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The Tale of the Mamba killing a Durantula…

Posted on: 21 April 2010

Good afternoon world!

The Mighty Mamba EATS 😉

From the wifi VIP room of Charles De Gaulle, waiting for our flight *allegedly* to take off and leave in a couple of hours (cross fingers for me and Karim…), I can relax and update the blogs, and considering what has happened in the past 24 hours, I sense this will be a LONG sport post (I have plenty of spare time: we are not alone here so no way we can indulge in decent PDA.. shit 😉 we may use a bathroom anyway later on…).

Before stepping into my Laker Realm, I have to pay credit (when it’s due, it0s due) to the INCREDIBLE achievement of Inter.

Yes: yesterday the cousins beat the s**t outta Barça.

I really had to compliment them (NOT Mourinho… sorry.. I can’t bear that individual…), because they played a great game.

Okay, there was a giant penalty at least not given to Guardiola‘s kids but still… who would have given Inter a good chance after first Barcellona scoring?

They really put in everything instead.

Waving Italy’s flag tall and high.

Sure, I’m envious, because ehi!… I’m a Milan fan but I also do love sports fairly and I can admit the evidence.



(I want to throw up everytime I look at Mou… *sigh*)

well... that 😉

We watched that game at Jean-Marc‘s place: how I loved to be a while with him and sweet Blanche!!! It’s always a pleasure to pass time along classy, erudite, artistic people.

I love to talk with them cos they can switch effortlessly from Byron, to Bach, to Schiele, to Raffaello, to Pininfarina.

We also talked a LOT about politics.

And all in French.

My accent gained me again all French people’s admire.

Nice… it’s true that when you learn something well, you just have to recall it, and it always stays with you.

Of course, my polyglottism dies compared to Karim’s SEVEN languages acknowledge. But I haven’t been raised up by an Ambassador… ;). And my English is self-taught 😉

Karim liked Jean-Marc and Blanche a lot (unsurprisingly: everyone with a decent conversation pleases his always-absorbing brain, I let you imagine what’s like for him to be aside to a professor and a genius artist… that was why I longed so dearly to make him meet them!), and overall our time in Paris was purely shining.

Next trip should be Barcelona (no pun intended) in May, cos he has another meeting due there for Uni duties from his mentor.

Love Barcelona.

I hope we can stay there even more than the 6 days we spent in Paris.

Number 1 Rule: Believe your Mamba

Okay, now let me pour myself into Laker’s Love.

Because, like the wonderful shirt there says…

We just have to follow the logic and be Kobelievers.

I have always been.

I will always be.

Too bad while game was on, and I couldn’t scream cos… well, you don’t scream at 5 am at Plaza Athenée, the chat of the LA Lakers Blog cracked and crashed.

My only way to download stress safely from huge screams was going away, and really at a certain pint I was just sticking nails over Karim’s leg to download stress.

But I NEVER doubted.

My favourite possible sight on a court: Kobe the God and Pau Class Gasol united after a great performance from both


Because I know my Mamba.

I was expecting the OKC to play way better than last time; I was expecting Durant to do a really good job.

But unlike some peones, I never ever doubted Kobe‘s way to make his injury disappear when counting: and of course, the one and only God of Basketball proved me right.

Not that I didn’t expect it.

The drive of this man is unbelievable.

He plays with a frigging BROKEN SHOOTING finger.

No one in his place would do a millionth of what he has done this season.

They’d all be crying in the shadows. Not my Kobe. Not my hero: he will struggle and try until he won’t find a way to overcome ALL obstacles.

No man on planet inspire me more humbling admire than this one.

His working ethic is so huge it’s almost scary.

Ron and Drew battle hard

Pau had an excellent second half; Ron had trouble in finding his leap to basket, both with hands and jumps (not that he’s a jumper…) but he does so much defensively you can’t really complain (yet: because agaonst Thuggets and their killing threes, we NEED Ron’s shooting. It’s a fact. He will have to deliver also that then. He MUST).

I will avoid comments on Ron’s hair and beard… because I love the man so much, I try to cope with his awful style ;).

Drew spent lots in rebounding, and although his scoring was a bit low, the guy did enough well to me.

Lamar and Derek have had better games, but this makes me confident they will kill OKC on Thursday at their home.

Mark my words ;).

In all I loved the game because it’s all I ask at playoffs battles: lots of balance among the two teams (OKC will be great in incoming years), thrill, will, effort, struggle and then the awesome feeling of a deserved win, a win made of all elements a team has to show off: a leader, a team around the leader, a common target, skills displayed to hit that target, and that magical attitude that tells you this simple mantra:

Never Give Up: Just DO It!!!“.

We did it:

I am a freak when it comes to these guys in purple and gold.

Yesterday I would have loved to be at Staples for honouring the amazing Chick Hern, that I had the pleasure to follow only thanx to recorded material, but whom has taken my heart even just that way: I constantly get reminded by elder fans how much he was the most amazing broadcaster ever.

And then I would have loved to be there to catch Kobe and his father’s hugs on court.

Yes, I know.

My Kobe’s worshipping is beyond words.

But it’s thank to this man if my hero can still speak amazingly in my language and loves my Country; is thank to this man if my hero has a name related to my other favourite Country, namely Japan.

It’s thanx to this man if my hero is… my Basketball God.

So sure I would have loved to be at Staples yesterday.

There are moments that define your sportmanship and makes it even more precious.

That would have been one; it still be even merely caught on a DVD or a friend’s framing (Mash, thanx again to provide me all those candies from Staples ;), every week).

I close this post in music, like it always happens.

First I let you read this Billboard article on the Today Concert series, cos I found amusing the bit on Maroon5; then I leave you with another link to the shaping up warmening Summer tour with Owl City.

And then, as usual, music video of the day.

Celebrating Thom Yorke awesome Coachella‘s spot, there you go, his chill-inducing voice&soul that is a Godsent:

(that was from Santa Barbara gig 4 days ago).

Have all a great day.. and wish us luck with the returning flight to Italy 😉

Later 😉


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thanks! 🙂

lets write them until the admit it, or stop doing it! i am writing them now!


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