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ARGH!!! (Insert swearing of choice)

Posted on: 23 April 2010

Be Zen, Zaira.

Just be Zen.

Forget that yesterday Otto was the usual complete idiot; forget that.

Focus on good things that followed that: Swifty and a wonderful ride, Karim‘s loveliness at evening and night, and Fini that has ridiculized Berlusca and shown him off how pathetic and out of any democratic scheme he is.

Think of the loveliness of sweet Marc and his adorable package full of love (awwww dear… you made me cry 🙂 sweet!!!).

Be Zen, Z.

Try to.

It’s  hard though.

No matter the awesome session of sexual healing that has saved me from coming inflamed at work, it still hurts.


Well, Lakers lost against OKC and although I could expect it (I predicted a win in 5, so one must have been theirs), it hurts a lot because we could have won if just we had used a grain of salt more.

Durantula finally lived up to his name (especially in rebounding he killed us), but overall the game win – of Thunders –  is to be ascripted firstly to their tight defense on us all the time, then to Stern&Fester “caring eye” (PJ, you said it so well at the start…), and finally to the fact we just didn’t do our best.

Lamar, for instance, never did so far in this series (saving yourself for the Thuggets? Fine for me… but we have to get there first you know…)

I don’t wanna put too much of whining in here cos it’s not my style and in a few hours I will just have all the talks in the Lakers Blog, but I can’t deny it hurts.

Generally I would try and have a moment of charme by referring to Divine A., but even Adam in his last appearing wasn’t living up to his name…

Adam out of Tuesday's Game at Staples, wearing... *something*. Image courtesy of WENN

Just take a look at the obscenity he was wearing on the previous game (yep, he attended that too of course), and like me start shake your head and wonder if he wanted to go back to Kara’s Flowers Style first grunge-y version (plaid-ly speaking, at least).

I mean… there are fashion (?) choices that I just can’t take, and plaids are one of them.

Coloured plaids with acid mixes then… even more ewww in my book.

But after all, when even Prada male collection for Summer 2010 (I tried to buy yesterday some for Karim in MonteNapo.. and failed) has a degree of horrible tanktops beehived, you gotta ease up and then maybe it’s just that I am a little too picky? (well, if I am, I am glad to be so in the end… I kiss no one’s ass, never ever. Therefore right… I still hate colorful grungey plaids and all holed up tank tops on males. And females. Gross and tasteless).

Of course he still HOT, so the picture still something positive to catch eventually.

But ehi, Adam… in times of need, at least you should provide just comfort, not wearing a suggestion for a further headache on my already proven nerves 😉

Luckely on Earth Day‘s birthday sweet Jesse was festive and cute and sent us all through Twitter a wonderful collage of polaroids of the guys.

the cuteness!!! LOVE that Matty has 2 of them 😉

That saved the eyes *completely* at least 🙂

Music bites of the day are the four songs that yesterday lifted me up and rocked me a bit while Otto was driving me mad (keep looping them in my head while he was senselessly trying to hit on me. The delusional fat loser…).

First of all, Temper Trap:

K’naan Soccer Version:

Ellie Goulding:

and the song that always makes me smile these days, Train‘s Soul Sister:

Have all a nice day.

Kobe my leader… you’ll have your revenge on saturday, and after all this means a more game at Staples to watch on Tuesday, and I like that as a new chance of… “nicewatching” ;).

Go get ’em, Lakers; after all everyone lost the third game so… (no okay.. I don’t care and I wish we’d won. Can’t fake my feelings ever. I am disappointed and angry still).

Always faithful in you still, my babies in Purple&Gold.

Kick some serious asses on Saturday, and make those Smurfs mute.



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