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Yin and Yang and turnovers of weekends

Posted on: 25 April 2010


What an awful sport Saturday-leading-ito-Sunday it has been…

First Milan got again ridiculized by Palermo (excellent score of Miccoli, but we were embarassing…):

and that already would have been enough to make me put a giant X over sport pride during weekend…

But then it happened way worst drama and shame, and the only thing that made the situation bareable were the fact we were watching the game at a lovely dancing club (thank you Giorgio for allowing us the game watch in itself!), that I re-met Samuele after two years (Samu!!!! You still gorge man), that I could make it anyway from there to the LA Lakers Blog chat, and that Karim and I mixed in one of the most epically pleasing Sexual Healing sessions ever after the shame.

You might have got right now that yes… Lakers lost again against OKC.

This time truly, truly badly and without a sign of life.

A total OFF game which I will analyze this evening in the LA Lakers Blog after we get back from Garda Lake:


I bet this ruined a lot what seemed to have started as a wonderful Saturday for Divine A. (and which was actually looking a lot similar to mine and Karim’s saturday: bikes as well, maybe a less sun over Garda Lake than in SoCal…), because sure he was not expecting (as any of the Lakers fans I know, included myself) another – and worst actually – beating up from OKC.

Too bad that in fact Adam‘s saturday definitely went way worst than mine though, because (oh, boy…) look what Anne tweeted just a little while ago:

How do you convince someone to go out when they don’t want to? It’s been so long for me, where r my girls when I need them?

Adam and Anne at LA Eatery Johan The Third on thursday, 22 April 2010 (Images through NewsCom/Wenn)

Poor angel (Adam of course).

He can’t catch a break.

Like losing that way the game did not ruined his evening enough.

I guess the Sexual Healing therapy is just a thing of me and Karim?

What a shame and what a waste.

Now I have erased from today’s music mix some songs that were included because in his songs kinds of situations like these are way too well detailed and explained and I don’t like right now to picture up them fighting, and mostly I hate to picture out him angry, bitter or sad.


I never like to imagine Divine Creature bitter for no reasons.

But I can bet a conspicuous part of my fortunes that he is, and moreover I can see him REALLY angry about the fact that tweet was left under everyone’s eyes.

(btw, this privacy matter makes me willing to insert a little tweaking bit in now: do you remember the hilarious Delia Dobbs and her lol-ing tweet the other day? Well Marghe and some friends have come to my same conclusions there. That “new” person tweets the same style in words and the same style in obsessions as another person many known of. Same lexicon, same punctuations, same type of musical, sport and fashion hints, and a general total equal vibe. Plus that other person has slowed some of her constant tweeting down after that Debbie girl shown up, like she was her mirroring bird. Of course they are mutual followers, too. It takes a little to make ID tracking -thank you Fede, nobody beats you with tech stuff- and surprise surprise… they are most definitely the same person. Ouch. Kinda scary. Or sad. Or both… Never ask me why I don’t trust Internet people. Internet is full of very strange, strange inhabitants. Be careful in share personal items online. And when you do, save all evidences in hard-disks, just like I do. Prevents from bad surprises. Just a heartly given advice ;))

Anyway, on the Divine chapter, the weekend had started with Marghe frolicking over a news that made her stay wide awake on Friday.

Apparently, all leaked dates for those gigs with Owl City and the Kansas State Fair were canceled (not yet the Today tough, which I think can actually stay).

To me no news there: as I wrote and well predicted, it was senseless to expect now an album in June: there are three months of planning moves for a marketing plot before an album comes out, even 4 when it’s about huge bands.

You start with the one month and a half of single promotion, & from the moment you start talkin about it, to the one when Radio gets it, and then video, and then around 5 weeks later from that the thing can be actually purchased, lots of steps have to be carefully synchronized and pursued.

You don’t do site restyling NOW if you plan an album in June.

You do when you plan it in September.

Which it is.

Today Show can stay if it’s a way to promote the single.

I have no problems there.

As long as the album is into Grammy eligibility, it’s okay with me and actually that way I don’t miss a tour in Summer, since this summer I can’t be in USA that much due to the fact we will spend it sailing on my boat in the Mediterranean sea.

I keep sensing it’s an album full of Fall feelings more than Summer-ish.

And I still hope the first single, dropping in Summer, won’t be totally depressing (especially with the image that runs in my head this morning after the quarrel revealed through twitter. Man… what an unfortunate choice… The more I think of that, the more I shake my head. He wants to stay in? Darn… CELEBRATE YOUR LUCK, don’t whine… Absurd…).

But camon people, it’s Sunday and gotta light up, no matter what: Garda Lake looks awesome today, Harley is rumbling and we can’t wait to taste Spring flavours with all of our 5 senses around here.

My music choice of the day, inspired also by the need of substituting a couple tracks in my today mix for avoiding too bright picturing of fights (problems with songwriters: you know how they deal with personal stuff cos they use them for creating songs… so a fan can’t really escape being introduced in their mental state, can we?), is  a really good discover in my 2010, The XX.


And have a good Sunday, because I will get it no matter sport and music turnovers today (wish Divine Creature the same… I truly do: he should always be blessed and supported, and he should always wear that gorgeous smile that moves mountains. Get it back soon, Adam. Get it back. ).

Yin and Yang always compose themselves for the better.



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