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In need of a win for Alicia Keys

Posted on: 30 April 2010

Good morning world!

Adam And Anne come at Staples last Tuesday

Struck in the lab waiting for the second run of today’s tests (of course tests perform worst when it’s Friday, and you wait for weekend to start, and you are already scheduled to pack it all and target Garda Lake as soon as clock hits 3 pm…), I have an awful load of small things to post up, but I have forcedly to start with my Dumbass Award of the day, which goes straight to….



I’ve beaten out Dumbie for it (ouch, I was ready to write a bit about Dumbie but I’ll pass it out for another post soon… Wannabism runs rampant so I am sure I will have a new occasion for it in a blink of an eye…).

I really really like her outfit. So bohemienne 🙂

I had to crown myself with the Award because… oh, boy!!!

I woke up (and made Karim wakin up) at 3 AM this past night, as sure as a religious fanatic that Lakers VS OKC Game 6 was then broadcasted.

And of course it wasn’t

I felt like the complete idiot I manage so well to be from time to time… (I even shared my dumbness in the Lakers Blog… Just to provide some laughing… Am I kind enough?), though I can always blame the “slightly” embarassing action to the awful morning I had to live during yesterday working time, of course provided by Otto the Fat Idiot.

The time was so hard to take on my part, the awesome creature that Karim is decided to send me some instant healing medicine.

You have to know I request every few weeks to Karim to pencil portrait Adam for me.

Divine Adam awesome smile by Karim

I have a wall in my lab which is covered with portraits of the Divine Seraphine made by him. I love Karim’s style in doing them, and he never disappoints (he’s a Saint, I know… he looks at me everytime and says just “But I won’t draw him when he’s half naked, right?” to which  always reply “No worries… for that status pictures work better anyway…” Yes, I am this cruel 😉 Not that Karim has to worry. His body is like a perfect sculpture, so no way he has to really think anything wrong about my little  – not innocent at all – crush;)).

So he sent me two, and the sms was reading: “You can put these on the wall tomorrow: by now you can ease your mood watching them this way though…”.

Awww. More Karim's gracefully executed portraits of Adam

Awww 😉

Ain’t he perfect?

Let’s say that I really paid him off for such a kind gesture both when we met back at his house at the evening, than later in the night, when we realized we were awake for nothing at 3.30 am… and decided to be at least awake for *something*.

One word: TOP.

My day actually yesterday wasn’t bad if you exclude the Otto’s Curse.

I had a very, very pleasant yoga session, and the unexpected surprise of having two tickets landed on me from a friend for Alicia Keys gig this Sunday at the Arena of Verona.

Mash... that was too much 😉

The problem is the usual you can think of: Lakers have to win today and end the series, because otherwise I couldn’t really be quietly watching the gig while at around the same time (Sunday games are around midday always) Lakers play their decisive 7th game.

So please, please please please Lakers: end it all tonight.

Adam and Anne post game at My Studio (courtesy of Jennifer Coles)

Let me witness my dear Alicia, also cos it takes me nothing to move from Sirmione to Verona and it was really a great thing to get the tickets to be there.

I would be sad in missing her soothing voice and wonderful talent, especially in such a breathtaking frame as Arena of Verona is.

But I do know me (and Karim): we would take Lakers over Alicia.

It’s 99% sure.

Let’s make it 99,99999% sure.

Okay, let’s just admit that is COMPLETELY assured we would chose the Lakers.

We are just like that, the both of us (luckely… can you imagine how we would fight otherwise?)

Adam and Anne inside Staples: Image Courtesy of Jennifer Coles 🙂

In the random pics you see more Adam and Anne out from Tuesday’s game, included the exact position they were sit in…

Mash, you’re crazy… but stay in your seat, camon!!! It was way TMI there… while to know they went in way more stylish form at the opening of David Judaken‘s new My Studio in Hollywood Boulevard, right, THAT would have deserved a picture honey (so David Arquette was with them again there? Lakerholism takes a peak, LOL).

Adam at My Studio Opening (courtesy of Jennifer Coles)

I know stylish people don’t do that in hip places and I would NEVER do that myself,  and I know – cos you told me – that place is tiny tiny and dark, but so it’s Voyeur, and you snapped pics there unseen if I do remember correctly, didn’t you?

So to prove my point: stylish people don’t snap pics in hip places (where it’s anyway forbidden), and I NEVER did.. but you did already Mash, so stop being silly and playing a part that’s not yours (LOL ;)).

UPDATE JUST IN at midday >>> Ahahhahah!!! Mash, sorry, you’re a LOSER man 😉

The All Mighty Queen Jennifer just sent me pics out from that opening (okay, not inside, but at least these are something, you know…) and you failed to provide me even a glimpse of them so…

Adam and Anne at My Studio opening (courtesy of Jennifer Coles)

Females 4 – Blabbing Males 0.

So all of you witnessers (and also you, ghost fakers who take a look… you know whom you are, you split sad personalities don’t you?), enjoy some more shots from post Lakers win of Tuesday, hoping like me it’s well wishing for todays’s game as well.

Ahhhahahahaha 😉

Anyway I will definitely love to check My Studio when we will get back to LA. I loved East a lot, and if it’s more New York styled even, I’m all for it. Write your memo down, right? By the way, is it me or Divine Adam is pounding up a bit? I don’t know… It looks so to me – and I don’t like that at all ;)—)

Too many dinners out… ahahahah 😉 *kidding* 😉

Did they mistake Anne for Shannon Elizabeth in the tag? Boy... 😉

In the past hours, beside the fact Anne is allegedly starting driving lessons (don’t think Adam has the patience for doing that along her, but if he were, that’d be SOOOOO sweet. Aww. Btw, good luck Anne. I can barely figure out a situation more scary for me that learning how to drive in Los Angeles: hills, fullfilled roads, angry people around, police at every corner. Ouch. I couldn’t cope, but then I am very average driver so I am not a good exampe to follow anyway), the happy couple was checking into Cinema to see  Kick Ass movie, just like James already did days ago.

No, I don’t plan to see that at all.

Just not my cup of tea.

I long to see IronMan 2 despite not so ravishing reviews cos I do love Robert Downey Junior (yesterday he cracked me on Letterman), and that’s all about SuperHeroes and me for a while.

The one and only Mamba

Well, if you exclude Kobe Bryant, of course.

With that superhero I have a daily worshipping intercourse, and it ain’t changing.

I leave you with some music of course. not prior to have addressed you to a Green Piece of Jesse published on Spin Magazine.

(Talking about Green matters… SHIT. That petroleum disaster is hitting Louisiana already. Tragic. Just tragic…).

And now, music.

Starting with my always beloved Kent, and Sundance Kid:

Mike Oldfield classic “Foreign Affair“:

Some VERY vintage Madonna:

And some KT Tunstall:

I am in an uplifting, mellowed and very romantic mood today.

Now if these tests would give me the right results and allow me to start this weekend… 😉

Have a great one yourselves!!!

Lurv 😉 your always chaotic Miss Z. 😉


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