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I keep ruling Wii League ;)

Posted on: 7 May 2010

Yeah yes!!!!

Sun shines on us finally.

Of course, this won’t be totally spot on cos this weekend we’re not meant to leave to my Garda Lake house (no tan yet)… we stay in Milan cos it’s Serena’s BDay (happy one you sweetie!!!) and we will be club hopping for her tonight, and have dinner on saturday (it won’t prevent us from Lakers traveling to Utah and hopefully do their well meant job there ;)).

Adam reaching Staples for the game May 4 2010 (under that, black shirt ;))

Talkin about Lakers, in the Lakers Blog Tom has campaining for a wonderful idea: out of his Kobe’s portrait that has pleased quite my fellow bloggers, they’d like Karim to create the  design for a Blog t-shirt that we could eventually all wear… well, at the Parade, of course!!!

Karim loved the idea.

He’s working on that, and let’s hope it comes out nicely otherwise not even I will see the result (Karim is very private with his drawing… when he sculpts not, but when he paints he doesn’t let anybody watch the process and only shows results when he’s pleased with them. Artists… they can be very peculiar ;))

BTW, yesterday I trashed everybody in the usual Wii League match up, and if you wonder yep, I bring along my Lucky Charmer (the Japanese Cat God that brings money) when I move from my house to Karim’s one. Actually also those Wii games are all mine. I move them as well back and forth when it’s meant to have the Wii League not at me, but at his place. Nuts, I know ;)…

The image you see today is Adam reaching Staples the other day.

Where he is now?

Well, the awesome news of the past days is that he is scheduled to appear along Slash in an episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show on May 11 to showcase Gotten (yes!!!! That will help me create the YouTube video for the song!!! Sublime!!!), but beside that, I still convinced that due the gap time between Lakers Games at Staples, he should most definitely be in New York now (unless “WE” doesn’t mean Anne & Chovy just, you know… which doesn’t look likely, of course ;)).

At least I hope, cos looks like Creepy is there too now… (shivers down spine there… that person is scary to me…) and I wouldn’t like dramas, you know.


Today is so sunny and happy, I hope Love Rules everywhere 😉

Work is going smoothly so far, so hopefully I’ll even have space for a Swifty ride later on.

Man, I love Fridays.

Weekend, get ready cos we’re gonna rock ya body!!!

Songs for today start with B.O.B. (reminds me of Kanye Late Registration times…):

Then goes on with some good friday shake up, like David Guetta ftr. Kid Cudi (love that song on Fridays!!!)

and to close, just cos after mentioning that I had a vision & a sudden need, of course Kanye West and the Divine Seraphine in the awesome Macy version video for Heard’Em Say (talkin about New York, seemed appropriate ;)):

Rock on your weekend, peeps ;)!!!


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