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Who are we?

Posted on: 28 April 2010

…. We’re The World Champions, the Los Angeles LAKERS!!!!!!

Kobe and Pau... PERFECTION on court!

(okay, I will admit these colors on the writing are soooo cheesy and naif, but light years better than the lilac suit the stupid journalist courtside had tonight at the game… EWWWWW)

Ladies and Gentlemen… yes WE DID SHOW UP!!!

Yes… we blew them Up!!!

Yes, we had a full check in:

Lamar decided his playoffs had to start >>> Check ***

Pau had a monstrous game, where everything went down well and his class shined all throughout >>> Check ***

Ron Ron shaved his head and gained back all his force, included a never prevously seen jump (Sanson reversed, lol) >>> Check ***

Drew was really really consistent and we had all rebounds >>> Check ***

Derek commanded all he had to, giving balance all around >>> Check ***

Kobe, the GOD, just was PERFECT defensively and in assisting everyone, not to mention offering coupla score to drop jaw down >>> Check ***

The Bench Mob did all they had to to sustain the lead and mantaining the proportion of the OKC blowout HUGE >>> Check ***

Results? These:

Man it was awesome.

Pau howled a lot tonight 😉

All I did ask for days was there, finally.

Why oh why we did not play this way previously?

We ERASED OKC from the paint, it was superb to watch and feel.

Now please, serve them the same poison at their home and just END this series, cos we have work to do, baby, and the rest of the NBA is pacing up and shapin up (LeBronze is whining for an elbow… stupid monkey, our only God of basketball plays with that, and a knee disjointed, an ankle injuried, and a shooting broken finger all season. You dumb idiot. Shut up, you Stern’s baby boy, that referees give you FT as soon as anybody whispers in your ear… ).

I am soooooooooooo delighted.

Wow I can’t cope.

Karim's gift this morning 😉

I also got a very special gift from Karim to celebrate the day: he drawed me these roses while I was getting ready for work  earlier (yep, he drawed that in pastels in around… 25 minutes ;)).

He’s quite artistically cropped this week: yesterday he sculpted all evening… gosh you know how much that sexualizes me…

Sweating, smashing… all his muscles vivified by focus and precision… it’s quite like when Kobe shots his ball (same kind of body, too ;)).

I get aroused immediately.

So yep… you can figure out how our past evening went down pretty much, don’t you?

Just to close quick this post, Mash was at Staples earlier (a couple of rows behind Leo and Bar he said) but he sms-ed me to tell me he actually saw Adam (I didn’t decode him at all, but Mash was never wrong there so far, so if he said he caught his sight, must be definitely so…), dressed allegedly pretty much similarly to when he went eating last thursday at Joan The Third, from his description.

He said he was in the usual row, the usual side, but really really in the corner of it, so much that he thinks it’s pretty impossible cameras caught him (and they didn’t on tv, exactly).

Mash also said that he wasn’t alone, which someway merges well with the fact Anne tweeted a LOT about the game too.

In fact, as soon as Mash sms-ed me, I shouted it out in Twitter about the eye catchin (game was just starting then):

“Caught them: same outfit Adam had @ Joan the Third allegedly. And by all references from Mash, in company. Thanx for the spying, man ;)”

Well, if things are fine again, I’m relieved, for the reasons I explained in the previous posts here.

Certainly on Saturday evening they weren’t that fine at all though, because Marghe yesterday used her spy powers too (not eally, she has a lot of RSS, I guess) and disveiled to me (not that I was really caring about that, I find it pretty obsessive ;)) that on Saturday evening Adam had pal time at Mozza with none else than Jake Gyllenhaal and another pal of Jake, and allegedly no Anne in sight at all.

UPDATE: >>>> Mash was right :>>>> There you go, just like he said (same clothes, and in company ;)):

Mash shout out was right: Adam and Anne, three hours ago 😉

I just am happy Lakers won, I am happy because I know Adam‘s as happy as me they did, and thinkin about it I am even happier if clouds from his lovelife have disappeared.

You remember that smile I was wishing him to get back?

There you go: it’s there again 😉

Today is perfection!!!!

I just wanna everybody smile today because it Laker Bright Day and sun shines and birds are chirping and everything just ROCKS.


To close this post in the best way, read Jesse’s Blog and (of course because I am in totally happy mood) this time take a musical dive in Maroon5, just CUZ I say so:

and Coldplay:

In my perfect day, I’ll play my most favourite music 😉

Shine on… WHO ARE WE again???? 😉


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