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Lakers Love!!!

Posted on: 5 May 2010

Forget the enthusiastic title… Game 2 was such a never put under menace win even the word “boringly natural” doesn’t serve as for purpose.

Adam and David (!!!! Tattoed hotties bonanza!!!) hours ago at Game 2 Series 2

Not that i did not enjoy it.

I have.

I always love to win.

Note: pics of today game with Adam and David Beckham, and the one of Adam and James Sunday are always courtesy of Jennifer Coles. >>> APOLOGY to Mash.

You were right.

James was there on Sunday, so I lost the bet.

But it was ages he wasn’t bringing Jimmy V along at Staples 😉 Sigh 😉

Back to the game…

And Utah really cannot worry me the single bit.

Adam and James past Sunday at Game 1. Sorry Mash. You were Right. I was Wrong 😉

We will hopefully close this in 4, if Zebras won’t have their deviance displayed against us.

Really… Utah?

Don’t think so.

I had a wonderful chat time in the Lakers Blog (presenting there from the iPhone log in my new Avatar there,  which is Karim’s portrait of Kobe, out from his wonderfull/amazing/superb fashion modeling op, revisited by Karim ditching the wonderful all white flair with a more apt – for the chat – purple and gold penning).

Before I forgot: one of the very few interesting things in the game was looking at the good will of Drew.

Good job kid.

You proved my faith in you okay.

My Baby Karim's portrait of THE GOD, Kobe Bryant. All peeps in the Lakers Blog can download it 😉

(Laker Tom!!! Buddy!!! I bet you’re ecstatic there. Can’t wait to read you later ;))

Our Three Towers combined for a monstrous performance but honestly… Utah?

It ain’t serious.


Kobe… Kobe is KOBE.

Princess Jimmy should learn something about real champions and injuries…

I will voice up my Lakers views later in the Lakers blog, but now I gotta be quick cos Marghe is arriving for lunching with me at lab and really, there is not much we can say here about the game, that won’t be expressed by the usual videos.

Like the recap:

Or some excerpts, like the well deserved spotlight of speaking Bynum (proud of you baby boy!!):

It’s pretty much all?

Think so.

Only small note more: next game and the one after are both gonna be played in Utah.


Dunno about you, but I *might sense* somebody has now the convenient gap of time before next (and hopefully already belonging to Western Finals Series) show up at Staples, to force himself into an airplane and reach New York.

Call it a feeling 😉

Music for today, inspired by an hilarious “comment-mail” some of the Pshyco‘s crew  (or maybe the Psycho herself faking another ID? Gotta ask Fede to track ID there), is Beck‘s Immortal LOSER.

Fits so well, and it defines Utah a bit too (but more Psycho… ah!!! the fun… 😉

Enjoy 😉

*No Mercy For Fakers* is my today’s motto.


It’s my EVERYDAY’s motto 😉


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