but with a motto that went into my mind yesterday (some memories from Classic Studies, and my creativity applied there):

Rex est qui metuit nihil, rex est quique cupiet nihil. Constanter et non trepide, vi veri universum vivus vici

Wish you a great week.

With these news, mine shine already 😉 and ithas just started!!!

Whoooo-hooo!! 😉


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I still can’t stop laughing. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Baby Psycho combination is explosive. I still wonder how will u destroy Pycho’s “respectful” reputation on the web.

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