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A perfect Day that we will live ALL naked on.

Posted on: 1 May 2010


It’s here, it’s here!!!!

It’s Lakers Triumphant Day Celebration, folks!!!

Sure, PROPS to OKC for having played REALLY good.

Kids, you would have beaten ALL other teams in the NBA, hands down.

All BUT us.

Because we are the Los Angeles Lakers and our leader is the Immense Kobe Bean Bryant!!!!

Get ready because today I’m delighted.

So delighted Karim and I in this grey day on Lake Garda have decided to stay in and remain naked all day.

You bet it.

When in a couple hours game will be re-broadcasted (and you can bet we will see it ONCE MORE) in Italy we will go as dirty as possible re-living all that sent us tons of adrhenaline during this past night on.

So supreme.

And to top it all more… Utah sent Thuggets home!!!!

A dream.

Thuggets were the only team I was afraid of (though San Antonio always worries me in itself…).

Just live along the Magic LaLaLand reaching the win…

Take a look at Pau saving us after putting us in the gutter.

Look at the amazement that Kobe is always there to provide (take notice everyone: NONE IS LIKE KOBE!!!!).

Get a grip on yourself and realize D Fish is there cos he can provide the weighting shots in playoffs needing and weightin moments.

Stop questioning that.


Now let’s just hope Drew knee isn’t too affected.

Because yes, we are battling against all kind of possible injuries combined but… this makes wins just so much more tasty, doesn’t it?

Have a laugh along me hearing the always amazing Ron Ron explain how he could diminish Durant’s impact (good job Kevin D: you’re good… wanna wear some Purple&Gold? I’ll take you over LeBronze & his inflated hype any day…)

Bench was consistent (Luuuuke???? what??? you in!!! :)), and Lamar had his best rebounds in the fourth, just when it was preciously fundamental.

Joy is so flamboyantly pouring out of me I can’t hold myself.

We need to do a sauna here in my Lake house cos I need to slow down and relax.

Though generally Karim and I needs in my sauna don’t really turn into any *relax* 😉

Now I can go watching Alicia Keys tomorrow at Verona Arena… I can miss the live on of a Game 1, though in a way.. I anyway won’t.

I’ll bring the iPhone and save its battery ONLY to check out the game chat and know how it goes… DURING the gig.

Alicia knows (lol ;))

Oh, camon… Lakerholism is a serious thing (well, somebody should tell Anne the person who constantly craves for her attention – and who says behind her back the worst things – doesn’t actually know a thing about basketball… if I do remember correctly, ten days ago that person couldn’t even name Lakers players… but maybe some of her other identities she passes on from minute to minute have a decent bball acknowledge instead? Mistery of human brains… LOL… I keep shakin head at  certain individuals, but on the other side, man, to occasionally get a glimpse of those messages exchanged gets more and more entertaining by the day. I advice you all to take a dive into it sometimes. It’s FUNNY. Mostly sad, but funny too ;)…).

Anyway, as I was stating, Lakerholism is something serious in serious’s people worlds.

So Karim and I will enjoy Alicia’s awesome music with an eye (and a full heart) open to what happens at Staples Center.

We’re fine so 😉

I assume Adam will be there, substituting Anne (back in New York) courtside with lovely Sam?

In that case, no pics inside, but we will find a way to know anyway won’t we? (Mash… your duty.. but don’t stalk right? Stalking is a prerogative of nutcases… you know… those who would send everybody of your past and present entourage any kind of message with at least three IDs just because in their regular life they have NOTHING at all going on and they hopelessly target whomever available to be part of their idols lives, kissing asses around as much as possible, but then of course having the worst words behind the backs of all the entouragers, as any split personality would do ;)… don’t be not even remotedly similar to them, right my friend? Those are DANGEROUS people, and in need of help, serious help… Okay, I do know the only help you need Mash is about quit smoking, so… *excellent*).

As usual, now that Divine Creature is not in company, he fills some of his spare time with more tweeting, which is always pleasant.


Maybe we got what is making him pounding in a bit (you see it from his face generally, or at least I do… I also just a little teased him there… but affectionatively, of course 😉 Adam still gorgeous no matter what!), and anyway what I loved the most of his tweeting in my morning was this about the awesome movie Stand By Me.


Isn’t he a cutie pie with a sweet sweet heart?

Well… at least at times, when he doesn’t bend and goes to love B to D categorized trash movies, of course 😉

Also Jesse tweeted, about Fletwood Mac.

As I said back to him, if that “Top 5” could become “Top 30” I could sign myself in the niche ;).

Music tips for this “Naked Saturday” in Miss Z.s’ life are:

Course Alicia Keys:

Then standing Adam’s tweet,  Ben. E. King:

Plus some Smashing Pumpkins (saw them on VH1 Europe earlier):

And to close it smoothly, Anjulie:

Have a wonderful saturday.

I would advice you to do like Karim and I, and just remain naked on all day.

😉 Good things come by from that…


2 Responses to "A perfect Day that we will live ALL naked on."

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! 🙂

I write all this. Personally. It’s my fun break of the day, when I have spare time enough.
But life is better lived on that written about 😉
Bye&Thanx for appreciation 😉

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