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Twitter Jackpot!!!

Posted on: 27 April 2010

Good morning and good week everybody 😉

Tests are in; lab work today goes on very smoothly (unlike yesterday, when only pilates saved my day…) and in an hour or so I will take the lunch break to do some yoga along Karim and our personal trainer (yes, I know… *spoiled bitch* ;)).

Right now the second session of tests are producing their results and so I can take up a bit of time and write this post.

It’s Twitter Xmas Bonanza today for me!!!!!


I woke up, and Divine Creature himself had JUST tweeted his lovely voice out:

“Fresh Pots!!!!”

Of course he got mistaken (wonder why… ;)) so a while later he had to specify what he was referring to:

Not a weed thing….a coffee thing…Dave Grohl…fresh pots…YouTube …funny


You can imagine I was VERY happy in seeing him tweeting.

Also cos he was seemingly in sweet mood and given the trouble of Saturday evening, and the subsequent creepy silence from everyone, that thing surely pleased me a lot.

Quietness before the storm on Saturday, April 24th 2010...

Actually the previous night (my night) I had a shout out from an Italian gal to some pictured bike stroll of Divine Adam and Anne; I was ready to go sleeping (I swear!!! Only sleeping ;)) after watching Delitti (one of the very few things I catch on tv, course on History Channel) and I really did not anything more than open it and watch that kind of strangling kiss (into raw stuff much? I bet ;)) and just say to her if they were back on happy after the nonsense of her tweet, I was all for it (you know, to me all that counts is Adam being happy).

It sounded strange to me that just a bunch of hours later he might have been THAT calm and surrending after she had brought in an open boulevard his private stuff, but then you know… live and let live (and I was in need of sleeping so I really couldn’t bother about thinkin any furtherly).

But then this morning I found the usual awesome pictured homage of Mighty Queen Jen (bows respectefully to M5 Board Supreme Being) and realized those pictures (the ones in the collage, yep) were actually coming from Saturday AFTERNOON, not Sunday one.

Namely BEFORE the well imaginable “not good reaction” Adam had at that tweet spoiling way too much his personal life.

So now we are in a bit of a Cluedo game round here (Marghe has sent me like 100 SMS on the matter: get a Twitter, Marghe!!!).

Adam seems fine.

But he generally also tweets about encounters with YouTube at night when he’s ALONE (sure, he can do that not only when he’s alone, but you get me…), and if he were, I would definitely claim “Trouble in Paradise” kind of XFile.

Not that I would be happy about it, let alone wish anything similar to have actually happened.

It’s just a feeling it could be happening, given hints around.

The point about him in my world is always the same:

Adam happy = me happy/ People who make Adam happy = fine with me.

Adam unhappy = me unhappy / People who pisses Adam off = on my NO list.

It goes so.

I truly hope things are fine between them because you know I find Anne‘s beauty charming on so many levels, and I like the sight of them together a lot.

But in case they don’t anymore, you get whose side I am gonna pick, of course.

No brainer there.

Guess tonight game at Staples will define state of things a bit better.

Courtside watching will become even more intriguing, that’s a fact (and luckely the game is on Sky Sport2, too)…

But in the end, I just wanna see him smiling.

ESPECIALLY thanx to a great performance of the Lakers (do you hear me Purple&Gold Knights??? SHOW UP for Heaven’s Sake!!!!!).

Anyway this morning was truly special on the twittering side: I Jackpotted!!!!!

Beside waking up with Adam’s voice (oh, boy… I know that’s pushing things too further… ;)) I also got James’s wit, and after asking for it, also adorable Jesse’s insightful 2cents!!!

Better than that?

It’s hardly possible in my world.

Jesse had past the evening in studio with Julian Perretta (??) after having updated Maroon5 Blog, while the day before James had actually performed with JJAMZ in SoCal (awwwww).

Then to make my ego bigger last evening Maroon5 just confirmed my idea about Today Show being mantained due to the single promotion plan for July 2 (which is comforting, and Marghe straight after booked at the Standard Hotel. Might even get more juicy in cases of… changing of the lovey dovey sky… No wait.. Marghe is married now… LOL!!).

What can I say?

Looks like an interesting day to be alive, doesn’t it?

I wish everybody around peace and joy and prosperity.

Everyone around, but especially some adorable creature that when smiles has dimples on his cheeks and those feline eyes bursting out joy like flashing lights.

Get that smile back Adam, and show it to us, cos it makes us happy.

And let’s hope Lakers help you there later on today 😉

Song of the day, of course after praising Dave Grohl‘s amazing sense of humour, it’s gotta be Them Crooked Voltures:

Catch you later.

It’s Yoga break 😉


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