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The ugly side of Countryside, and spoiling Wannabes

Posted on: 4 May 2010

So, this morning I am allegedly meant to conduct tests at the farms.

Then explain to me why I am sneezing out in the countryside typing over Noah as I wait the first Farmer to allow me in to check cattles.


This is the ugly side of Countryside.


I will fill the time with random stuff, okay?

Let’s go as it comes.

First of all, as I promised yesterday to Marghe and the gals, here it comes the collage of Divine Adam‘s pictures out from First Game of the second Series against Utah Jazz.

Pictures all Courtesy of the Mighty Jennifer Coles (thanx Queen!!!)

Adam Levine at Staples Center, 2 May 2010

SMOOOOOOOOTH: absolutely gorgeous.

Seriously… that white transparent tee… wow.

The overskinny jeans…

Boy, while staring at that as a taxi was bringing me back home yesterday I was sweating.


Marghe and I were just exchanging messages and I was describing her the pics, and all I could think about was:

Boy, I’d lick him from top to bottom for about an entire month…

What can I do.

It’s how I feel.

Karim punished my lusting later during day when he was sculpting in my house DRESSED up.

Revenge, he said.

But it didn’t last… I have *my way* to undress whomever.

It was a really wonderful way to fight sexually & reconcile.

Karim should never mind nobody else.

He’s way too talented in what he does, and way too hot and confident to really feel competitions from anybody.

And I do know about *stuff* 😉

(and of course Adam was in LA on Sunday… where else he had to be? Mash says well whenever Adam is at Staples cos Mash has the seats to all games, Marghe:  he’s getting tired that you always question him, LOL…).

Talking about Lakers and games at Staples, yesterday for the millionth time Adam’s bro cracked me up.

He’s the King of Wannabes, sorry, I can’t cope.

I might be “mean” but he really doesn’t give me space for being kinder.

All that in Adam is good and valuable, gets trivialized in his brother.

The facial features that make Adam’s looking noble and elegant, even when he really doesn’t set himself up for being “clean looking” result gross in his brother, and average (so little shifting in proportions can do so much in overall appearance).

Vocally… let’s not even start.

Just listen to the two, and if you’re true to yourself, you can just see there’s no comparisons possible in ANY universe.

There’s a reason one of them is a worldwide star, and the other is a nobody.

Creatively… erm, I don’t know: one works his ass off since he was a kid for love of music, and the other… who is the other again?

Adam’s talents are just wide reaching.

His bro’s ones… no matter how many great schools for performing he has attended… flair is just NOT there.

And he’s 26, not 16.

If he had something up to show… somebody would have caught it already?


I’m not meant to be cruel with poor lil Bro.

Is that I really, really, REALLY can’t stand the way he plays his “role”, claiming he doesn’t really count on Adam’s connection for making it on himself, and then EVERY single time he throws his bro name in as much as he can, just to gain status.

Name-Dropping is REVOLTING.

Exploiting your brother is a low-cut move.

Denying the evidence you do is pathetic.

And it makes you pass as a loser, sorry.

Out from his really really clinging way to behave, that truly sets me off (namely: self-promotioning himself throwing his bro name wherever he can, because he knows all that he might actually result is “being brother of”, RT himself or whomever mentions him, trying to suggest he’s SOOOOO into his bro stuff, when he’s not, and going on and on and on…) is when he does shit like these (this happened yesterday, but really it can happen anyday):

Step 1: one of his followers (those who generally, not always but generally, follow him ONLY hoping that he can actually bring themselves near to Adam, while his power there is around near to ZERO) tweets him something cute (actually the author of this particular tweet is a nice gal, I believe she actually kinda is positive towards Mike, but certainly she would take Adam over him ANYDAY…), mentioning his brother along;

Step 2: he tries to play it cool, refusing the connection.

Step 3: he RETWEETS anything mentioning the connection, showing himself for what he really is.

A name-dropping WANNABE.

(there is often also space for a Step 4 that doesn’t really belong to him: generally Psycho Obsessive People will set up a storming retweeting, in their minds gaining “status” with the wannabe, so that they can reach the real object of their obsession, confiding in the positive intermission of the wannabe for that plan… Of course these same people are those writing HUGE mails or DM about the wannabe calling them with the worst names, because losers always talk behind backs, don’t they? Man somebody needs a HUGE therapy. HUGE therapy. Or to have actually some real life going on…)

Anyway… It’s clear that I can’t stand that behaviour of Lil Bro.

He exploits Adam way, way too shamelessly.

There is a reason boy if you are doing NOTHING with your life no matter whom you’re brother of (namely no matter how well connected you can be compared to the average Joe).

It’s called TALENT.

The one your bro has, and you are surely lacking of enormously by comparison.

If I do sound mean (but I don’t, it’s something under everyone eyes to see), I advice you all to take a look at Mike’s pages (and follow his tweets… at times it gets strangely awkward, both about him and those surrounding him licking his ass, which is why I actually stopped follow him, and rely only to my friends telling me what he does when it’s too huge to ignore), and then form yourself an opinion.

Once you don’t plan to use him for maybe reaching out to Adam, I am sure you will clearly see more likely with my own eyes the situation there, than not.

It’s about being honest, I guess.

The day Mike wouldn’t be so shamelessly using Adam, I could probably even change opinon on him.

Not until then.

It’s way too clear what he does around.

And then the point is that I can’t stand wannabes.

It’s beyond me.

I prefer to speak my mind out, than licking butt for really no worthy purposes.

At least with me you know you are not going face fakery (but then, generally wannabes and fakers go hand in hand…and there’s a psychological reason for that too).

By the way, I hope Divine Adam will never waste any 3700$ seat on his clingy brother anytime soon, landing to his whining persona a place aside him at any Lakers game.

I would so NOT really like the sight (literally)-. 😉


Back into cuter territories (I had this post in my since quite a time… now that I have written it down, I won’t really waste anytime furtherly on LilBro, unless he doesn’t do something SO hugely deserving a mention that I will have to… ;)), and still into the Sport matter… GREEN ENEMIES served LeBronze‘s ass a Spank Up!!!!



Can’t wait to talk about it in the Lakers Blog (but I have to rewatch the game to be more detailed there…*evil grin*), but it was sooo cute to wake up and finding that Divine Creature had my same views about Crabs, Zebras and the hope about their series.


Adam, honey, you should just hang in the Lakers Blog.

You’d be ADORED there (and I would introduce you well… ehi! I’m the Blog Goddess… I have a name there!) ;).

Of course being Adam, subsequent tweet was a mixture of dark humour and an irresistible tendency in being slightly gross at night.

I so love this man.

He’s hilarious and really one of a kind type of person.

The truth in him and the truth of him amazes me.


But Jesse‘s too being active lately (which I adore): so let’s help him find a name for his side-project, okay?

My suggestion was this one;  okay, it’s a long name for a band, but you may agree with me? LOL 😉

May 2010 Issue of Italian Vogue

On the Anne‘s side (New York Side), she’s actually gonna be featured in the CURRENT issue of Italian Vogue (I have the subscription to Vogue Italy, France and America so I’ll receive that in a couple days, but the number in Milan town is already out… darn postal services!!!), as she let us learn; well, it’s not yet the Cover Feature and so she had not worked with Steven Meisel, but it still something cute to achieve, that is for granted.

Vogue is Vogue, for heaven’s sake.

HUGE, always.

Take a look at the pic she posted, too, so you can have a fashion morning along me (keeping waiting for more farmers to reach me… LONG frigging day… LONG).

Flashy make up, for sure… but I like the idea behind the artwork choices.

I still love her face a lot, and I find her quite photogenic, to be honest (yes, I am still hopeless there. Fashion Sucker. Can’t help. Italians have this thing for Eastern European Looks… Blame it on our children tales… ;). To me Anne is beautiful. A LOT beautiful. And I still want to see only good side there. It’s my romantic brain that takes in (and I did not even known I had one, go figure…). Lightweight. I know. I am. ;)).

If my farmer tests will end without me being killed by allergic sympthomes, or if I won’t be too angry at missed appointments later on, I will ride my lovely Swifty (yes, even if it’s gonna still rain. A bit out and a bit indoor. My Swifty likes even rain!!! Awesome. My horse is awesome!!!) by 3 pm.

What else?

Oh, well, tonight is Lakers watch, of course.

And I also want to be really, really, really caring of Karim this evening.

Because I still have nasty thoughts about some skinny jeans, and I will have to amend with him for my little sweet disease.

He’s gonna LIKE the way I will make him forgive my lateral thoughts.

It’s a promise.


Music for today starts withmy adored babies‘  Secret (song that turns me on THE MOST among all songs ever penned):

then it goes on with Eurythmics glorious Sweet Dreams:

and it goes on with Nirvana masterpiece Lithium:

Closing with Doves’ beautiful Sky Starts Falling:

Have all a great day… even you, late farmers and wannabes 😉

(I’m such a bitch, I know… but better a sincere bitch, than a faker. Hands down) 😉


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